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Hi, Saori! I see you blog a lot about Sterek and I was wondering if you read fanfiction too? If yes, can you rec me some fics to read? If not, can you recommend a blog that you think recs good fics? I find your taste in Larry fics similar to mine and I was hoping you can do the same with Sterek as well. Thank you!

Oh boy, honestly I have no idea what to say, I’m just glad that not everybody’s fed up with my Sterek spams (probably a lot of people are but oh well) :D

First things first, you should check out @theofficialstereklibrary @wheredidhiseyebrowsgo @underappreciatedsterek @acountrygirlsfun @christinesficrecs @eternalsterekrecs and if you like Larry too then @nottooldforthisship recces  awesome stuff all the time, (her sterek fic rec tag is a blessing) (my fic rec page is kind of a mess, but you can find some there too)

As of my recs, I usually don’t do it cuz I’m always anxious I’ll rec something the other doesn’t like, but since you asked so nicely here are some of my faves:

The Undisclosed (109k) - For once the pack doesn’t panic when a new hunter arrives. The gleefully sadistic man has labelled himself a collector of all things rare in the supernatural world and wants one of the rarest creatures; a werefox. Content that the pack is safe, the wolves focus on why their human member is acting so strange, ignoring the fact that Stiles only started once learning who the man wanted…

I’ve read this like, how many times? Way too many to be healthy? Seems accurate. And I’m totally not re-reading it again, nope.

Baking My Way Into Your Heart (179k) - Derek is an uptight college student, all work and no play. His carefully scheduled life is thrown kilter when his regular barista is replaced with someone new.

This fic changed my life tbh.

As Luck Would Have It (I’m already smitten) (188k, WIP) - When Stiles meets his Dom for the first time, it’s nothing like the cutesy, lovey-dovey Subflicks he used to drag Scott to when they were thirteen. There’s no burst of sunshine when they collide, no sudden swell of violins when their eyes meet; only a really big dent in the front of his Jeep and a seriously pissed off Alpha glaring at him from the sidewalk.

When I see the e-mail I shut down and don’t even look up until I finished reading the update. It’s by far the most exciting fic I’ve read, and I read A LOT.

Do Not Go Gentle (108k, WIP) - Derek Hale, Beacon Hills Alpha, is thrown into a dark cell which already contains another captive.   Someone quite young.   Someone who’s clearly been badly treated.  Someone who cannot speak and who has a cruel collar around his neck.Derek is both a Dom and an Alpha.  What do you think he’ll do?

Same with this. Mondays can’t come fast enough. Dark, but worth it for me.

Home (160k, WIP) - January seventh. Seven days since the start of 2015, and seven days since his father’s death.The bastard, he thinks bitterly. The past year Derek Hale had made it blatantly obvious that he hated his scrawny guts, taking every given opportunity to shove him up against a wall, growl threats in his ears and roll his eyes whenever he stepped into the room, muttering some snide comment about how spastic or idiotic he was.So why did he fucking volunteer to take him in?

You can’t even imagine what this fic does to me. It’s everything.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Roleplay Sentence Starters
  • "You'll die! Why are you doing this? Why?"
  • "Well that's just as fascinating as the first 89 times you told me that."
  • "Well I tell you what, that's gonna wear real thin, real fast, bud."
  • " I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am that you've accepted me despite my blunders. It is good to once again be among friends."
  • "This dumb tree is also my friend."
  • "I have lived most of my life surrounded my enemies. I will be grateful to die among my friends."
  • "Aww, what the hell, I don't got that long a lifespan anyway... "
  • "Well now I'm standing. Happy? We're all standing now. Bunch of jackasses, standing in a circle."
  • "We've already established that you destroying the ship I'm on is not saving me!"
  • "That is the most real, authentic, hysterical laugh of my entire life."
  • "Finger on throat means death!"
  • "They got my dick message."
  • "His people are completely literal. Metaphors go over his head."
  • "That dude there. I need his prosthetic leg. "
  • "God knows I don't need the rest of him. Look at him. He's useless."
  • "Well, supposedly, these bald bodies find you attractive, so maybe you could work out some sort of trade."
  • "That's for if things get really hardcore. Or if you wanna blow up moons."
  • "You just wanna suck the joy out of everything."
  • "Who put the sticks up their butts?"
  • "I am going to die surrounded by the biggest idiots in the galaxy."
  • "Fine, but I can't promise when all of this is over I'm not going to kill every last one of you jerks."
  • "See, this is exactly why none of you have any friends!"
  • "Oh she has no idea. If I had a blacklight, this would look like a Jackson Pollock painting."
  • "You got issues."
  • "He thinks I'm some stupid thing! He does!"
  • " I didn't ask to be torn apart and put back together over and over and turned into some little monster!"
  • "When I look around, you know what I see? Losers."
  • "You're an imbecile."
  • "I can't believe I got taken down by a raccoon."
  • "Raccoon? What's a raccoon?"
  • "Ain't no thing like me, except me!"
  • "We're just like Kevin Bacon."
  • "I live for the simple things... like how much this is going to hurt!"
  • "Dance-off, bro. Me and you."
  • "I like your knife, I'm keeping it."
  • "Oh, I was just kidding about the leg. I just need these two things."
  • "He said that he may be an... a-hole. But he's not, and I quote, 100% a dick".
  • "Well, I don't know if I believe anyone is 100% a dick."
  • "Let's see if you can laugh after five or six good shots in your freakin' face!"
  • "Creepy little beast!"
  • "I don't learn. One of my issues."
  • "Look at this thing. It thinks it's so cool. It's not cool to ask for help! Walk by yourself, you little gargoyle!"
  • "Hooked on a Feeling, Blue Swede! That song belongs to me!"
  • "Hold on a second, you're being serious right now?"
  • "I can't believe I'm taking orders from a hamster."
  • "You're a good looking girl. You should try to be more nice to people."

