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Night at the Museum; Exhibits.

The tablet wakes figures of the museum, and each carry a distinct sub-species from their respective counterpart. Consider this a guide to writers/roleplayers interested in portraying a character or deciding upon a sub-species. 


Exhibits are species of their own. There’s a variance of ‘sub species’ with an abundance valuable attributes. Each exhibit carries with them the strengths, talents, and memories of their historical/fictional counterpart (should they not be the dead brought back). If an exhibit is fictional, the constructs of ‘logic’ does not apply. (i.e. statue angels hold the capacity to fly). This also applies to machinery and of products made of wax or any property not formerly usable to man as the tablet is made inactive. Exhibits all share the core vulnerability of sunlight and resume their original form should they remain indoors. 


     Vulnerability to- fire, sharp objects (vulnerable to breakage) excessive force. 
      Strengths- Ability to reconstruct oneself with the use of heat. 
      Inconsequentialities: Curiously, wax figures are the most prone to indulging any qualities of what they have endured in life (i.e: eating, mundane tasks). Should a wax figure be broken or wholly ‘killed’ (through sunlight) they may be reconstructed and replaced. It is the downside that they will not carry the memory of the original. They are most susceptible to repeating history. 


    Vulnerability to- with extreme temperatures, they are easily torn. 
     Strengths- heat resistance (again, not applicable to extreme temperatures). They are capable of withstanding far more damage than many of the exhibits. 
     Inconsequentialities: With perpetuating force, they can lose their consistency and appear less ‘normal’. Silicone figures, during corrosion are made as a whole and thus, freeze wholly compared to the wax subjects losing pieces of the limb little by little. 


   Vulnerability to- high temperatures, pressure 
    Strengths- Durability, lightweight (though it does also play into a disadvantage), heat resistant (…mostly) 
    Inconsequentialities: [Note: Dinosaur skeletons are forged most commonly of plastic resin.] Dinosaur casts still hold primitive behavior and are thus treated as pets among the exhibits, no matter how small. Perhaps it is the fine work of both Jedediah and Octavius together, but they’ve a penchant for danger. 

Mummified Bodies/Undead:

    Vulnerability to- Wounds fatal to man
    Strengths- [For mummies: With vital organs removed, they are unfazed if what was removed is punctured. (i.e: plunging a blade into ‘what would have been’ the lung of your opponent).] RegenerationBecause the bodies returns to its decayed state, decomposition naturally chips apart flesh and organs. If the undead is to ‘die’ within the confines of the museum, they will wake the evening soon after, regenerated, as ‘dead’ was their natural state.  
    Inconsequentialities: Because they were in fact alive, they do in fact die each sunrise. They are closest to immortality that one can hope to reach. 


     Vulnerability to- Sharp edges and subsequent tears, colors do fade over years  
     Strengths- Because exhibits hold the strengths of their counterpart, subjects of taxidermy are closest to the animal they are made to shape. It is because of this that they are most often the quickest and unpredictable. 
     Inconsequentialities: They are still animals, thus leading to breakage of many of the displays. They are fiercely loyal if at all it is merited and often linger of their own hall. 


    Vulnerability to- permanent damage through many sources (sharp edges, primarily) 
    Strengths- Their photographs/art pieces are worlds of their own. Should a man or exhibit crawl through the facets of a frame, they are made aware of the world and era of the painting/image. It is because of this that they are known to be the most elusive. 
     Inconsequentialities: Portraits are the most fragile of the exhibits, and it is their personality that often exposes with relative ease. Because they are the most fragile, it they do most often  linger of their own portraits or circumvent anything that will cause them harm. Cutouts, however, are capable of more damage and can be easily replaced. Portraits, all of them, hold ties with one another. Images may take solace within others backgrounds and it is highly unlikely portraits will condone aggression in their own ‘worlds’. 


   Vulnerability to- sharpened edges [fabric bodied]
   Strengths- It is easiest for them to reconnect themselves or replace limbs with no apparent pain. There are also many, thus allowing for a stronger force against the potential opponent. 
    Inconsequentialities: They are most often used to adorn the attire of historical figures and it is because of this they are most often found in groups of their own kind, reliving their experiences in the historical figures life. Easily distracted…. 


