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Dean Winchester x Reader

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Story Summary:  It’s your wedding day. Everything was perfect, except for one thing. The groom wasn’t Dean Winchester.

“Honey. You look beautiful.” Your Mom told you, while you sat in front of the oval mirror, applying the finishing touches to your makeup. The hair stylist had already left, after fixing your hair up in gentle curls, some gathered on top of your head while others floated softly around, framing your face beautifully.

“Mom, I don’t even have my dress on yet.” You exclaimed, still sitting in your silk robe. You were in a small room off to the side of the church, a room that was filled with you, your Mom, and your maid of honor.

You were getting married, your white satin dress hanging up beside you, but you felt a lump in your stomach instead of the joy you should be feeling. The reception hall was perfectly decorated, you had checked that earlier this morning. Your flowers were perfect, you had something borrowed, something blue. Everything was going as it should. Everything that is, except for who you were marrying.

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Bellarke shippers watching season 4 of the 100

 “If I’m on that list you’re on that list”

Bellarke shipper:


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 *bellamy crying*

 Bellarke shippers: 


Hahah, cool time for a food break, when I come back they better be kissi–

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Clarke: If that door stays shut, the human race survives!1!1!

Bellarke shippers:


Wait they’re flirting now its all g

Bellamy: Well not shooting me was the right choice

Bellarke shippers: *trying to figure out why bellarke isn’t a canon married couple with 300 kids already*

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“I got you for that”

TheY BAsicALLy JuSt ExCHanGed WedDing VoWeLS Don’T tOuCh mE

Bellarke shippers realising that Clarkes not going to make it back and probably die:

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Clarke: *survives*

Bellarke shippers: You are telling me Bellamy gonna be sad puppy in the sky for 6 years, without knowing thats shes alive and probably is going to move on with echo or raven in space which = death of me because that means clarkes gonna be 2000x extra sad kitten mode when bellamy comes back and she sees him with someone else 

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kymbawee  asked:

What are weddings like in your Yuri!!!Underwater AU? Are they similar to humans? Do they exchange vowels, and have certain traditions? (I know they don't do rings, but instead have the pearl necklaces) Do some couples substitute the pearl necklaces and go for another type of necklace? ("Non-traditional couples") Do they have all their friends and family witness it, or is it more private? I would love to know!! 💖💖💖 Thanks! :D

For merpeople, getting married is wearing a pearl necklace. This can be done without much of a scene– but there can be parties.

In the past, wedding parties were a must. They are held in coral caves, and the goes are the married couple’s family and four (two for each fiance) very close, trusted friends. There are vows, and some bits of tradition:

  • Before the kiss, the couple would caress each other’s gills, interwining their tails. After that, they may say, “May Thetys bless your scales.” To each other. “Thetys” is a deity from their mythology, said to possess stone scales. Sturdy scales equals protection.
  • Both members of the couple need to be wearing white coral ornaments on their tails. Head ornaments are optional, but it’s a bit of a trend to wear shell ornaments on the head or along the ear fins.
  • This is more of a little game, but it was common for one of the newlyweds to wear a blindfold and try to find their partner just by feeling their water vibrations. 
  • It was also common for the couple to remain close by ‘holding flippers’. Basically keeping one flipper always close to the other or wrapping one flipper’s fins around the partner’s.
  • The wedding bouquet is composed of pearl corals and white algae.

For modern merpeople, wedding parties aren’t much of a must. Most of them still do it though, either because of the fun or just because they feel that it ‘completes’ the marriage a bit more. However, instead of only inviting four friends, they invite many more.

Non-traditional couples still wear pearl necklaces, but instead of just pearls, they stick in some small pieces of shiny rocks along the necklace.

Extra: Getting married/holding a wedding party during bioluminiscent jellyfish (ex: Aequorea victoria) season is said to bring good luck to the couple.


His finger’s circled lightly around her back as they laid in bed - exhausted from the almost 24-hour plane ride. Bolest’s ever-churning mind had been gradually floating in an out of consciousness for the past few hours, barely aware of any surroundings that weren’t his now-wife. Hazy images of their ‘wedding’ flitted in and out of his mind at a rapid pace. - It had been simple enough - a witness or two, a quick, but, meaningful exchange of vowels and some forged identification on his part.

The plane ride to New Zealand had been exhausting. Both of them had flown internationally a number of times, but rarely to such an extreme side of the Earth. The climate was undoubtedly hotter too - not much warmer than England was during the summer itself, but enough that the brassy sun had persuaded them to take their jackets off in a matter of minutes after stepping off the plane.

But now they were with each other, alone. The lodge they had both picked was more than secluded enough that they wouldn’t bother anyone with their ‘vigorous’ activities - nor would they be bothered in return. Dipping his head so that his lips pressed against her warm neck, his fingers began brushing up and down her spine. His voice was rough and full of sleep as he whispered her name into her skin - seeing if she was awake or not.