When Joan was three, her mother died of a brain aneurysm in her sleep. Joan’s father would not hug her when she cried at her mother’s bedside; he would only look at her with resentment and blame. Joan learned then that she couldn’t rely on her father for comfort. At three, Joan learned early that weakness was a defect of character.

Thoughts? It’s gonna be a “no wonder she’s fucked up” kinda story. This is just the intro.

today if nobody speaks of remarkable things passed over 8000 hits and I’m just so proud and happy and excited because it’s so important to me and the comments I’ve gotten on tumblr and on the fic itself are just breathtaking sometimes and I just

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basically me

p.s. if you click that link please take care to read the tags and the warnings on the fic prior to reading it, it is not friendly to everything, thank you


Hey guys! So, As you all know it has been a time for me. But you are all so Awesome for being there for me. I love you all for that! 

But, my much needed weekend has arrived!! My wonderful friend one-shots-supernatural just finished up her job, today was her last day, and now she is on to better things. I am so proud of her. But aside from the fact that we both just made it through this week………alive…..We are getting together!!!!! Yay!!!!

A much needed fun day with her is what I think we both need. The last time we got together we were taking questions from all of you. We didn’t get too many, but I think it was also last minute and a lot of you probably just didn’t get the chance. 

Well….We’re going to do it again!!!!

Tomorrow we will be answering questions from all of you. You can ask us anything. Ask about our writing, or even personal things. Hell, lets just talk! Lets all bring this family closer together. We’ll be together for awhile tomorrow, so hopefully you all get the chance to write us. We love talking to all of you…so much. We wish you knew.

So get your questions ready….write em down….think of them as we go….whatever you want. We’ll let you know when we’re together tomorrow and ready to start up the questions. We’re both SOOO EXCITED for tomorrow and we are really hoping that you’ll join us!!! Love you all! Can’t Wait!!!!

The new series, titled Smoke and Shadow, promises to keep up the energy of the original show, but in comic book form and will focus primarily on the story of the newly crowned Fire Lord Zuko. (x)

They said if it gets enough attention there’s a chance it could be turned into a show.