   Vulnerability to- Though it depends on the statue type, many of them are susceptible to extreme force and breakage if they collapse on certain surfaces. 
   Strengths- They are notably the strongest figures of the museum physically. It is exceedingly difficult to inflict harm and as a result, they are often most avoided and intimidating should they have the ability to stray. 
   Inconsequentialities: Despite their reputation, most statues are quite harmless and often lose themselves of their own imagination/world, carrying about idle tasks until they are met with company to join them. 



She was gunned down in cold blood by Detroit Police Officer Isaac Parrish. 

  • She was at that police officer’s party at his house. 
  • She only knew one person at that party(the person that brought her).
  • The fabricated story the police gave is that she was dancing on the police officer and his gun accidentally went off (from his hip) when she went to hug him. 


  • She was shot in the CHEST but he says his gun was on his waist!
  • They took 25 minutes to call the police in a party with 20+ people
  • The cop that murdered her wasn’t questioned until the day after





Deaf Woman To Get $750,000 For Hellish Ordeal With NYPD

A New York City woman, who is deaf and says NYPD officers wrongfully arrested her and then ignored her pleas for an American Sign Language interpreter, has settled her lawsuit against the city for $750,000, a sum her lawyers say is the largest ever deaf discrimination settlement for a single person.

“Due to the immense barriers they face when trying to communicate with the hearing world, Deaf individuals often find themselves without a voice to assert their rights,” Rozynski and Baum added. “Deaf individuals have rights, and they do not have to tolerate discrimination and injustices of any kind.”

Diana Williams and her husband, Chris Williams, both of whom are deaf, are landlords of a building in Staten Island. On Sept. 11, 2011, when the couple were trying to evict tenants who hadn’t paid rent, the boyfriend of one of the tenants allegedly gestured that he had a gun.

Chris then called for police using a video relay service – which the couple later argued should’ve signified to police that they would need a sign language translator. But when officers arrived on the scene there was no translator, and it was only the tenant and the boyfriend, both of whom can hear, who could communicate their side of the story.

Some deaf tenants in the building later testified that the officers rejected their offers to translate for Williams, who cannot hear, speak English or read lips. Instead, Williams was arrested for allegedly getting into a fight with one of the tenants.

Panicked, Williams attempted to scrawl “HOSPITAL” in the dust on the window of the police cruiser, according to The New York Daily News. She made it to “HOSP.”

Williams was detained for 24 hours, during which a translator was never provided. She was released without charge.

Full story

Police officers don’t like to rack brains. If they deal with unusual situation they prefer to act in a blast-it-all-manner. Cops arrest or assault people whose behavior is alien to them. But it shouldn’t be so, because the profession of police supposes that officers must provide peace and order regardless of what kinds of people they deal with. Things must be changed. Police must be trained to deal with all kinds of situations.

Police Cadet Turns in Cop for Turning Body Cam Off Just Before Pummeling his Victim
One of Albuquerque's finest was arrested Friday afternoon after he was caught turning his body camera off to beat a man during a service call.

OK, so you’ve got an Alburquerque police cadet (who no doubt will be re-thinking their career choice) turning in a dirty cop who tried to conceal evidence of police brutality & excessive force.

Waitaminute - did we say Alburqurque?  As in the Alburqurque Police Department?

The same police department that had two cops charged with murdering a homeless man back in January?

The same police department whose officers have been involved in 42 shootings, killing 23 people, from 2010-2014

It’s almost as if there’s a pattern of Alburqurque police officers using unwarranted and disproportionate violence against compliant, non-resisting citizens or something.


VIDEO: Cop Pepper Sprays School Kids as they Express Outrage Over Officer Assaulting 8th-Grader

In a blatant abuse of authority, a Las Vegas cop was recently caught on cell phone video pepper-spraying a group of high school students. Instead of committing a crime or threatening the officer’s safety, the teens were simply asking why he was physically assaulting an 8th grader when he suddenly fired pepper spray into their eyes.

On Friday, a student recorded a cell phone video of a Las Vegas police officer slamming an eighth-grade student’s head against the hood of his patrol car while pulling the kid’s hair. The 8th grader had been taken into custody after he allegedly trespassed onto the campus of Eldorado High School and refused to leave. According to police, a crowd of students gathered around the officer when the boy’s sister asked the aggressive cop to leave her brother alone.
“What the f**k are you doing to him?” a girl asks the cop a moment before he shoots her and nearly half the students in their faces with pepper spray.


