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Anyway Soldier is perfect and good

One of the most unfortunate (and fortunate in some cases) aspects of completely delving yourself into a fandom is that you begin to accept how other people interpret characters versus how the true game interprets them. Like I mentioned, this can be a really awesome thing!

But sometimes, not so much.

A good example in our home sweet home, the tf2 fandom, would be the most antagonized character of the game (at least imo. Medic gets a lot of shit representation too)

Good ol’ Jane Doe.

Most of my opinion on this topic is from a personal experience so I’ll jump straight into that:

When I first joined this fandom/ got the game, my love for the characters was pretty contrastive; Medic was super up top, and engie, demo, and ya boy solly I wasn’t really into (yet of course). This was pretty realistic since I was newer and had set my heart on my favs. As I met people, enjoyed content, and created my own, my love began to spread and even out (thank God). 

Except…one merc was still lagging. Soldier. As I matured in my knowledge and independence of interpretation I began to really notice why. 

Soldier is portrayed very heavily as the angry hateful antagonist of many artistic scenarios, especially writing.

It’s too easy. Jane’s excessive expression of opinion and loud sense of patriotism and criticism made him an easy villain to give an insult, or cause a problem. I had seen this usage of his character so often that I had forgotten how this absolute DORK teleported fuckin bread for three whole days, just out of childish impulse

LIKE HOLY HECK HE IS SO BUBBLY AND ALL OVER THE PLACE! The interpretation is flawed in one major place. Is Soldier someone who has opinionated outbursts?? Yes. Are they all based on hate and bias?? NO. Soldier is very expressive in all fields, including excitement, love, and the support he has for his team

The team part is a big one. Like wtf are you thinkin’ Jane LOVES his teammates!! He is extremely supportive and doesn’t seem to push his insults any further than impulsive outbursts

look at him smiling during scout’s date!! He’s so proud


he’s so loving in his own way

anyway this kinda turned into a soldier appreciation post that is too long but uh yeah pls he’s not awful he’s a big ol dork thanks

Interceptions: FAQ

“What is an interception?”
It’s called an interception when an entire sign is contained in a house, falling between two cusps rather than on either of them. This is what it looks like.

When one sign is intercepted, its sister sign will be as well; in this chart, the sign of Cancer is intercepted in the seventh house (between the 7th & 8th house cusps) so Capricorn is also intercepted, in the first house (between the 1st & 2nd house cusps). The cusps end up landing on the signs on either side.

Planets can be intercepted as well; an intercepted planet is simply a planet posited in an intercepted sign.

“What is a duplication?”
Duplications are caused by interceptions. A sign is duplicated when two house cusps fall within it. This is what a duplicated sign looks like (from the same chart as the screenshot above).

Again, when a sign is duplicated, so will its sister sign be. In this chart, Gemini is duplicated on the 6th & 7th house cusps, and Sagittarius is duplicated on the 12th & 1st house cusps. This is because the houses & signs form axes.

Interceptions & duplications cannot happen in equal house systems.

“What do interceptions & duplications mean?”
They indicate an immense imbalance of energy. The intercepted signs are buried, repressed, overshadowed, and basically not allowed or able to operate normally in the chart. On the other hand, duplicated signs work on overdrive & typically have “too much” influence. Both of these things are very unhealthy.

“What do intercepted planets mean?”
Intercepted planets are hindered, internalized, weakened, and (again, like intercepted signs) basically not allowed or able to operate normally in the chart. They have to be reached & brought out, like retrograde / 12th house planets in a way. They’re trapped because their mode of expression is stifled.

“How do I regain balance & heal my intercepted signs / planets?”
This is a very personal process that no stranger can help you through without analyzing your natal chart as a whole. Remember to use common sense; look at what the sign/planet in question is associated with, locate the core of the problem, and make the healthy decisions you feel will solve it.

“Once the imbalance & issues of interceptions / duplications are resolved, where would the intercepted signs manifest, since they have no influence over the areas of life represented by the houses?”
They would manifest through the placement of their ruling planet, and possibly as a shadow of the house they’re intercepted in (behind the influence of the sign on the cusp). When the function of the sign is healed, its energy will come through no matter what, so you just have to look for it.

