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eene-fangirl  asked:

Is Edd OCD? In what ways?

Mmmm, yes and no? I actually believe he has anxiety and a bipolar disorder of sorts, and those feed into several OCD tendencies. This is why he can act like a completely different character episode by episode. And the level of how “OCD” he is each episode depends highly on his mood and anxiety levels that day.

(on another note: I’m sad Edd month is almost over but I’m excited for Ed month!)

Ed hallucinating Oswald is such a good thing, it is such a positive thing for the ship. It means Ed is affect by this, it means he is holding onto regret and is struggling with himself. Ed only started hallucinating after he killed Kristen, someone he loves. Now he is seeing Oswald, which means only one thing, he has feelings for him.

Isobel Cameron highlight reel

Best episodes from Isobel Cameron: 

1/29/15 – “Aaron. Aaron. Aaron. This is the ugliest tie I’ve ever seen.” HOTEL #2

11/30/15 – “Whoever shot me has nothing to do with your mother.” First nice interaction since Robert got Aaron out of jail.

12/31/15 – “Chop Chop. Or more like bang bang.” I actually loved Rob in this episode. He did such a great job manipulating Ross into telling the truth and that was kind of awesome.

02/18/16 – “You keep fighting to put that creep away.” Robert and Chas!! I loved their interaction around the abuse time.

02/22/16 – “Stop being so flippin’ selfish.” Robert talks Chas down. Seriously loved this episode.

04/12/16 – First time we get “But you know…” “I know.” Aaron’s trail starts.

04/13/16 – “He’s the kind of person you want to be and be with.” ROBERT DECLARES HIS LOVE FOR AARON IN OPEN COURT WHAT WHAT?

05/13/16 – “Robert, please call me back. I was an idiot.” Liv accuses Robert of killing Gordon.

05/16/16 – “Get out of my house and get out of my life.”

07/19/16 – “When something matters to me, I lie, I cheat, I do whatever it takes. And you matter to me.” THEY MOVE IN TOGETHER.