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1. It is not true. Eating certain vegan foods with a planned out diet along with a certain excersize routine along with certain genetic factors will help you lose weight, but the same can be said for many diets that include animal products but that doesn’t mean eating animal products makes you lose weight, so this is irrelevant. (Oreos, skittles, twizlers, sourpatch kids, pringles, and coke are vegan).

2. It’s fucking fatphobic. As vegans, we believe that exploiting animals is immoral and therefore we abstain from consuming products produced by exploiting animals (and encourage others to do the same). By spreading the lie that veganism inevitably leads to weight loss, you are perpetuating and reinforcing a common stereotype put onto “overweight” people in our society…that they are immoral. Many people already hold the bias that there is somehow something morally wrong with being fat, but claiming that vegans are all thin and in “great” shape goes all the way through with the idea. This amounts to saying fat=animal abuser instead of saying carnist=animal abuser…which has nothing to do with weight at all.


End of year goals tag!

@laura-ann3 tagged me !! thankyou <33
Rules: write down 10-20 goals you want to accomplish by the end of the year, and tag people who you want to do it too!

Successfully start highschool and not be completly overwhelemed //
Start really using my planner!!
Actually get amazing grades. All my life I’ve done no studying and got honors role for that and I know if I slip up now no college for me so.. do that!
Keep my excersize routine going~
Eat better / more of the correct stuff~
Keep my room and desk clean
Keep studying art and improving!
Start my youtube??
Try to make as many friends/internet friends as possible and try to check in with them as well, too!

Thise are some big goals~
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lImagine you’re not in the mood to have sex and you find Juice jerking off in the bathroom 

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“Hey! Dinner’s ready…” Juice said walking in on you finishing your excersize routine on the living room, wearing a black sports bra and matching jogging shorts. You nodded, slurping on your water and dragging a towel around your sweaty stomach and legs. Juice bit his bottom lip and smiled at you, walking closer and grabbing your still hot hips. You scrunched up your nose.

“Hey there…” He said, bitting his bottom lip and leaning in for a kiss. You grunted.

“Babe. I’m sweaty and hungry. Please let’s eat?” His face lighted up at your suggestion but you rolled your eyes. “I meant the food, you freak.” You said while smiling and slapping his scalp with your towel. He laughed and both of you walked down to the dinner table, eating the meal Juice made for the two. 

Juice was all handsy over the usual TV break you both had after eating dinner. He roamed his hands on your thighs, stole a few kisses and even caressed your bare stomach a little. You felt sorry for him; Tonight, it wasn’t going to happen. You were under a lot of stress at work this week and even if sex worked as a stress relieve, you wouldn’t do it tonight. You were too tired for it; Honestly, all you wanted was a hot shower and sleep your 8 hours, even more if you could; When the movie was over, you both climbed upstairs, hand in hand, stealing a few kisses in the middle of the road. 

“Come here…” Juice said in his raspy low voice, pulling you closer as he sat down on the bed. You kissed him back, yes, but you pulled away as he meant for pulling you on top of him. “Babe?” 

“I’m gonna take a shower.” You said hiding your lips and smiling at the look on Juice’s face. He looked like a little kid, when denied a candy. You grabbed a clean towel, your Ipod and walked in, feeling relaxed when the warm water touched your skin, relieving your muscles and making you smirk at your own moment inside of that place. You spent some good 15 minutes in there, taking your time and slipping into your black night gown. You smiled at Juice, sitting on the bed reading a motorbike magazine, as you slipped into bed, turning on your lamp. 

You heard him sigh and after a few minutes, his lamp went off too. Everything was quiet and you allowed yourself to fall asleep, when you felt a couple of hands caressing your ass cheeks. You opened your eyes when Juice started kissing your neck from behind and smiled a little, caressing his stomach as you turned around.


He attacked your lips and even though you kissed back and enjoyed you could’t bring yourself to keep going. You sighed and smiled at him, bitting your bottom lip. “Not tonight…”

“(Y/N)…” He insisted, winning like a little boy.

“I’m tired. I had an awful day…” He looked at you, his big eyes staring in the dark but nodded, pecking your lips and laying back down. You smiled at him. “I’ll make it up to you…” You whispered. He smiled back and just like that both of you went back to sleep. 

“Shit…” You heard in a muffled sound coming from somewhere near. “Jesus…” You opened your eyes and looked at the watch on top of your closet. 2:30 AM. You blinked the sleep off your eyes and reached out hoping to feel Juice on the side of the bed; But he wasn’t there. Your heart rate calmed down when you saw the bathroom door open and the lights on. “Oh my god.” You heard Juice say from inside. You got up and walked slowly to the bathroom, carrying a gun you guys kept at the nightstand. You peeked through the door and put the gun down, your cheeks flushing red and your low stomach shaking with pleasure and desire. 

Juice was leaning against the wall; grey basketball shorts down to mid thigh, and his hand wrapped around his cock. His cheeks were flushed pink and he was sweating and panting, jerking himself off. You bit your lip and held a hand to your chest, when he snapped his head up. He groaned and threw his head back, his moves not even stopping. 

“I can’t…” He said, cupping his balls and looking at you, biting his lip. “I can’t do this anymore. I don’t jerk off since i was 16.” You laughed at this and tied your head into a ponytail, giving him an idea of what you were about to do. “Oh, no, (Y/N), you don’t have to” you shrugged as you got on your knees in front of him. 

“I would be lying if i said it didn’t turn me on seeing you go all teenager, babe.” You said, caressing his legs and looking up at him. He grabbed your cheek, smiling down at you and pulled you towards his cock. You started slowly, by playing with his balls gently and licking up his shaft slowly, making him shiver under your tongue. What you enjoyed the most was his face whenever he felt good. You loved knowing it was you who was making him feel that good. Juice let out a loud groan, making you chuckle. 

“You’re such a tease…”Juice said, shaking his head yet enjoying every second of it. You took all of him in your mouth, chocking as he hit the back of your throat. You bobbed your head up and down, as he became a moaning mess in your mouth. Moaning into his dick, he moaned back feeling the vibrations. “God, babe, keep going.” He wasn’t one to dirty talk, usually but you smirked up at him when he said…

“You look so good with my cock in your mouth, princess.” Without a warning, you felt him twitch in your mouth, before he came all over your lips and exposed chest, not being able to pull out on time. “Shit…” he said looking down at you as he grabbed a towel as fast as he could. “I’m sorry, baby. I didn’t mean to.” He kneeled in front of you and started cleaning yourself up, when you grabbed a bit of his cum and licked your fingers clean, smiling at him. He stared at you in awe, blushing a violent shade of dark red. “You’re a freak…” but he meant no harm. You nodded, getting up and going back to bed.

“You remember that, Juan Carlos.” 

hello internet… i just wanted to update you on tubbs. he is doing quite well… he’s been trying to get on an excersize routine and has been doing quite well if i may say… he’s also getting more into crocheting nice little blankets to sleep on… hope you’re all doing well… xoxo mom