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24 // stiles stilinski

Summary: Y/N develops a strange fascination with Stiles’ lacrosse jersey

Requested: no, this has been in my drafts since lacrosse week & @mf-despair-queen finally convinced me to finish this so this one goes out to her

Pairing: Stiles & Y/N

Warning: yes, mature language & smut


The first time he saw the jersey he didn’t think much of it. To him, it was just an article of clothing that was two sizes too big and smelled heavily of off brand laundry detergent from the last person who wore it. When he had initially decided to tryout for the lacrosse team he didn’t expect to be spending as much time on the bench as he did. Surely he’d be allowed to play a couple of times, right?


His freshman year was spent keeping the cold metal bench warm. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop his friends from coming out and supporting him. Even when his dad couldn’t show up he knew he could count on Y/N to.

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Hi! not certain if you've answered this before but in Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy we find out Clary and Simon are 'true' parabatai and then Jem mentions that him and Will were too and could basically know what the other was thinking. Are Jace and Alec 'true' parabatai or are there any others that are?

“Even I knew,” said Jem. “And I don’t know you very well. There’s always something about true parabatai. They don’t need to speak to communicate. I saw the two of you having entire conversations without saying a word. It was like that with my parabatai, Will. I never had to ask Will what he was thinking. In fact, it was usually better not to ask Will what he was thinking… .” That got a smile from Magnus and Catarina both. “But I see it between you. True parabatai  are linked long before the ceremony takes place.”

Jem is speaking figuratively about the idea of true parabatai. He is using flowery language because he is trying to reassure a concerned Simon and Clary that what’s going on is unusual, but actually ok.
There isn’t a literal line between some sort of ‘true’ parabatai and some sort of 'false’ parabatai. There are certainly people who have become parabatai who probably should not have done so, like Julian and Emma, Luke and Valentine, and Michael and Robert. But there aren’t 'false’ parabatai. The bond is the bond, no matter what, and two people sharing an exceptionally close bond does not diminish the bonds of those who share less intense bonds. In short, parabatai bonds vary in strength, along a spectrum. But none of them are fake.
Jem is alluding to the idea that one person in a parabatai pair can sometimes sense what the other is about to do, especially in battle. While this is sometimes the case, there’s no suggestion that they share actual telepathy or the ability to read each other’s minds. (Jem and Will, who were exceptionally close, didn’t even notice that they were in love with the same girl!)
There is nothing wrong with Jace and Alec’s parabatai bond. It’s as real and true. : )

Imagine being in a secret relationship with your father’s best friend, Dean Winchester. (Part 2)

Read Part 1 here!

Being in love with an older man was one thing. But that man being your father’s best friend? That was actually hell. Why? Well, other than how wrong it was on every possible level, you just couldn’t even hint a thing to your father about it because his said best friend spent more time in your house than was appropriate and just didn’t make things any easier for you.

“Princess?” you heard a rough voice and you blinked, looking up to meet his blue eyes.

“Wh-what? Yes dad?” you frowned, fidgeting with your hands.

“Are you alright? I asked you if you wanted something to eat but you didn’t seem to even realize I was here.” he tilted his head to the side, pushing the door of your room open wider and getting in.

“Yes, dad. Yes I am alright.” you whispered, avoiding to look him in the eyes.

“Honey-bee” he sighed and a small smile formed on your lips at the stupid nickname he used on you ever since you were a little girl. He knelt in front of you and took hold of your hand “Is there something you want to tell me?” he asked with a tilt of his head.

“No, I- I- There- Why are you asking dad?” you frowned, shifting in your seat.

“I just-” he pursed his lips for a moment “I am not trying to pry, I don’t want to. But I am your father and you- you are the most important and precious thing I have in this world, so when I see you like this I can’t help but feel worried about you. I don’t have to force you to tell me if you don’t want to but- but I need to know you are alright, princess. That’s the least I want.”

“Dad” you sighed, feeling your eyes sting with unshed tears. You hated lying to him, always did. Growing up without a mother, not even a photo of her, ment you were exceptionally close to him. You always told him everything from first crush when you were in kidnergarten and first boyfriend again around that time. Childern’s loves, yes, but still you never kept a secret from him, not to mention lie about the truth. So now guilt was eating you out on the inside because not only could you not tell him about your relationship with Dean but also lie to him all the time about where you’d go or with whom you’d be. You wanted to say something but what could you even utter in this case?

“You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to, really.” he hurried to say, shaking his head “I just need to know if- if you are really fine, if… you’re happy. That’s all that’s always mattered to me.”

“I know, dad. I really know that. You’ve made so many sacrifices for me all over the years I will never doubt how much you love me. I- I love you too, daddy.” you felt tears well up in your eyes “It’s just- this is no something I can talk so easily about. You- What you’ll think of me, what others will think- I can’t take that.”

“(Y/n)” he cupped your face “I am your father and I love you. No matter what this is, nothing can change how I think or feel for you.” he emphasized “I am only worried. You- you are always in a world of your own and I don’t mean in the good way. You get carried away easily by your thoughts and sometimes it feels like you hardly hear what I or anybody else says. And I know that it’s probably about college, a new life and everything but sometimes I- I think that you are just keeping it all to yourself about something that’s bigger. Something that-” he paused in thought, looking down for a moment.

“Is not right.” you whispered, completing his sentence. It obviously caught his attention and with a frown he looked up at you again.

“What?” he asked in a rough voice and you bit your lower lip, contemplating whether you wanted to go on with this or not. But you just needed to let at least some of it out, just a little bit.

“Something that is not right. I am doing something I shouldn’t and- and is actually forbidden.” you said, your eyes still not meeting his.

“Not right? I- I don’t understand. (Y/n) what could you possibly do that is so forbidden it has you crying sometimes at night?” he asked and your eyes widened for a moment.

“You’ve heard me?” you whispered and he let a small sigh, obviously he didn’t want to say it.

“We live in the same house, princess. It was bound to happen at some point with my lack of need for sleep.” he shrugged and you couldn’t help a giggle at how simple it sounded for him and you actually.

“You’re so weird dad, figures I’m your daughter.” you shrugged and he gave you a small smile.

“But you didn’t tell me: what is so important and so forbidden?” he asked and for a moment you had almost forgotten it, you almost thought you didn’t have to talk about it. But now your heart only dropped.

You closed your eyes, head bowed as you took in a shaky breath and dared yourself to whisper the small word “Love”

“Love?” his eyebrows shot up and you bit your lower lip, nodding your head “But… love is not forbidden.” he said with a shake of his head.

“Some kinds of love are, dad.” you sighed, looking up at the ceiling as you tried to fight the tears.

“Honey, no.” he insisted with a shake of his head “Love can never be forbidden, not if it pure and true.”

“You hang out too much with uncle Gabriel.” you shook your head letting out a humorless laugh “Dad, you can’t understand. Some kinds of love are just… wrong. They shouldn’t happen but they do because we- we all have this dark side in us.”

“You know I agree on that but not on what you insist, (Y/n).” he shrugged “If someone… if you are so in love with this person-” he smiled softly “-then there’s nothing wrong with that. As long as you truly love him… Do you, (Y/n)? Are you in love with someone, honey?”

“I- I’- I am- No- I mean- I- Yes, dad. Yes I am and- it hurts like hell.” you choked on a sob and he didn’t wait a second to gather you in his arms and hold you tightly as you clenched your teeth to fight back the tears.

“Honeybee, that’s something wonderful. Why- why would you ever say this? If you’re in love with a boy- or girl, I don’t care about that, then you should be happy. What could possibly be so bad that-”

“Dad” you cut him off “His age, there’s… there’s a difference from mine.”

A frown set on his face and he blinked, looking down at you “Difference? What do you mean?”

“He’s- He’s older, dad. Like really older than me.” your voice shook as you said the words and as much as you hated it, as much as you knew your father wouldn’t like to react this way himself, stiffened at what you’d just said.

