except you know i will have to punch you back and shout 'justice'

AU where the Justice League forms like usual, except Batman maintained his “totally a myth” status and has in fact been active for years before the JL forms. He’s very cautious about trusting them, but still joins, and the others sort of accepts that as long as they trust that Batman has a really hard time with trust, it will all work out in its own weird way

Then, one day, in the middle of a JL mission, the League gets in a tight spot. Out of nowhere, this blue and black blur swoops in and saves everyone’s ass. Maybe breaking some shackles that were proving very difficult, maybe disarm a bomb that the League was just a hair’s breadth too slow to reach without help, but whatever happens, the shadowy figure pauses just long enough to say, “Hey, Batman, you know you there are these things called cellphones now and you can just call sometimes, it doesn’t have to be this dramatic?” and bounds away after shouting ‘let’s do brunch! Bring your new friends!’

Batman is mortified.

No one lets it go.

The entire rest of the mission, the whole League is asking so many questions. Who was that? Do you know him? How do you know him? What’s going on? I didn’t know there was a vigilante in this area?? They don’t let up until he talks.

“That was Nightwing.” Batman is mumbling. The JL forces him to bring them to the Brunch. Brunch happens to be in a run-down apartment on the edge of a bad neighborhood, at five in the morning, in costume. Nightwing introduces himself as Batman’s lovechild with justice.

“I did not realize Batman had a child,” Martian Manhunter says, calmly enough that no one’s sure if he’s accidentally plucking a really loud thought out of the air or if he’s trying to make a joke.

Nightwing stares for a moment falling over laughing. He doesn’t get up. Batman starts trying to apply anti-Joker venom but Nightwing just kicks him and laughs until he cries. He keeps trying to wipe his eyes and his mask keeps getting in the way, so he asks everyone to leave so he can please get a hold of himself

He is still laughing when they leave. Everyone is confused. Batman is furious.  Nightwing manages to breathe long enough to say, “We’re just so glad you’re socializing now, Batman.”

Superman turns to look at Batman very slowly. “…’we’?”

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ishipallthings  asked:

do you know if you're ever going to write the ca:cw fix-it you mentioned? IT WOULD BE AMAZING.

Well, I started it! Who knows when I’ll have a free moment to freakin’ finish anything, though. Here’s what I’ve got so far:


“But if someone had slowed him down, just slightly interrupted his course, maybe he could have gotten through that one nightmarish moment; maybe he would never get that close to it again.”

Frederick Barthelme, Elroy Nights

“Hey, wanna see something cool?” Tony flashes him a little boy’s grin, the lines at the corners of his eyes somehow more and less pronounced than when Ross had given them an ultimatum with all the subtlety of a heart attack in the middle of a backswing. It lifts something from Tony’s shoulders, makes the hard line of them ease, makes him lean forward a little as if he’s going to press right into Steve’s space and seduce every secret Steve’s ever had right out of his mouth. This is the fast-talking, public-made monstrosity that sneers about pilates and grins around “Capsicle” and “old timer.” The practiced carelessness and picture show glitz would be unbearable on anyone else, but it’s what he expects with Tony. Steve hasn’t met the man that Nat and Colonel Rhodes are privileged to know.

Tony carries over a nondescript box that would be pristine if not for the dust lingering in the seam where it opens, and inside lie two pens that look older than either of them. “Pulled ‘em from Dad’s archives. Timely. FDR signed the Lend-Lease Bill with these in 1941, provided support to the Allies when they needed it the most.”

Yes, huge quantities of America’s war output have already gone overseas, and more is on the way! He remembers the newsreel. When they showed the Mosquito in all its shining, chrome glory, three guys in the second row began throwing their popcorn at the screen, whooping and hollering, “Kill those Krauts!” like there weren’t as many innocent Germans as there were Allied soldiers. Like the Germans weren’t even human.

He hadn’t heard the rest of the reel. He’d been too busy getting his ass kicked behind the cinema. But after Project Rebirth, he saw firsthand what American assistance looked like.

“Some would say it brought our country closer to war,” Steve says as he takes one of the pens out. It’s hard to believe that something so fragile could finalize America’s official entrance into the great game.

“Steve, if not for these, you wouldn’t be here.” Tony’s not wrong. A pen like this probably signed off on the Super Soldier program, held between the fingers of someone who hadn’t seen a day of combat. “I’m trying to—whaddyacallit—a… an olive branch. Is that what you call it?”  

