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Beep bop beep boop! Here’s my half of an art trade I’m doing with the wonderful @cdraws-and-ships! Featuring their AWESOME Delusion Tax AU!

I had tons of fun drawing this and coming up with what Christine would look like as a squip c: Go check out the AU, it’s hella rad!

Tony: The fate of the earth lies on your shoulders. Now whatever you do, don’t push this button ‘cause that will set off the bomb immediately and we will all be dead! Now repeat back what I just said.
DUM-E: [excited beeping]
Tony: NO! That is the button that will kill everyone! Try again!
DUM-E: [beeps]
Tony: Uh-huh.
DUM-E: [beeps]
Tony: Uh-huh!
DUM-E: [excited beeping]
Tony: NO!

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Peachyyy! Hello love! Just a cute headcanon ask, how would some of the tfp autobots react to their s/o trying to take a selfie with them?? You're amazing dear, keep up the phenomenal work! 💕


Optimus Prime TFP

He doesn’t fully understand the point of a selfie, but he’s seen his team take them with Miko so he gets the basic idea. If you asked him to pose with you, he’d gladly oblige. He wouldn’t pull any silly faces, but you could get a smile out of him 

Ratchet TFP

He thinks it’s silly, and wouldn’t stop what he was doing to look at the camera unless you really nagged. Then you’d get a frowny face. If you catch him in a good mood though, he wouldn’t mind holding still and maybe smiling 

Bumblebee TFP

He will absolutely take a selfie with you! He doesn’t have a mouth so he can’t smile in that sense, but you can tell by his optics and excited beeping that he’s more than happy to be taking a selfie with you. He’ll probably nudge you with his head right before you take the photo to make you laugh (and blur the photo, thanks Bee)

Bulkhead TFP

He’s used to getting selfies with Miko so he’s definitely not new to it. He’ll happily pull silly faces with you, and photo bomb on the selfies he wasn’t meant to be in  

Arcee TFP

She likes taking selfies with you, especially when she gets to hold you up so both of you are in frame. She might not pull any silly faces, but she loves trying to make you laugh right before taking the photo 

Smokescreen TFP

He’s always ready for a selfie, all you have to do is pull out your phone and he’s ready. He’s ready to do any silly face, pose, etc. you want, he thinks it’s fun! He’ll also try to kiss your cheek right before you take the photo, he loves seeing your reaction 

Ultra Magnus TFP

He doesn’t get why you enjoy taking them so much, since it seems kind of frivolous to him. He’d feel bad if you looked disappointed when he said no though, so he’d agree to it anyway. Puppy dog eyes always work on him 

Please Don’t Leave

Prompt: “Give me a reason not to turn around and walk away right now”

Characters: Tony Stark x reader

I’ve never written Tony’s character before, I’m excited!~

Gender: Any    Triggers: Angsty and sad but that’s it 

Words: 1,351

Four Prompt Starters you can Request from: One - Two - Three - Four

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Walking down the stairs quietly you see Tony working as usual. He had been pulling away from you lately, avoiding you, spending more time in his office than anywhere else. Half the time you went to bed alone and woke up that way, with no sign that he had ever come into bed. 

When it first started, you thought it was just temporary, that it would be over soon. That he just needed to figure one thing out and that would be it. But the answer to one of his questions would just lead to another question, and then another. Until eventually it was the only thing that mattered.

You’ve barely spoken, just a couple of hellos and goodbyes, half-awake touches when he walks past you when he comes upstairs for the first time in three days. But you were tired. You were tired of never seeing him, of him never being there anymore. You tried your best to be supportive and help, staying downstairs and helping whenever he needed it but eventually he got frustrated with your presence and told you not so kindly to leave. That’s all he ever said to you anymore, so you decided to give him what he wanted. You wanted to just take your bags and leave, see how long until he noticed you were gone, if he even noticed at all. But you couldn’t do that, not to him, not matter how much he had hurt you, you wouldn’t leave without saying goodbye.

“Tony?” you asked quietly, not wanting to barge in and surprise him. But he didn’t hear you. 

