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Terence Crutcher’s death shows the risk of letting problematic officers go back on duty.

Officer Betty Shelby who shot and killed Terence Crutcher had two excessive force complaints filed against her. Those complaints were reportedly ruled as unfounded and she returned to duty.

Shelby’s actions against Crutcher, who had reportedly been stranded with his SUV on a north Tulsa road, have the man’s family, local residents and civil rights activists demanding the officer’s firing and arrest. But more than that, they’re seeking the type of influence civilians have in cities like Chicago, Cleveland and Los Angeles.

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New York State Assemblyman Michael Blake was manhandled by police in the Bronx

He was trying to de-escalate a confrontation between officers and residents.

When other officers recognized Blake, he was let go.

The officer did apologize, but said he’d do it again.

Fortunately, Blake filed an excessive force complaint.