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Halloween Fun (Hamilsquad x Reader)

Prompt: “May I request poly!hamilsquad x reader, Halloween addition? (like their costumes and if they’re going to a haunted house or maze or something like that) Thanks so much, love your blog!!”

A/N: My first requested fic! Hope you enjoy~

“C'mon, (Y/N)! We’re going to be late for the Halloween Harvest Carnival! I wanna get a caramel apple before they sell out!” pleaded John from behind the door.

You knew that your boyfriends were waiting for you in the hallway, already in their costumes. You stared at yourself in the mirror, already feeling self-conscious about your costume.

“How did I end up with this costume again?” You yelled to your boyfriends.

“You got outvoted remember.” stated Alex. “Besides with these costumes we’re sure to win the costume contest! I can’t wait to rub it in Jefferson’s pompous face—”

“Enough, Alex. We’ve heard this already.” interjected Hercules.

“Oui, everyday for the past mois.” added Laf, a hint of annoyance in his voice. All of you loved Alex to bits, but sometimes his constant feuding with Jefferson got old. “Please come out already, mon ange. There is nothing to be ashamed of.”

“Yeah, I worked hard to make these costumes for us. Do you not like yours?” You could feel Herc’s sad expression through the door, you couldn’t disappoint your big teddy bear.

“Fine, but if any of you laugh I’m going to punch you.” You sighed before straightening the tiara on your head.

Opening the door to be greeted by your costumed boyfriends. You had to admit they looked good. They were all dressed up as members of the Justice League 2017 version.

Alex was Batman, Laf was Superman, Hercules was Cyborg, and John decided to be the Flash, which left you to fill the role of the sole female of the group. Wonder Woman.

You played with the short blue skirt, feeling embarrassed about the length. “How do I look?”

John gave you a tight hug. “You look absolutely Wonder-ful!”

You and the others groaned at the horrible pun. “I’m going to be hearing those jokes all night, aren’t I?”

“Yep~” John smiled. “Now lets go already! I want my caramel apple!”
“Did I have to come?” You whined to your boyfriends as all of you made your through annual Halloween Carnival. You were freezing in your costume and your feet hurt from the shoes.

“It’s Halloween, babe. Lighten up.” John says playfully, nudging your arm as he chews on his third candy apple.

“Easy for you to say. Your not it heels…”

“C'mon this is fun. Did you see Jefferson’s face when we won!” Alex said, showing off the blue ribbon we’d won. “Besides all that’s left to do is the haunted house.”

“Hmmm… You’re right. But can we go home after this? I can’t walk in these boots for much longer.”

So you made your way to the haunted house line, and they hear screams inside.

“All of you coming to the haunted house?” Peggy asks as she lets them in. Yes, the sweetest girl you know worked the haunted house.

“Unfortunately, yes.” Herc says resulting in Laf and you grabbing his hands in comfort. Hercules didn’t do so well with horror.

“Then I’m required to warn you. This haunted house is known to cause fainting and traumatic experiences. Enjoy the attraction~” Peggy says with a smile.

“I won’t.” Herc said back.

The five of you made your way inside the haunted house, and they approach a long hallway with blood slowly dripping down the weathered walls.

“I hate Haunted Houses.” Herc says nervously.

“It’s okay, mon beau. We’ll protect you.”

“What’s happening?” Alex asks as the five of you make your way down the hall. At the end of the hall, it reveals an madman with a chainsaw.

“WHO DARES TRESPASS ON MY HOME!?” he roars. John and Herc scream, as Alex just looks at the madman’s outfit.

“That outfit makes you look fat.” He says.

“GET OUT!” the madman shouts.

“But we just got here.” You say and everybody laughs. But then you see that the chainsaw works.

“GET OUT!” the madman roars once again chasing them into another part of the attraction.

“It sort of looks like a living room, but…” You say looking around. “A really weird one.”

A little girl is handcuffed to a dead little boy. Of course, all of you know that he’s just acting, but it’s still terrifying and horrific. The girl is pleading and crying as you approach her.

“Save yourselves!” the little girl pleads. “I couldn’t save my brother, but you all have to get out of here!”

“W-Why?” Alex asks frightened.

“She’s coming soon!” the little girls says terrified.

“Who’s coming soon?” You ask.

And all of a sudden, the lights go out. A scream fills the room instantly, and the lights go back on again revealing that a few people are missing.

“Where’d the petite fille and garçon go?” Laf asks.

“JOHN!? HE’S GONE!” Herc yells dramatically as he falls onto his knees and roars.