“It’s-” he stuggled, taking in a deep breath and relaxing “It’s ok, princess. We’ll figure this out, together. I’m always here for you, always. Don’t worry about that.” he gave you a squeeze and although you knew he would need time to accept that you knew that there was no way he would accept said man to be Dean. He struggled with this – your father that was always open-minded – you didn’t have to imagine to know he wouldn’t have it being his best friend.

Oh you were certainly not going into detail.


“Uh and a beer along with that- oh and don’t forget the pie! Yes, I’ll uh take apple.” he said with a a wide almost childlike grin that just had you entranced for a moment.

“Alright.” she mumbled, taking the menu – if you could call it that considering the state it was in – and writing down hisorder. Dean turned to you and grinned more at your expression, winking with a smirk when he realized you were staring – you would defend yourself saying it was mere gazing – and you blinked several times, clearing your throat and looking down for a moment. You heard him chuckle and you gave him a small glare.

But you couldn’t help a smile anyway. He loved teasing you about all of this, it was his thing, but you knew that he was always really sweet about it as well. He’d take you out any chance he got, doing all the cheesy couple-y stuff he claimed to hate just because he knew you liked them. Maybe you had to lie to your father once more about your whereabouts and maybe the drive was sometimes long but: 1) you loved just getting in the Impala with Dean for hours and 2)you didn’t have to pretend here or look around all the time in case someone you knew would take notice and tell your father.

Not that there weren’t drawbacks, though.

“And what about your daughter?” she asked, politely and at least not flirting with Dean, but your smile completely vanished and you felt your heart tighten inside your chest. You looked at Dean to see his smile vanish and a serious expression take over.

He clenched his jaw “She’s not my daughter.” he said in a rough voice and you only chewed on your lower lip.

“Oh I’m sorry I assumed that-” she blinking, stuttering.

“Well, she’s not!” Dean’s voice rose and you jumped in your seat. He let out a frustrated sigh, clearing his throat.

“She’s my girlfriend, not that it matters to you. And she’ll have the same, she’s legal alright? Thank you.” he said – or more like growled – and the only thing you did was give her a tight smile before she nodded her head and took your menu and left. Silence fell between the two of you for a few seconds, only Dean’s heavy breathing being the thing to break it and in the end you let a heavy sigh yourself, deciding to speak.

“Do I look that young?” you whispered and his eyes met yours.

“Don’t pay attention to that.” he said, taking hold of your hand and squeezing it.

“Shouldn’t I?” you frowned and you could see him struggling with it as well “I mean we- we practically run away every time we want to go out on a date to avoid some people and even that is not enough. If it isn’t you being my father’s best friend, it is the age gap. No matter what we can never really run away from our problems.” you fell back in your seat, reluctantly taking your hands away from his grasp.

“Don’t do this to me now, (Y/n).” he pursed his lips “I don’t care about it, alright? I’ve made it clear to you so many times but I need to say it again: Just because I look like I could be your father and I actually am friends with him doesn’t mean I actually am! So no, I am not supposed to feel the least bit fo guilt for feeling this way for you! Lying to Cas and Sam? Sure. Hell yeah! I am, you have no idea how much. But this-” he motioned between the two of you “Not in a million years.”

“I’m just- I’m tired of people judging me… judging us, Dean.” you whispered “I’m tired of having to defend what I feel for you even if it really is the most beautiful thing in the world. I’m tired of having to pretend at times that you are just a friend- family even, when my dad or someone else is present when really all I want to do is- is grab you and kiss you and tell everybody how much I- I love you. I hate having to hide how I feel about you.” you glanced out of the window “And I hate having to put up with everybody telling me, even with their looks, that this love is wrong. Did you-” you looked back at him “Did you see the look that woman gave me at the bar last night? And now the waitress…” you trailed off, biting your lip.

“Hey, she was just jealous I ignored her. I can’t help if I have eyes only for you! Sue me but I am smitten!” he shrugged, giving you a small smirk that just looked so innocent it made a giggle leave your lips “Besides-” he let a small sigh and you let him take hold of your hand again “They can judge all they want, I’ve dealt with that pretty much all my life and never gave a single fuck. And now, for this- for us, I’m not going to give up so easily. If I have to fight for it I will… even your father.”

“Yeah, you’ve shared your fair amount of punches in the past anyway.” you mumbled, smirking softly but you didn’t feel the smile at all when repeating his words in your head. You wished so bad this fight didn’t have to come.

“Plus-” he gave you a fuller smile “You know I’d risk everything for you.”

“Trust me, that-” you smiled softly, squeezing his hand “I have come to know very well.”

He chuckled, a mischievous smile forming on his lips “Come on, I told you that was an accident!” he exclaimed and you managed to relax in your seat.

“Yeah, I bet.” you chuckled, looking down at your hands as you locked fingers with his and the memories started rushing back.


You were with your dad in a trip, it was mostly for business but you found it as the perfect opportunity to run away from your problems and relax a little bit. If only you knew you’d run into that very beautiful problem you wanted – or maybe not – to run away from. Dean was in town with his brother, taking some time to themselves and by some miracle they were in the exact same motel as you.

So as expected, one thing led to another and just because you could never say no to the man and those lips of his you were a mess in his bed in just half an hour after running into him at the bar you’d went, luckily, without your father. You managed to get out his brother’s sight, who again luckily didn’t notice you were there, and made it back to his motel.

“D-Dean” you moaned as his hands frantically moved on your body, trying to get rid of as many pieces of clothing as he could and as fast as possible. They left a hot trail behind them and of course you a panting mess. You fisted his hair in your hands, tugging at them and eliciting a growl from him and of course a bite in the neck.

“No- no marks, pl-please.” you closed your eyes and threw your head back despite everything to give him more access.

“Too late.” he mumbled, his lips and tongue moving across your neck, down to your collarbone and just the upper half of your chest. You heard him let out frustrated sigh before grabbing your shirt and lifting it over your shoulders to take it off.

“Damn” you heard him say in a husky voice as he pulled slightly away and looked down at you. You bit your lip when you saw him lick his own and shifted in your place which was a bad decision seeing as you didn’t help in the situation that he actually had going in his pants.

“Careful” he growled, tightening his grip on your bare hips; yes your pants were the first thing he removed once you got in so now you were only in your underwear while he had his jeans on. Luckily shirtless.

“Sorry” you looked down and then up, biting your lip to keep the smile off your lips but you found it nearly impossible.

“Oh you’re enjoying this, aren’t you?” he growled, lowering himself slowly “You fucking tease. I’m gonna make you pay for that.” his eyes darkened and you took in a shaky breath.

“D” it was really the only think you could breath out before the air left your lungs when you felt his hand on your chest.

“Lace hm?” he asked in a low voice, looking down at you and letting out a small growl “Naughty girl.”

“I- I thought you’d like it…?” you asked with a small smirk and he grinned up at you, his eyes filled with lust but above all love. There was always love in them, and you could see it.

“Oh trust me, baby. I do.” he leaned down, and slowly started kissing between them, it was all a little too sweet you shivered at the thought of what could possibly come next. You knew Dean all too well, you could read him like a book and sweet was not what he was going for tonight. You had not seen each other in over two weeks, he could barely keep his hands to himself when you were at the bar not to mention now.

“It was fucking amazing.” he growled and you frowned at him.

“W-was?” you stuttered and he pulled slightly away to give you a grin before he did the very thing you expected him to but hoped he wouldn’t. He tore it apart with just one simple move.

“Now, much better.” he said before diving down to capture your lips with his, kissing hungrily as if his life depended on it. His teeth grazed over your lips as he kissed you almost a little sloppily, his tongue fighting with yours for dominance but you already knew he would end up winning. Your hands went to his back and dug into his skin, you knew he’d have some pretty nice marks tomorrow but you had to get him back for it.

