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Professor Layton

We promised each other
so long ago
that we would go through life
side by side.

But then came a war
and it took me away
I had a duty to fulfill,
you understood.

All of a sudden
you were back in my life
at the moment when
I thought it was all over.

You came crashing in,
a hero with his heart
brazenly on his sleeve,
and you rescued me.

I was at your side again,
I was home again,
and never have I felt more
capable or content.

We did good work
you and I.
We were saving the world,
weren’t we?

Things get hazy after the fall.
I can’t remember
if I was doing good or bad,
just that I was following orders.

The ache in my left side
is my new permanent companion.
Were you always this big?
My memory is fuzzy.

I can’t think straight
when you say that word,
it makes my head pound.

Do you still keep newspapers
piled up for your shoes?
Who was Sarah?
Was her pie that good?

I feel so old,
so tired.
I have holes in my brain,
can you fill them?

Wait stop.
Don’t call me that.
My mind is screaming.
That isn’t my name.

…who are you?
…what am I?
When will we reach
the end of the line?

—  the reunion of the Winter Soldier and Steve Rogers || O.L.

Here’s the deal:

  • A new tablet costs 80 Dollars
  • A new laptop monitor costs 150 dollars
  • that is the amount of money that I had to spend in the past 2 months that I really wasn’t planning on spending
  • I probably won’t be able to get a job this summer, as I will probably be doing an unpaid internship
  • fuck fuck I’m fucked I’m screwed fuck damn it fuck

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