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I’m currently creating an illustration based on AHS apocalypse (amazingly all it took was witches and a musical appearance by Stevie Nicks and the gays are back in it to win it, we’re easy) anyway,

all jokes aside I actually do an illustration every year and it usually involves some of the key features, themes and characters of the show except for my Freakshow one which I actually made off the Coven high we were all still in when the first promos of Freakshow came out

so the apocalypse one is a border of melted candles, the main focus is a pentagram with Michael topless covered in snakes in the centre of it. On the top points of the pentagram I wanted the boring teenage romance subplot in one, and Evan Peters equally pointless hairdresser character getting railed by the rubberman. The bottom left and right points of the pentagram would be the witches of both Coven and the new ones of Apocalypse and the bottom point opposite Michael was going to be Venable with just the 8 shaped hourglass between them. And above them skulls, mushroom clouds, goat heads etc

now we have a slight problem that a good chunk of those characters are dead and we are 5 episodes in… oh dear.

Now odds are that some people will be brought back to life. I’ve missed key players of a story out before and we still need our purple people up in there

so who should be in the pentagram?

LOTR’s concept artists designed the films as a “journey back in time”

So (according to the concept art book) as the Fellowship travels deeper into Middle Earth, the places they pass through become inspired by progressively older periods of history. The farther along you are in the story, the more ancient the design influences

We begin in The Shire: which feels so familiar because, with its tea-kettles and cozy fireplaces, it’s inspired by the relatively recent era of rural England in the 1800s

But when we leave Hobbiton, we also leave that familiar 1800s-England aesthetic behind and start going farther back in time. 

Bree is based on late 1600s English architecture

Rohan is even farther back, based on old  anglo-saxon era architecture (400s-700s? ce)

Gondor is way back, and no longer the familiar English or Anglo-Saxon: its design comes from classical Greek and Roman architecture

And far far FAR back is Mordor. It’s a land of tents and huts: prehistoric, primitive, primeval. Cavemen times

And the heart of Mordor is a barren lifeless hellscape of volcanic rock…like a relic from the ages when the world was still being formed,  and life didn’t yet exist

And then they finally reach Mount Doom, which one artist described as 

“where the ring was made, which represents, in a sense, the moment of creation itself”

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“Can we check out some other rooms here?”

(The Ghosts and Demons of Bobby Mackey’s    a.k.a that episode where Shane outed himself as both a demon and a walking meme)

i mean, yeah, i do have multiple copies of the same pair of jeans, but actually ive just been wearing the same pair for three days. so

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Do Kokichi and Miu ever colab in your yt au????

yep! here’s some of kokichi’s collab playlists


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME~ As a gift, I got myself the chutzpah to start practicing comics and long-form storytelling.

These are the first 6 pages of Fiend and Hera’s story, False Edge. It’s perfect for a first try: I’m invested in the characters, but without being so precious with them that I’m scared to mess up. Plus, it’s full of excuses to draw monsters and violence and gratuitous shots of Fiend’s butt. But for now: nice cat people.

ANYWAY if you wanna see where this goes (and where Fiend comes in), I’ll be posting new pages at @false-edge everyyyyyy what’s today. Wednesday.

Boy, I’m going to live to hate Wednesdays.


countdown to series four // day 16 - favourite outfit Look™

watching the latest mha episode

me 2 me: How did the boyz not notice Bakugou was missing immediately I fully refuse to believe his complaining wasn’t endless throughout the entire walk they should have noticed the second it stopped like he was probably even cut off midsentence

Me 2 me: oh it’s bc they’ve all mastered tuning him out SO WELL they can’t even hear his voice anymore


look at that. they’ve all truly ascended to a plane where they don’t even hear him anymore. especially Todoroki. repeated exposure to Bakugou has made him immune, he is Too Powerful.


quite the opposite, really