excessive force

Roadhog: Can you go one day without being overly excessive?

Junkrat: What!? I’m not overly expressive!

Roadhog: …I said excessive.

Junkrat: Oh… I’m not that either!

Roadhog: Yes, you are.

Junkrat: What proof do you have!?

Roadhog: Earlier today you did a triple backflip off a balcony so that you could kick another man’s head in.


Junkrat: In my defense…

Roadhog: *sighs* Yes, it was a very good backflip.

Junkrat: You do care!



She was gunned down in cold blood by Detroit Police Officer Isaac Parrish. 

  • She was at that police officer’s party at his house. 
  • She only knew one person at that party(the person that brought her).
  • The fabricated story the police gave is that she was dancing on the police officer and his gun accidentally went off (from his hip) when she went to hug him. 


  • She was shot in the CHEST but he says his gun was on his waist!
  • They took 25 minutes to call the police in a party with 20+ people
  • The cop that murdered her wasn’t questioned until the day after





Reasons to be happy today:

  • One night after a difficult mission made Bruce even gruffer than usual, his children gathered for a group complaining session that featured sarcastic Bruce-impressions and comments like “it would be nice to get positive feedback every once in awhile”
  • “I get that he loves us and all, but he could stand to show it” “Or say it, even. Never heard him do that”
  • At that point Cass, who had been sitting quietly, confused all of her siblings by replying, “He says that a lot”
  • See, Cass’s understanding of language is different. She reads body language, and it allows her to understand how people feel when they aren’t necessarily communicating it to others. Technically, Cass has never heard Bruce say “I love you.” But she’s certainly seen him say it many, many times
  • And since her siblings found that hard to believe, she set about proving it to them. Through the rest of the mission, every time she saw Bruce say “I love you,” she approached the nearest sibling and whispered “There”
  • [Bruce adjusts Damian’s cape on his way past] “There”
  • [Bruce rolls his eyes as Dick and Tim strike intentionally melodramatic poses on the rooftop] “There”
  • [Bruce hands Duke a granola bar when his stomach starts growling] “There”
  • [Bruce uses excessive force on a villain that came slightly too close to Jason] “There”
  • [Bruce tells off the collective JLA for unprofessional behavior while they openly ignore him and continue said behavior] “There”
  • [Bruce turns away from the truly impressive kick flip Cass used to incapacitate three separate combatants with absolutely no change in expression] “There. See? He’s proud”
  • The others aren’t totally sure they believe her, but if she’s right…. wow. That kind of changes everything
  • And since Bruce had no idea any of that went on, she’s free to continue. Whenever Cass sees that one of her brothers is feeling down, she follows them around to act as Bruce’s translator. Somebody has to do it, she figures
Fact Check: Are Prosecutors Too Quick To Let The Police Off?
The decision not to charge the officers involved in the death of Alton Sterling is being met with anger by activists who say prosecutors are too deferential to cops. Is it true?

The Justice Department decided not to charge the officers involved last July in the fatal shooting of a black man, Alton Sterling.

The decision is being met with anger by activists who say prosecutors are too deferential toward cops — and are too quick to let them off. That notion has been front and center since the 2014 protests in Ferguson, Mo., that followed the death of Michael Brown.

Here are four questions and answers you should know about whether that complaint is true:

Read more at http://www.npr.org/2017/05/04/526811507/fact-check-are-prosecutors-too-quick-to-let-off-the-police


Cop #1: What are we looking at?
Forensic Scientist: Seven stab wounds. Excessive force used.
Cop #1: Did you speak to the perpetrator? Why did she kill her?
Cop #2: Yes. The victim insulted her OTP.
Cop #1: No crime here. It was OTP-defense. Who wants a donut?

*Law & Order theme: Don, Don*

Fun fact: I actually wrote up the Official Study Group Bylaws from YUTS:

  1. Don’t talk about Study Group.
  2. Don’t talk about Study Group, seriously guys, we might get in trouble.
  3. No weapons or quirks are allowed during matches. If any non-mutation quirk activates during combat, the match is over.
  4. If one combatant forfeits, the match is over.
  5. If two or more noncombatants call excessive force, the match is over.
  6. If any combatant ends up needing to go to Recovery Girl, both the match and the meeting are over, and the one responsible for the injuries is banned from the next three meetings.
  7. Non-combatants are encouraged to offer constructive criticism. We’re here to improve.
  8. Heckling does not count as constructive criticism.
  9. Neither does anything that comes out of Mineta’s mouth.
  10. Mineta is not allowed to fight girls anymore.
  11. Bakugou and Midoriya are not allowed to fight each other anymore.
  12. Mineta is now banned from Study Group.
  13. Don’t needlessly put down your opponent. A little roasting is fine, but we’re not here to be mean.
  14. No biting, Midoriya.

Police brutality protests in Paris suburbs

Protests continue in the Paris suburbs over the assault of a young black man allegedly sodomized with a police baton.

The police accused “several hundred” individuals of various “acts of violence and damage.”

The rioting capped a week of nightly clashes in the northern Paris suburb over the treatment of Theo, a 22-year-old youth worker, who claims a police officer sodomized him with his baton after a stop-and-search check in a housing estate.

One officer has been charged with rape over the affair, and three others with assault. All four have been suspended from their duties.

Theo’s case has revived long-simmering frustrations over policing in immigrant communities, where young men accuse the police of repeatedly targeting them in aggressive stop-and-search operations and using excessive force during arrests.

The police for their part complain of being drawn into a cat-and-mouse game with delinquents and drug dealers operating out of housing estates. (AFP)

(Photos: Christian Hartmann/Reuters, Philippe Lopez/AFP/Getty Images [2], Geoffroy Van Der Hasselt/AFP/Getty Images)

See more images from the protests on Yahoo News.