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lol isn't it typical that 'an american living in japan' is advocating anti-choice. Never met a westerner who humble brags their ~asian experience~ in blogs/usernames who cared diddly squat about my culture except to fetishize it or live out their anime/asian drama or pop dream, so why should you expect your logical arguments to get through to this weabo?

I live in Japan too, but yeah, tbh, a lot of the western guys that you meet here aren’t the greatest. Blah blah not all western guys blah blah but so many that I’ve met here have been the type who came over because they found themselves being rejected at home. Like, men who are into super subservient women come over because they think Japanese women are like that and are therefore so much better than ones at home. It’s a way for them to feel empowered in relationships in a way they wouldn’t in their own home countries. My own cousin is that type and it makes me really mad. Japanese women deserve better than these douchebags whose initial attraction to them is based on thinking that they’re push overs.

Sorry, got way off topic, but yeah. Westerners (not only the guys either) that you meet here can get pretty awful. People with attitudes that would meet confrontation at home come over here and find that suddenly, no one calls them out on their bullshit. There’s plenty of decent ones, I’ve just noticed a more than average dose of assholes in my life here.


I’ve kinda gotten bored of rebirth AUs for now but it’d be cool to see the OT4 and friends fighting an all out battle ,maybe in the dark continent, fighting some huge enemy. Everyone arriving through different circumstances. The battles are brutal and vicious. Killua dies protecting Alluka. Gon is somehow swept into it, he wasn’t supposed to even be there and without his nen is an easy target. Kurapika pushes himself too hard and just, idk, everyone ends up dying except Leorio. He manages to survive and lives out his dream of becoming a doctor always being that gentle hearted person that he is. Slowly everyone begins to be reborn -still in Leorio’s time- and he searches for them, wanting to take care of them and protect them in ways he couldn’t before.


dean: quotes (1/3)
→ dream a little dream of me

We've been on such a crazy, wild, fun journey 
and it's all lead up to this moment and this time.

favourite character meme » one character ~ jemma simmons

I love you so much that it hurts my head
Say, I don’t mind you under my skin
I let the bad parts in, the bad parts in

brand new - degausser (n. the elimination of a remnant magnetic field.)

… I’ve been listening to a lot of Brand New today, and this is such an Anakin song it hurts. (haha can you tell I’m fantasising/practising towards being able to make overly symbolic star wars prints one day… \:D/)

Ok so i had this dream last night:

The last trial was to resurrect an archangel, and it could only be done by sacrificing an so called ‘abomination’ of the world. Sam instinctively knew that he had to be the one to do it, and was determined to go through with it even when Dean begged him not to. He asked Dean to leave and began performing the ritual. It worked and Gabriel came back to life. But the catch of the ritual was that Sam would die before he could chant the last incantation and thus the trial wouldn’t be completed. Sam’s soul was going to hell and the gates of hell would still be open. But then suddenly Gabriel bend over Sam and started saying something in Enochian and then went full on archangel on him, resurrecting him on the spot.
Sam was stunned to say the least, and so was Gabriel, but they said the last words, the last incantation, and 
thus completed the trial.

What an odd dream huh?


Some boys take a beautiful girl
And hide her away from the rest of the world
I want to be the one to walk in the sun
Oh girls they want to have fun