“What if the ruling planet of the intercepted sign is very strong?”
It may be relatively easier for you to bring it out, because you have an equivalent energy to channel it through. Or the interception may not be much of a problem at all – the ruling planets function similarly to their signs, so it may work itself out naturally. It depends on the rest of the chart.

“What if the ruling planet of a duplicated sign is intercepted or weak?”
If it is weak, there will be less of a problem, because the sign will not be as consuming & will have limitations. If it is intercepted, it will be even more of a confusing experience, because the excessive expression of the sign will not have a clear course & the native may end up subconsciously trying to repress it entirely or inflate it further. It also depends on the rest of the chart.

“What if the house associated with the intercepted sign is strong?”
It may increase the influence of the archetype, or have no effect. (Note: it will not increase the sign’s energy, only the power/prominence of its archetype.)

“What if the house associated with the duplicated sign is weak?”
It will likely not have a notable effect.

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NOOOOO listen i know like……can you imagine? Rowan having to react to Celaena? Celaena, who can’t stomach excessive contact or expression of love? Celaena, who stepped away from him and his attempt to comfort her when Arobynn was killed? Celaena, who wanted to die and was very much suicidal and depressed, who begged for trouble so she could feed on her own misery?

This is the Celaena that Rowan knows, that Rowan helped come out of the darkness. Celaena is Aelin’s defense mechanism. Aelin turned to Celaena’s anonymity, her ruthlessness and wicked, cunning nature, when she didn’t have the strength to face her parents’ deaths. Or Sam’s. Or Nehemia’s. Or Endovier. Celaena is the assassin who will win at all costs, prevail against all odds, and not feel anything but the killing calm and writhing anger beneath it. But…. Aelin is the Warrior. Aelin is the hope, the dream, of a better world. Aelin can’t cut corners like Celaena did. Not as a queen, at least. Aelin had to peer into the shadows and show them her flame to come out of her despair in Heir of Fire. She had to work and continues to have to work for Aelin to triumph in the face of everything going on, every single day. Being Aelin is a constant battle for her. One that she and those around her are helping develop.

So for Rowan to have to cross oceans and endure her absence for so long, only to find her having retreated into Celaena’s comforting shadow and darkness….it’s a step back. It’s Aelin’s crutch. and I would never blame her for needing that in the isolation, the torture, the loneliness, but I can only imagine how that could impact Rowan as well. Because Rowan won’t be able to slip into who he was when Lyria was murdered. If Aelin has shifted into Celaena, he can’t give up too. He has to hold the line. For the both of them. And for Rowan to tell Aelin how much he loves her, how much hope he has for her, and for Aelin to be in Celaena’s mentality….that’s heartbreaking. Celaena was never able to reciprocate those things—not to Sam, or Chaol, or Dorian. Even if she wanted to, she couldn’t. Not while being the Celaena-branded coward that doesn’t face the enormity of her responsibilities. So Rowan finding Celaena instead of Aelin in Maeve’s hold….that’s utterly devastating.

Anyway………I got carried away and now I’m crying. Oops. U asked for it. But yes yeah that’s how I feel about Aelin falling back on Celaena while being tortured by Cairn/Maeve in tog6. And yes, I will most definitely be writing fanfics on this. I literally can’t help myself.

Little Sour Hearts

this would be the Holster/Esther Shapiro 6k Valentine’s Fic literally no one asked for. enjoy <3

Valentine’s Day 2013 – Freshman Year

Holster doesn’t believe in Valentine’s Day. It’s some Hallmark Holiday based on a Christian saint of some sort, and it’s an excuse to be sickeningly sweet with someone you love, and a good day to have just dumped your significant other the night before so you can go to the single’s bars and get wasted. For Holster, it’s always been a day to gorge on chocolate. It always was in Juniors and he doesn’t see any reason to change now that he’s in college.

“What are you doing for Valentine’s Day, bro?” Ransom asks, buttoning one of his nice shirts and holding up a couple different ties to judge their relative colour.

