The rise and fall of great powers and their imperial domains has been a central fact of history for centuries.  It’s been a sensible, repeatedly validated framework for thinking about the fate of the planet.  So it’s hardly surprising, when faced with a country once regularly labeled the “sole superpower,” “the last superpower,” or even the global “hyperpower” and now, curiously, called nothing whatsoever, that the “decline” question should come up.  Is the U.S. or isn’t it?  Might it or might it not now be on the downhill side of imperial greatness?

Endless warfare. Extrajudicial killings. Broken infrastructure. They all add up to a superpower in steep decline

Because Pt 1: Present tense

To a verb, remove ~다, and add ~아/어 (as if conjugating to present tense, so of course 하다~> 해) then 서 to mean because. **remember words with stems ending in ㅣ should conjugate to either ㅕ or ㅑ (and just remember all rules in general anyway)**

저는 피곤해서 쉬고 싶어요.
I am tired, so I want to rest.
Because I am tired, I want to rest.

Notice that ~어/아서 comes at the end of the first clause, but when translated, puts the meaning of because I’m the beginning of the first clause. In English, that is pretty much the equivalent of the word “so.”

Example 2:
그 여자가 예뻐서 많은 남자는 그녀를 좋아해요.
That girl is pretty, so many boys like her.

Example 3:
모든 아침에 저는 버스를 기다려서 아침을 안 먹어요.
Every morning I wait for the bus, so I don’t eat breakfast.

USING ~어/아서 with 이다

Any of these will work:
After nouns ending in a consonant:
After nouns ending in a vowel:

지금은 밤이어서 잠을 자 야 해요.
It is night now, so I have to sleep.
지금은 밤이라서 잠을 자 야 해요.
It is night now, so I have to sleep.

그녀는 의사여서 너무 바빠요.
She is a doctor, so she is very busy.
그녀는 의사라서 너무 바빠요.
She is a doctor, so she is very busy.

I’ll post rules for ~어/아서 in past tense and future tense later!
이 포스트의 끝이라서 나중에 봐요~!


Andrew Bacevich has been a singular critic of American foreign policy since he began publishing on the topic 13 years ago. His second book, “American Empire: The Realities and Consequences of U.S. Diplomacy,” came out in 2002 and defined his turf: He is a critic of the policy cliques who knows them from within. After “The New American Militarism: How Americans Are Seduced by War” (2005) came “The Long War” (2007), “The Limits of Power (2008) and “Washington Rules: America’s Path to Permanent War (2010)—titles that speak for themselves. Two years ago Bacevich published “Breach of Trust: How Americans Failed Their Soldiers and Their Country.” By then he had lost a son to an explosive device in Iraq—an event that seemed to inform the book with the dignified stoicism that marks Bacevich’s character.

The brilliant foreign policy theorist Andrew Bacevich tells Salon how American exceptionalism makes matters worse


Rye not?

I wandered in to a small liquor store in an obscure part of town the other day, and since I am always on the look out for new and interesting spirits, picked up a bottle of Dickle Rye Whiskey.

So I did some research…

George Dickel Rye Whisky is the only rye finished in the style that made the brand famous.They start with the finest rye whisky available, made from 95% rye and 5% malted barley. Then it’s finished the “Dickel way” – chilled, then charcoal mellowed.

Spicy with an exceptionally smooth finish, you’ll definitely taste the wood from the barrels. Best with a splash of cold water… or mixed up in a Manhattan…

I say, if you’re a Rye drinker… grab a bottle if you can find it.

Brooklyn Bridge & Skyline by ataferner
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tiideborn asked:

describe what an assassin would have to be to be a perfect match for ur muse.

…good question. there’d be a lot of similarities in anyone who was a perfect match for thalia, nico, hazel, percy, tyson. all the big three kids. they are EXCEPTIONALLY strong, and dangerous. you’d have to have an extreme offense or a VERY strong defense to tackle one of them and walk. ye??

but, lemme see…for jason?