Your bare chest pressed on his, your legs wrapped around his waist and as he rubbed himself on you you almost didn’t realize it when you heard the door creak open but you sure as hell heard the loud “Holy shit!” and a some things falling.

You and Dean pulled away as if you were on fire and you grabbed the bed sheets to cover yourself up, Dean blocking you from his brother’s sight. Although you didn’t know if there was any point in it anymore. Your heart was hammering in yourchest and only when you heard the door slam shut did you peak from behind Dean to see Sam was not in the room. You fell back on the bed, panting as you stared at the ceiling with wide eyes. Dean let out a sigh, running a hand through his hair.

“Sorry about that, baby.” he whispered and you bit your lip.

You closed your eyes and placed a hand over them “Just- please make sure he didn’t see it was me at least. Please.” you whispered, pursing your lips.

“A-alright, yeah.” he cleared his throat, leaning down to press a small tender kiss on the side of your head before getting up from bed. You only heard him get up from bed and make his way to the door. You turned your back to it, eyes still closed as your heart hammered in your chest.

“What the hell, Dean?!” was the only thing you heard Sam say before their voices became muffled. You didn’t expect him to get back so soon, Dean sai he was probably going to sleep at the waitress’s place since she had been hitting on him all night but that didn’t seem the case.

-End of Flashback-

“I swear I almost forgot how to breath until you told me he didn’t see who I was.” you mumbled, playing with his fingers.

“We were lucky.” he shrugged and you gave him a pointed look.

“Very. But we don’t know for how long this said luck will keep going Dean, and we can’t keep risking it.”

“Well, your father has not suspected a thing yet. Has he?” he asked almost rhetorically but you didn’t answer because you knew the answer would scare him just as much as it did with you. He didn’t know a thing, no but suspect?

How could he not, when he saw you return in the middle of the night in your motel room, covered in love bites and hickeys that time?


A Richonne Ranking: 40 Moments
[7] Checked – Conquer, 5x16

Michonne is, I think we can all agree, the bona fide Grimes Whisperer. Just as Rick ‘fesses up that he and the rest of the Anti-A Team have hatched a secret plan involving guns and a penchant for being really fucking extra, Michonne responds by reiterating her trust in him. He offers her the gun – twice – and she just pushes it back into his hand. She trusts him because she can, because she knows he’ll do the right thing when it comes down to it. Michonne never puts Rick on the defensive, nor is she dismissive of his instincts; she always seeks to understand him, and gives him the space to realize why not listening to her is a bad idea all on his own.

Standing exceptionally close to each other (as is customary), they drop so many iconic Richonne lines that everyone’s fanvid voiceover stockpile just got majorly topped up: “That was for you, not them”, “I was afraid you’d talk me out of it – you could’ve”, “We can find a way”, “I’m still with you”, “Something’s gonna happen, just don’t make something happen”. Ultimately, their bond is reinforced by overcoming the conflict. She’s still with him because she always will be.

  • Andy: Michonne is a fellow warrior. He respects her so much. He trusts her with his life and his children’s lives. He can be checked by her. […] There are few people who are able to anchor Rick [like Michonne].
  • Scott Gimple: Challenging [Rick] comes from a place of love. It comes from a place of belief in him and support of him and support of the ideals that they share. They all want the same thing. They want the safety of his children. They want the safety of our people. They want to have some semblance of lives. It’s nothing combative; it’s quite the opposite. It’s really about, “I need to check you because I love you, because I care for you, because I care about our community and I care about your leadership.” That’s exactly what she was doing in the penultimate episode: “I’m going to knock you out so that when you wake up tomorrow, you won’t have done something that you really can’t come back from and that we as a community, as your people, also can’t come back from.” As they got to the end of the last episode that aired, they had a conversation where he confessed to her things that he had been hiding. I think that’s a true friendship, when you can put everything out on the table. He received her grace and her forgiveness and her support.

I rarely post anything about where I live, but the Eagle Creek Fire is exceptionally close. It’s less than 30 minutes from my home. It is currently over 10,000 acres and evacuations are growing rapidly. The top is a picture on a normal day the bottom is last night. It was beautiful. The worst part of it all? It was completely stoppable. A group of teenagers decided to throw fireworks off a cliff (reportedly) during the middle of a heat wave. I’m not asking for donations or anything. Just please think before starting fires, even campfires and perfectly normal legal fires. Educate your kids and friends.

Please keep Oregon, Washington and Montana in your thoughts. Especially our firefighters

Little Love

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Spencer Reid x Reader

Summary: For the seven months following your breakup, you’ve kept your pregnancy a secret from Spencer, unsure of how he would react. But when the two of you are unexpectedly forced to see each other again, it doesn’t take long for your growing secret to reveal itself. Requested by a lovely anon!

Word count: 1,955

A/N: This is based around season 6 and 7, so there may be some spoilers if you haven’t seen those seaons yet. Other than that, I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think!

For the first time in three hours, a calm silence had fallen over your apartment.

The fraying copy of “Goodnight Moon” that Henry had picked out was long forgotten as his blue eyes finally gave into the sleep that he had been fighting for so long.

Reveling in your ability to lull the rambunctious toddler to sleep, you placed a gentle kiss on his forehead before carefully removing yourself from the guest bed where he lay — all the while making a mental note to give JJ kudos on how she manages to do it every single night.

Leaving the bedroom door open just a crack, you took a moment to enjoy the still of the atmosphere and out of habit, placed a hand on your ever-growing baby bump.

All night long you had found yourself laughing right along with every little giggle that Henry exuded, and adoring the many colorful drawings that he had created for your refrigerator door. The seemingly permanent smile you wore was in part due to the inherent joy that came with babysitting Henry, and the other half due to the thought that one day, you would be going through the exact same motions with your own child.

But yet, with every bright vision of the future you had, came with it a storm of anxious thoughts.

Seven months ago, the home you had built within the bounds of Spencer’s love began to crumble.

With his rising panic of developing schizophrenia and then the grief he was overcome with after the death of Emily, you watched in agony as Spencer did his best to conceal the crumbling state of his mind from you. It wasn’t until one night, when the demons of his mind became too much to bear, that he confessed to you his contemplation of relapsing. That night ended in heartache, as Spencer’s broken voice ended your relationship, only wanting to protect you from the danger he believed to potentially possess.

But unbeknownst to either you or Spencer at the time, you were not the only ones left in the wake of your fallen love.

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Christine and Léa Papin were sisters who had an exceptionally close relationship and worked together in the same households as maids. It was while they were both employed by a retired solicitor named Monsieur René Lancelin that they committed a brutal joint murder, killing their employer’s wife and daughter. 

The sisters had suffered a horrible childhood together, being subjected to abuse from their father and neglect from their mother. They found solace in each others company and when they were grown they tried sought employment as maids together. While they were employed by the Lancelin family they were described as quiet and withdrawn, and had little interest in people outside of their own, isolated relationship. On the 2nd of February 1933 Monsieur Lancelin went to the police when his wife and daughter did not show up for dinner at their friends home, and when he went to find them found that he could not open the doors to his own house. The police managed to enter the house by entering over the back wall, and found the bodies of Monsieur Lancelin’s wife and daughter inside. The police retrieved the Papin sisters from their bed, allegedly they were naked at the time.

During the trial the Papin sisters explained that Christine had got into an argument with the Lancelin women, Lea joined in and Christine retrieved weapons from the kitchen - consisting of a kitchen knife, a pewter pot and a hammer. The pair of them reigned down blows to the women’s facing, completely disfiguring them. Once they had finished they proceeded to gouge the women’s eyes out with their bare hands. They were both convicted of murder, Christine was sentenced to death which was commuted to life imprisonment, while Léa would serve only 8 years. 