Walking the rest of the way down into the office, you came up behind him, getting a beep of excitement from Dummy. Dummy seemed to be the only one that still noticed your presence anymore. 

Clearing your throat you spoke a little louder “Tony?”

He turned slightly, seeing you standing there “Hi honey” was the response you got, paired with a halfhearted smile.

“I need to talk to you Tony” you were nervous, you were scared.

“Okay” he said without sparing you a glance.

“Please look at me Tony” you were trying hard not to let your emotions take hold. You needed him to hear you.

“I can’t I need to finish this, just tell me what you need to” he said, his voice monotone, showing no real curiosity of what you needed to say.

Not being able to stop the tears that filled your eyes, your voice came out shaky and quiet “I’m leaving Tony”

You assumed that he wouldn’t hear you, that he wouldn’t understand, that you’d get a ‘okay see ya later” response. But instead he paused in place, frozen.

Turning towards you, for the first time seeing the tears in your eyes “What?”

Seeing his shocked face, and his eyes, they were so tired. You had to stop yourself from taking him into your arms. “I’m leaving” you said again.

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gratzalia  asked:

How would the Autobots react to an s/o who's super comfortable saying 'I love you'? Like they're handing them a spanner, or on a mission, or just chillin' together and they'll say 'I love you' out of nowhere? How would they treat an unusually affectionate and open partner.

It makes him smile whenever you say it. He’s much more reserved with his ‘I love you’s but that doesn’t mean he wants you to stop. However, he’d much prefer you not to say it in front of the Decepticons in case they try to use you against him.

He’ll never let it slip that he loves it. He’s a grump and tells you to stop because “it’s distracting” but he’s blushing. He’ll likely mumble his ‘I love you too’ cuz he’s embarrassed.

He always gets stupidly happy when you say you love him. Like he could be killing a bunch of 'Cons but the second you say you love him, he completely loses whatever seriousness he had and start grinning like an idiot.

He gets really excited with quick beeping that translates to 'I love you more!’ Then goes back to fighting, if that’s what’s going on. If you guys aren’t really busy, he’ll nuzzle you and be really cute and cuddly. Will argue with you if you say you love him more.

Most the time she’ll smile a bit and casually say 'yeah, love you too.’ If you’re in a fight, she’ll chuckle a bit before say or yelling, depending on what’s happening, 'love you too, but is now really a good time?!’

He grins and shouts 'love you too, babe!’ Always shouts. You could be right next to him but he’ll make sure everyone in base hears him. Every. Single. Time.

Super casual about it. 'Yeah, yeah, love you too.’ He’s always smiling so you know he’s not actually trying to be rude about it. Doesn’t matter what’s happening. It’s Jackie, he’s pretty casual even when killing 'Cons.

He’s embarrassed. Sometimes, the rest of the team thinks you made him glitch because he’ll just stand there with this huge blush on his faceplates. Ultra Magnus.exe. has stopped working. If it’s in the middle of a fight, he just does a quick double take and continues what he was doing. He’ll say he loves you too, mostly once out of earshot of the others.

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The s/o showering TFP Bots with affection (reciting everything they love about them and maybe kissing them in the end). Maybe they do it when they are alone, so it would be private. How would they respond to it? I can already Smokescreen overheating or like going silent and not being able to respond XD he is so cute~

This is such a cute request x3

Optimus Prime:
-He loves it and compliments you back
-He doesn’t get flustered though
-Since you’re alone he’ll give you a kiss

-He flusters easily and can’t form words
-He keeps covering his mouth and trying to leave but just can’t because he wants you to keep showering him in compliments
-The poor doctor doesn’t know how to tell you “thank you” and how much he loves you too

-He beeps excitedly encouraging you to keep going
-He picks you up and spins you
-He compliments you but it’s too fast for you to translate from his excited beeping and buzzing

-He laughs nervously and keeps asking “really? You mean that?”
-He thinks you are the sweetest thing ever
-After you’re done, he’ll hold you and tell you everything he likes about you

