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Thank you for all the au lists! Do you have any age gaps prompts, please?

Totally appropriate age gap AU’s!

  • “you’re one year older than me and that simple fact goes straight to your bloated head by calling me ‘youngin’ and ‘small child’ as though youre a widowed old woman knitting on a porch swing”
  • “you know im totally not the type of girl who goes after older people but hoo DAMN this boy just might be the exception–wait how old are–you’re what? thats like four fucken years DUDE HOW AM I OLDER THAN YOU”
  • “you constantly call me ‘small child’ because im short and i hate it because im aT LEAST THREE YEARS OLDER THAN YOU AND ULTIMATELY YOUR SUPERIOR SO TRY SHOWING ME SOME RESPECT”
  • “youre worried that im too old and experienced for u because ur parents are strict about that kind of thing and to be honest i dont know how to break it to you that im over 500 years old and might have had sex in that time span”
  • “you get super flustered and angry whenever i mock u about being so young because you use witchcraft to keep yourself immortal but i was immortal a long time before you so i dont care if ur 300 years old babygirl, im still 600 and twice as better”
  • “i made the mistake once of offering u help at the airport because i thought you were an unaccompanied minor but it turns out after like an hour of me escorting you everywhere that youre like two years older than me and apparently WERENT joking about that one fact”
    • “look im sorry but youre just tiny and have chubby cheeks and look all innocent and cute how could i have known–please stop glaring at me ohmygod”

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I can't get over "the cupping" rn. Thank you for being so great about everything. I can't imagine how you're getting anything done with those images in your head. I think you said it looked like some of the other jokey times when the cast fake makes out with each other. Did it look at all like these two times in these gifsets maybe? violue(.)tumblr(.)com/post/147305544783/why-are-they-so-adorable-sources-1-2-3 or poorbeautifuldean(.)tumblr(.)com/post/125199931458/poorbeautifuldean

OMG YES OKAY– I’d say it’s the most like this one: 

Except in this scenario Jensen is actually Misha, and he didn’t fake away into a hug, they both just dropped out and started laughing. 

I’d like to say it was the most like this moment (with the touching):

Except Misha (obviously) didn’t go all the way and Jensen was facing him. Really it was a combination of the two.

I hope that helps give a bit of a visual!

I’m gonna go curl into a ball now at the sudden onset of memories

Title: Playing for the Devil’s Fire
Author: Phillippe Diederich
Publisher: Cinco Puntos Press
Pages: 245
Genre: Mystery
Review copy: Final copy via publisher
Availability: On shelves now

Summary: Thirteen-year-old Boli and his friends are deep in the middle of a game of marbles. An older boy named Mosca has won the prized Devil’s Fire marble. His pals are jealous and want to win it away from him. This is Izayoc, the place of tears, a small pueblo in a tiny valley west of Mexico City where nothing much happens. It’s a typical hot Sunday morning except that on the way to church someone discovers the severed head of Enrique Quintanilla propped on the ledge of one of the cement planters in the plaza and everything changes. Not apocalyptic changes, like phalanxes of men riding on horses with stingers for tails, but subtle ones: poor neighbors turning up with brand-new SUVs, pimpled teens with fancy girls hanging off them. Boli’s parents leave for Toluca and don’t arrive at their destination. No one will talk about it. A washed out masked wrestler turns up one day, a man only interested in finding his next meal. Boli hopes to inspire the luchador to set out with him to find his parents.

Review:  A severed head and another dead body with missing fingers are the two most obvious clues that things are changing in the small town of Izayoc. The name Izayoc is Nahuatl and means the place of tears which rapidly becomes a more and more accurate description. There are multiple grisly scenes and many heart-breaking moments throughout the book. Boli’s story is haunting and difficult to read, but is well worth the time and potential tears.