The way police treat kids is just amazing. An adult man surrounded by children beats a boy and then sprays the rest kids - is it a demonstration of power or what? Fuck that! Cops are not humans.

NYPD Cop Wins $15M After Fellow Cops Falsely Arrested & Beat Him at His Daughter’s Birthday

After suing his fellow officers for savagely beating and falsely arresting him at his daughter’s birthday party, an NYPD cop was awarded $15 million by a federal jury on Wednesday. Although he identified himself as an officer, his colleagues viciously struck him with batons and fired pepper spray into his face before bothering to check the badge and ID in his pocket.

On August 22, 2010, NYPD Officer Larry Jackson was off-duty at his daughter’s birthday party in Queens when an unidentified man with a gun appeared in the street breaking a bottle. Although Jackson did not have his gun with him, the off-duty cop confronted the armed man and asked him to leave while Jackson’s wife called 911. As Jackson attempted to calm down the armed man, a crowd of roughly 15 to 20 men armed with bats and sticks began to approach them.

Instead of attacking Jackson or the armed man, the crowd immediately dispersed as a marked patrol car arrived in front of Jackson’s house. Even though Jackson’s wife told dispatchers that her husband was a cop and Jackson immediately identified himself as a fellow officer, the cops ignored him while trying to assess the situation. Hearing an argument from inside Jackson’s home, one of the officers suddenly ran into his house without a search warrant.

After striking one of Jackson’s friends with a police baton, the officer ordered Jackson to step back. Standing his ground, Jackson again identified himself as a cop and informed the officer that they were in his house. Instead of requesting to see Jackson’s police ID or badge, the officer slammed the baton against Jackson’s throat and shoved him into the living room.

While repeatedly punching Jackson in the face, the officer accidentally tripped over a cooler leftover from the birthday party. As Jackson attempted to help the officer up, another cop placed Jackson in a chokehold. Unable to speak, Jackson tried to pull his police ID out of his pocket but another officer restrained his hands.

Falling backwards, Jackson and the cop choking him landed on Jackson’s 82-year-old mother-in-law, briefly knocking her unconscious. As the officer released his chokehold, Jackson again informed the cops that he was an NYPD officer when another cop struck him in the head with an ASP tactical baton. After stumbling down the front steps, Jackson remained on the ground as a group of bloodthirsty officers began beating him with their batons and pepper-spraying him in the face. While placing him in handcuffs, the cops repeatedly kicked his body and kneed him in the back.

Following the brutal assault, the officer who initially attacked Jackson asked him, “Yeah, you motherfucking dirt bag, if you are really a cop, where is your ID?”

“My ID has been in my front pocket the whole entire time,” Jackson responded. “I told you that in the house.”

After finally checking his pockets, the crowd of cops immediately dispersed upon the realization that they just brutalized one of their own without justification. Despite the fact that he had his police ID and did not commit a crime, Jackson was detained at the police station for 20 hours before being transported to a local hospital. According to his medical records, Jackson’s face and torso were covered in large bruises while his right hand was fractured due to numerous baton strikes.


The story shows the lack of trust to black people, the stupidity and recklessness of police and finally the lack of justice. NYPD Officer Larry Jackson got $15 million (!) while families of other victims of police are still fighting for compensations or receiving lower amounts of money. That’s America!

South Carolina Police Refuse to Release Name of Killer Cop Who Shot Teen in Back

Seneca Police Chief John Covington is refusing to release the name of the officer who shot an unarmed teenager in the back over a marijuana sale on July 26.

The chief claims his officer acted in self defense, despite evidence showing otherwise, and considers him to be a “victim of attempted murder.”

The department claims that Zachary Hammond, 19, was driving his friend to meet an undercover officer with whom she had arranged the pot deal, not realizing they were being lured into a police sting operation in the parking lot of a Hardee’s fast food restaurant.

The chief claims that when they pulled up to the undercover cop’s car to make the purchase, another Seneca officer in uniform exited a marked police vehicle with his gun drawn, which they say is standard procedure for narcotics arrests.

But Hammond drove directly towards the officer in an attempt to flee, the chief claims, which is why the cop fired two shots into Hammond’s open driver’s side window at point blank range.

However, the family’s attorney, Eric Bland, stated this scenario could not possibly have played out that way based on findings from a private autopsy.

