“I am scared to let people know what’s in my heart.” she said. “Because, I never want to see them run away from me, once they’ve seen its wounds and cracks.”

Hideous, Was It? // ma.c.a

There will be days when you’re going to feel like you’re not making the right choices in life. But there will be nights when you’re still left with a choice to hold yourself together before you sleep: Take care of yourself.
—  Juansen Dizon, A Good Choice

We believe constant attention means they like us and if they don’t text us every day we assume they’re over us. But that’s toxic because think about it, your favorite show isn’t necessarily the one you watch the most. People can care without being obsessed. And people can love without making it obvious.

it’s hard to be around people every day
i have an inner feeling of never
being enough as i am
fighting to get out every day
i am lonely in a room full of people
hiding my true self
scared I’ll never be accepted
for all the parts i am
—  t.m.

“You’re perfect.

From everything to your eyes, your voice, your mind - perfect.

I’m afraid to love you because I’m afraid I’ll ruin your perfections with my imperfections.

excerpt from a book I will never write #104

being an anxious person means trying to be in control all the time. unfortunately, we can’t control every single thing that happens in our lives and that drive us mad. there is, though, something we can control and it’s our reaction to a bad situation and how we try to make the best of it. remember, it won’t get better unless you make it better.
—  giulswrites 

What if I still love you?

What if I cry when I’m beside you, but still love you?

What if I know I deserve to be treated better, but I still love you?

What if I hold on for so long to someone I can’t help,

That it breaks me?

All because I love you?


I have tried to love you, with all my heart, I really did. Even I don’t get the feel to be loved by you. I still carry on, giving everything to you. But now I have nothing left in me & I can no longer give you anything; maybe I don’t have what it takes to be yours, maybe I’m not good enough, maybe I’m not the kind of girl that you’ve been looking for, I can go on and on but I’m tired of wondering. So I choose to stop wondering and loving you.

— you will never know how to love me like how I loved you // a.e

goddammit I really didn’t mean to turn this thing into a wip but well here we are

“What the fuck are you doing,” Laura said, Laura who never swore, and Clint cringed.

“There’s something bad on the way,” he said. “Really bad.”

“What does that mean?” Her voice was rising dangerously. Clint swallowed. If he didn’t tell her then she wouldn’t have anything to deny. But…he’d always tried to be truthful with her, as much as he could. Being a secret agent meant that was the only way to make anything work.

“Loki turned up in our field three-quarters dead after an attack by some monster named Thanos who is apparently trying to collect a bunch of magic stones to wipe out half the life in the universe,” Clint said.

“Oh,” Laura said. She sounded faint. Clint hoped she was sitting down.

“I can’t stay on the bench,” he said. “Not for something like this.”

“You said…Loki turned up in our field?”

“Yeah,” Clint said, and then let out a slightly hysterical sounding laugh. “He’s sitting in the car right now.”

no, i’m not ok. i won’t lie to you, even if you lied to me one hundred times before. i’m nothing like you. and i should be better now that you’re gone but i’m not. i’m not ok. i miss your slow kisses, and i know every single one was fake. i miss the way you used to take care of me, it doesn’t matter if i wasn’t the only one. it’s all over now and i’m not ok. you were aggressive and mean, but also sweet and lovely. and your hugs used to make me feel warm, even if you’d smell like another girl. i guess, after everything, i’m still a fool for you.

Isolde Carrigan - Lady of Targyll, second in command of King Loren’s royal guard

The tip of her sword caught his cheek, left blood trickling down, but he couldn’t bring himself to care. His blade caught hers and she immediately broke free, catching his ankle with her foot and toppling him to the ground, breath rushing from his lungs.

He looked upward to find the point of a sword at his throat. To find Isolde, who barely reached his chest at the time, towering above him.

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and it bloomed

A flower started growing,

But people didn’t see it fit

So they came everyday

Cursed at it

Laughed at it

Hit it

And yet the flower bloomed.

Rainy days,

Sunny days,


It saw all

Endured it all

And yet the flower bloomed.

And one day,

So amazed by it’s beauty and left it awe

The world decided it wasn’t fit still

But above it all

And yet the flower bloomed.


It is really hard to belong to someone else when you are destined to another person. You are given a chance to radiate your love. You cannot escape from it once you found her. You seek what is seeking you.
—  Chuck Akot