My heart ached for Boli as he watched his world crumble. The horrifying deaths are bad enough, but the shattering of trust is also devastating. Law enforcement is no help when his family goes missing and it’s hard to know where the loyalties of neighbors and strangers may lie on any given day. Boli is a pretty trusting kid initially. He is slow to believe the evidence staring at him. He hangs out with some kids who curse and fantasizes about an older girl, but he is a pretty innocent child as the story begins to unfold. He idolized luchadores and wants to be a hero like them – not a superhero, but a real person who is responsible for fighting crime and also happens to get the girl in the end. Unfortunately, Boli and his town become witness to plenty of crime to fight, but it’s not like in the movies or lucha libre. The crime and violence is all too real and can be downright gruesome.

Boli mainly places his trust in his family and his faith. He does have questions though. Father Gregorio teaches that one shouldn’t question God’s motives for what happens to people. Boli ponders the idea that life is a journey of living, suffering and dying. This type of thinking seems to keep people trapped in their situations though. His friend Mosca tells him that Catholicism is “all a fairy tale made up by the priests. All they wanted was to enslave the Indians and steal the gold of the Aztecs.”

Diederich does several things very well. He is able to dig a little into theology and religion without becoming preachy and dry. He also paints the scenes thoroughly. This book has a movie-like quality. This is where Diederich’s experience as a photographer may have been a big benefit. The dead bodies, trash heaps, marble games and lucha libre matches along with so many other situations are vividly described. One could say that sometimes maybe they’re even almost too vivid for comfort. Diederich also created memorable characters who wormed their way into my heart. Boli is facing enormous challenges but meets them with resilience for the most part. His sister Gaby also persists in spite of fear and heartache. Their abuela is experiencing dementia, but is also a strong force in their lives. I love the relationship Boli has with her. He appreciates her ability to laugh and hold onto whatever joke is bringing her joy. And then there is the washed up wrestler who stumbles into their lives and provides hope for Boli.

The story is set in Mexico and there are Spanish words and phrases present, but the author does provide a glossary. Like many of the events in the book, the words can be harsh, but they fit the situations and the characters and enrich the story.

Recommendation: Buy it now. This is a book that takes a hard look at the devastation that can come along with the drug business and the heavy toll it can take on individuals. This is a book that will stay in my memory for a long time to come.

Blog Tour: To learn more about the book and author, visit The Pirate Tree tomorrow.


The wing footed boy.


        This is falling in love in the cruelest way,
                                               This is falling for you and you are worlds away.

fay’s favorite disney movie is LILO AND STITCH 

Sometimes you just gotta..
  • Marinette:*Chilling in the park playing with a yoyo*
  • Civilian:Stop, thief!
  • The Thief:*Running towards where Marinette is*
  • Marinette:*Braces herself and reflexively flicks out her yoyo and hits thief in the head briefly stunning them*
  • Marinette:(Oh shit oh shit I'm not in costume right now)
  • Thief:(Shit oh shit Ladybug's here-- or... Not?)
shitty and lardo’s first kiss
  • happened the night of graduation, with the crickets building a symphony in his backyard, the porch lit with the warmth of the inside.
    • shitty had managed to pull her away from his drunk aunts and uncles after three hour mingling, a mischievous smile on his lips that didn’t quite meet his eyes. 
      • lardo had seen approximately 47 photos of shitty when he was a baby and was only mildly surprised to see him without his moustache
        • except one, with a sharpie drawn moustache his younger cousin happily took responsibility for
    • “i don’t know how you talked to all of my family without your head exploding in my living room.” 
    • “It’s practice I guess, for when law school turns you into a zombie.”
    • the sprinkler on the lawn clicked on, and shitty shrugged off his jacket to drape it on her shoulders
      • it was too heavy for a summer night, but it smelled like pine, and beer, and stale stale cigarettes and it was home, it was shitty
    • and when she looked up to say thank you, to say anything, he was pressing the softest kiss to her lips
      • she had imagined this moment, in varying degrees of sobriety and had always considered the moustache (furry? warm? smelly?) 
      • but in that moment, nothing was on her mind. nothing was on her mind but shitty’s mouth and his hands on her jaw 
      • and she was calm. she was so unbelievably calm and warm.
    • but when he finally pulled back, his eyes were swimming. 
      • and lardo was swimming in his jacket, fingers just peeking out of the sleeves to rub his back
    • “please don’t make me cry, dude.” 
    • “i’m sorry, brah, it’s hard.” 

