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So i know i run dwarves differently than most GMs

but it seriously makes more sense to me than a patriarchy because imagine this - you exist in a culture with no outward indication of gender that places enormous value on caves and mining

and you finally leave and meet these weird tall people

and as you’re exchanging words and whatnot they’re all

“Where are your women?”

And you’re like, “what is a woman?”

and they say, “the weaker gender, beardless and gentle”

and you say “We have none”

because of course you don’t, you’re DWARVES

And the tall ones ask “Where do you come from?”

And you reply “Caves” because it is true both ways, you live in caves and you are born of those dwarves that carry caves within themselves, the most sacred of dwarves

and the tall people shrug and let it go because who cares, hide your women, they just want the trade agreements

and nobody ever realizes they were speaking to the women all along


Welcome to The Emmons Quarry (Uncle Tom Mountain Quarry) in Greenwood, Maine!

Greenwood is Known for its Abundance of Exceptional Minerals and the Mines in this Area are Just as Unique and Amazing as the Crystals that they Contain!

This Particular Quarry is a Complex Granitic Pegmatite Open-Pit Mine on a Beautiful Mountainside, Privately Owned and Not Open to the Public!

This Video Shows the Massive Rock Wall at the Quarry with Dozens of Scars from Previous Core Samples!

A Core Sample is a Cylindrical Section of a Naturally Occurring Substance, in this Case Various Sections of What is Now the Rock Wall.

Core Samples are Obtained by Drilling with Special Drills into the Different Locations Throughout the Mine with a Hollow Steel Tube called a Core Drill.

Core Analysis Gives Mine Owners the Most Accurate Insight into the Porosity, Permeability, Mineral Composition, and Provides Many Other Details as to What’s Hidden Beneath the Surface of a Given Section of the Mine!

Thanks for Watching, Stay Tuned for More Videos from This Extraordinary Locality and Northern Maine Minerals 2017 Mining Season!

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Happy Shopping Everyone


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If Branch disses the Cantina Scene in Starwars with shit like "that species wouldn't even have the lung capacity to play an instrument like that!" Or "actually desert planets are mostly deserted except for miners so there's no way there'd be towns, let alone cantinas" I'm gonna throw a chair at him

Poppy takes alien Branch to see the new star wars movie and he gets booed out of the theatre because he wont shut the fuck up

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Shovel&&Worn Cello, and then || the product with the sharp half of a dagger?

Shovel && Worn cello = Miners Cello 

This cello, instead of having a point at the end, has a shovel head.

Miners Cello || Sharp half of a dagger = Metal Miners Dagger

Its a miners cello, except that its made of some unknown metal. Using the cello part might produce new sounds now that its made of metal.

What a stunning fossil

The 9.8xby 10.3x 4.8 cm clam would be an impressive addition to a collection in and of itself, despite its relatively young age (2-3 million years old). At some point in the intervening time waters passed by the fossil, and remobilised the calcium from the shell itself before encountering some change in conditions that caused precipitation of the crystals of golden calcite. Good quality complete pieces like this are rare, and I have to say I rather like it.


Image credit: Exceptional Minerals

Realgar on calcite

I have visited this lovely mineral that is also known as ruby sulphur before (see http://on.fb.me/1dC9ZWZ and http://on.fb.me/1dC9ZWZ), but this specimen was so wonderful that I couldn’t resist sharing this lovely Chinese chunknestling on calcite. A sulphide of arsenic, it shouldn’t be licked, and hands should be washed after handling. In addition it disintegrates with prolonged exposure to light, which slowly disaggregates its crystal structure, so prize specimens should always be stored in the dark when not being drooled over.

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Much of the indoor light you’ll have seen in your lives will have come from this lovely orange mineral that is an important ore of tungsten. In the old style incandescent bulbs, the wires that are electrically heated used until they glow white are made of this metal. They are becoming a thing of the past very quickly, taking the warm glowing quality of their inefficient energy conversion into light along with them.

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Native sulphur

Resting on a rocky bed of small crystals of aragonite (a form of calcium carbonate similar to the more familiar calcite), several fragile crystals of vivid yellow sulphur have coagulated out of the emanations of Mount Etna. The crystals can form in several ways, the most common being from fumaroles, from which burning gases that have bubbled out of the magma below escape through the volcanic edifice and precipitate crystals as they cool on contact with air, though it sometimes (possibly so in this case) precipitates from the sulphur rich waters that the escaping steam condenses into. The specimen comes from Sicily and measures 9x6.3x4.8cm.