“Calm down, Herc. This is a Haunted House remember. We’ll probably see him at the end munching on another caramel apple.” You say nonchalantly.

Another scream erupts from a door in the corner. Blood drips on the floor, and Alex examines it closely.

“I can’t tell if this is jam or tomato juice.” Alex says as the door slams open.

“Not another room.”

The room inside appears to have nothing inside, except a bed. They looks inside to see a girl sobbing under the covers.

The group of friends approach the girl, and notice that it’s Angelica who’s acting tonight. She looks like a cross between a zombie and a beautiful princess.

“Angelica? What’s wrong?” You asked.

“My name isn’t Angelica. I’m Sleeping Beauty.” she says as she wipes her eyes… Only to cry harder.

You don’t get how this is supposed to be scary, but something was bound to happen.

“What’s wrong?” Laf asks.

“My prince never came to rescue me, so I died waiting for him.” she cried.

“Then why are you awake?” Alex asks, paying attention to logic.

“My prince never came to free me out of my slumber, so death came for me,” she stated, and then her attention focuses on Alex.

“You!” she says angrily.

“What did I do?” Alex asks, not understanding why.

“You left me to die! Because of you I’ll never be satisfied!” she shouts and a flash of thunder gives her a creepy look. She almost looks… Scary. Crazy, even.

“I’m sorry?” he says wondering what was going on.

“I died because of you! Now, it’s time for revenge! You’re gonna pay! Your little friends too!” she yells and then she does an evil laugh creepy enough to send chills up your spine.

“Little? We’re all taller than you.” Alex protests. Only he could focus on height in this situation.

“Quiet! You’ll all pay! You’ll see!” she says maniacally.

And then the lights go out, and a scream erupts through the air once again.

The lights go back on and Herc and you see that Laf and Alex are missing, along with Angelica. All that’s left are blood stains on the bed and the faint cackling of Angelica left behind.

“S–So we’re the only ones left, huh?” Herc asks, clutching your hand.

“Yup. Let’s get out of here.” You say, opening a nearby door, which revealed a small cemetery.

“What now?” Herc asks, squeezing you tighter.

“I don’t know. Zombies, probably?” You replied calmly. “It’s a basic horror theme.”

All of a sudden, everything gets quiet. The scary music stops. And then…

“Yep. Zombies.” You says as the zombies rise from the graves. As Hercules grabs you in fright.

“You guys are great actors.” You say, as Herc picks you up and runs away.

The zombies chase Herc and you into a room. It’s a small room. It doesn’t have anything in it. Just a mirror.

“You know this costume is really well made, Herc. Didn’t move out of place at all.” You checked yourself mirror.

“This is it. We’re going to die. Game over.” Herc muttered, obviously scared out his wits. You quickly silenced him with a kiss.

“Calm down, honey.” You cooed, pulling away. You were about to comfort him so more.

When all of a sudden, the lights go off again.

And there was a loud scream.

You heard a thud and the lights came on. Lying on the floor was an unconscious Hercules and the Grim Reaper was standing in front of them wielding a scythe.

“YOU ALL SHALL DIE- Oh my god! Is your friend okay? Did I scare him that badly?” the reaper said.

“Umm… Is there an exit around here?” You asked awkwardly, trying to lift up your unconscious boyfriend. “Can I get some help carrying him?”

So the Reaper showed you to the exit as he helped you carry Herc out by his shoulders. Once you exited the attraction, you saw the rest of your boyfriends waiting near the exit, eating cotton candy and candy apples.

“How was the house?” You asked, as Laf slung Herc’s arm over shoulder. Thanking the helpful worker.

“I had a good time.” John says with a childish smile, his mouth filled with cotton candy.

“Of course you did.” You snicker.

“The little girl, boy, and I ended up in some cage hanging over cauldron. The kids were supposed to be demented version of Hansel and Gretel. Then I saw the madman chasing Alex and Laf. Turns out it was Eliza in the costume. She was super pissed at Alex for calling her fat. You should have seen Alex. He was—” John reported.

“We aren’t speaking of it, John!” shouted Alex. “What about you two do? Why did the Herc faint?”

“I think our Cyborg overloaded his system.” You joked, looking at your big teddy bear. You gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Next year let’s skip the haunted house.”

Drinny | After the Battle

Voldemort’s lifeless body fell with a thud, the most ridiculously normal sound of the night reserved for the wizard responsible for the mass destruction around him.