The sisters had a history of mental illness, and during their incarceration they found it exceptionally difficult being separated. Christine reportedly became severely depressed as a result of the separation and refused to eat, eventually this resulted in her transfer to an insane asylum where she passed away from cachexia. 

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pda w shawn bullets?

  • Holding hands
  • Occasional quick pecks
  • Shawn always standing exceptionally close to you
  • And having his hand resting on your waist
  • Or slinging his arm around your shoulder
  • Leaning against him if you’re both standing for some reason
  • But it’s been a long day and you’re tired
  • Resting your head against his shoulder
  • Forehead kisses
  • Him looking for you when you’re walking through a crowded airport
  • With his whole crew and you’re a few steps behind everyone
  • Him extending his hand out to you
  • And pulling you closer to himself 
  • Mumbling something like “Don’t wanna lose you.”
  • Falling asleep with your head in his lap on the airplane
  • Him kissing you on the cheek
  • Long hugs
  • Him sitting on a couch backstage and when you walk by
  • He’d just reach out and grab you, pulling you into his lap
  • Him reaching for your hand when you’re walking somewhere together
  • Piggy back rides
  • Holding onto his arm
  • When you’re playing basketball with him and some of his crew
  • And you get the ball and he’s supposed to be defending you
  • He’d just pick you right up instead of trying to take the ball right away
  • Him coming offstage after a show, high on adrenaline
  • Just pulling you into his arms 
  • And kissing you, not caring who is watching
The Stylist - Sehun Smut

By request, Sehun hooking up with his stylist! Enjoy! -T💋

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“Alright, Baek! You’re all done.”

I finished gluing the last rhinestone next to his eye and stepped back to admire my handiwork. He scrunched his cheeks slightly and whined.

“I’m over these shiny things,” he pouted and I laughed.

“I know. But it’s almost comeback time, so soon you’ll have an entire new look to complain about.

He rolled his eyes but thanked me with a hug. As he walked off, I felt a tap on my shoulder.

I turned to see Sehun. Well, Sehun’s chest. He was tall, and standing exceptionally close. My breath caught in my throat. I had not expected him to be right there. He used his large hand to steady me as he laughed.

“I know that it’s exciting to see me, but don’t faint over it.”

“Shut up,” I joked as I pushed him slightly, “what’s up?”

“I, uh, accidentally broke a button on my shirt trying to get it on,” he blushed. He held up a black button and smiled, apologetically.

“Oh! Okay! Not a big deal. I can fix that one later. Let’s go get you a different shirt,” I nodded my head in the direction of the wardrobe closet and he nodded.

Once the door was shut behind us, I heard the lock turn. Immediately, I felt Sehun’s arms wrap around my waist as his lips landed on the crook of my neck and shoulder.

“God, I couldn’t wait to get you alone,” he whispered. My head fell back against him as his hands roamed underneath my shirt. I moaned slightly as his teeth nipped at my ear.

“Did you purposely rip one of my shirts so that you could attempt to seduce me, Oh Sehun,” I quipped. He chuckled and spun me around. He pressed me against the door and pressed a kiss against my lips.

“We’ve gotta be quick, babe, you’ve got a call time.”

“We have been doing this a long time, and you always complain when I’m too quick,” he winked at me, but made fast work of my panties from underneath my dress. I did the same to his pants, pulling them to his ankles.

I dropped to my knees, pulling a moan from his lips.

“You look so hot on your knees.” He took his bottom lip in between his teeth to stifle the satisfied sounds that threatened to escape him. His hand knotted into my hair as he guided me at the speed he decided I should be going. My tongue worked in circles and I hollowed out my cheeks a bit, causing him to hiss.

“Get up here,” he growled.

Sehun made me stand up and pressed me against the door again. He hitched my leg around his waist. He teased my entrance with his tip.

“What if I just stayed right here,” he mused, “what if I didn’t fuck you right against this door?”

“Then you would have to go on stage with a boner and you could kiss fucking your stylist goodbye,” I snapped back, desperate for him to fill me up.

He smirked, sensing my desire and need. He allowed himself to fully slide into me. I began to say his name out loud, but his hand flew to my mouth.

“Shhh. Baby girl. We can’t get caught,” he said as he fully slid into me finally.

My leg still around his waist, he began to thrust. His pace started slow, but he was quick to increase his speed. Our lips crashed into each other’s over and over again as our tongues fought for dominance and our orgasms built quickly.

“Fuck, Sehun,” I whispered against his mouth, “you feel so good inside of me.”

“Cum with me, babe,” he said with his lips against my forehead. His pace wavered and the harder he pushed into me, the tighter I became around him.

The knot in my stomach came undone and I came around Sehun the same time that he released his orgasm. My head fell back and rested against the door, and his fell forward and rested on my collar bone. We stood, embracing for a moment, as we caught our breath.

Once we had adjusted ourselves and cleaned ourselves up, he walked up to me, cupping my cheeks. He placed a sweet kiss on my lips and smiled fondly at me.

“I guess we should actually pick you a new shirt, huh?”

After we left the room, and the boys were on stage, I checked my phone. I saw a text from Jongin.

Receive Text Message: You know that you guys aren’t sneaky, right?


anonymous asked:

top 5 (or maybe 10 upto you) percabeth moments

every moment they spend together is a damn blessing imo but here we go

  1. Percy refusing to let go of Annabeth and falling with her so she won’t be alone in Tartarus I’m already crying I’m not gonna survive this list.
  2. Percy going all the way across the country on a stolen pegasus and holding up the entire sky for Annabeth
  3. when Annabeth is fighting on the bridge with Percy and she takes a knife for him after instinctively knowing where his Achilles’ Heel was
  4. Percy rising up from the depths of the ocean when Annabeth drops her dagger in and he just goes “you dropped this” what a nerd
  5. Percy refusing to be god after looking at Annabeth’s face and realizing that her love is a lot more important omg just kill me
  7. every single fucking moment in Tartarus the best is Annabeth telling Percy that she wants a life in New Rome if it means being with him and keeping each other afloat and together
  8. Annabeth baking a giant misshapen blue cupcake and kissing Percy on his birthday aw
  9. Their cute little cuddle/makeout session (probs) in the Argo II’s stables
  10. Annabeth judo-flipping Percy and he just laughing it off because that’s what she does and he loves her.

Bonus: I love you, wise girl.

Double Bonus: Annabeth spreading her arms out in Cabin 6 for a hug after hearing the prophecy in Labyrinth, and Percy’s heart fluttering as he hugs her all aloneee in the Cabin and Malcolm walks in all red all the gods can’t save my heart now

(also @rick I have never been so disappointed in a book as I was with BOO I mean you just sidelined these two amazing people we’ve been reading about for 10 years and basically just erased all the struggles, the darkness and didn’t even make them come exceptionally close to each other as well, as you should when someone jumps into Tartarus for you)

us next

sideman • simon
warnings • sexual implications, but nothing explicit
the request • You don’t have to do this right away, but can you do a Simon imagine where they have to dress up fancy for a friends wedding and when they get back home things get heated? Btw I love your writing 💜

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Pining. (Kuroo x Reader)

Can i ask for some headcanons/scenario (whatever floats your boat)in which Kuroo has an unrequited feelings for his female childhood friend? Thank you!

A/N: Aaaaa i love this kind of stuff. Angst is my passion.

“You’re ugly.”


Kuroo sat on the purple bean bag chair in your dorm, laptop in lap, trying to work without your consistent distractions. Tonight, he was staying over at your dorm to help you finish your English project, the key word being “trying”. You continued to distract him often, attempting to get a rise out of the seemingly “calm and collected” captain. You two often quarreled like this, but Kuroo was immune to your playful insults of any caliber. Yeah, this type of relationship didn’t suit everyone, but you two were exceptionally close.