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Ah! Hello I don't know if you've answered an ask like this before (I didn't see one) but I'm some one who really loves clicks and metal tapping together but I also think a tangle will be really beneficial for me so are there any you recommend that are pretty cheap? I don't have much money but I could probably manage something $15 or cheaper thank you so much in advance I'm new to stim toys and getting an autistic screening soon so I'm feeling more self aware of my stims and sensory things

For $15, anon, we can get you a couple of different stim toys! If we go for the cheapest options, we can get you a few of them! There’s a few things I would definitely recommend for anyone after clicking and tapping (and good stimmy noises generally) and I’ll throw in a couple of DIYs at the end as well. This should get you started at the very least, and you can explore adding to this kit (be it by purchasing or by making things) over time. It’s surprising how quickly I went from having a couple of stim toys to having a couple of baskets of stim toys…

(I’ll also say that it’s really normal to have that self-aware stage when you’ve been diagnosed - be it professional or self - or discovered that autism is something with which you relate. My experience was that I’d spent my whole life suppressing so much about myself, and once I had a label for my difference, once I came online and found people both with the same experiences and the language for those experiences, I felt incredibly aware of this and how I moved for a long while. A year later, I’m back to not noticing how I’m rocking my knees while I type; stimming and touching has become more subconscious again, with the difference that I now reach for those baskets of toys more subconsciously and I’m so much less restrained in general sensory/texture seeking.)


The cheapest option, no matter where you are, is ebay. (I’ve got my review here and a series of links here, but there’s many more listings here, often for $2 USD and under with free international shipping. (Folks may want to note that there’s now several listings for the glow in the dark Tangles for under $2 USD, too!) Please note that there is no real consensus as to whether these are legitimate, knock-offs, prototypes or something else: some people have found theirs to be identical to Tangle Creations packaged Tangles, while others (including two of us mods) have found them to feel cheaper - lighter, crackier, creakier, not quite right in ways hard to articulate. My feeling is that they’re knock-offs (and that this is indicative in the price) but I don’t actually know this for sure (that they use an older version of the Tangle logo makes it hard to tell). For you, anon, this might be the better Tangle to source, because I can tell you from my own experience that they crack and creak a lot more than a regular Tangle Jr, and at this price you can get a couple of them.

If you want a packaged Tangle, your best bet if you’re in the USA is Amazon or Fat Brain Toys (under $5 USD, $3.99 USD flat rate shipping). If you’re in Australia, try Toyworld stores (around $6 AUD each).

Fidget Cubes

Later on today I’m going to try and make a post about the knock-off cube I found in a local dollar shop. I’ll say this right now: it is clicky. Not just that it has buttons and switches to click, but it makes a loud plastic clicking noise when you use them. (It’s so noisy that I’d wish murder on the person using it beside me in the classroom.) In your case, anon, I’d go for the cheap version not only from pricing concerns but also because of the clicking noises they make. There’s a score of various ebay listings running anywhere from $1 to $5 with free international shipping in anybody’s currency and a few more listings on where to buy on this post.

Klixx Fidgets

This is basically a length of interlocking links that click when you move them. Tremendously clicky. There’s brand-name and imitation versions available - the imitations tend to be a few dollars cheaper. You can hear one being clicked in this video post by @yellows-stim-toy-hoarde.

Available on Stimtastic for $3.50 USD. The knock-off versions are called “Snap and Click” toys and there’s a Squishy Mart listing for $0.98 USD and on Children’s Therapy Store for $1.50 USD.


This is less clicky, in terms of volume, than my fidget cube, but it’s plastic, it’s scrunchy and it’s wonderfully stimmy to just crunch in your hand. It’s also the most expensive fidget here at $9.50 USD from Stimtastic and $12.99 AUD from Sensory Oasis for Kids. I’d be inclined to leave this one for later, simply due to the expense, as you can get multiples of the other toys in your budget. They are fabulous, though!

Snake Puzzles

This is another case, anon, where the cheaper the puzzle, the clickier and creakier it is. My Smiggle puzzles are mostly silent (exceptions being the glow in the dark ones, for some reason: the plastic feels more brittle) but my K-Mart puzzles (both small and large) click and creak as you rotate the triangular sections.

This is one of those odd items where I don’t have a good non-Australian supplier to recommend. K-Mart sells the mini puzzles for $1 AUD each, which I recommend as a super cheap creaky toy (although some of the covers over the triangular pieces like to pop free). There’s several larger ones on Amazon, but none are especially cheap. I’ve seen them on Banggood for $2.18 AUD with free international shipping, which might be your best bet.

Electronic Bubble Wrap

This is less clicky and more pushy with the sound of bubble wrap, but it might work for you if you really like pressing buttons. There’s a range of ebay listings here starting from $5.33 USD with free shipping.

Light Switches

Check out this post Mod Rainbow wrote a while back about finding cheap, unwired switches on ebay. If you’re after a switch to flick/click and you need something bigger than the switch on a fidget cube, here’s an option for under $1 USD with free shipping!


- Clicky bottle/jar caps - think Snapple caps, jam jar lids, anything with a popper seal in the middle. You can reuse Snapple bottles for water or anything else so you’ve got a snap-cap bottle on you for stimming and drinking, making this pretty multifunctional!

- @diy-stims has posted this tutorial on making a DIY clicker toy: two bottle caps glued to the insides of a folded length of cardboard.

I think there’s enough here, anon, to get you started, and most of it is priced reasonably enough that you should be able to get a few different things on your budget. If anyone has any suggestions for cheap or DIY clicky toys that I’ve forgotten, please comment and I’ll add it to the post.

Good luck, anon, with both your assessment and your stimming adventures!

- Mod K.A.

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KHR and BNHA crossover. One is mafia and the other is hero association XD, what chaos would happen. Or UA made secret alliance with Vongola...

msleilei actually already has a KHR BNHA crossover here, which is GREAT, because it’s Reborn enrolling Tsuna and co in Yuuei and it’s totally something he would do. Purposely throwing Tsuna under the bus is like a Reborn trademark tbh

Gonna nerd a bit LOT here - it’s kind of difficult for me to imagine the results of a mafia group clashing with the hero associations, or Yuuei agreeing to an alliance with Vongola, if only because the two universes are so different in how the creators handled the world/characters.

