excessiveephemera  asked:

where does the super mario sunshine king boo fit into your king boo canon (if at all)?

KB: i thought this post made it sorta obvious, but i guess it’s hard to tell where my jokes end and my actual headcanons begin whoops

Sunshine King Boo is just something Bowser Jr created with the magic paintbrush. Probably wanted a bad guy that would scare Mario so he was like “Hm!! What’s the scariest thing!!? I know!!!!!” and then drew his best depiction of King Boo

Sunshine King Boo (or Boss Boo) is canonly an entirely separate character from regular ol’ King Boo so. He literally matters very little to my King Boo’s canon. But those are my personal thoughts about where he came from, and it’s most likely my King Boo wasn’t even aware of that particular incident and has no knowledge of this other Boo.

Alternatively, he could just be a regular old Boo that likes gambling a whole lot. Maybe Boos don’t react well to heat so they’re all dazed and chill on Isle Delphino. THere’s lots of different explinations you could put forth.

I usually call that Boo specifically Boss Boo or Kingpin Boo