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just international student things:

  • teaching each other swear words in your languages
  • trying to learn the unwritten social rules what do you mean you have to take your shoes off inside
  • knowing more people from other countries than the country you’re in
  • “I should come visit you” 
  • how do people not have [food item] in the supermarket??????
  • struggling with the international student office 
  • “lmao why would you come here to study this country sucks” 
  • getting strangely patriotic even though you weren’t before
  • but seriously it’s weird I kinda love my own country more now?
  • having someone come up to you and say “hey I know something in your language!” and it’s a swear word
7 things about Chilean Spanish

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1. It’s hella fast.
Latin-American chill? Not in the Chilean accent. Chileans speak fast and they know it. Check out holasoygerman on YouTube, though he speaks extraordinarily fast, even for a Chilean - but that’s what you feel like as a decent student of European Spanish when you come to visit Chile.

2. “poh”
Also known as: “po”, “pu”, and sometimes just “p”. It’s the Chilean version of the Spanish pues and it’s used with literally everything. A simple becomes a “sipo”, ya te dije becomes “ya te dijepo”. Very popular: “yapo”, a word for yes, well, umm, hurry up, come on, that’s a lie, and whatever else you can think of. It’s informal though!

3. “Ustedes” instead of vosotros
The second person plural vosotros does not exist in Chilean Spanish! Instead, “ustedes” is used as the pronoun, and the third person plural as the conjugated verb, thus making it the same word for they and you.

vosotros tenéis → ustedes tienen
ellos tienen = ellos tienen

4. The second person singular
In European Spanish, the verb comes with an s-suffix.

estar → tú estás

In Chile, this form is used as well as another, informal one, where the s-suffix is replaced with an ai- or i-suffix.

estar → tú estai
saber → tú sabí

It’s not wrong to use the s-suffix though.

5. Pronunciation
Chilean Spanish is not a clear Spanish. Some sounds are mumbled or completely swallowed, which is probably caused by the high speaking tempo. Examples:

nada → na’a
es más → eh mah
para → pa’

C in front of e or i is pronounced like the English th [θ] in European Spanish. In Chilean (respectively Latin American) Spanish it’s a simple s [s].

6. Chilenismos
Chilenismos are words that only exist in Chilean Spanish, and there are a lot of them. I’ll name a few, but really, there are hundreds of chilenismos.

geniál → bacán
inmediatamente → al tiro
1000 pesos → luca
aburrido → fome
pastél → kuchen
sí, vale, bueno, de acuerdo → ya
¿entiendes? → ¿cachai?
dinero → plata

7. la wea
This is a chilenismo, but I thought it was worth an own explanation. La wea is basically everything: if you’re missing a word or are just to lazy to say it, just say wea.

¿Pásame la botella, por favor? → ¿Pásame la wea, porfa?

It’s also used whenever you’re to stunned to say something else: “¿qué wea?” Translated, it would be “what the f***?”.

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A short note
This list was created by someone who has spent about 8 months in Chile. I am not Chilean and I’m not saying this list is complete - there’s a lot more to say about the Chilean accent. Those are just, in my opinion, the 7 most notable points.

Dear baby exchange students,

Yeah you, the ones who are so excited to fly away in just a few months or weeks. Take a deep breath, this is really exciting - I know! Here’s a few tips from a girl who is not ready to leave her host country, hopefully they are a bit different from the “don’t hide in your room” tips you always hear:

1. Take photos. Of everything. A good meal, your friends, a dog you see on the street. Do not be embarrassed to take selfies in front of random things. The locals won’t get it, but they don’t have to.

2. Eat the scary thing. It might be nasty, it might be amazing - either way you have a story.

3. Don’t take a single moment de granted. Because one day you won’t see that view of the town on your long, rainy walk home. You will miss it.

4. Exchange weight is whatever. Eat all the things. Eat Japanese sweets and Italian pasta with your friends until your stomach hurts from good food and laughing.

5. A good way to make friends is just tagging along. My best friends here, I made by pretty much following them around for weeks until I became a part of the friend-clique. It works!

6. Take a deep breath. Some days, everything will suck. Remember how lucky you are to explore the world.

7. Go to school. But also skip class. Be lagom, as the Swedes say. It doesn’t translate to English properly, but it means not too much, not too little - just right.