You and Kuroo had been best friends from the crib, your mothers introduced you at a young age, and the two of you were pretty much conjoined at the hip ever since. You two did everything together, you even tried volleyball because of Kuroo. You two were inseparable. And, just as expected, your relationship has held just as indomitable ever since. You two were in Uni now, yet still as close as ever. It was almost as if nothing had changed since childhood.

Although a bit nettled, Kuroo couldn’t help but think of how cute you looked right now. A mischievous smirk laced your face and your eyes were fixated on him, calculating for just the slight movement of his face to see if he was close to laughter. Kuroo maintained his poker face, trying not to give you the satisfaction you craved. Your short attention span was what caused you to have to ask for his aid, and he was not going to indulge you. After a few seconds more of studying his face, you ceased fire and slumped back in your computer chair, sighing in boredom. Kuroo chuckled a bit at your over dramatic action, and you excitedly shot back up again.

“HAH. Made you laugh!”

Kuroo playfully rolled his eyes. “Whatever. You’re dumb.”

“You’re more dumb.”

“It’s dumbER, not more dumb. No wonder why you needed help on your English project.”

You sighed in frustration, ungraciously accepting your defeat. “English is hard….okay….don’t judge.”

Kuroo raised a brow, making slight eye contact with you. “It’s hard not to judge when you don’t even know how to properly use your words.”

You pouted, adorably, if he may add. “Oh, I can use my words. In fact, I have four that fit this situation perfectly. Shut. The. Fuck. Up.”

Kuroo chuckled again, a bit louder this time. You were funnier than you gave yourself credit for. He tried to focus on finishing the project again, but decided it was probably time to quit working for the day anyway. You guys still had a couple of days to finish, and you seemed to be getting reckless. Yeah, he supposed he has some time to humor you right now. Kuroo shut his laptop and looked up at you sprawled out on the computer chair.

“Hey. Let’s call it quits for tonight. We still got time to finish later.”

You looked up from the floor and at him, pleasantly surprised. “Really? Are you sure?”

Kuroo nodded. “Yeah. I’m bored too. Let’s do something else.”

Your face broke out into a wide grin, Kuroo felt his heart stop. “Nice! What do you wanna do?”

After a second of recovery, Kuroo answered. “Weeeeell…I am kinda hungry. If you wanna go grab something to eat.”

You furrowed your brows and looked up, insinuating you were in thought. “Where should we go…other than a fast food place…It’s kinda late right now.” After a few seconds, your face lit up in realization and you hit a hand against your palm. “I know! There’s this cool ramen bar downtown! We should hit it up, they stay open pretty late.” Your

Kuroo was a little interested-ramen sounded good-but he wasn’t fully convinced. Right now, his ass was practically glued to this comfortable bean bag chair. Couldn’t you guys just hit up McDonald’s or something?

You noticed his apatheticism, and decided to bring out the big guns. “Aaaaaand…they serve mackerel…I heard its good too….”

Kuroo stood up and stretched. “Alright, I’m in.”


The restaurant was pretty packed, despite it being pretty late now, however, the atmosphere of the place had a comforting, homey vibe. Upon walking in, the smell of spices and cooking meats made your mouth water. The two of you walked up to the counter and sat down, and you took this time to take in your surroundings.

Red paper lanterns were strung from the ceiling around the bar, suffusing the room with a dim, orange light. The walls were burgundy and lined with black around the edges, giving the simple ramen bar a more prestigious vibe. A few charcoal tables and chairs were placed in the middle of the room, obviously for customers looking to dine in for a while. You turned to the bar, spotting the many colorful bottles of alcohol lining the whole wall.

Hell yeah. You need some sake right now.

Thankfully, the bartender was present quickly and quickly got your ramen and drinks together for the two of you. While you ate, you made conversation with Kuroo, listening to him tell a humorous story about he and Bokuto.

“Yeah, I lost, but Bokuto kinda did too. He got so excited about winning, he breathed in too hard and threw up all the marshmallows!”

Kuroo watched you slam down your glass, laughing heartily at his comical tale. He didn’t think it was that funny, but he figured the effect of alcohol was influencing you. Also, he wasn’t complaining. The sound of your chuckling was music to his ears, and the casual hit to his shoulder delivered afterwards only had him craving to touch you more. He admired the beauty of your face in the warm candlelight. The soft glow accentuated your features, and the longer he stared, the more he felt his heart flutter in his chest. Although it was late, you still looked as gorgeous as ever to him. Your upturned lips and happy, slightly inebriated gaze was infectious. He couldn’t stop a loving smile from sneaking onto his face.

Although he was relishing your happiness and presence, Kuroo realized you probably needed to get home soon. You were obviously a little wasted, and the hour on the clock was creeping to the single digits. Being the less drunken, responsible one, he decided he’d do you a solid and take you home safely.

“Hey, c’mon. Let’s go home.”

“BUT…Kuroo~ I’m having….fun..” You spoke energetically at first, but a yawn interrupted your sentence.

“Nah, it’s late. And we can definitely have fun at your place.” He emphasized the end of the sentence with a playful wink.

You reacted by jokingly squaring him in the shoulder. Kuroo winced a bit at the hit, but didn’t hold it against you. You weren’t really aware of yourself right now.

“Shut up…PERV.”  

Kuroo snickered, then raised his hands in innocence. “Hey, I was just talking about a nice game of Monopoly. You’re the only perv here.”

“Whatever. Idiot.”

Kuroo stuck his tongue out at you and set some money down for the tab. He grabbed your hand and let your reluctant and plastered self out of the bar.

The drive home was short and sweet. Kuroo got you home with ease, and sneaked you back into your dorm.

Kuroo closed the door softly and sighed deeply. Although he had fun, he was relieved to be back in private again. The clean smell of your dorm eased his nerves. It smelled just like you. He took a deep breath through his nose and savored the scent of you, allowing himself to be enveloped in the comfort.

The sanctity of the atmosphere was interrupted by the sound of you plopping onto the couch and yawning loudly. Kuroo puffed some air out of his nose in amusement to your actions and walked over to the couch, sitting in front of it.

“How’re you doing, kitten?”

You groaned lethargically, then answered. “Tired…”

Kuroo rolled his eyes lightheartedly. “Duh. Hangover hitting you already?”

“No…I only had, like, one glass….”

“Two, actually. And we both know you’re a lightweight.”

You snorted at him and replied. “I’m not a lightweight! You…are…and you’re dumb…”

Kuroo smiled at your comment. “Yeah. I know.”

The atmosphere around you two became silent, yet it was still comfortable. Even in moments that would be awkward for others, you two always seemed to have an pleasant vibe no matter the situation.


Kuroo was a little startled by your sudden comment.


“For taking me home…thanks.”

Ah, the alcohol. You’re getting sappy.

“It’s no problem. I got your back.”

You were silent again for a couple of minutes, Kuroo began to think you were asleep, however, you spoke again.

“You’re…good, Kuroo.”

Kuroo remained silent, trying to process what you meant.

“You’re a good person….You always stick up for me…I want you to know I got your back too…” You paused for a few seconds. “You’re my closest friend.” Another pause. “I love you…”

Cue record scratch. Wait, what did you say? Kuroo’s heart began racing in his chest, and his mind raced at a mile a minute. He knew he really shouldn’t be taking what you said in your drunken stupor seriously, especially since it was preceded with an entirely platonic context, but he still couldn’t ignore the glimmer of hope peeking from the horizon of his mind. Could you maybe, possibly, by the alignment of the stars, reciprocate the feelings he bared for you?

“You…love me?”

You laughed quietly, as if this should be obvious knowledge to him. “Yeah, man. You’re my best friend.”

His heart stopped, this time not from something positive. It instantaneously weighed a thousand times more than usual, and plummeted to his stomach. Kuroo never felt so…betrayed. He really believed you harbored some sort of similar feelings for him…yet that was quickly negated by one word.