Image credit: Exceptional Minerals

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if water based foundations are good for swimming, rain etc those that mean oil based foundations are good for oily skin? what are some?

Not exactly, some oily skin gals prefer oil free foundations! Some would argue you want to go for an oil free foundation because oily skin doesnt need any more oil. I’ll explain a little the pros and cons of each makeup base so you can choose for yourself :)

It’s really useful to know a little bit about the make up of makeup (hehe) to better understand which foundation or makeup is best for you. Take a look at the ingredients list on makeup products to learn a little more about them. 

There are a few different types of face makeup

  1. Water based
  2. Oil based
  3. Silicone based
  4. Alcohol based
  5. Powder based
  6. Mineral based

Water based foundations (ones that claim to be oil free) are more light weight, have lighter coverage, usually has a more matte finish, won’t clog pores like some other foundations and doesn’t feel greasy or oily.

  • Ex. MAC Face & Body, Makeup Forever Face & Body, Covergirl Clean Makeup, Cover FX Oil Free Foundation

Oil based foundations tend to be fuller coverage, more creamy, can have more of a dewy finish and blends easily but some can clog pores and look a little greasy/oily. Oil based foundations tend to be better for dry skin because they are more oily and “moisturizing”.

  • Ex. Revlon Colorstay

Silicone based foundations are similar to oil based foundations in the sense they have full coverage. They feel a little more light weight and comfortable on the skin. Very pore perfecting, creamy and smoothing like silicone based primers. Could possibly clog pores.

  • Ex. Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse.

Alcohol based foundations has very light weight and give little to medium coverage. Many airbrush systems use an alcohol based foundation.

  • Ex. Diorskin Airflash Spray Foundation.

Mineral based foundations are the most gentle, non irritating types of face makeup because they are all natural. Most mineral foundations are powder but there are a few exceptions where there is mineral liquid foundation and concealers (Bare Minerals just released a liquid foundation). Usually more light to medium coverage.

  • Ex. Bare Minerals, Pur Cosmetics

Powder based foundations are light weight, easy to use powders with more coverage than normal setting powders. They are easy to use and feel light on the skin. The downside is it can look cakey and powdery if you have dry skin or don’t use a proper moisturizer before hand.

  • Ex. MAC Studio Fix Powder, Milani Multitasking Powder, Makeup Forever Duo Matte

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pax is not poisonous and you're meant to use non toxic acrylics, and because it is suspended in the pros aide it is not harmful.

Can you provide a source for your claim?

I contacted Liquitex, the producer of acrylic paint that is most commonly recommended for creating PAX. Liquitex is certified non-toxic with an AP and CL product seal, which is why it usually is recommended. However, their paint is tested and certified for normal use of the product, NOT using the product as a body paint. Cosmetics undergo different testing. 

Please read this FULL post for all the details and the responses from both Liquitex and Pros Aide. But here is an excerpt:

CT: Does Liquitex recommend this use of the product?

Liquitex: We certainly do NOT recommend that any of our products be painted on skin.

CT: The MSDS for Liquitex basics says there are no potential health effects from skin contact, would this include being used for body paint or has it not been tested for this?

Liquitex: Just about all of our products are indeed water based (with the exception of our mineral spirit based varnish, soluvar) and most have been rated AP non-toxic by the ACMI (Arts and Creative Materials Institute).  All of the colors in the Basics line, for example carry the AP non-toxic label.  HOWEVER, our products are tested and given this labeling with the understanding that they will be used in fine arts and crafts applications, not painted on skin or ingested, or used on objects that will come into contact with food etc.    while it is okay to get a bit of paint on one’s hands while working, it is certainly a different thing altogether to apply a complete coat of paint on someone’s skin.  Water based does not automatically mean that a product will not cause harm, if it used in a manner other than that recommended by the manufacturer.   Acrylic paint contains ammonia as well as chemical emulsifiers in addition to the pigment and acrylic polymer binder that make up its structure, and again, the paint is tested and labeled under the fine arts and crafts designation - to be used on canvas, wood, paper, metal, etc.  not human skin.  

In short,  the basics line of paint, as well as our other lines of paint have not been tested or approved as a body paint, and we strongly recommend against using them in this application. 

full e-mail:

If you do have evidence to the contrary, please send it my way and I will look it over. I’m always up for revising information!