While a cheer erupted through the Great Hall, Ginny stared at that body, chest heaving in disbelief. Fred had died tonight. So had Colin. Remus and Tonks’s prone bodies rested side by side just behind her, and Voldemort was just there. Dead. He could no longer pay for what he’d done. There was no justice to be had.

She stared, chest heaving, her disbelief an ache buried in her heart. Voldemort. Dead. The wizard whose soul had once seduced her with friendship and possessed her eleven-year-old body was gone. Just like that. Just like… Fred and Colin and Remus and Tonks. Mortal. Human. Neither a god, nor a lord.

The audience that had witnessed the final duel between Harry and He Who Must Not Be Named swarmed the center of the hall, converging on their savior, but Ginny, confused by mortality, wasn’t glad. She couldn’t celebrate. People she loved were dead and the man responsible for it had just been a man, a man like any other. So much so he had even died like one.

What had she been expecting? A flash of light? For his body to disintegrate into dust and float away on the wind? For a demon to loosen itself from the corpse and begin attacking anew?

She didn’t know, but this wasn’t it. This wasn’t what she wanted.

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Your Savior - 4

Ok, here it is!!! Writing this built up so much tension for ME…I hope it translates for you all!

Your Savior - Chapter 4


A meeting? What the hell is he talking about? Your foggy head was making it very hard to process everything that was happening. The knife belongs to his men. Jesus. He didn’t save you, he’s going to give you back to them! You could feel the panic setting in and you started gasping for air. He seemed so distraught by what had happened to you, and now…

Do you think you can walk darlin’?” He asked you. “I can carry you if not.”

The thought of his hands on you made you want to vomit. You wanted to run, but what good would it do? You were at his camp, injured, and very out-numbered. Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. “Please. Don’t do this. I can’t…” you begged between gasping breaths.

“I’m sorry babydoll. I know this must be fucking hard for you, but it needs to be done.” He said, even seeming to be genuine, walking toward you.

“Don’t!” You cried, putting your hands up defensively. “Don’t touch me!” He stopped in his tracks, looking down on you with a sorrowful expression. What, feeling guilty now, Asshole?

“Boss?” Simon said, sticking his head through the door. “Everyone’s ready.”

“Give us a minute Simon. We’ll be right there.” He said, turning to face you, extending a hand. “C'mon doll, it’s time.”

Well, this is it. I guess there is no getting out of this one. "I can walk. I don’t need your help.” You spat defiantly, not actually sure if it was true. He dropped his hand to his side and waited for you to move. You uncovered yourself and swung your legs out of the bed, taking a deep breath before getting to your feet. Holy hell. The room started spinning and you had to grab onto the wall for support. Everything DID hurt. Well, it’ll all be over soon. You thought bitterly.

“You ok there sugar? Here let me…” the man said, again extending his hand to you.

"I said I can do it! Stop trying to help me! Get away from me!” You snapped, slapping his hand away.

He backed away and put up his hands in defeat, running one through his dark hair. “Alright, alright. Christ doll, I was just trying to help.” Your eyes met briefly, but you looked away. You had no patience for his fake sympathy. “Get dressed.” He said, nodding toward a pile of clothes on the foot of your bed. “I’ll be right outside.”

As soon as you heard the door click shut tears started pouring down your face. You couldn’t understand why he was dragging this out, he must know by now who had attacked you. The likelihood that the knife had been stolen, you felt, was slim to none. It appeared that he ran a very tight ship. As if on autopilot you shrugged out of the hospital gown that you had been wearing and started to dress in the clothes they had provided. A simple cotton t-shirt and soft cotton Capri pants. They were even nice enough to give you a sports bra, undies, and a pair of ballet flat shoes. The clothes were so clean and soft, any other time you would have been so grateful for them, if not slightly creeped out at how well they fit. They MUST be doing well. To be able to spare these just to have them be ruined….. A small sob escaped your mouth. No! Don’t give the son of a bitch the satisfaction. If you’re going to go, at least go out with some dignity. You took a moment to compose yourself, and then walked out of the clinic.

True to his word, he was waiting just outside the door, Simon by his side. He looked you with an unreadable expression before saying gently, “ok, let’s get this shit over with.”

You tried your best to keep up with him, but his strides were long and you were tired and sore. Your heart thudded in your ears as you walked, focusing on his leather-clad back, “Lucille” draped casually across his shoulder. You turned a corner and stopped in your tracks when you saw the group of people waiting for you. OMG. There were so many people. More than you had seen in one place in a long time, easily over 100. Men and women of mixed ages, but no children that you noticed, and every single one of them fell to their knees as soon as they saw the man in front of you.