I don’t mean to bash Amano (and to be fair I think she did want to focus on comedy, + her work is 10 years older) but the KHR verse is… Very sporadic, putting it plainly. There is no addressing of the mafia or the world outside of what was immediately relevant and completely made up (flames, magic, aliens, precocious baby people, etc.) and the same could be said about characterization. Not to mention, there are quite a few characters that Amano doesn’t seem capable of balancing/remembering all the time, and some of them seem to fade into the background and their backstories are forgotten for the sake of plot progression. But again, KHR seemed to be geared with the more slapstick comedy.

Horikoshi on the other hand adds these, little subtleties that maybe aren’t as amazing as I think they are, but I do, I love the little bits of (completely intentional) information he throws at us, the low-key world-building he incorporates that makes us notice things outside of the usual “circle of important characters.” BNHA is undoubtedly comedic, and it’s a humor I definitely like, but Horikoshi has managed to throw in a metric fuck-ton of characters and, the handful he has gotten to explaining, have not made me think, “oh no, here’s the bullshit filler I was worried about.” I genuinely find myself liking each character more and more - heck, I REALLY LIKE THE POLICE FORCE??? THEY ADMIT THEIR MISTAKES OMFG. And despite the fact that some people think it’s very “trope-y” I also think it’s very much not - there are many instances where I expected something to happen (Exhibit A: RIVAL/ASSHOLE WITH TRAGIC BACKSTORY DIDN’T HAPPEN, Katsuki is a shit just because he is one I’m purposely ignoring Todoroki here because he’s nice to Izuku)

Oops, I can literally talk about how much I love this manga/show and how much I admire Horikoshi forever. I digress. My point is that, with a crossover between BNHA and KHR, the immense differences between a very developed world/character vs. a world that would need to rely on fanon concepts entirely is something that I personally would have problems reconciling in a crossover due to my shit world-building ability and actual view on the subject. The first thing that comes to mind with me is that this scenario would have to be absolute crack, or the shenanigans that the KHR group gets up to would be entirely inexcusable - people wouldn’t turn a blind eye as they do in KHR canon, and with the hell that they end up raising in literally every situation they may actually be seen as terrorists before anything LOL.

(Also, I admit to being more curious about what would happen between the KHR group and the League of Villains. I feel like even the LoV would find the KHR-brand of chaos to be too much to handle.)


Because, yes, this would definitely be bordering crack humor, it would have to be, but what if that’s what the crossover is centered on? How different these two societies are, in the KHR verse and BNHA verse?

Everyone sees the KHR-cast as crazy. Tsuna wants to nod and agree, wants to join the BNHA-cast. Tsuna is his own brand of crazy too though, so they’re basically “no you stay on your side of the line.” Conversely, BNHA-verse is so… Normal? So structured? So reasonable??? WHAT IS THIS??? Sure there is the League of Villains that are Evil ™ and all but, even they have a structured system???? Tsuna doesn’t remember ANY of the people he fought actually being willing to like, sit down and talk. No, it’s always been, “you’re annoying trash in my way so you die,” “you are in my way so die,” “you need to die so I can achieve my goal,” etcetera, with EVERYONE wanting to kill him.He ALSO doesn’t remember there being, well, normal people, who just… Want to steal money out of greed and will snatch a purse for it, or want to escape prison just to be free.


(Tsuna is entirely sympathetic of the people in the BNHA-verse, and wonders if he was maybe displaced at birth. He’s wrong and doesn’t realize that he’s just as weird as his friends, but oh well, let the child dream)

KHR-cast are anomalies, absolutely unknown to the government and hero associations. But they are powerful, and their apparent leader (? maybe the BNHA-verse can actually see that Tsuna is the boss, however cowardly he may seem at times; maybe he isn’t constantly at the brunt of a slapstick joke, which is like *angel chorus* for Tsuna) seems amicable enough.

So maybe they try to form a… Not quite alliance per se, but they reach an agreement with the KHR cast. Because these teens and their toddler guard (ANOTHER THING - THEY ALL TAKE REBORN SERIOUSLY AND KNOW SOMETHING IS UP) are complete unknowns but powerful, which means direct internment won’t work. So, informal, unspoken agreement of “we won’t send all of our heroes/forces after you if you agree to come along quietly and not cause more trouble” is reached and Reborn is just like *shoots near Tsuna* “agree to it, Dame-Tsuna.”

Reborn is also curious as to why these people don’t just turn a blind eye. His mafia seduction doesn’t work, people immediately suspect him just for being a particularly precocious child in a suit and with a gun. (Newsflash, Reborn - THAT ISN’T NORMAL)

Tsuna gets to enjoy a normal life for a bit, because his friends have been placed under a very tight leash that prevent them from getting up to their usual destructive habits. He’s happy. Until they’re suddenly called in to help with a certain situation involving villains, and Tsuna is just, “no, NO, you DON’T WANT TO LET THEM GO WILD.” The government is just kinda “yes, we know you are dangerous, but we also need help with this” (and low-key “let’s see exactly what this group is capable of.”)

Regret. Instant regret, because the KHR-cast ends up leveling an entire ward in pursuit of a villainous gang. No casualties on their side thankfully, but so much destruction. THE DAMAGE COSTS.

Government decides “nope” and hands these kids to the hero associations and hero schools to deal with because a huge part of heroism is that they are trained to handle difficult situations with destructive/dangerous tendencies.

… I, I guess Yuuei ends up taking them in, because Reborn wouldn’t stand for the Vongola Decimo going anywhere except The Best, and this would be an excuse to make the main BNHA cast interact with the KHR one.