“Being bitter,” Holster says. “What are you doing?”

“Girl from my bio class,” Ransom replies.

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the fandom seems to be of the consensus that dathomirian zabrak are essentially just big cats.

with this in mind, i feel like there are some important things we need to consider:

  • is their prey drive high enough that they’ll chase laser pointer dots?
  • do they have an ‘if i fits, i sits’ attitude towards boxes, baskets, etc.?
  • are they at their most affectionate and cuddly in the morning after waking up?
  • do they express their love for those close to them by gifting them the mutilated carcasses of things they’ve hunted?
  • do they blep?

This Yoshi in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is the only adult Yoshi character in the game outside the ones that briefly run across the screen during the Yoshi Kid’s Stampede attack, and is the only Yoshi besides the Yoshi Kid that talks. There is roughly a 1/16 chance of encountering him when taking the Excess Express after the completion of Chapter 6, resulting in only a small fraction of players seeing him.

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What Mars signs do you think are most dangerous when angry or provoked in your opinion?

Aries Mars because they probably react impulsively and strongly, Cancer Mars because they have deep emotions mixed with intense anger which usually yields unpleasant results, Virgo Mars because they have a cold and calculated anger, Scorpio Mars because they have the potential to react violently or extremely, and lastly Sagittarius Mars because their anger could be expressed excessively and over-the-top.

Aftercare (Sami Zayn Imagine)

Sami Zayn x Reader fluff

Set directly after the events of Obedience, you and Sami have a shower, and get ready for bed.

Warnings: sex mention (nothing explicit)

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Word count: 1030

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Hey, are you still taking requests? Can I get 22 & 34 for Arthur Ketch please? :) CONGRATS ON THE MILESTONE


Originally posted by lost-shoe

From behind you, a faint blip was heard and then the metallic, automatic door slid open, and although you couldn’t see, you knew very well who it was - even before he opened is mouth.

“How are we doing in here? Are we good?” He asked casually as he walked around the chair you were tied down to, a turned around to face you, an annoying, obnoxious little smirk on his face.

“Oh, we’re good. I’m still here, still doing fantastic. Just chilling.” You smirked back excessively, mocking his expression. “A little bored though. But then again, my brothers should be here to pick me up any second now.”

“Are you sure about that little lady?” Ketch asked with a drawl in his voice. “Because I surely haven’t caught a glimpse of your rednecks of brothers anywhere around here.”

“Oh, trust me, they’ll be here.” You retorted determinedly, eyes squinting at him.

Because, they would, right? You weren’t putting too much trust in them, right? Or did Ketch have a point, that they should’ve been here by now?

As on queue, the metal door gave out a screech as it was forced open, to reveal your brothers, your heroes. You looked over your shoulder and a relieved smile spread across your face as hope bloomed in your chest, and you released a breath you never knew you held. 

“Hey,” you mouthed in their direction, and as Dean hurriedly and dangerously made his way over to Ketch, Sam used a spare second to send you a smile.


Ketch was surprisingly slow, fumbling to find a gun in the clean, minimalistic room. He had only brought needles - probably to do some sick experiment on you if you knew him right, and thank god your brothers showed up. Once he found one, Dean had already reached him, and delivered one serious punch over his face, sending the British Man of Letters to the floor. Very unprofessional, if you were to say it yourself.

Sam hurried over to you, and untied the ropes that held you down, as Dean continued to beat Ketch. In a way, it was kind of sickening, but he did deserve it though. Dean stopped soon enough, when he was sure the other man would stay down. 

You then got an idea, and handed the ropes over to Sam who immediately understood your thinking.

Within the minute, Ketch was not only on the floor, but now tied up as well. As for you Winchesters, you contently walked towards the door, leaving him there. But before you closed the door, you couldn’t resist, you stuck your head inside again.

“Hey, Ketch?” You called and received a groan in response. “Bite me.”

Then you grinned, and left. 