Hitting up you all’s dash yet again with another Pose Pack! :D Today I present to you “My Boo” Couple Poses. I created poses that varied from different celebs. Like, Nelly and Kelly for example…

Except I wanted my Sim to look more at the camera. I had fun making these poses and there are definitely more to come. Pose pack include a total of Five Couple Poses (Ten poses in all) + two more that’s Including an All In One pack as well for Female and Male.

Shout out to @sims4studioofficial for such an Awesome program that you can get at their Website! You will also need, Andrew’s Pose Player in order for these poses to work. Also while your in the process of grabbing the needed item (if you don’t have it already) head on over to MTS because you will need Scumbumbo’s Teleport Any Sim Mod. Place two teleporter’s in the same spot when posing your Sims.

Shout out to ALL CC creators that got my Sims looking fly as ever!

Female Outfit

Hair @maygamestudio

Eyebrows @hallowsims

Lipstick  And Earrings @pralinesims

Necklace @toksicklookbook

Shirt @salem2342 And @fashionroyaltysims

Shoes @blackmojitos

Male Outfit

Hair @simculturenation

Eyebrows @shojoangel

Shirt (Can’t find link atm)

Jeans And Shirt @ooobsooo

Shoes @dreamteamsims

Dimples @sims4nexus

Earrings (I don’t have the link atm)


If you shall encounter ANY problems, feel free to let me know :D


People keep saying that Natsu would do anything he did for Lucy to anyone else like Gray, Erza and Wendy, but we’re not talking about how he’d do that for Erza too or Wendy, we are talking about how Mashima draws Natsu do it for Lucy instead of anyone else and guess what, in the movie Wendy and Happy were crying too but Natsu hugged Lucy. And the head touch moment- Nat//za did it first, but there is a difference because Natsu is the one who did it with Lucy willingly, but Erza did it to Natsu and Natsu did not do a head touch with anyone except  Lucy.
    – submitted by Sara

The Importance of Business Cards

I know we love to joke about Hannibal eating the waitress and the person who stepped on his foot. 

But my own head canon is that there is significance to Hannibal having a rolodex of business cards as his Wish List of the Rude. 

You don’t make it in unless you’re in a position that would justify having a business card, and only if your discourtesy applies to the way you behave in carrying out that position. 

Now, that doesn’t mean you’re safe if your a snotty barista, it just means that your ‘tude that day probably won’t merit making it to the backlog of potential victims. 

Dex is my smollest and I love him but guys…he eats pure garbage. Like honestly one of the things he was most excited for when he found out he got accepted to Samwell was that if he went away for school his mom couldn’t shove vegetables down his throat every five seconds. Then he starts dating Nursey and Nursey’s all “dex bby you can’t have a leftover gordita crunch wrap for breakfast,,, it’s not healthy!! 1!” And Dex wants to murder this boy but also he is so so cute and gives exceptional head and so Dex agrees to eat less junk, and so Nursey gets all excited and starts cooking Dex all this delicious healthy food and like they go with Bitty to the farmers market and just get fruits and veggies for good prices and dex is shookt because he thought healthy eating was for stupid rich people who could afford to be vegan and shame the poor for not doing the same, but then Nursey’s mom grew up in a lower income neighborhood and her mom cooked delicious healthy meals for her everyday, so Nursey is totally plugged for this situation. And once Nursey has Dex eating like a True Whole Foods Caucasian™ he starts packing Dex lunches to take with him when he knows he’ll be out past lunch, and then one day Dex is eating with all his lil coding buddies and they’re eating like corn dogs and chips and oreos and he pulls out a little Tupperware and starts eating the lunch Nursey made him and everyone kinda just quiets down and they’re like “dude.. .Dex what the fuck is that?” And Dex goes all red and he’s like “it’s a kale-quinoa salad…what? It’s good!” And he wants to evaporate right there. He honestly hates Nursey so much. (There’s also a go-go squeeze in his lunch and one of the cookies that Bitty made last night and a funny little poem that Nursey wrote about his eyes on a little slip of paper and Dex can’t stop fucking smiling when he reads it because Nursey drew a little spaceship on it and a bunch of hearts and what may be a ufo and honestly Dex loves Nursey so much)

1D's Louis has beef with a nagging fan in Ibiza
*insert terrible Ibeefa pun here*

While most of us have been spending our bank holiday weekend with our head in a toilet after one too many at our local, Louis Tomlinson has been partying away in Ibiza.