Kuroo couldn’t help but regard how ironic it was that the definition of the word could turn from so optimistic to depressing in a swift amount of time

He managed to reply. “Yeah..I’m the best….friend.”

The word felt like a burning poison rising from his throat as he spat it out. Whoever said words don’t hurt was fucking wrong. He’d prefer sticks and stones to this right now.

A soft snore impeded the crestfallen thoughts rushing his mind. He looked over at you and noticed the odd, uncomfortable position you somehow passed out in.

Although he was aware of your feelings, he couldn’t cease his own. Kuroo picked you up from the couch, allowing himself a few seconds to appreciate your peaceful, sleeping face, then brought you to your own bed.

Saturn (Sherlock X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Sherlock X Fem!Reader

Universe: Sherlock

Warnings: None


Request: So there’s this song, this one gorgeous song that makes me emotional and make me feel happy and sad at the same time. Whether it’s the instrumental version or the vocal, they’re both beautiful and tell the same thing. The song’s name is Saturn by Sleeping At Last and I was wondering if you can write a Sherlock x Reader based on this song. How she changes his perspective on life and it’s meaning. It’s all in your hands, thank you so much and I love your creations.

Originally posted by silent-micka

Originally posted by dangered

You had changed Sherlock’s whole perception in only a year, just by being you. You taught him so much when he thought he knew everything, and it was the little things.

He remembered how he had met you in the middle of the park at midnight, laid on your back on the grass, watching the stars. He thought you were a victim for a second, but coming closer, he realised you were alive and well. “What are you doing miss?” He asked you curiously. You took your eyes off the sky to look at him, a soft smile on his face.

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canadiana-maple-deactivated2016  asked:

Hi there. I met you during The Raven Boys tour in 2012 in Canada, and I remember you telling a story of how you got lost on a moor during your research phase of the book. I'm looking to travel to that moor but I can't remember the name of it! If it's possible, I'd very much appreciate it if you could tell me. By the way, that was one of the best experiences of my life, thanks for signing my riding helmet (I still have it)

Dear highland-horses,

Here is a story of how I nearly went to England and never came out again.

The Raven Cycle, as you possibly know, is mostly about troubled young men, troubled old cars, and ley lines. I knew quite a bit about the first two but not so much about the third, so I decided to visit a few. It turned out that ley lines were not very interesting to look at, seeing as they are invisible and also probably imaginary,* but my interest was piqued when I read about Wistman’s Wood.

*Supposed attributes of ley lines: strange energy (invisible), time loss (invisible), getting lost (invisible), electrical spikes (invisible), poor health (invisible), great health (imaginary?), hauntings (imaginary?), and auditory disturbances (invisible).

Wistman’s Wood is a twisted little forest in Dartmoor. The ground is boulders, the sky is gray, and the trees are stunted weird-ass oak trees. Everything is moss. According to my research, it was supposedly “haunted” by the capital D Devil. I doubted that it was haunted by the Devil, as everyone knows that you are possessed by the Devil and haunted by poor life decisions, but I figured that it was probably uncomfortable. When things make people uncomfortable, they nearly always blame the Devil or libertarians. I like uncomfortable things. Well, I like interesting things. I don’t so much care if something is uncomfortable or not, so long as it’s interesting.

So I decided to go. I asked my mother and sister if they wanted to go with me. Also a pregnant friend. When I pitched the idea, I emphasized the magical wonder of the hidden forest and deemphasized its location on an invisible imaginary energy source and also the possible presence of demonic forces.

FRIEND: I always love spending time with you!
SISTER: Yay! I hear Dartmoor has amazing scones!
MOTHER: Is there going to be a demon on this trip?

My mother has a very piercing intellect. It’s difficult to slip things past her.

We went. We checked into the Two Bridges Hotel, which turned out to be 60% fine, 30% ominous, 10% sausages. We decided to walk to Wistman’s Wood the following morning. I’d done my research and discovered it was but a brief jaunt over a sheep field.

FRIEND: *is pregnant* Is it far?
ME: But a brief jaunt.
MOTHER: Is there going to be a demon on this walk?

We jaunted. Everything was mist. Everything was fog. Everything was sheep. We continued jaunting. MistFogSheep continued unabated. No one said are you sure we’re going the right way because that is a surefire sign that you are not. An hour passed. We had never not been walking. We were in an unfamiliar sheep field somewhere on the planet, and there was no sign of a tree anywhere. Although we stood on a hilltop and could not have gone far, none of our phones could acquire signal. The sheep snickered meanly. My mother sat upon a hummock to wait. We made loopy circles around her. Everything was freezing and mucky. Another hour passed. I was becoming increasingly aware that my friend was going to have her baby here on this moor, and then the sheep were going to eat it. I consoled myself with the knowledge that it was just as well that my phone wasn’t working as I wasn’t sure how I was going to break the news to Lover that I wasn’t coming home: I now lived in a space between mortal minutes in a place on no earthly map. Send my reader mail to Maggie Stiefvater, Crook of England’s Elbow, Fabric of Space Time.

Suddenly the mist parted, and magically, we saw Wistman’s Wood before us. It was a dark, huddled lump, all of the trees mist-strewn and suspicious. It was also exceptionally close. It had somehow managed to get ominously close without us managing to notice, which seems impossible given the nature of trees. They do not have legs, not even on a ley line.

Nonetheless, we were overjoyed. Finally!

Also, the signal had returned to our phones.

MOTHER: I’m going to wait out here. Because demon.

She did, as the rest of us plunged in. I am pleased to report to you that it was indeed so interesting that I easily see how it had developed rumors of devils and libertarians running amok. These photos do not quite capture it, as no camera has yet been developed that can adequately reproduce dread or alternate time loops.

We emerged without difficulty to find my mother communing with about 13 wild ponies — she was not sorry — and then we headed back to the hotel. It took no time at all. We furtively ate scones with a sense of having gotten away with something. I was, however, darkly aware that it was possible that my friend might now give birth to a black winged thing, and also that my mother might possibly dream of borderless mist for the rest of her days, and further that my sister might forever hear the ghostly calls of invisible sheep, and finally that I might never meet another deadline for a Raven Cycle book. But that was in the future. In the present, in that moment, warm in the Two Bridges Hotel, there was only relief and comfort.

So, dear highland-horses, that is the name of the place where I got lost. Wistman’s Wood: somewhere, somehow, those words are always being breathed aloud.

Visitdartmoor.co.uk says that it is “is important for the mosses and lichens that festoon the trees and the impressive granite boulders found on the site.” Stiefvater says, sure, that sounds right. Wistman’s Wood: Come for the lichens. Stay for the devil.




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Hogwarts!AU, Tzuyu x Reader

Fluff & Angst

Word Count: 2466

Written by Admin LJ 

Author’s Note: I went a little overboard with the length of this one, but it’s because I LOVE Harry Potter, and Soft Slytherin!Tzuyu is a concept I’ll take to my grave. Enjoy!)

For the longest time, you were never sure how Tzuyu wound up in Slytherin so easily.

You remember her being sorted on your very first day at Hogwarts- the Sorting Hat had barely touched her head before it shouted “Slytherin!”, leaving the Great Hall echoing with the cheers of Slytherin house as their newest housemate joined their table, all while the other houses groaned in annoyance.

It didn’t take you very long to start to wonder why the Sorting Hat didn’t hesitate the slightest bit- you had learned early on that Tzuyu didn’t have many qualities of a Slytherin- she was incredibly intelligent and creative, much like a Ravenclaw, as seen on multiple occasions in the Charms class you two had together (you always watched in admiration as Tzuyu excelled at every spell your professor taught, giggling with her friends as she turned her owl into a goblet with a flawless flick of her wand). She aced all of her OWL’s with flying colors as the years progressed, and sometimes you had to admit you were a bit envious of her intelligence.