Overkill through excesses, or excessive behaviours, is acted out by women who are famished for a life that has meaning and makes sense for them.  When a woman has gone without her cycles or creative needs for long periods of time, she begins a rampage of - you name it - alcohol, drugs, anger, spirituality, oppression of others, promiscuity, pregnancy, study, creation, control, education, orderliness, body fitness, junk food, to name a few areas of common excess.  When women do this, they are compensating for the loss of regular cycles of self expression, soul expression, soul satiation
—  Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Another 75 Minutes of Relaxing And Calming Nintendo Music


0:00 - Milky Way Wishes (Kirby And The Rainbow Curse)
4:12 - Follow Fi (Zelda: Skyward Sword)
7:19 - Current Capers (Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze)
12:19 - Dusk at The Excess Express (Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door)
14:52 - Midnight (Animal Crossing: City Folk)
16:51 - Underwater Frigate (Metroid Prime)
21:52 - Snow Road (Paper Mario)
23:27 - Zora’s Domain (Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
25:06 - Snowy Mount Valak (Night) (Xenoblade Chronicles)
28:15 - All-Stars Rest Area (Super Smash Bros. Melee)
29:16 - Memory 4 (Super Paper Mario)
31:16 - Lake Hylia (Zelda: Twilight Princess)
34:44 - 10 PM (Animal Crossing: City Folk)
38:02 - Savannah Symphony (Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze)
43:03 - Lost Forest (Professor Layton And Pandora’s Box)
46:07 - Lake (Pokemon Diamond & Pearl, Platinum)
47:18 - Footlight Lane (Super Mario 3D World)
49:25 - Colony 9 (Night) (Xenoblade Chronicles)
52:51 - Calem’s/Serena’s Theme (Pokemon X&Y)
54:17 - Piklopedia (Pikmin 2)
57:39 - Poshley Sanctum (Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door)
58:54 - Knitty-Knotty Windmill (Yoshi’s Woolly World)
1:01:56 - Coda (Fire Emblem: Fates)
1:04:08 - 11 PM (Animal Crossing: City Folk)
1:06:50 - Fi’s Theme (Zelda: Skyward Sword)
1:09:21 - Smiles And Tears (Earthbound)

Jupiter in the First House - The Enchanted Heir

‘Has anyone supposed it lucky to be born?’ - Walt Whitman 

Individuals born with Jupiter in the first house are philosophizing people who view the universe through broad lenses in horizon crossing zoom. The individual is confident, playful, and more often than not feels blessed by universal gifts and abundant opportunities. He is a natural scholar whose education derives from books, mythology, culture, and travel. The individual is free spirited, gracious, benefic, and typically liberal in outlook. He is enthusiastic about his own beliefs and finds ‘God’ through special, intimate relationships with nature and natural laws. The individual knows how to squeeze moments of pleasure from most situations and constantly seeks experiences that will expand his consciousness. His actions are navigated through lightning bolt intuition.

Liz Greene says the Jupiter first house person feels as if he is here on Earth to initiate a divinely inspired mission. He expresses an excessive nature and can’t get enough of the good things in life. The individual is intrigued by psychology and cerebral mechanics and may look for a meaning of life in the mind. Fields associated with Jupiter in the first house include lecturing, legal matters, philosophy, religion, psychiatry, charity work, travel agencies, and counselling. He may feel as if the universe is his omnipresent guardian angel and he attributes lucky breaks to his ability to constantly draw the card of fortune. The individual is guided by wanderlust and an intrinsic urge to escape and wander at his own will. For the Jupiter in the first house person, home is not a place but a location he is searching for. Jupiter exhibits a larger than life perception, and the individual can become deceived, over confident, and over ambitious. It may be difficult to establish self discipline.

The Jupiter first house person relishes in the pleasures of life and becomes intoxicated by the smell of passports, jet fuel, ancient books, and the sound of laughter. He has a catching and charismatic charm that ignites joy and delight into any environment. His breadth of vision extends across the universe and he swings from stars into exotic conscious expanding places and experiences. His natural optimism, faith in the goodness of people, love of life and lullaby of giggles is a radiating beam that scatters Jupiter’s heavenly treasures throughout the rest of the zodiac.