-She is as hard as a rock when you’re telling her so it’s hard to know if she likes it
-She only nods and says “okay”
-She then kisses you and tells you everything that she loves about you

-He takes everything as suggestive
-He strokes your head smirking the whole time
-He thanks you and then suggests what you can do with all the things you like about him

-He’s so blushy and overheats almost immediately and his cooling fans remain on the whole time
-He is extremely cautious if you mention his doorwings, those things are so sensitive
-He holds you to him and thanks you for all the compliments with kisses

Ultra Magnus:
-He’s working still and not really listening, or so you think
-He starts slowing down when he realizes you’re talking to him and showering him in compliments
-He then turns to you sporting a shade of red you never seen on him before, and asks you to please stop lying to him… there’s no way what what you’re saying is true


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Ladynoir July Day 20 - Stay a little longer

A nice simple reveal fic. And I am caught up!

Chat Noir looked down at his beeping ring and frowned. He had been having such a great evening with Ladybug and he didn’t want it to be over. “Guess I gotta get going.” He held up his hand.

Ladybug didn’t say anything so he turned to leave. It was hard to get back into his house when he wasn’t transformed so he wanted to get back before his transformation ran out.
He had just extended his baton when he felt a hand on his arm.

“You can stay … if you want to?” Ladybug’s voice sounded uncharacteristically hesitant.

He turned back, unsure if he had heard properly. She wasn’t looking at him and was biting her lip nervously.

“But… the ring?” His heart was beating too fast. Was she… ?

“I know.” She looked up at him, reaching out for his hand. “I… I want to know. And I want you to know. I’m ready for this.”

“But Hawkmoth? We still haven’t defeated him…” It was a struggle to speak through the nerves and excitement. His ring beeped again. Only four minutes left.

“I know. But I’ve talked about it with my kwami and we think it’s worth the risk.” Her smile widened. “I want to see what my kitty looks like without all this leather.” She ran her hand over his gloved hand.

He laughed. “Maybe I am wearing an exact replica of my suit underneath it. What would you do then?”

She rolled her eyes, but she was smiling. “I would probably just push you off the roof and see if your powers still work.” Her earrings beeped and she sighed. “I’m a little nervous.”

“It’ll be okay.” His ring beeped for a third time. “And hey, mine will run out first so…” He shrugged. “You can run away and leave me stranded here if you don’t like what you see.”

She scoffed. “Unless you look vastly different under there, I don’t think there is any any chance that I’m not going to like what I see, at least a little bit.”

He blushed. People telling him he was attractive was nothing new, but it was somehow so different coming from Ladybug. “Oh?” he asked, trying to school his face into a flirty smile.

She shoved his shoulder lightly. “Oh, shut up.”

They smiled at each other, the nervous energy almost palpable. He stared at the two paw prints on his ring.

“Maybe I just detransform now? Instead of waiting two minutes?” he suggested, shifting awkwardly from side to side.

“Yeah. That sounds good.” She sounded relieved. “We can both do it.”

“On the count of three?” He asked, heart in his throat.


“One. Tw-”

“Wait.” She interrupted him and his stomach churned. Had she changed her mind? “Are we going to do it on three or after three?”

“On three.”

“Okay.” Her face was determined. 

“You ready?”

“Yeah. Let’s do this.”

They counted together, their voices nervous but excited. 




anonymous asked:

I'm not sure if requests are open, but if they are, could I have an insert where the reader makes bastion a flower crown, but his bird keeps on taking pieces of it so they have to make a mini one for the bird? I'm sorry I can't remember it's name,,

Bastion’s birds called Ganymede. I’m going to use a gender neutral pronoun for Bastion, as that’s what is used in the wiki, however it is interesting to note that when a hostile Ana buffs bastion she uses the female version of the Arabic phrase. 

I’m unsure whether you wanted romantic or Platonic so I’ll leave it open ended but just as a reminder I do take Romantic Bastion asks. Just leave it clear in the ask as I know not everyone enjoys it.