"Alright you sorry shits! We’ve got us one hell problem, and not one of you is leaving until we figure it the fuck out.” He shouted to the group. “On your feet!” You couldn’t believe how quickly they all followed his order. “Now we can do this the easy way, or the hard way, but one way or a fucking ‘nother, I WILL get my answers!” He was absolutely terrifying. Authority oozed out of his every pore.

"Now, why don’t we start with the easy way?” He asked with a cocky smirk. “I want the owner of this knife, on their knees front-and-center, NOW!” He yelled, throwing the knife into the dirt in front of him. You could have heard a pin drop. Everyone, including you, was holding their breath.

"What? No takers?” He asked, grinning from ear to ear. He’s actually enjoying this. What a sick…. “Last chance. I can guaran-fucking-tee that you will NOT like the hard way!” He paused a moment, mockingly waiting for someone to come forward, even putting a hand to his ear in an exaggerated listening gesture. What in the hell is he getting at? You began to wonder. “No? Alrighty, just remember, I tried to be nice! Come over here baby girl!” There was a pause, in which Simon nudged your shoulder causing you to look up and see that he was staring directly at you. “Don’t be shy, come on up!” Shit, he’s talking to me!

You were only a few steps behind him, but the walk to his side seemed to take forever. “Alright darlin’. Now what I want you to do is simple. Just take a look-see at my group here and tell me if any of these sons-a-bitches look familiar to you. I’ll take it from there.” He murmured low enough for only you to hear. You looked up at him in shock. What the hell was he doing?

"Men, line up to my right, women to the left, MOVE!” He commanded not taking his eyes off of you. You could hear the rustling of the group following his order, but your eyes were locked with his, still trying to figure out what was going on. “Go on now doll, take all the time you need.”

You turned slowly to face the group. You felt like your heart was going to beat out of your chest. You took a step toward the line of men, hesitantly looking up at them. They all wore the same confused expression except for….Jesus. They were here. You turned around and gasped for air, feeling like you had been punched in the stomach. Fear engulfed your entire body, and you started trembling from head to toe. Tommy and Bill’s faces clouded your mind, and tears flooded from your eyes as you thought about how close they were to you.

"Well well well. It seems like we have a winner!” The man next to you crowed, obviously thrilled with your reaction. “Where are they sweetheart? You just point them out to me and I’ll bring them over for a little fucking chat.” He said swinging his bat around gleefully. Darkness started swirling in your head, you knew you were seconds from fainting. You fell to your hands and knees in the dirt and continued to sob and gasp for air.

The man knelt down next to you, gently pulling your chin up to look him in the face. “Hey, hey. It’s ok. Breathe, just breathe.” NO IT’S NOT OK! You’re going to give me back to them to sick bastard! “Darlin’, I see that look in your eye, but I promise you, you are fucking safe. I am NOT going to let ANYONE hurt you. Do you understand me?” His expression was a mixture of fury and compassion.

"Why should I believe you?” You whispered. “How do I know if I can trust you?”

"You don’t. But from the looks of it, you don’t have much of a fucking choice.” He answered simply, mirroring your conversation the gas station. His gaze locked with yours, eyes earnest. “Where are they?”

Still trembling, you turned your head to look back at them. “Over there.” You pointed with your chin. “The one with the slash across his face, and the moron with the long hair next to him.”

He looked up at them, fury building in his expression. “Bill! Thomas! Get your sorry asses over here now.”

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As always, thank you, thank you, thank you, to all that take the time to stop by and read, comment, like, and reblog this story! I love writing this, but even more I love hearing what you all think about this! Feel free to comment or message me with any comments, questions, if you want to be added to the Taglist, or just if you want to chat! ;)

I wouldn’t be surprised if Chapter 5 made its way out of me tonight…I’m as ready for justice as I’m sure you all are!


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Ragethirst highlights: City of Darkness

You guys.

You guys.

I honestly don’t know if I can do this movie justice. There was just. So Much™ going on. But I will try.

Also, shout out to Chuch’s brother, who bravely joined us for his first ever Ragethirst and somehow managed to keep up with us. Truly a worthy soul.