Wow I’ve come full circle with this dump 

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So I'm assuming you have the sources on some of these letters between Lauren's and Hamilton that "historians literally had to censor" and I'm not gonna lie I'm definitely interested in this (also Hamilton inviting Lauren's to a threesome on his wedding night????? PLEASE elaborate)

All the Hamilton/Laurens letters that we have can be found on Founders Online.  And they are a treasure trove of queer romantic goodness.  There is SO MUCH in these letters that I love, but I’ll pick out some of the more notable excerpts here:

Laurens to Hamilton, December 5, 1778: “Adieu, my dear boy. I shall set out for camp tomorrow.”

  • This may not seem that significant, but the phrase “dear boy” is important.  Laurens only ever called Hamilton “dear boy,” and he only called his wife “dear girl.”  So he saved these terms of endearment for people he loved/was supposed to love.

Hamilton to Laurens, April 1779

  • This whole letter is just a gift.  The opening paragraph is probably one of the most emotionally expressive things that Hamilton ever wrote (it’s the ever-famous “Cold in my professions, warm in my friendships” quote).  In this letter, Hamilton also reveals that he just learned that Laurens has a wife and kid.  This letter was written about 1.5 years after Hamilton and Laurens met, meaning Laurens went that whole time without telling Hamilton that he wasn’t single.  Hamilton then proceeds to write, jokingly, a good two paragraphs about how Laurens now needs to find him a wife and all the qualities his future wife should have.  Really, these paragraphs are just an excuse for Hamilton to write as much sexual innuendo as possible and write multiple times about the size of his nose.  These paragraphs close with this line: “In drawing my picture, you will no doubt be civil to your friend; mind you do justice to the length of my nose and don’t forget, that I ⟨– – – – –⟩.”  Those five words were scratched out by a future editor, probably Hamilton’s son John Church when he was compiling his father’s papers.  Said editor also wrote “I must not publish the whole of this.” at the top of the letter.  Also, this letter was written after Laurens headed down to SC, and that was the first time Hamilton and Laurens had really been separated since meeting at Washington’s camp.  Like I said, the letter’s a gift.

Laurens to Hamilton, July 14, 1779: “Ternant will relate to you how many violent struggles I have had between duty and inclination—how much my heart was with you, while I appeared to be most actively employed here”

Hamilton to Laurens, September 11, 1779: “I acknowlege but one letter from you, since you left us, of the 14th of July which just arrived in time to appease a violent conflict between my friendship and my pride. I have written you five or six letters since you left Philadelphia and I should have written you more had you made proper return. But like a jealous lover, when I thought you slighted my caresses, my affection was alarmed and my vanity piqued. I had almost resolved to lavish no more of them upon you and to reject you as an inconstant and an ungrateful ——. But you have now disarmed my resentment and by a single mark of attention made up the quarrel. You must at least allow me a large stock of good nature.”

Hamilton to Laurens, January 8, 1780: “In short Laurens I am disgusted with every thing in this world but yourself and very few more honest fellows and I have no other wish than as soon as possible to make a brilliant exit.”

Hamilton to Laurens, March 30, 1780: “Adieu my Dear; I am sure you will exert yourself to save your country; but do not unnecessarily risk one of its most valuable sons. Take as much care of yourself as you ought for the public sake and for the sake of Yr. affectionate A. Hamilton”

Hamilton to Laurens, September 12, 1780: “I hate Congress—I hate the army—I hate the world—I hate myself. The whole is a mass of fools and knaves; I could almost except you and Meade.”

Hamilton to Laurens, September 16, 1780: “In spite of Schuylers black eyes, I have still a part for the public and another for you; so your impatience to have me married is misplaced; a strange cure by the way, as if after matrimony I was to be less devoted than I am now. Let me tell you, that I intend to restore the empire of Hymen and that Cupid is to be his prime Minister. I wish you were at liberty to transgress the bounds of Pensylvania. I would invite you after the fall to Albany to be witness to the final consummation. My Mistress is a good girl, and already loves you because I have told her you are a clever fellow and my friend; but mind, she loves you a l’americaine not a la françoise.”

  • This is the wedding night threesome letter.  Laurens had been captured by the British back in May, and he was a prisoner of war at this time.  He was confined to the boundaries of Pennsylvania and would not be able to travel to New York for Hamilton’s marriage.  It’s clear that Laurens believed that getting Hamilton married might “cure” him of certain feelings they had for each other.  Hamilton says “Nope, I’m still going to love you <3 <3 <3.”  And the reference to the “final consummation” (those are Hamilton’s italics, by the way) means exactly what you think it means.

Laurens to Hamilton, July 1782: “Adieu, my dear friend; while circumstances place so great a distance between us, I entreat you not to withdraw the consolation of your letters. You know the unalterable sentiments of your affectionate Laurens.”

  • This was the closing in Laurens’s last letter to Hamilton.

Hamilton to Laurens, August 15, 1782: “Yrs for ever“

  • This was the closing in Hamilton’s last letter to Laurens.
I Exist-- Some thoughts on Scraps of Representation

There is a joke among some of my friends that I don’t engage with media unless it has wlw in it. (I used to be able to joke back that I got into How to Get Away With Murder just fine, but then that show decided it loved me very much and can no longer be used as a counterpoint.) The point being, I demand representation pretty rigorously. I spent too long without it. I will not settle for erasure or scraps.

Except right now I’m reconsidering the scraps bit.

Recently, Diane Duane released Games Wizards Play, the tenth book in the Young Wizards series, which I have been following for about half my life. Now, YA fantasy is hardly a kind genre to people like me. You may be scrambling to say no, Malinda Lo’s books, no, this one book—but they are exceptions. You have to seek them out. As a teen, I didn’t know what I was, I didn’t want to be anything but a totally normal straight girl. I didn’t know what to look for, wouldn’t have looked for it if I did.

Back to Young Wizards—it’s an incredibly important series to me. One of those things that came into my life at exactly the right time, with concepts and themes that settled into my heart and stayed there.

And Games Wizards Play threw me some scraps. I rolled my eyes a little bit at the minor gay character, because I am a Connoisseur of Gay Representation, please, this is almost quite literally nothing. But then.