With a hum you looked around the garden, basket of flowers tucked into your elbow. You didn’t think an eight foot robot slathered in guns would be hard to find but apparently you were having difficulty. Hearing something rustle behind you, you turned around. Brushing the branches around you saw the light of Bastion’s face and it gave a playful jingle.

“There you are,” you smiled up at Bastion who gave a greeting beep.

Ganymede cheeped and landed on your shoulder, waiting for the meal that it knew you had. Giving a chuckle you reached into the bad of seed that you kept in your pocket and held out a handful. 

“Oh!,” you dug even deeper into your pocket with your other hand, “What’s this?” 

Pulling out a Banana chip Ganymede chirped excitedly. Putting it on your flat hand Ganymede began chipping away at the dried fruit. Bastion watched this exchange with a cheerful beep bursting from it’s chest. 

“I have something for you as well,” Bastion beeped in excitement, “let’s just find somewhere to sit.”

Bastion led you through the garden to a small area of grass, before settling down with you. You pulled a plate from the basket and gently poured the seeds into it.

“Sorry Ganymede,” you murmured as the bird jumped down offended, “I need both hands.”

Pulling out three flowers with particularly long stems and Bastion tilted his head inquisitively. 

“Which one would you prefer?”

Bastion pointed to the light blue one and you tucked the others back into the basket. Grabbing a few flowers of various colours you began weaving them into the stem making Bastion cheep excitedly. Hand reaching out for a small white flower and your hands wrapped around nothing.

Eyes flickering up to the yellow bird sitting on a branch overhead, the white flower in his beak. The two of you tilted your head at each other before you simply grabbed another flower and weaving it into the the crown. Going for a small yellow plant Ganymede swooped in front of you and grabbed it out of your reach, Bastion giving a robotic laugh in the background. Landing back on the branch, Ganymede gave a playful tweet while you glared. 

“And after I gave you a banana chip.”

Its when Ganymede stole the third flower that you grabbed a handful of flowers and quickly weaved them into a small flower crown. Whistling a quick mimic of a bird you held your hand out, Ganymede landed on your hand. With your other hand you gently placed the small crown on the birds feathered head. It slid down it and rested on Ganymede’s chest and spread the wings.

Soaring around Bastion and you, Ganymede began to sing. Bastion mimicked the song and you gave a smile at how happy the two were. Finishing Bastion’s flower crown you placed it on the Omnic’s head. Laying down and just listening to the Omnic and bird tweet at each other, warmth spread across your chest at spreading joy with a simple act.

Pls imagine Genji/Bastion/Zenyatta feat. tank mode Bastion carrying his bfs around. Playing Pokemon Go. 

Bastion’s little bird friend is preening on top of Genji’s head. 

Zenyatta is effortlessly managing his and Bastion’s games. 

“Right turn, please. There is a Squirtle in that direction.”

*Sudden acceleration, accompanied by excited beeping*

Imagine this

Mercy and Genji living together they have escaped all the fighting and are done Genji keeps bastion with him he understands how it feels to be an outcast. All 3 have a flower garden Bastion made an excited beep and showed and Genji and Mercy the plants he grew they tell him they are proud of him and he beeps happily going back to watching the life in the garden

Star Wars and Tony Stark. Never thought I’d see the day. I also live for Steve being confused by modern references (oh, and Clint being a disgruntled and sassy bird). Anyway, thank you to @awkward-wayward-daughter for requesting this. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt: Could you write a one shot where the reader and Tony always bump heads and don’t like each other, but then Tony finds out about the readers love for Star Wars and builds her a R2-D2 as a peace offering. And fluff! Thank you if you can! Even if you can’t, you’re amazing!

“A New Hope”

“There’s got to be something we can do.” Steve groaned. Clint’s head was on the table with his arms draped over it. You and Tony had been arguing for hours in the other room and ultimately everyone had taken themselves away. They congregated in the dining room to concoct a solution but hadn’t been able to escape the noise completely. When there appeared to be a brief moment of silence, Barton’s head lifted in hope – only to hit the table once more when Tony’s raised voice could be heard once more. Clint let out a strangled moan in exasperation. Natasha petted him sympathetically on the head.

