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Donations and Letters For ‘Take Care Of BTS’ Fan Project Will Close April 14th at Midnight EST.

Hello hello guys it’s Alex c: So this project has been going on for about 2 solid weeks now and I’m completely blown away by all the support and love that so many people have given this project.

The original goal of this project was around $500, enough to get them some nice quality products and send the package out to Korea, but adding in the proceeds from GoFundMe, PayPal, and some separate donations, we’ve managed to overpass that to $830 at the time of this post.

This is seriously beyond anything I could’ve imagined and I think it’s so amazing and unbelievable that so many people want to be a part of this project to help the boys c:

With that being said, many have asked when the deadline for letters and donations are, and I have decided to end it just before my birthday. So the deadline for all donations and letters will be April 14th at midnight EST.

All donor’s names, translators, and letters will be included in a book that I’ll be putting together that’s currently in the works~

If you’d like to send a letter to BTS, please send it over to ‘takecareofyoongi@gmail.com’.

If you wish to donate via GoFundMe, you can find the link right here~

And if you wish to donate/send money via PayPal, you can find the link here as well, and please send it to the same email as above, ‘takecareofyoongi@gmail.com’.

I plan on getting everyone that donates a small gift but it’s not 100% since I’m a college student and I work and have my own things to do lol but I promise I will definitely try to get that done c:

Just to go over some FAQ that I’ve been getting a lot:

  • -No your letter doesn’t have to be in Korean, it will be translated so that all the boys can read them with ease.
  • -You can include a photo of yourself within the note but it’s not a requirement whatsoever, so if you don’t want to show your face, don’t worry about it.
  • -Yes the package will be sent to the new mailing address that was released about a week ago, the different is just the floor number, but it is still the same building as before if I understand correctly.
  • -You can address the boys in whichever way you’d like, but most of the letters I’ve already received include them being addressed with their real names.
  • -You can write the note to the whole of BTS, of just a member(s) of your choosing.
  • If you’d like, you can include your name and/or country, but all to your own preference. Leave whatever name you’d like to be addressed as.
  • -This package won’t be containing any food, or snacks. I’ve decided to keep the package strictly for products.

  • No items have been bought at all yet, as I’ll be waiting for the donations to close completely before buying anything, but some products are being shipped to me that are sent from several other armys wanting to contribute.
  • Once donations closed completely, I’ll be setting up the money on a separate card, and completely separate from my own personal bank account, so that I can monitor the money with ease and keep tabs on the receipts to show you all as everything is purchased.

So that pretty much wraps up everything. Also, if you or anyone you know can translate the letters from English to Korean, please contact me through tumblr or email, asap.

Again thank you all sosososo much for all the help in making this project go so smoothly, it’s seriously amazing c:

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Holy crap! I reached over 100 on patreon!! Thank you so much to those patrons and also to all of you guys : DD I just gotta do one more recording of a drawing and make another original drawing to mail out and I can update patreon ahh //flails

  • Mrs. Agreste: Welcome home, boys! How was your first day at school?? Was it exciting? Did you make new friends?
  • Adrien: It was so exciting! We met all these cool kids and there was one who was a bee and one was a ladybug and--
  • Felix: The teacher treated us like children.
  • Mrs. Agreste: ...Sweetie, you are both two and a half years old...
  • Felix: That does not make us stupid.
  • Mrs. Agreste: ...
  • Adrien: ...they gave us cookies.