excited about discounts

fuckin….here’s my goddamn nanowrimo recurring theme, it’s trios +1

anonymous asked:

How about the whole gang shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Since it is that time of year!

◉ Yoosung

  • He’s a totally different person when it comes to sales
  • Shocks everyone
  • Will jump through the crowd to grab that gaming mouse or limited edition LOLOL headset
  • Snatching stuff before an old lady can get to it he doesn’t care 
  • He’s a broke college student he can’t afford to be nice rn
  • Impresses the other RFA members with his massive gift haul at the end of the day !

◉ Jumin

  • Doesn’t care about sales
  • Why would he?
  • He’s terrible with technology so no way would he participate in cyber Monday
  • But he goes to some shops with the RFA just to observe what goes on
  •  Comes across a tiny porcelain cat that looks just like Elizabeth 3rd
    • “I must have this for my desk at the office”
  • Is shocked at the price!
    • “Excuse me, do you have any more of these?”
  • Buys them all
  • Gives them as Christmas gifts
  • Saeyoung is ecstatic
  • Zen…not so much. Same for Jaehee…
  • It was a good Black Friday for Jumin

◉ Zen

  • Would go just to make sure you are protected
  • But doesn’t mind looking at some deals while you’re all there
  • Would be shopping mainly for himself
  • New outfits and sunglasses!
  • Face creams that he normally spends a ton on are half off and he’s freaking out
  • Gets really mad if anyone bumps into you and after that happens he’ll keep insisting you both leave

◉ Jaehee

  • Excited about discount planners and organizational supplies
  • She stocks up for the next year
  • Super prepared
  • She knows the aisles and has studied the Sales Flyer
  • But then she walked by that espresso machine she’d been eyeing, half off!
  • Grabs it and runs to the register
  • She’d so proud of her find
  • Of course Jumin had to spoil it when he saw
    • “Excellent. Now that you’ll have a source for quality caffeine I won’t have to feel bad about making you work overnight.”

◉ Saeyoung

  • He’s a cyber Monday guy
  • Of course
  • Why go out when he can shop at the click of a mouse
  • He’d still go out with the RFA group though just for the fun of it
  • Would be rolling around in the crowd pretending to be on a secret mission
  • Would probably give you a walkie talkie that he’d ‘report’ to you through
    • “Agent pepper reporting to Honey Buddha, Honey Buddha do you copy? Target spotted. Massage oil set 75% off. Over”
    • “Saeyoung I can hear you. You’re literally right next to me underneath the display table.”

◉ V

  • Doesn’t like to go out in large crowds because of his sight
  • Would probably stay home and just wait for Monday
  • Would end up buying wayy too much stuff
  • The mail person is always tired this time of year because he orders so many things
  • But V is so nice, he can’t be mad
  • V always offers him a cup of tea or coffee when he brings the deliveries, and even though he has to decline, they do end up talking for a bit
  • He obviously doesn’t need to worry about sales
  • But it’s the spirit and the thought behind the idea that gets him into the shopping

◉ Saeran

  • Not diggin’ it
  • He’d get dragged to go out with the RFA members, though
  • Arms crossed the whole time
  • Pouting
  • See’s a beautiful necklace he wants to get you
    • “Oh!” *sparkle eyes
  • Him and another person reach for it at the same time
  • But when they see his scowl they immediately let him have it
  • Has them wrap it and he sticks it in his jacket before anyone can see
  • But Saeyoung had been watching him
  • He’s like rolling around in the background
    • “So cute so cute so cuuute!”

I did a Ninten cosplay for spoop day :^)
dANG I LOOK CUTE. I also stole my brother’s ocarina //slapped

I hope everybody had a safe and fun Halloween :3c
I’m more excited about discounted candy day tbh


I’m the kind of person who gets excited about flowers on the discount rack at the grocers. I’m also too indecisive for a tattoo but desperately love how the floral ones look. Which means this tutorial is right up my alley.