Tzuyu also held the same level of courage and recklessness as her Gryffindor peers, which was evident on your sixth day of school, when you witnessed Tzuyu tackle a third years rogue Monster Book of Monsters that had been tearing down the hall after a professor (Slytherin house earned twenty points for her act of bravery). Not three weeks later, she had joined the Slytherin Quidditch team as their youngest seeker. She had become well known for her daring leaps at the Golden Snitch, quite literally throwing herself off her broom in an effort to catch the tricky game winner (lucky for her, her teammates were always there to catch her).

It wasn’t a secret that Tzuyu was also the most Hufflepuff-like Slytherin to exist- while her entire house was loyal to each other, she was also fiercely loyal to her friends of other houses (she had grown to be exceptionally close with Dahyun and Jihyo, two older Gryffindor students who swore they were practically raising Tzuyu as their child, despite the mere two year difference between her and Jihyo). She was also incredibly humble, and patient, and even started tutoring in her third year.

Tzuyu was intelligent, unwaveringly brave, and selfless.

What traits of a Slytherin did she possess to land her in the most stereotypically unpopular House at Hogwarts?

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Flirting is Foreign to Me

A/N: A request from @sweetblackdragon7 for a Spencer x Reader where she is shy, but works up the courage to flirt with Spencer and then they have a cute date. @coveofmemories @sexualemobitch @jamiemelyn @unstoppableangel8


“God, he’s so cute Pen, what am I supposed to do?” you whined quietly. What had it been? Eight months since you joined the Bureau? Each and every day you struggled with whether or not to say something, or more accurately, whether or not to try and overcome your unbearable awkwardness. You did not flirt, but Spencer didn’t flirt even more than you, so if anything was going to happen it was going to have to be on you to start things.

Penelope just did her little happy dance, her smile as wide as the skies, while you pined away for the BAU’s resident Boy Genius. “You are supposed to flirt with him,” she said happily. In the eight months you’d been here, you and Penelope had become exceptionally close, and she of course, loved every member of her team to pieces, so naturally she wanted to play matchmaker. “Go over there and strut your stuff. With that beautiful smile, those shining eyes and that brilliant brain and personality of yours, there’s no way that Spencer will be able to resist you.”

“Pen,” you said, blushing furiously, “There’s something you’re not realizing…I don’t strut. I can’t flirt. I’m awful at it.”

With a shrug, she turned you around and whispered in your ear. “If we weren’t at work, I would give you a shot of liquid courage, but alas, we are here, so,” she said with a push, “Just go for it.”

You started to walk over to Spencer’s desk, taking in the waviness of his soft brown locks as he tilted his head up to smile at you. That smile. It gave you butterflies that threatened to burst forth from your stomach at a moment’s notice.

Nope. Couldn’t do it.

A small smile and a shy wave were all you could muster as you detoured sharply to the right and back to your desk. When you turned around to see Penny, she was glaring at you, cutting her eyes. You were going to hear it later.


What if he didn’t like you like that? Then you just put yourself out there for nothing. Exception rejection. Which sucked.

As you sat down at your desk, you hung your head in your hands and took a deep breath. Another day.


Okay, so that other day that you mentioned, took nearly another month to occur. But today was it, today was the day you were going to put yourself out there, the day you were going to put your heart on your sleeve and hope Spencer didn’t crush it into teeny, tiny pieces. Bile rose in your throat. “Nope, I can do this.” you said to yourself. “It’s fine. I’m good.”

This was going to be easier because it was first thing in the morning and you and Spencer were the only two members of the BAU in yet, except Hotch. You were 99% sure he lived here, but while you and Spencer were outside and both heading toward the coffee machine, Hotch was still in his office, as always. “Hey, Spence,” you said, a smiling spreading across your face. The movement felt so forced, but you were going to try anyway. “How’re you?” As you passed him to grab some coffee, you grazed his arm - not muscled but toned. 

“I-I’m okay,” he started. When his eyes met yours, he blushed and looked away. Why were you both so awkward? Why was this so hard? “What about you?”

You told him you weren’t too bad - that you wished you didn’t have to come in today because you were in the middle of a really good book. “Really?” He asked, his head snapping up with all the awkwardness vanished from him. “What are you reading? I’m been re-reading War and Peace in the original Russian recently.”

Spencer really did have it all. At least in your opinion. He was cute, intelligent, sweet - everything you’d ever wanted. Flirt dammit, flirt. “I definitely can’t read in any other languages, or read as fast as you, but right now I’m in the middle of reading a friend’s medical research. Something to take the edge off of work.”

That takes the edge off of work?” He laughed. “I usually watch Doctor Who if I want to distract myself from work.”

This was your in.

“Maybe we can watch together some time,” you said, hoping that the offer didn’t sound like it was choked out - because that’s definitely the way it felt. “I mean, o-only if you want to, of course.” You looked down, feeling the heated blush crawl up your entire body. The temptation to turn around and walk away was overwhelming, but you stood your ground and forced yourself to look up at him again.

Spencer’s eyes flashed with a look of recognition, as if he just realized that you might be interested in him. “I-I would l-like that a lot,” he said. “The new season doesn’t start for a while though.”

That was true. You hadn’t thought of that. What else could you suggest that would make him realize you were interested in him? “Well, I know there’s this new old-school arcade going up in the center of town. It’s set to open in two weeks. You wanna go? With me?”

“You really want me to go with you?” He asked.

Your cheeks were blushing fiercely, your skin taking on a searing heat. “I d-do,” you started, swallowing hard while you tried to form the words in your throat. “I’m no good at flirting Spencer, but I like you - a lot - and I would love to get to know you - on more of a romantic level.” Okay, it was out there now. Grabbing your cup of coffee, you spun around and quickly walked back to your desk.

“Y/N?” Spencer came up to your desk after about ten minutes, having returned from the cafeteria to leave your favorite blueberry muffin on your desk. “This is for you. And…I would like to get to know you too. Does…does that mean we have a date in two weeks?”

With a chuckle, you placed your hand gently on top of his. “I think it does.”


Two weeks later was your first official date at the arcade. Although since finalizing your plans, you’d texted back and forth with random questions, favorite color, favorite movie, favorite Doctor, all in an effort to learn everything you could about each other. “Okay, I have to do Pac-Man first,” you laughed. “It’s my favorite.”

“Me too,” he smiled, grabbing your hand. His skin had brushed your own in passing before, but this was difficult. A wave of warmth washed over you as you followed him inside. Flirting was completely out of the realm of comfortable for you, but if you hadn’t pushed yourself, then you wouldn’t be reveling in this comfortable feeling right now.

Justlex With Abused!Justin and Protective!Alex

Request: protevtive!Alex and abused!justin


A/N: Sorry for the wait on this, but I hope you enjoy :)


Warnings: Mentions of abuse, Sadness and Anger.