However, as is the case when you are (were?) in one of the biggest boybands of all time, Louis was constantly being asked for photos with fans.

The Sun reports that one fan in particular rattled Louis’ cage a bit too much.

The publication quotes an anonymous source as saying: “He declined all photos except for a hen party who kept on begging him until he gave in and went ‘oh go on then’.

"After seeing their success, a man tried his luck but when Louis politely declined he got rather grumpy. Louis responded by saying 'get some better shorts. Those ones are shit!’”

Digital Spy has reached out to Louis’ reps for comment.

We know for a fact that when it comes to shorts, Louis isn’t really one for complexity.

Louis’ fans recently started a #LouisTakeCareOfYourself trend after the singer was photographed looking pretty tired in London.

Maybe he can’t sleep because people have been sending him and Niall abusive messages all night after their numbers leaked.

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According to Twitter they cut the rilucas hug out of gm bear... 👀 thoughts?

I heard. My first thought was literally “damn Jacobs, that’s cold!” I don’t even ship them, but they are officially dating and that moment was one their shippers were really looking forward too. Because they don’t really get much else in terms of romantic physical contact this season (hand holding in SL2 and S16, leaning their heads together in IDF/GB, and throwing her over his shoulder in SLDM…this one isn’t even in a romantic context like the others).

Also, fun fact: since the hug got cut……by the end of this season, Riley will have an on screen hug with everyone (Maya, Farkle, Zay, and Smackle)…..EXCEPT HER ACTUAL BOYFRIEND.👀👀

I have a lot of thoughts about what fights between hux and ren would be like, once they’re together. of course really explosive and spectacular, because lbr, the tension that crackles between them isn’t going to go away just because they sleep curled up together, drooling in each other’s hair.

they’ll push each other to the breaking point, I’m sure of that. ren will leave something on the floor of their room - one of his scarves or a tray with some unfinished food on it - and hux will decide to leave it there until ren notices and removes it himself.

except, of course, ren will never notice, because many things matter a lot to ren - his mind constantly filled to the brim with matters hux finds trivial and inconsequential, matters whose importance exists only in his head. but something left on the floor of their room? he’ll step over it for an entire standard week cycle. two. while it slowly eats away at hux until he’s compounded everything ren has ever done to irritate him in all the years they’ve known each other into this single incident.

by the time he confronts ren, it will be with a laundry list of all the things that make him an unsuitable partner - hux’s words have always been his weapons, and they are pointed and deadly sharp. he forgets in that moment that ren isn’t an enemy, but the man he has chosen to share his life with, pulls no punches. whereas ren… there’s a line ren refuses to cross, things he’ll never say, because he knows what it’s like to be emotionally vulnerable. (and he’ll never make use of a words the way hux does, anyway - finding the right ones has always been awkward for him.)

so when hux calls ren crazy, tells him there’s something not right in his head, that’s it. it’s ren’s darkest suspicions, confirmed - that he’s as defective as he’s always feared - and then their room is destroying itself, seemingly of its own accord. the power of ren’s grief and rage and fear that this is it, this is where hux leaves him, rending bedclothes and shattering glass fixtures.

and when it all ends, ren is a shuddering mess amongst the wreckage, certain he’ll never see hux again - because who could stand to be near someone so unpredictable and dangerous? except, miraculously, there’s an unsure touch on his back and a glass of water thrust into his hand and he’s being told to drink and to breathe and hux… hux is still there.

their bed, however, is unsalvageable.