excerpts and quotes

I am sorry but…” she said. “Could you please stop making people feel like it was their fault why you fall out of love with them. Stop putting the blame on their shoulders. Causing their knees to bend and fall to the ground.” she took a deep breath to calm herself. She tried to say it in a kind way. Knowing that she’s trying so hard—enough not to burst into tears. She’s mad and she’s still trying to keep it down. “Please stop trying to turn a soft beautiful heart into a cold colorless hole. Because it was never easy to bring it back.
—  ma.c.a // Some words are harsh, Some words are true
I think that life is the best and worst gift someone can ever give to you, so don’t you dare waste that. Don’t you dare look in the mirror and hate your reflection. You were born to be amazing and you should always be able to explore yourself and find the best and worst parts of you. Don’t let other people make you afraid of being who you are.
—  giulswrites
strong / scarred but gold lines her cracks / a delicate mind / a mouth that resounds with the taste of blood / on clear days i can hear her laughing / when it storms i can feel her shuddering / she has bled and bled like petals dropping from a flower / but she is still soft
—  a // abby
I think you ruined me for anyone else. It’s like you poisoned me. You shot yourself into my veins, like heroin except sweeter, and now I can’t look at other people without looking for your face in theirs, and I can’t kiss anyone else because I don’t feel a goddamn thing. I can’t even fucking sleep without feeling your ghost beside me.
—  from an unfinished story #824
Since then, my hands have not stopped shaking.
—  My heart has not stopped breaking.//E.M.//8 words #89
It doesn’t take much for glass to shatter.
It doesn’t take much for people to shatter,
Sometimes, I think people forget that.
When something is shattered,
No matter what you do.
It can’t be restored.
—  v.r. // letters of heartbreak
i allow myself,
to briefly tear down my walls
and feel the warmth of your words embrace my wary heart;
it is ever so hard to build, yet shatters in a matter of ill-begotten moments;
i teach myself every day to stay strong
and will my precocious mind to wander freely,
but such is the very contradiction of how we should be in this dangerous, dangerous world;
forlornly, i put up my walls,
pushing the warmth deep into the recesses of my soul,
feeling somewhat safer in the coldness i have grown used to.
—  it’s cold again // inkbledtimberscraps