MBTI “types as” posts that should be done

mbti types as enzymes

mbti types as bees

mbti types as sharks

mbti types as midlife crisises

mbti types as retired bath and bodyworks scents

mbti types as manifestations of ennui

mbti types as star wars plotholes

mbti types as mispellings of the word excersize. exersise? 

mbti types as weird places on your body you get a single freckle 

mbti types as mbti types pretending to be other mbti types


OK SO TO MAKE UP FOR THE SHIT TON OF SPAM ME AND MY BRO DID here’s some screencaps i’ve been working on!! I’m gonna do one more InuYasha redraw to even it out and will hopefully upload a speedpaint of me drawing all of them soon!


↳ hi hi everyone hello
↳ It’s RM (japanese)
↳  I wish there was a function where it says who it is when you come in
↳ It’s 1:30 in korea right?
↳ doing well (english)
↳ I’ve been reading and watching movies all day
↳ I just finished working on something but I don’t know when I can release itㅠㅠ

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the dragon emojis of emojipedia, ranked

samsung: this dragon is my best friend. will protect her with my life. just trying to share the magic orb. cute whiskers, cute horns, cute tail. i love her

emoji one: simple design, excellent execution. complete with adorable tongue and beard. a magnificent beast.

facebook: fierce, majestic flying serpent. a poufy tail, a lovely orange mane, long, flowing whiskers. this girl could fly away with my heart, and also a chinese river. 

microsoft: lovely orange fans. he’s still growing and learning, but he’ll get there. steps on his own tail sometimes. doing his best.

emojidex: old dragon but good dragon. fur instead of scales gives points for uniqueness, as do the interesting horns, but our old guy seems to be in an uncomfortable position.

messenger: this dragon enjoys reading about history. seems to be missing her back feet. also could do with some core excersizes, as her head seems to be a tad big for her body. she has many passions, and gets easily distracted.

apple: while the design is there, the actual execution seems to have gone a bit off. tail is too twisted to be comfy, and the modeling is pretty badly done. greedy for the orb; loses points for unwillingness to share.

mozilla: this dragon is very confused, but she’s at least trying to share the orb. two arms on one side?

HTC: only dragon on the list with wings, however, this dragon is not only blind but seems to have a dysfunctional single foot and a stub tail. and a leaf for an ear.

twitter: designer seems to have a vague understanding of how hands work. the poor dragon’s head is far too big for his body.

LG: seems in theory a good design, but in reality, this dragon is fucking ugly.

google: basic misunderstanding of limbs and linework. an revolting mess.

  • me: *playing ESO*
  • mom: why do you like to pretend like you are having an adventure? Go have one yourself!
  • me: ...yes well just let me become a dark elf nightblade and fight for the good of the bigger purpose instead of being a slave to soul crushing capitalism keeping us as unpaid laborers, our only reward to remain alive in this frightening world, yet we're so blinded we cannot see it even if it is in front of us
  • mom: when was the last time you did a push up?
Things I've learned about being healthy

•You hardly ever feel actually motivated, but you still go excersise
•Self control on cheat days is hard as hell
•calorie counting is bullshit- it’s carbs and fat content you gotta watch
•"Low Calorie" doesn’t mean always mean “Healthy”, it often just means that it’s less of what you paid extra for
•Farmers Markets are your best friend
•Buying produce from regular grocery stores is often the worst decision you can make
•Motivation often comes at night
•sleeping for 8 hours from 11:30-6:30 is harder than sleeping from 1:30-8:30, it doesn’t mean you should
•making time isn’t easy
•food logs aren’t easy to remember
•you will have days when you wanna give up, but you will still wake up and go excersise in the morning
•Bad days are okay
•Rest Days are mandatory
•Most “Lose it fast just by eating these way overpriced meals that taste like garbage!” Diets don’t work
•You will often feel “Ugh” as an emotion
•it takes 1 day to ruin your routine and it takes (what seems like) 50 to get it back on track
• find healthy versions of food you already like is your best go too, because you can only eat food that isn’t fulfilling for so long before you binge
•having an occasional binge is okay
•skipping meals is the worst thing you can do to yourself while excersising
•it’s okay and perfectly legal, but frowned upon to say “fuck” while trying a new routine that your body isn’t used too
•Slight burning of muscles: Okay. Muscle aches, spasms, sharp-shooting pains: stop and call your doctor
•fitspo isn’t easy to make if you dont want to be repetitive
•"thinspo" will make you feel hungry- Stick to quotes
•vegetables are better than fruits
• you can add any sweet fruit to black tea and it’ll taste great
•Lots of Splenda
•music is important
•if you find it hard to run outside then invest in a treadmill (yardsale ones are cheap and normally work)
•interval runs
•can’t find/afford weights? Save plastic milk jugs, put water in them, after they start seeming light, freeze them.
•Running buddies are great
•Change your routine
•change your running route
•wash your workout clothed everyday
•even if you just did a five minute interval run and nothing more
•showering is important
•if you get harassed at a public gym, don’t be scared to report it to the staff. That’s one of the reasons they’re there.
•if the gym staff won’t help: show the bitch you’re stronger than they are and break their face
•don’t think you can immediatley run on hiking trails
•biking is more fun than running and uses your leg muscles more


Um, yeah, so this is a thing again 8D
(due to a clusterfuck of: a very failed convention, a stolen bag with some expensive stuff, THEN a stolen debit card that someone managed to get money from. March is not taking prisoners.)


- Only sketch and simple colors available! But I will do them pretty quickly~
- OCs, fanarts, mild nsfw are all okay.  Mecha, furry, animals - not really.
- Payment upfront, on Paypal, in EUR!
- Hit me up on tumblr chat to get the details.
Provide references or descriptions of what you want, the more detailed the better!
- It is possible to get a second character now, since people were asking for that! Extra 5EUR and please, have mercy with poses and such 8D