Looks like yet another hashtag


Cop Grinds Teen Girl’s Face into the Ground for Telling Him to Stop Assaulting Her Sister

Santa Rosa, CA – 18-year-old Gabbi Lemos was brutally assaulted by a police officer after celebrating her graduation from high school at her home. Hours after the party, Deputy Marcus Holton and six other officers with the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department arrived uninvited at the home and began aggressively interrogating people who were outside.

Before approaching the house, Holton noticed that Gabbi’s sister Karli was sitting in a parked vehicle outside with her boyfriend and he began to question them. At one point during the interrogation, Holton opened Karli’s door and attempted to physically rip her out of the vehicle. Gabbi witnessed what was occurring outside of her home and shouted at the officer to leave her sister alone, and demanded that a female officer be called to the scene.

“It was scary seeing all his anger toward her in that moment. That’s when I decided to say something,” Gabbi said.

According to a recent lawsuit filed by the Lemos family, Gabbi “complained to the deputy that he had no right to pull her sister out of the vehicle and he needed to ask her first.”

“I told him what he was doing wasn’t OK, that he couldn’t touch us,” Gabbi later told reporters.

Gabbi’s mother Michelle Lemos then came out and told her to go in the house. Next, according to the lawsuit, Holten “bolted around the family and without a word caught Gabbi from behind the neck in a chokehold, lifting her small body off the ground several feet before throwing her face-first onto the driveway.”

“Deputy Holton put his knee in the back of Gabbi’s head and began grinding her face into the gravel, despite her screams and her family’s pleas to stop,” the lawsuit said.

To make matters worse, after Gabbi was taken to the hospital she was arrested for battery on an officer and resisting arrest.

When asked by ABC News if she resisted, Gabbi said, “There was no way I could have. He was on top of me with my hands behind my back.”

The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department said that the officer’s body camera shows that he “behaved with restraint and professionalism during a highly volatile situation.”

However, that same body camera footage ended up proving that Gabbi was not resisting, nor did she attack Holten in any way, so the charges against her were quickly dropped.

The day after the Lemos family filed their lawsuit, the District Attorney responded by filing new charges against Gabbi Lemos, for “obstructing, restricting or delaying a police officer.”

Lemos is facing a year in prison if she is convicted of this new retaliatory charge.

Holten shot and killed a man in 2011 and was cleared of any criminal wrongdoing because he claimed that the victim was reaching for his waistband.

 Full story

I think that even for America this case is too aweful! Why should the girl be charged for anything? Obviously she is a victim of excessive force, she’s not a criminal! I see only one dangerous person in this story – it’s Deputy Marcus Holton. Gabbi Lemos was going to help her sister and to remind officer about the rights that we have, I cannot understand how could she be charged for this and be brutally beaten for this? I’m sick of cops who get away with all their disgusting crimes!

After Video Shows Raging Cop Run Over and Kick a Compliant Biker, He’s Promoted to Captain

Last week, a Eugene man was awarded $180,000 by a jury after being run over and attacked by an Oregon State Police officer.

The dashcam video from the attack was also released along with the ruling. In the video, Capt. Rob Edwards, with the OSP, is seen chasing down Justin Wilkens, running his bike over, and then kicking the man so hard that he broke his collarbone.

As the dashcam video begins, Edwards, who is driving an unmarked Chevrolet Camaro, is passed by Wilkens. Wilkens was seen passing cars in a no-passing zone, which was a poor decision. However, an even poorer decision was for Edwards to do the same thing in his vehicle that is several times wider than a motorcycle.

Once Wilkens realized he was being followed, he pulled off, at which point Edwards rammed his vehicle into the motorcyclist. Edwards then exits the vehicle with his gun drawn and front kicks the entirely peaceful and compliant Wilkens in the chest so hard that it broke his clavicle and fractured his ribs.

According to the Register-Guard, Wilkens, 41, denies trying to escape from the veteran state trooper. He claims he didn’t recognize Edwards’ unmarked Chevrolet Camaro as a police vehicle and did not realize he was being followed until moments before he pulled the motorcycle to the side of the road and stopped.

Before being run down by the crazed cop, Wilkens testified that he thought he was about to get a well-deserved speeding ticket. Instead, he got a hospital visit, a damaged motorcycle, towing fees, and medical bills.

In a laughable testimony, Edwards admitted that Wilkens was complying with his commands prior to unleashing the kick, but that he couldn’t stop his kick as he “already had the muscles fired” in his right leg.