Justlex With Abused!Justin and Protective!Alex…

  • Okay so Justin had had his fair share of stepfathers. None of them official of course, but that never stopped them from thinking that they had the right to control him

  • Justin couldn’t remember a single time in his life where he had felt content at home. Even when the boyfriends were gone his mum was heartbroken
  • He was the typical jock in school, walked around like a God and acted like it too

  • But all he really wanted was to be loved
  • That one night when he stayed with Alex Standall, he’d finally tipped over the edge and couldn’t help but cry. The way Alex wrapped him in his arms and rubbed his back to calm him down so effortlessly had drawn him in

  • They became super close again, and every day at the end of school when they said goodbye his heart raced with the hope Alex would just invite him over to stay again, but Alex never seemed to get how much Justin wanted that
  • Things got particularly bad at home again when Seth realised Justin had been sneaking in and out

  • So bloodied and bruised he made his way to the only person he wanted to see
  • Alex was concerned when he first opened that door, then he was furious

  • He paced around the kitchen while Justin tried to eat and have some water, trying not to say anything that was violent and going to upset Justin further
  • Alex had figured out where the bruises had come from by now, and he wasn’t letting Justin go back ever again

  • It was late, when they first locked themselves away in Alex’s room that Justin blurted out how much he wanted a hug
  • Alex totally hadn’t expected it, but he came to assume it was a rarity for Justin, and it made his heart ache. He rushed across the room and just held the boy

  • He swore he would never let anyone touch Justin like that ever again. He saw through the perfect jock in his arms, and he wasn’t going to let him get away with faking okay
  • He hugged him often after that. He got used to those sad eyes Justin would give him when he wanted affection. He knew Justin wouldn’t ever ask for it again, that was the way he’d grown up

  • Alex also barely let Justin out of his sight. To everyone at school they’d just grown back into the friends they once were. Alex didn’t make a deal of babying Justin in public, he just let the boy keep his jock image, it made him happy after all
  • When people at school would whisper about Justin, good or bad, Alex was there to glare at them

  • That time they ran into Seth and his Mum on the streets, you can bet Alex pulled Justin behind him without a second thought, even though both of them knew he couldn’t hold a fight against someone like Seth
  • Justin practically moved in with Alex, his family seeming to get the hint that it’s what Justin needed. It seemed that the longer Justin stayed the more blankets seemed to find their way onto his makeshift bed on the floor, and Alex swore Justin almost burst out crying when he first realised some of them were brand new, purchased especially for him

  • When Justin got nightmares Alex let him climb into his bed like a little kid. Sometimes they’d just lay there on their own halves, and sometimes Justin would tuck in super close until Alex got the hint that he was supposed to hold him
  • Alex complimented the brunette all the time when they were home. On his appearance, school work, the things he did well and even the things he didn’t do well. Justin smiled like a child every time, and it seriously broke Alex’s heart that Justin had never been praised for how amazing he was

  • Whenever Justin got injured during basketball, whether it was serious or just the usual accidental elbow to the ribs he’d always be sure to patch him up once they got home. He and Justin became exceptionally close. So comfortable and intimate with each other, happy to share their personal space
  • They’d give each other so many soft touches- gentle tickles, and massages and they’d even share clothes if they were just hanging around the house. It made their friends suspicious when they could smell the other on them, but everyone just brushed it off as them living together. Justin came to like smelling Alex on him, it was calming to always have the presence of someone who took care of you hanging over you

  • Alex never stopped asking Justin if he was okay or if he needed anything. Once they were close enough Justin very rarely slept on the floor, though his bed of blankets didn’t move- it became their study area. Justin soaked up all the affection he got from Alex, finally feeling loved, even if he was scared that was too stronger feeling
  • Alex was there for him when he was physically hurt, when he was mentally hurting, when everything in him just ached. Justin was so thankful to whoever had written it to be his fate to meet Alex. He loved the moments they shared together and the lack of awkwardness between them. Alex was just happy that he never had to see Justin bloodied and bruised on his doorstep ever again, and he too loved the times that they spent together

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Tattoos ~ Finn Balor

“Let’s get down and dirty Balor!” I pulled off my hoodie and removed my cap, making my way over to the ring.

“don’t ye wanna change yer shoes (Y/N)? I’m worried about yer ankles - ye need somethin more comfortable.” He suggested, looking down at my converse. I took a minute in my head to decide what I wanted to do next before walking over to my bag to change my converse.

“Okay I think I’m ready.” I lifted myself onto the apron and slipped into the ring.
Finn Balor was a really good friend of mine, even with me moving up onto the main roster, we still trained together.

Finn pulled off his shirt. Damn son. I bit my lip. “Concentrate (Y/N).” Finn smirked at me, causing me to blush.

Argh please. I’ve brought my A game today.” I launched myself at him, catching him off guard.

I successfully managed to get Finn into an impressive headlock before releasing him, “shit where’d ye learn that?” I got up and adjusted the strands of my hair that were in my face, “just something Sami showed me.. Impressed?” I cocked my head at him

“I see ye guys have been bondin without me…” He turned away from me and walked towards the opposite rope. “I can’t wait till they move you up onto main roster next month!” I stretched my arms behind me. 

Finn, Sami and I were the best of friends. We all remained exceptionally close and were so excited when we heard that Finn would be joining us soon. It was quite obvious that Finn and I had feelings for each other but we would always push them aside.

“Me either. I’ll be back on the road with ye an Sami in no time.” Finn beamed at me. "Okay now run at me.“ Finn held his arms out forward.

I took a few steps back and rested my weight against the rope behind me before I took off at full speed ahead. I was expecting for Finn to break my momentum or typically flip me over but instead he charged towards me, knocking the air out of me before I landed on my back with him on top of me.

I felt a cold wind hit my torso. Is my shirt up? “Uhm I’m so sorry love. That went much better in me head!” Finn laughed before attempting to lift himself up. “Whoaaaa. I’ve never seen dis befo!” He touched my exposed skin.

My ring attire was a little different compared to the other female superstars. I liked to wear my signature graphic tees and shorts.. Nothing that would expose too much, so people obviously, have never seen my tattoo. 

“I didn’t know ye had a tattoo. It’s really pretty.“ I redden at the feeling of Finn’s fingers grazing across my skin, tracing the tattoo. This was as close and as intimate as we’ve ever been. Finn looked up at me. he snapped out of his trance and retracted his hand before blushing "sorry.” He swiftly rose to his feet and extended his hand towards me. I allowed him to help me to my feet after shyly readjusting my T-shirt.

“Okay we’ve got time for one more maneuver.” I looked at the clock on the wall. “Let’s make it interesting.” I raised my eyebrow at Finn’s words. “If I knock ye down - you show me that sexy tattoo of yours again.” “And if I knock you down?” I questioned. “Ye won’t.” That cocky bastard.

After putting up quite a fight, Finn found himself pinned beneath Me. My full body weight pressed against him. “I win.” I smirked. “What were the terms if I lost?” He groaned, looking up at me, not even attempting to shake me off him.

“This.” Finn stared into my eyes before I hesitantly lowered my face closer to his till our lips touched… Taking him by complete surprise. “I always wanted to do that.” He smiles, when i break away.

Sieglinde Sullivan Facts!

Name: Sieglinde Sullivan
Age: 11
🕯 When first introduced, she was the Lord that controlled the Werewolves Forest the small German village of Wolfsschlucht.
🕯 The villiage name “Wolfsschlucht” in German roughly translates to “Valley of Wolves”.
🕯 Upon learning that her life was a lie and her “magic” was merely a way of unlocking the secrets to a deadly poison she abandoned the village and moved to London, where she now serves under Queen Victoria.
🕯 Her feet were bound, which impaired her movement and rendered her inable to walk. This may have been to immobilize her should she discover the truth behind her work.
🕯 Due to the language barrier (Until Sebastian begins teaching her English), there are frequent misunderstandings between her and Ciel. These misunderstandings typically are seen sexually on her side of things, which Sebastian finds amusing and tends not to correct.
🕯 Due to her lack of knowledge of the outside and men in particular, her understanding of men comes from books. This lead her to believe that men are carnal beasts driven only by lust.
🕯 Once outside the village she becomes an engineer of sorts, constantly at work and thirsting for understanding.
🕯 Sieglinde built a robotic device that allows her to walk which is called “Arachne Patousa” and is modeled after spider legs.
🕯 Sebastian served as her butler for a short time while Ciel was bedridden.
🕯 She has seen both Ciel and Sebastian’s contract seals and believes them to be devil worshipers.
🕯 She is exceptionally close to her servant, Wolfram Gelzer.
🕯 Her name means “Gentle Victory”.
🕯 She is the one to discover the blood types of the Lords of Sphere Music Hall and the connection between them.
🕯 Sieglinde likewise deduces that the gathering of blood on such a scale is likely to be for experimenting with blood transfusion.
🕯 She designed the Funtom 5’s advanced equipment.