– be shock/electricity proof. lol. jason’s hard to hit even from a distance, given that he can do the “wOOOOOO I CONTROL WINDS” thing. arrows he can deflect, bullets??? maybe he can. most projectile weapons he can dodge. add that to the fact he can call down lightning from a DISTANCE? yeah. ur fucked unless u are difficult to zap into defeat. 
– with ^^^^ in mind, it wouldn’t hurt your chances to be EXTREMELY HEAVY. sturdy, i mean. he can’t uproot you with wind control if you’re too heavy to be affected by the wind/difficult to knock down. but then, he can fly, so…good luck with that, too. unless you aim yourself like a fucking human cannonball theN RIP JASON GRACE YE WILL BE MISSED
– steals daisys words here because she had a valid point; being able to outsmart him plays a HUGE HAND in defeating him. jason was raised to be extremely strategic. he may not play the surprise tactic card, but it certainly will scare him if his opponent can outsmart him/figure out his plan quicker than he can execute it. someone who thinks as he does is likely to be a HUGE threat.
– to elaborate on the thing up there…um. now…uh….hear me out. jason will always act accordingly to disasters; i.e. he will look to save who he can first. if you are able to trap him somewhere, you’ve got a higher chance of getting a solid hit. and to do so…putting someone else in danger is a good ploy. he won’t go anywhere til they’re safe. reminder though: he can and will electrocute. if that’s gonna be a tactic, you may want to keep your ‘victim’ close enough that he can’t use his lightning powers for fear of hurting them too.
– fyi, putting piper in danger will only get you killed faster so, don’t try that
– no i mean it piper will kill you herself. bad idea. BAD JUJU.
– (likewise for any of his demigod friends tbh)
– tHIS ONE HURTS ME BUT, JASON ONLY REALLY CONSIDERS HIS FRIENDS HIS EQUALS. why??? because he will hesitate to kill them (stares directly at MoA where he was fighting one-on-one w/ dakota and apologized before knocking him out) and because what he can’t kill is essentially what bests him. you want to be his perfect match??? sneak your way into his life, make him think of you as a friend. make him TRUST you. that way you (a) know his weaknesses better and (b) know what stregnths he’ll play to and © will maybe pick up on how he plans and be able to work out his ~strategies~ better.
– there is literally no downside to that ploy for an assassin. he will not kill a friend. defend himself fiercely? absolutely. but kill them, even if they’re trying to kill him? no.
– to sum it up: in terms of power? you’d have to be EXTREMELY POWERFUL to beat any of the big three kids hand-to-hand. but being sly, and fast and acting on the surprise card will most likely get jason off guard and make him a (ahem) sitting duck.

浊 [Zhuó]

Riley (Rye-lee)

Non-Bender (Multiple Weapons Specialist; Favours Bow & Arrow and Tiger Head Hook Knives)

Born: Spring 278AG
Birthplace: Unknown
Ethnicity: Water Tribe/Fire Nation
Affiliation: The Shen Li Liberation Front, Team Renegade

Spirited and uninhibited, Riley-a nickname she gave herself that stuck-has carried her own weight in the world for as long as she can remember and she has managed to do so with prodigious success. She spitefully resents her older waterbending brother, Raiden, for relinquishing his responsibilities and leaving her to survive on her own for unknown reasons.

Despite not having any bending talents of her own, Riley is an exceptionally gifted hunter and a dangerous assassin who can outmatch almost any bender or non-bender in a physical fight. Though distrust grows between herself and those around her throughout the course of the story, she has always gone wherever her two best friends go and unwittingly finds herself embarking on a journey of self-discovery along with them.

Fun Information:

Animal Companion: Daigo (Fennec Ligerfox)
Chinese Zodiac: Horse
Current Creator Voice Headcanon: Cristina Rosato (Notable: Caterina Sforza from Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood)
Favourite Food: Roast Duck [Kǎoyā]
Myers Briggs Personality Type: INTJ

Register to Vote

I just registered to vote because I want to Vote for Bernie Sanders in the Primaries.  

It’s exceptionally easy.  Just google the words ‘register to vote’ and your county and you will be taken to a website where you can register to vote in a few easy steps.  If you want, you can select an option that’ll have them send you your ballot in the mail.  You don’t even have to go to a voting place to vote.  

I think Bernie Sanders can win the Primaries, but he’s going to need every one of your votes.  Register to vote.  Vote in the primary.  Do it for your future.  Do it for us all.  

“An exceptionally rare, important and unpublished Greco-Roman Terracotta Medical ex-voto, representing an eye, dating to approximately 200 B.C.”


(Photo: Robert Hanashiro, USA TODAY) 

Scalia says California doesn’t count. He’s right: Column 

“Since California’s exceptionalism often has accelerated change nationwide, the Westernization of California poses the question of whether it will be good for America. … For now, however, you are right, Justice Scalia. California doesn’t really count as the West. But time can change the meaning of things, including marriage and our messy state.”