Oh, but then.

Page 528, US edition:

“Nope, I’m ace,” she said. Nita blinked.

Asexual,” Lissa said.

Cue the water works. Seriously. I was sobbing with joy over this minor character who got introduced ten books in. I can demand real representation for gay people, for wlw, because I have seen it before, I know it can be done. I have never, in my life, seen the word asexual casually used in a real, published, non-queer lit book. This minor character suddenly meant the world. This small, throwaway scene, ran me straight through the heart. I am real, I exist, I am right here on this page.

I am actually tearing up about it again.

It means so much to me now, when I am 22 and well-versed in all the labels I can use to define myself. If I had seen this at 11, 12, 16, when I had not yet found the words but knew I was not what people said I should be? It would have been world changing.

It makes me look differently at the minor gay character. When I had nothing, he would have been something.

LGBTQIAAP main characters are incredibly important, and we should keep demanding them. I don’t think we always have to be grateful for scraps. But I think it’s important to not discount them. I think it’s important to remember how we would have reacted to them before we knew everything we know now. A minor character might be the only light in the dark for a kid who doesn’t know what they are yet. And it’s incredibly frustrating that there are so many instances when we don’t even get those. There are so many series that I loved that gave no hint to my existence. Young Wizards may not have given me much, I wouldn’t even really call what it did representation, but it told me I exist, it’s telling some kid who just found it at the library they exist, and that’s not nothing. It’s a huge incredible something.

It takes one line. One word. There is no excuse to not throw one word to the people who need it. We can talk all day about good representation and what that constitutes, but in the meantime, just one word is going to make a difference. We need to know we exist. And when we’re children, or teens, we need to know there’s a way to exist when the way we’ve been taught feels wrong.

Everything makes a difference.

And that difference might mean everything.

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Hiya!! You ship Bokuro very strongly and I was wondering if you could take the time to explain why? I'm not a hardcore shipper of anything (except iwaoi. and maybe daisuga?) and I wanted to know the reasoning. I'm basically on board with any ship as long as it's cute and if it makes sense really. I'm swayed very easily lol. Thanks so much!! You're art is very cute and it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside <33

Oh man isn’t this an hard question now. Uhm. Let’s see, the easy answer would be “the way I see them is how I draw them and that makes me happy and warm”, but I realize that’s not much of an explaination (lol). 

To be completely honest with you, if your question is “why between all the things you ship BoKuro is your otp”, the answer is that they may as well be my favourite characters, I like them individually a lot, which is why once you combine them they become my fave ship too - but if you’re asking why I ship BoKuro instead of, say, k[uroke]n or b[okuak]a, the short answer would be that, as far as I understand them as characters, imho they’d have one of the steadiest and happiest relationships without forgetting to have the most fun while at it, which is something I feel both Kuroo and Bokuto would need to actually find a relationship fulfilling since they’re both utter dorks.

As far as the long answer goes, let’s hope I’ll be able to properly word this

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YOUR HP AU HAS ME ON MY HANDS AND KNEES I LIVE FOR THIS!! also i'm not sure if you've ever talked about it but what are your house headcanons if you don't mind me asking? personally i'm firm on liam and louis being gryffindors, zayn ravenclaw, and niall hufflepuff (i don't know about harry though :/) and i'd love to hear your opinion :)

Ohh boy.  Do I MIND?  Anon, I am literally so here for this.  

LOUIS, as you said, is Gryffindor af.  He’s cheeky.  He’s brave.  He loves to be the center of attention, and he’s perfected the art of finding ways to be there.  He has a love-hate relationship with most of his professors, who unanimously have secret soft spots for him even as they assign him full weeks of detention for the inter-house pranks he is literally incapable of not pulling.  He will come for you without hesitation if he thinks you deserve it (especially if you mess with someone he cares about). 

NIALL I would sort into either Gryffindor or Hufflepuff.  I think at the end of the day though, he’s more Huff than Gryff.  He’s kind, cheerful, pretty carefree, and probably the most loyal friend you could hope for.  It’s not hard to make him happy.  He likes cold beer, bad jokes, and is always down for a party (which makes him one of Gryffindor Louis’ favorite people in the entire school).  Plus, he’s literally a ball of actual sunshine.  

the hufflest of puffs :’)

ZAYN, as I have discussed elsewhere, is 100% Ravenclaw.  He might not fit the shy, bookish profile exactly, but his witty little vocabulary-loving superhero-obsessed nerd ass belongs fully in Ravenclaw.  I mean LOOK AT THIS LITTLE KNOW-IT-ALL

YEAH I’M SURE IT IS, ZAYN.  TELL EM.  Zayn’s that kid who sits in the back of the class all semester doodling instead of taking notes, and then somehow manages to score like a full letter grade higher than you on the final exam and you’re FURIOUS AND BAFFLED. 



LIAM is the hardest for me to sort because I think he could fit in any house except Slytherin.  Canonically speaking though, people who would fit into multiple houses are given a choice, and I fully believe Liam would choose to be in Gryffindor.  He’s tenacious.  He has a “saving people thing”.  He wanted to be a fireman.  He’s genuinely good-natured and will go to any lengths to help people.  He’s


B   Y   E

HARRY, in my probably very unpopular opinion, is a Slytherin.  HEAR ME OUT ON THIS ONE.  Slytherin qualities are ambition, shrewdness, cunning, and a very strong sense of self-preservation.  Listen to me.  Harry Styles is FLAT OUT KILLIN IT in a bloodthirsty, cutthroat industry that chews up young talent and spits it out.  And he’s had a pretty rough go of it, lbr.  But where many other people would’ve quit, Harry’s fine.  Harry’s flying to LA for the weekend to drink mai tais with the Azoffs.  Harry knows EXACTLY what he’s doing.  

