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I’ll try and keep this short but i just wanted to say how great Area 11 were last night and put some pictures up ^^ 

Last night was beyond anything i’d ever imagined it to be. We were really close to the front and therefore got hi5’s off some of the guys ^^ 

The atmosphere was so intense throughout the gig and the energy of the bands and the audience was incredible. everyone was screaming the lyrics back at them at the top of their voices and holding their hands up and dancing :3

Things just got crazier as the night went on. Kogie decided he was too hot so he took his shirt off, Sparkles* joined in a moshpit and was bumped into me loads, then they did a spontaneous encore of Shi No Barado at the end where the audience were split in half and our side did Beckii’s part and the other side did Sparkles* part! 

There were loads of great random parts like when Sparks* stopped Kogie playing and stopped singing himself to listen to us fans singing the lyrics back to him :D Also when he asked why it was so hot in here and someone said “because you’re hot” and someone else added" for a ginger" then sparkles* was like “what?! hot for a ginger?! who said that?!?!”

so many good memories were made, i just wish i’d had the guts to ask for a signed copy of my poster or a picture or a picture with Ross or something D: never mind.

Oh one last thing- i found it cute that all the band members had to wear wristbands like the fans did to get into the venue >< 

I can’t wait to see them live again :3

P.S. click on the pictures to make them bigger ^^

Seven days from today, the Cardiac Address tour comes to The Exchange in Bristol! One of our most favourite towns! OOF! #sonicboomsix #tour #tourlife #cardiacaddress 💔


So a year ago today I saw Foxes live at the Exchange in Bristol. It was the second time I’d seen Louisa perform live and the first time I’d seen her headlining a gig.

The set list was pretty basic and looking through photos from that night, it was:

  • Beauty Queen
  • White Coats
  • Night Owls Early Birds
  • Echo
  • Let Go For Tonight
  • Glorious
  • Youth
  • Right Here (Encore)

It’s also a year ago today that I met Louisa for the 1st time. All I remember is shaking her hand (as you do) and having a really awkward selfie with her (which I do try and mention every time I get to meet her.)

Hard to believe that in the 12 months since, she’s had 3 solo top 40 UK singles, had a UK top 5 album, supported both Bastille and Pharrell Williams on tours of Australia and Europe respectively, filmed a cameo role for the world’s longest running sci-fi TV series and won a Grammy award. Not too shabby.

So as a throwback to that great night, here’s Beauty Queen.


Some photos from Area 11 @ Exchange, Bristol. 20/07/2014.

Of course, I’m the blonde girl in these photos, and we also have;
Djh3max/Ross Hornby
Olly - gameromk
And of course, Sparkles* - theedgeoftheexplosion

It was an absolute honour meeting every single one of you guys, and I’m thankful that you were so kind to me, especially to Sparkles* who had to deal with my uncontrollable shaking and need for a hug, haha.

You guys are awesome, and you made the first gig of the Ichi Tour the beat gig I’ve ever, ever been to.