How is it that I always end up texting you..
—  Another heart-broken girl
Never have I ever seen a love that came so easily and passionate as it was with them two.
She would smile just because she heard his voice and it would fill her with so much delight that she couldn’t resist to turn around and jump right into his arms.
And even before his eyes saw her his heart already knew that she entered the room.
But please do not ask me how this love could not end with a happy ending.
They were destined to have their happily ever after.
But sometimes the universe messes things up and their paths separated unwillingly.
—  Maybe in another life || Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #5
I know I have said it before...

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Yes, I know I have said it one million times…but I will say it again, I am going to lose weight! After all it took Edison 10,000 tries before getting the light bulb right. Maybe, just maybe this is my 9,999 time…so don’t judge me! :P I guess I can say am off to a good start I haven’t had junk food or fast food in a few weeks. So that’s good right? Anyways, my sister in law has been busting my butt every other day to work on Billy’s Boot Camp. Am so lame and out of shape that I feel like dying before the warm up is over! So sad…so so sad :( but I will do it and I will get it done! Well if your having this same problem send me a message I would love to here from you. Until next time….

Love the lighter side of me.