Yes, he’s a big clumsy soft-hearted Rumi enthusiast with a fondness for very expensive shiny shirts.  But I think he’s also got a core of absolute steel which will take him very, very far in whatever he chooses to do.  SLYTHERIN HARRY IS REAL.  SLYTHERIN HARRY WILL RISE

Also I just love the idea of Slytherin Harry and Gryffindor Louis having this longstanding heated sexually charged rivalry that finally culminates in like five straight days of back-clawing hate sex and furiously hissed love confessions that sound like swear words during sixth year BUT THAT’S JUST ME

Anywayyy those are my OT5 Hogwarts headcanons, thank you very very much anon, this was a delight to write from start to finish.  I am full of 1D headcanons and I am ALWAYS MORE THAN HAPPY TO OVERSHARE THEM.

p.s. also massive thanks to thedimplesinyourback14 for discussing this with me and listening to me ramble about Slytherin Harry for a really long time ilu

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I don't know how to respond to Iranians who think they hate Islam :/ I want to be understanding and courteous, but sometimes what they say is so ignorant, that I just get upset. Also it feels so fake to "educate" people about Islam. I wish I could teach by example but I'm not a worthy example, and anyways I don't always see them regularly. What's your advice on how to respond to people who think I'm an IRI spy? :p

Short answer: Just tell them that a few decades and a few men can’t represent 14 centuries of vastly diverse religious, cultural, and intellectual output. There isn’t one “Islam” that can be an object of hate. If you want to hate a regime, ok, but something as diverse and loose as an entire religion, that really doesn’t make sense (unless you are a bigot.)

Long answer: I think people in general tend to have very antiquated views on religion and its place in society. Whether we like it or not, the phenomenon of religion (however you may understand it) has always existed and will continue to exist. Even things which people consider “not religion” take on the structure of the dominant religions of their environment, like the New Atheism and popular science (especially in as much as they too, like many religions, rely on submitting to an ‘expert.’)

Anyways I think the main points anyone should make is:

1) It is problematic to look at 1400+ years of history through the lens of post-1979 Iran (whose story is still being written.) Furthermore, the Islam of an “Islamic state” is a very new phenomena, incredibly new actually given that its very existence relies on modern technology within the model of the “state,” a term that from its inception has come with its own theology of sorts. There is a lot to this but I really don’t have time to get into it. Also, the ascendancy of the legal scholars (the mullahs) as opposed to other forms of religious authority probably only dates back to a century or two ago.

2) When we speak about religions as unified wholes “(Christianity” or “Islam,”) we are not speaking about something that is real, but rather an abstraction that helps us talk about something. 

3) There are as many different “Islams” as there are individuals. There is no singular group called “Muslims” that thinks and acts the same way.

4) Most of the things people complain today are almost always things that people in the past have complained about. The only difference would be that people in the past usually blamed specific people or movements while people today blame the aforementioned abstractions. This happens with other things too, for instance someone asks, “Why is there such oppression in such and such a place?” Then some talking head throws out a bunch of words either blaming “capitalism” or “socialism” or “racism” etc. etc. 

5) Another major problem is that Iranians don’t have access to new research and are often far behind the cutting edge in history and other fields. They still read translated Orientalist fables about the conquest and conversion of Iran via modern nationalistic notions of what an “Iranian” is and what an “Arab” is, none of which hold historically. Iran (the classical area, not the modern nation state) has a lot of history and all of it is fascinating. But as a rule, mistrust anyone that paints ANY time in history as being “golden” or some utopian paradise. That has NEVER been the case. People, whether Muslim or not, have tended to be for the most part pretty crappy, with occasional exceptions. That doesn’t make the history any less interesting. The transition from Sasanian Iran to Islamic Iran is really fascinating, and full of more continuities than it is of ruptures. And things never remained the same, things always changed. We forget this about the past. Sadly, even in America, the state of Iranian studies is pretty sad, and the few people who try to save it from second-rate nationalist scholarship tend to face vehement criticism. It is difficult for those of us who are devoted to other studies to not feel a pull to enter into the arena and try to help the situation.

The Persian-speaking individuals in the past who left timeless legacies didn’t do it through priding themselves on their ancestors, they did it by being fully human. “Religion,” in the academic sense, is a human phenomenon, it is something we humans do. Even in the absence of a divine source, humans ritualize their actions and create elaborate cosmologies to live. We idolize even if the idols are not sacred. We turn men into saints even if we reject higher powers. Have you seen how people speak about Edison or Einstein? Or, on a more depressing note, have you seen how some kids talk about Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber? 

I’m sorry this is way too long. I really don’t think we need to defend anything, certainly not Islam. You can’t erase Islam from Iran’s past just like you can’t erase Zoroastrianism, Mazdakism (though this almost happened,) Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, and a billion other things. So much of what people love about our cultures (because there are many Persian and Persianate cultures) comes from the Muslim period. It is stupid to let a few decades change that. 

Also, in general, we need to start having people think of history on the global level, not the specific regional or national level. It’ll help put things in perspective. We also need to use these terms in a more sophisticated way. “Islam” doesn’t say or do anything, people do, in their own place and time.

Rant over. If you have more questions, send them and I’ll get to them eventually. Gotta do some work. 

(PS I don’t respond to reblogs. If you have a comment you want me to respond to, send it to my inbox.)

Slow to start

Happy Lunar New Years everyone @_@ 

Gratuitous excuse for holding, cuddling and general h/c which is always good. Gosh, don’t you get the urge to punch out your cousins sometimes? 


The first time is the hardest.

On the horizon, Striker’s connpod bobs gently like she’s out to sail. It’s quiet when they open her up like a can of pears from the pantry. Whatever hopes for a tearful reunion evaporates in the same instant.

The drift failed before it began. It’s the only reason why Chuck’s not a drooling vegetable after rocketing up the depths, nose bleeding and joints locked with nitrogenous bubbles.

Mako goes with the men who bear away her sensei’s body. Raleigh doesn’t try to follow. But with her gone, he feels impossibly lost. Raleigh had come back for one thing and one thing only. Now that’s over, the last of the jaegers gone, breach closed and the kaiju banished from Earth, he feels the enormity of the past twelve hours crash down on his head.