“There’s nothing that we haven’t already tried or thought of,” said Bruce, who was surprisingly calm. “We just have to accept that those two are doomed to bump heads forever.”
“Then give me the gun now so I can end it.” Clint’s muffled voice responded. Steve couldn’t determine who he intended to shoot – Stark, (y/n), or himself. Either way, they needed a solution.

“Don’t they have mutual interests? Hobbies?”
“If they did, would they be at each other’s throats all the time?” Bruce sighed, pushing his glasses up his nose. Steve turned to Natasha.
“You’ve got to be able to find something. Lay some traps, set a scene – find something that they’ve got in common and set them up to figure it out.”

Nat shrugged.
“I might be able to do some digging.”
“If not for us, then do it for Barton. Look at him.” Steve gestured to the archer who was softly banging his head against the table, letting out a muffled cry with every strike. “They’re driving him insane.”

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Request: For me and all of you! I was hit with this idea at 2AM and then it wouldn’t leave me alone…

Pairing: Poe Dameron x Fem!Reader 

Word Count: 3,311

Warnings: None! Fluff! All Fluff!

Authors Note: I re-wrote this three times… due to this fact I’m rather ambivalent to this story, haha! I’ve worked on it for far too long. I just hope I was able to portray the intensity and sincerity of the emotions. Feedback would honestly be appreciated! In other news, I made a Master List!

Your name: submit What is this?

Poe Dameron was a busy man. However, he was not busy enough to let you to go unnoticed. You had immediately gained his attention as you took your first steps off a transport and onto the Resistance base. He remembered the moment rather vividly. It was a breezy day in mid Spring. As you exited the transport and walked across the yard, your hair caught hold of flower petals that had been floating in the wind. The colour of the petals had nicely contrasted your hair; giving it a shimmery effect. To the eyes of Poe Dameron, you bore resemblance to a goddess. And over the past year, nothing had been able to change that opinion.

It was Spring once again on D’Qar. General Leia Organa had an announcement which affected all Resistance personnel. The only area large enough to hold such a meeting was the court yard. Poe stood only a meter from you. He was caught up in his memories as he gazed at your visage. Your lips were a deep pink and held a small smile. Your skin seemed to softly glow, as if proving celestial heritage. Large eyes shown brightly with curiosity and vitality. You were indeed an ethereal beauty. But you weren’t just some pretty face. No. You were so much more.

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charlie x hannah autumn cafe au

contrary to popular belief, the reason hannah frequents the cafe so much isn’t because of the handsome blue-eyed man behind the counter. no, instead she has eyes for his keen, intelligent friend with bright red hair and the most infectious smile hannah’s ever encountered.

one autumn day, while she’s responding to some work emails, hannah’s laptop crashes, and charlie is there to diagnose the problem and fix it. she and hannah talk all afternoon, even after hannah’s laptop’s been restored. hannah leaves the cafe much later with a warm heart and a smile on her face.

when she opens her laptop at home to get the rest of her work done without distraction, she discovers her wallpaper’s been changed. instead of a goofy picture of her dog bella, a white paint canvas stares back at her with the poorly drawn words will you have dinner with me? (:

hannah goes back to the cafe the next day to give her response.



> This nerd would love talking to you about your nature powers! If you’re okay with it, he’ll run some tests on you to find out how he can use it to make the world better.

> Definitely take you on sweet piggy back rides around forests when collecting samples - Just be sure to hold on!

> You definitely insist on feeding him something BESIDES bananas and peanut butter because that is not a balanced diet

> Often talks to you until the wee hours of the morning about his experiments and how great he thinks your powers are! He probably won’t press for it but he’d love it when you show him cool tricks like making stuff grow.


> You can hold complete conversations with my robot son Bastion and everyone is baffled

> You’d grow cool stuff for him to look at, and a nice little nest for Ganymede too

> Bastion loves your powers! Whenever he gets down from all the fighting that he has to do again, he’ll find you and ask you to grow something cool

> Loves going on nature walks with you! Will make excited beeps and boops 10/10

> Admin GK