8. Remember that you go through 5 years worth of growth in exchange. That comes with five years of emotions in one year. Feel these intense feelings, and roll with them. Let them come. It will make you better.

Good luck, my little exchangers! You’ve got the world ahead of you - go take it all in!

50 Things I missed out on while on exchange

1. journaling

2. taking pictures of some random things

3. trying some weird food

4. buying a book in my host countries language

5. going to a disco

6. traveling with my organisation

7. a lot of small souvenirs

8. trying a bit harder to learn the language

9. making more friends in my host country

10. celebrating the shit out off holidays

11. having fun on my birthday

12. buying a flag of my host country

13. going to a sports event in my host country

14. doing something fun with my host family

15. take a trip with a friend

16. trying a new sports

17. eating as if I were going to die tomorrow

18. taking videos

19. seriously trying to ace a test

20. trying to regularly watch a TV series that’s an original in my host country

21. do something I’m scared of

22. Look at every single church

23. take a picture of all the food

24. random selfies

25. sending my friends/family at home pictures

26. sending my friends a long message in my host countries language just to brag

27. spend way too much money

28. try somthing that’s totally not from your host country but you don’t have in your country

29. take pictures of the airport

30. take pictures when I arrived

31. take pictures when I left

32. told that boy that I like him

33. dressed a little slutty

34. trying weird products

35. buying presents for my friends back home

36. writing on my tumblr

37. getting excited about little things

38. take pretty pictures of myself

39. take pretty pictures of landscapes

40. trying not to talk to my friends at home at all for at least a month

41. writing a letter to myself before going on exchange

42. spending more time outside

43. not worrying about school

44. crushing on boys but not caring too much

45. hanging out with people I normally wouldn’t hang out with

46. becoming a fan of a regional sports club

47. going to every into meeting

48. trying to teach someone my language

49. cry less

50. laugh more

I’ve been nearly 3 weeks in Korea and I’ve been doing little stationery shopping since university starts soon! I’ve only visited Muji and Artbox so far but can’t wait to see other places too, everything is so pretty and cute here when it comes to stationery!

She’s A Fighter

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High School!AU
Exchange Student!AU
One Shot
Violence, Romance, Smut, Fluff
Rated: M
Pairing: Kim Jongin x Reader
Request: omg can you make an exchange student au with kai?? like where you are new to the school and his group starts bullying you, but you were back in you country/city known for fighting, and at some point you just can’t take it anymore, and he starts to grow interest in you~~? love your blog and writings, fighting~~♥♥ by Nonnie
Summary: After having to move countries and schools, you find yourself the center of attention in a way you don’t find amusing: being bullied. But after a turn of events, you find yourself the center of attention in a way you don’t mind; the center of Jongin’s attention.
Warnings: bullying, fighting.
Word Count: 3.4k

Changing schools is hard enough, especially when it’s your final year of high school but changing schools and countries is ten times harder. Your father had been offered a job he couldn’t refuse so for the entirety of your summer break, you had to pack up the life you knew, learn a whole new language and fly several hours to a life you were going to be stuck in until you finished the final year of high school.

The first day wasn’t overly bad, you kept quiet and to yourself while learning the layout of the school and where most of your classes were; it was by the end of the week that things started to get…interesting.

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QUALITIES (italian)

devozione - devotion

dignità- dignity

entusiasmo - enthusiasm

amore - love

forza - strengt / power

fedeltà- faithfulness

coraggio - bravery / courage

saggezza - wisdom

tolleranza - tolerance

altruismo - selflessness/altruism

carità- charity

compassione - compassion

disciplina - discipline

perdono - forgiveness

innocenza - innocence

pazienza - patience

pietà - mercy / pity

curiosità - curiosity

rispetto - respect

purezza - purity

spontaneità- spontaneity

umiltà- humility

speranza - hope

onestà - honesty

generosità- generosity

lealtà - loyalty

gratitudine - gratitude

fiducia - trust

giustizia- justice

umorismo - humour

sensibilità - sensitivity

creatività- creativity

modestia - modesty

There comes a point in your life when you realize that nothing will ever be the same, and you realize that from now on time will be divided into two parts — before this and after this.
—  Exchange Student
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