He clings to Chuck not because he wants to but because he has to. In the surrealism of victory, the kid, his face screwed in a caricature of pain, is the only thing that feels real.

“Ranger Hansen?” One of the medics coax, speaking rapidly into her headset as the helicopter heads for base. “My name is Mei Wu. I’m going to try to help you. Can you hear me?”

“Come on Hansen, say something, anything.”

Relief cuts through him like a knife at the weak eye roll.

“You’re alright.” He babbles, laughing, holding him tight. “We’ve got you now, you’re alive, you’re okay, you did it. Son of a bitch, we really did it.”

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Prince of Stride - Game Impressions/Info

Prince of Stride is getting an anime in 2016 by Madhouse! This could not make me any happier since the game was so fun and engaging for me, I’m excited to see how the anime turns out! To clarify, here’s the PoS history as to how the series started:

Light Novels + Mini 4koma webcomic manga (2012-Ongoing) > Drama CD (2013) > O T O M E  Game (2015) > More drama CDs (2015) > Anime (2016)

With that in mind, I’m sure that the fandom will only grow so I decided to finish up my PoS review of the game I promised/finished like… over a month ago. I hope this review/impressions post helps to answer some questions people have about the PoS world. However, please keep in mind that my knowledge of Prince of Stride is solely based on the game and tidbits from the official website. As such, some things that I may have considered to be spoilers are not actually. In that case, please don’t hesitate to hit up my ask box if you want more details about the characters. And with that:

On your mark,

Get set,

Stride GO!

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Ok Jugband got another one if you want..."Enamor Me" it can be about Valentine's Day. I won't bother you again. 🙊😊

Ah Ardenkai, I suck at romantic scenarios. I am THAT person who you would not want as your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. Seriously. 

It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow, as you are promptly reminded by a lovesick Chloe, and you’re stuck in the vicious cycle of ‘Do I get my girlfriend a gift?’. You’re sure Holly isn’t going to feel bad even if you do completely disregard the whole occasion and spent it watching reruns while eating take-out, but you decide that your girlfriend most certainly deserves something. At the end, you decide to not go over the top with the ‘romance’ theme, and decide to get her a gift.

Now you’re stuck in the next cycle of what to get your girlfriend. And you have no one left to ask for gift advice other than Chloe and Traci. The two of them agree that you should get Holly something she wouldn’t buy for herself, normally. And you have no idea what that is. Your girlfriend has everything she could possibly want - and you’re back to square one - wondering if the occasion needs to be celebrated at all.

After hours of roaming around scores of stores, and deciding against the giant stuffed bear, you decide on a gift. You have no idea if your girlfriend will like it or not - but it’s certainly something you know Holly would never get for herself.

It’s pretty late by the time you get home, and your girlfriend is already asleep in bed when you find her. Seeing that it’s only ten minutes till midnight, you let her sleep till you wake her. You know you’re it’s supposed to be a mushy, romantic event - but you don’t want all that. You know Holly loves you - she knows you love her. That should do. You don’t want to actually succumb to tradition here, at the same time - you know if anyone you’ve dated deserved a special day - it’s Holly. So, at midnight you give her a kiss on the cheek and wake her up. She grins that sleepy smile at you, and you can feel yourself turning to mush. Except now you’re even more worried if she’d like the gift.

‘Happy Valentine’s Day, Lunchbox.’ you smile, giving her a hard, passionate kiss as she sits up.

'Happy Valentine’s Day.’ she whispers back in your ear, and you love it when she does that. Gathering all your courage, you bring the little gift-wrapped box to her notice.

'I hope you like it.’ you say back, already wishing you hadn’t given it to her.

She’s genuinely surprised as you hand her the gift, and a part of you truly hopes she likes it. You wait with bated breath as Holly slowly opens the box, forgetting how anxious it can be when someone opens a gift you’ve given them. Holly gasps in surprise as she sees the gift, and you’re already apologizing.

'I’m sorry if you don’t like it I’ll take it -’ you don’t really finish that sentence as Holly’s kissing you again, and you finally decide you’ve done well.

'Shut up Gail, I LOVE it!’ Holly exclaims, taking the watch out of the box and wearing it, grinning like an excited kid. It’s a silver one, with an engraved strap. You can’t help but join in her joy, feeling elated at having gotten your girlfriend a gift she liked.

'You do?’

'I do. Thank you.’ she says with a smile and starts kissing you again, wiring you up for a long, passionate night.

The next morning, you wake up with a silly smile on your face, with your girlfriend in your arms. She’s still wearing the watch; she wore it all night, though she wasn’t quite dressed in any other way. You’re smiling as you see her sleeping face till a thought strikes you.

Where’s my gift?

Immediately you’re wondering if Holly got you a present, and you’re excited. Of course she got you a gift. She’s the best ever. In a few minutes Holly wakes up and gives you a little kiss before getting up to get ready for the day. It may be Valentine’s Day, but you both have still got to work.

You’re ready downstairs shoving toast in your mouth when Holly comes down for her cup of coffee.

'Did you get me anything?’ you ask, and you immediately bite your tongue at that. You’re not supposed to ask for gifts. You’re supposed to receive them.

Holly turns around to look at you in surprise, and your hopes sink a little.

’ I didn’t know you wanted a gift.’ she replies and your hopes are dashed. You had been hoping against hope that you’d get a gift, but there’s no chance of that at all. You’re sure you face gives away your disappointment because the next minute she’s holding your hand and sitting next to you.

'I’m sorry Gail, I thought you didn’t like occasions like Valentine’s Day.’

You decide it’s time to get your Ice Queen mask back in order, and you brush it all off as random curiosity. You finish eating and get ready to leave and almost rush out of the house before Holly can do anything more. She’s barely given you a kiss good bye before you’re half out the door, running off to work.