In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, during the events of Chapter 6 a paper is lying in front of Mario’s bed on the Excess Express. If Mario is standing in a precise spot between the paper and the bed, pressing A will bring up a cutscene and a sleep prompt at the same time. Pressing A again will send Mario to sleep, cutting off his partner’s dialogue.

What is meant by the middle course in religious matters? – Shaykh ibn Uthaymeen رحمه الله*

Source : Transcribed from: Fatawa Arkan-ul-Islam | Islamic Verdicts on the pillars of Islam | Volume 1: Creed and Prayer |*

Shaykh Muhammad bin Saalih Al-‘Uthaymeen

*Answer*The middle course in religious matters means that a person should not be excessive, exceeding the limits set by Allah, the Almighty, the All-Powerful, nor be deficient, by not fulfilling what Allah, the Most Glorified, the Most High has ordained.

The middle course in religious matters is to hold fast to the way of the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wa sallam, while excess in religious matters is to exceed it, and deficiency is not to attain it.

An example of this is that a man says: I want to stand for the night prayer and I will not sleep any of the time, because prayer is one of the best forms of worship, so I love to spend all the night in prayer. We say: This is excess in the religion of Allah, and it is not right, for something like this happened during the life of the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wa sallam: A number of people met and one of them said: I stand in prayer and I do not sleep, while another said: I fast and I do not break my fast, while a third said: I do not marry women. The Prophet salAllahu alayhi wa sallam was informed of this and he salAllahu alayhi wa sallam said:

“What is wrong with people who say such and such? I fast and I break my fast, I stand in prayer and I sleep and I marry women, so whoever dislikes my Sunnah is not from me.” [Bukhari, 6101; Muslim, 1401]

So, these people intended to act excessively in the religion, and the Messenger salAllahu alayhi wa sallam declared that he was innocent of them, because they expressed excessiveness in his Sunnah which includes fasting, breaking the fast, standing in prayer, sleeping, and marrying women.

As for the one who is deficient, he is the one who says: There is no need for me to perform supererogatory acts of worship, so I shall not do so, but will perform the obligatory acts only. He might also be deficient in the obligatory acts. This is the one who is deficient.

The moderate person is the one who acts in accordance with what the Messenger salAllahu alayhi wa sallam and the rightly guided caliphs followed.

Another example would be that of three men before whom is a sinful man, and one of them says: I will not give salutations of peace to this sinner and I will cut him off and stay away from him and not speak to him. The second one says: I will keep company with this sinner and give salutations of peace to him and smile at him and invite him to my house and accept his invitation, and in my opinion he is not but a righteous man. The third one says: I hate this sinner for his sins and love him for his faith and I will not cut him off except when cutting him off is a means of improving him, but if cutting him off does not result in improving him, instead causing him to increase his sinfulness, then I will not cut him off.

We say that the first person is excessive and extreme, while the second is excessively lacking and the third is moderate. This is what we say in all of the acts of worship and in conduct, the people are either deficient or extreme or moderate.

A third example is of a man who is a slave to his wife, she speaks to her husband in any way she wishes and he does not prevent her from doing evil, nor does he encourage her to strive for virtue. She possesses his mind and she becomes master over him. Another man is oppressive and arrogant, and deems himself superior to his wife and he pays no heed to her, and she is even less than a servant in his estimation. A third man is moderate and he treats her as Allah and His Messenger salAllahu alayhi wa sallam have commanded him:

And they (women) have rights (over their husbands as regards living expenses, etc.) similar (to those of their husbands) over them (as regards obedience and respect, etc.) to what is reasonable (Al Baqarah 2:228)”

“A believing man should not hate a believing woman. If there is some characteristic in her that he dislikes, there remains some other characteristic in her which pleases him.” [Muslim, 1469]

This last one is moderate while the first is extreme in his treatment of his wife and the other is deficient. And you should base all deeds and acts of worship upon this example.

*Transcribed from: Fatawa Arkan-ul-Islam | Islamic Verdicts on the pillars of Islam | Volume 1: Creed and Prayer | Shaykh Muhammad bin Saalih Al-‘Uthaymeen*