excited about the older men.... coughs

A member just came into the gym and he was wearing the official World Cup Champions T-shirt so I told him I liked his shirt and that I bought the same one immediately after they wont the game. I asked him if he’s been watching them in the ToN and he was like “oh yeah, that comeback win the other night was intense” and then we ended up talking about Jill Ellis and how she’s wasting her time with all these young players when she has a bench STACKED of incredible veterans *cough cough Ali Krieger*. He asked me if I played or coached and I said I used to but I’m in grad school now and don’t have the time. He joked around with me and was like “Well it sounds like you know your stuff, you should retire the textbooks and take over as head coach!” I never get to talk to people about the USWNT in person, let alone older men, so it was just really fun to talk about it bc I get so passionate and excited when other people are fans.