As if claiming his leg has a mind of his own wasn’t bad enough, Edwards then attempted to tell the jury that the same thing happened to his brakes, which is why he ran over Wilkens. In spite of the video clearly showing no attempt to brake prior to his car ramming Wilkens, Edwards claimed that he “accidentally bumped” the motorcycle as a result of “brake fade” — a term to describe overheated brakes on older model vehicles.

Had Edwards actually experienced “brake fade,” Wilkens could be dead.

After the verdict last week, State Police released a statement that said the agency “is disappointed with the (trial) outcome and feels the actions of our troopers clearly did not violate established procedures or tactics. In situations like these, officers have milliseconds to make what may be life-or-death decisions and those officers should be shielded from the liability of civil damages.”

Edwards was never suspended for this incident, and only received a written reprimand for failing to report his use of force. In true blue privilege fashion, Edwards, who was a lieutenant at the time of this stop, has since been promoted to Captain and now he sits at the head of the entire OSP at their headquarters in Bend.


Have you seen it? That’s crazy! One more brutal action against a peaceful unarmed man was justified. What’s going on here? People who made Edwards a captain must be retarded! This video shows very clearly that actions of Rob Edwards were stupid, violent and excessive. Such manner of policing (?) is inadmissible and such cop is inadmissible! Edwards was promoted but he should have been suspended! Until such scumbags as Edwards beat people while on duty without punishment and get the promotion we will never live in a free country.

Police Officers Who Shot at Two Innocent Women 103 Times Won’t Be Fired or Suspended

The eight Los Angeles police officers who shot at two women over 100 times will not lose their jobs. They won’t even be suspended. They’ll just get some additional training.

They’ll need it, since the shooting happened at the height of the manhunt for cop-killer Christopher Dorner, when police mistook two women delivering newspapers in a blue Toyota Tacoma pickup truck for one man hellbent on revenge in a charcoal Nissan Titan pickup truck and shot at them 103 times. One of the women, who was 71 at the time, was hit twice in the back. The second woman was hit by broken glass. I would say those cops should get some training in target practice, but then it’s probably best for innocent newspaper carriers that they don’t.

A commission found that the officers violated department policy when they thought the sound of a newspaper hitting the pavement was a gunshot and opened fire on two women who were, again, doing absolutely nothing wrong except driving a truck that didn’t even look like the one they believed their suspect to be in.

The officers faced suspension or even firing, but police chief Charlie Beck elected instead to let them all return to duty once they undergo some additional training, according to a memo obtained by the AP. The officers have not been named, so you’ll probably never know if the guy writing your speeding ticket once shot at an innocent senior citizen. 

Shortly after the women were mistaken for Dorner, another police officer shot at another pickup truck. This one was black Honda Ridgeline. Brian McGee drove his cruiser into the truck and opened fire three times. The man inside the truck was not hit, but he sustained back and head injuries. The city of Torrance, where the incident took place, gave him $20,000 to replace his truck which was, again, a black Honda Ridgeline and not a gray Nissan Titan.

In January, prosecutors found that the officer was “justified in using force to stop the vehicle and in discharging his firearm and declined to press charges.


Six year old autistic child showered with bullets by black cops with ‘pattern of excessive force’, no outcry, no big media attention

Norris Greenhouse Jr. and Derrick Stafford, claimed they acted in ‘self defense’ as they emptied 18 rounds in a car they claimed tried to run them over, and had an armed driver. The cars showed no signs of being rammed into, there was no gun found in the car.
There was no warrant to arrest the man they shot. The driver was hit twice while he had his hands in the air, the kid was hit five times, he died still buckled in his seat.

Stafford was involved in a 2011 incident, when he was accused of using stun gun on two people who weren’t a threat, and for breaking a teenage girl’s arm while trying to break up a fight on a school bus.

Coincidentally Greenhouse knew Mr. Fey’s fiancé and had sent him a message on social media to ‘leave her alone’. Which might or might not have contributed the harsh treatment.

Silly me for thinking police brutality actually mattered. Why oh why wouldn’t there be an outrage over this? Hmmm…

x, x

Florida police were caught using mugshots of Black men for target practice. The police chief supported using said mugshots, but after being publicly flounced in the news and on social media, the department was banned from using mugshots for target practice. By the way, the police chief is still on the job. 

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