You spend the whole day cranky, and the others assume it’s just you being the cold, heartless person you normally are. Internally, you’re going over the million reasons why Holly didn’t get you anything. Perhaps you’re not a good enough girlfriend, you aren’t girlfriend material etc etc. By the time your shift ends, you’re maxed out on crankiness and sarcasm. You resolve to show your girlfriend that you’re pissed with her by going straight to bed. You reach home and climb upstairs to the bedroom and are about to throw yourself on the bed when you notice a package on the bed.

It isn’t gift-wrapped or anything, and being the curious cat you are, you tear open the box and exclaim in surprise.

It’s a brand new PSP - and when you switch it on - you can see it’s already preloaded with all your favorite games. Games which aren’t even PSP compatible.

'Did you really think I’d not get you anything?’ you can hear Holly’s voice from the bathroom, and you’re kicking yourself for even thinking that your girlfriend would forget you.

'How did you get Mortal Kombat vs D.C Universe on this thing!’ you exclaim in glee, already loading a game to play. Damn this is the best present ever.

'I know a friend who rewrites games for different interfaces. ‘Holly replies and you realize she probably gave way more thought to this gift than you did.

You’re half way through killing Sub-Zero when you hear Holly stepping into the room.

'You can play with that - Or’ you glance up to see Holly dressed in some very lacy red lingerie and your throat goes dry. Screw the game. You throw the PSP aside as Holly walks into the room, as seductive as ever.

'Happy Valentine’s Day, Gail.’

Happy Valentine’s Day to me indeed.

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hi, i'd like to ask something i just don't know what to do of it, i understand if you don't want to reply tho, why would jensen fake vomit when jared joked about he oggling misha's pics, it made me sad to think jensen may be disgusted by homosexuality, then he came back to try to make jared uncomfortable too, or did i read it all wrong? ships aside it breaks my heart seeing my sexuality mocked like this but i'm not good at reading people so maybe u can explain cos u usually make very good points

I haven’t seen whatever that is (I’ve been avoiding all contact with the internet for the last week) but I can pretty much guarantee that Jensen was kidding. Don’t go thinking it means anything negative about Misha. It undoubtedly means the opposite.

Short version of the story: Jensen is insecure about (but not completely adverse to) admitting genuine feelings for Misha in front of people (particularly when they’re implied to be romantic or sexual) so he’ll play up the opposite emotion, like a “no homo” gesture. When he does that he’s not genuinely uncomfortable - he’s just giving a reaction, because otherwise his non-reaction would be telling. Essentially he’s doing this:

When he’s actually uncomfortable or disgusted he goes quiet and moves more stiffly and makes sarcastic comments in a tone of voice that make him sound slightly unhinged. (See: any time he talks to or about Sera Gamble, or that time on stage at JIBcon when someone had to go call Misha to rescue him.) It’s pretty obvious and his whole body shows it, and it lasts a long time. No single negative-looking gesture or disparaging word he says can compare to when he’s actually uncomfortable.

I’m sorry that Jensen made you feel like your sexuality was being mocked. That really sucks. But I can absolutely promise you that whatever Jensen said or did, it wasn’t a dig at anyone’s sexuality except his own. We gotta remember that he’s human too, and he gets insecure and blurts out the first silly thing that comes to his mind sometimes. He’s not totally comfortable sharing every part of himself with his audience - who would be, really? Maybe we can see this as an opportunity for all of us, and we can be more aware of how we act when we’re insecure, just in case there’s someone watching who needs positive support. LET’S LEARN TO LOVE EVERY PART OF OURSELVES AND BE HAPPY. *violin music and rainbow flowers falling from the sky*

Have faith, little anon. The SS Cockles is sailing stronger than ever, with these two as the captain and cabin boy. In fact, this ship is so obnoxiously overbearing that it’s the sole reason I haven’t been on tumblr this week. It’s too much. Too much, I tell you.

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What's your opinion on raising a kid as nb? I've seen a couple people do it I'm just curious about maybe the pros/cons I guess? I don't necessarily think it could harm the kid at all sorry I'm just low on spoons today and I'm having trouble wording things. (Also, you guys are always super nice?? Like unless you're dealing with some shitty person you're always really helpful and anyone who tells you otherwise is trash)

first, genderfluidwttc idk if this is still a special interest of rosies (ptsdbuffy) but even so xe has a baby blog and this is how xe wants to raise xyr kids! so theres a cool blog abt this stuff if ur interested


hey! i think what you mean by raising a kid as nb is actually jsut raising them without assigning them a gender?

like, dressing them in any/all clothes, letting them play with any/all toys, using they/them pronouns for them until they request different pronouns/are old enough that you can introduce the topic of pronouns and ask what they would like for them (tho i dont think this is that important for the actual kid bc youd be raising them to understand that pronouns dont denote gender. id do this just so strangers/family cant assigned my baby a gender bc they wont know what one to assign it!!!), etc.

essentially, not assuming anything and not forcing them to be any certain way. and i super agree with that! its the best and healthiest way. and if i ever have a kid thats ofc how ill do it. tbh i dont understand how trans people can raise their kids as their assigned gender like…… but w/e

the pros are that if your kids will grow up with a much better and healthier understanding of gender, gender roles, assigned gender, trans stuff, etc. and even if they do end up being cis this is still so important because not only will it make them be able to treat trans people better, but they also will suffer less effects of patriarchy (less internalized misogyny, less toxic hypermasculinity, etc, etc)

theyll also get to play with the toys they want to, wear the clothes they want to (though this isnt necessaril true bc of safety :/)

there really are no cons except that theres going to be a lot of shit from a lot of people. teachers, day care, family members, kids, peers, strangers, etc. there will be people who dont understand. and this is something you have to talk about with your kid. you have to talk about if they want different pronouns for home and different pronouns for public/school/family, etc.

so the cons are dealing with shitty people, if youre trans then having your parenting ability questioned and possibly ppl trying to get your custody away (which is something that does unfortunately happen) and as the kid grows older, their safety. so you may have to balance all this and decide to do things differently in public :/