  • We begin our journey with the villain nutting to Wagner-esque music. We know he’s a villain because he listens to classical and waxes rhapsodic about wine. (He didn’t actually nut, but suffice to say we know what Collin Chou’s O-face looks like.)
  • His #1 henchman is basically Chinese Snape with more scimitars per square inch.
  • While Snape is busy killing people, the villain offs a guy with… an ice cube. (The victim wet himself, we crossed piss off the kink bingo. Not five minutes in.)
  • Cut to a K-pop looking boy (Joe about pissed herself) aggressively playing guitar. He runs afoul of more villains, plays the guitar at them, kicks everyone’s asses, and runs into a herd of cyclists to escape.
  • Listen. I lost track of the “plot” right about here. Basically all I can do is give you random highlights of things that happened from then on, but don’t expect any of this to make sense.
  • Donnie’s at the supermarket shopping for his cop boyfriend, who’s talking to him on the phone. Donnie scolds him that he wants to make him some good food for once because Pen only eats crap stuff. (Seriously, you expect us to read them as straight?)
  • Guys with machine guns burst into the supermarket. Donnie tells Pen they’re making a movie, holds the phone up to one of the bad guys, realizes they’re not making a movie, and proceeds to kick ass.
  • Random point of interest: Donnie wears tracksuits almost exclusively throughout and I hate that he looks so good in them.
  • Pen, aka cop bf, shows up as the villains have two people hostage and he and Donnie proceed to Road to El Dorado them. 
  • This is getting long already, Read More it is.

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The perfect Husband ( Jung Kook/OC)

Chapter 4

“They want us to join next week. Officially.” Jung Kook, grabbed a smooth pebble from the ground, rubbed it between his palms and carefully flicked it, making it bounce across the surface of the still lack, three, four times. I hummed, splashing my legs in the surprisingly warm water, shuffling a bit on the hard earth I was sitting on. It was a little past two and the remnants of a greedily eaten lunch lay behind us , along with a blanket sprinkled with food crumbs and chocolate wrappers. The lake, located a little on the outskirts of the city was deserted and clearly a well-kept secret. We had trekked a good five miles just to reach it.

“I’m so happy for you, you know that right. Even though you cut my hair.” I teased and to my surprise a very genuine look of painful remorse lit his face.

“I was a class-A bastard, wasn’t I? I hope you’ll forgive me someday.” He said quietly and I felt a lump form on my throat. The truth was i’d forgiven him very quickly. And it hadn’t even been hard.

“All that’s water under the bridge now. ” I said uncomfortably. “ What’s important is you’ll be an idol. You’ll be a singer.” I said firmly. He reached out suddenly and grabbed my hand , squeezing my fingers.

“About that…” He hesitated. “ You know that we probably can’t meet up much when I become a trainee right?” He said nervously.

I felt my throat go dry. His hand felt so warm in mine and I could feel a wave of salty wetness behind my eyelids.

“Yeah…i mean. Of course. ” I cleared my throat.“ It’s all part of the idol life isn’t it. I don’t mind. ” I smiled.

“I do.”

I jumped a little at the way his voice dipped low and raspy. My throat went sandpaper dry.

“Jung Kook…”

“Reumie, I…”

“Don’t say it..” i said desperately. I was panicking, my brain was shutting down and my heart was beginning to pound. “ I.. whatever it is, don’t say it. ”

“I want to thank you . i just, i feel like I should thank you but I really don’t know how. ” He said bluntly.

“Don’t think about all that… You need to focus on your career…” I sounded so stupid.

“I understand . ” He said softly.

Afterwards we were quiet for a few seconds till i couldn’t bear it anymore.

“this is ridiculous. Why do i feel like we’re breaking up when we never dated in the first place.” I muttered and Jung Kook burst out laughing, loud and bright and i relaxed marginally.

“You’re so crazy. I love that.” He said wistfully and held an arm out . i quickly accepted and scooted closer till he wrapped his arm around me, the warm of his chest seeping through my shoulders and spreading all over.

“Has you father always been so bad to you?” I whispered and he hummed.

“It started when I was four. i used to fight back a lot, you know. But then after i turned sixteen and could actually physically resist him, he started hitting my mom instead. i didn’t want my mother hurting because of me. So i stopped fighting him. i wanted to be rich and famous enough to get away from him. ”

My heart ached and i wanted to gather him into my arms. 

“I’m so sorry. is that why he won’t let you be a songer? 

“I guess. He wasn’t very happy about me being a trainee , i guess but he let me do it, because at the time I was too much of a rebel. i would have probabaly run off and done something drastic, embarassed him in public. He couldn’t risk that, but afterwards…” He broke off.


“Nothing. I guess he never expected me to actually stick through with it. When I did and told him I wanted to debut as an idol, he kind of lost it. And I just stopped fighting him so much, told myself that I’d put up with it, till I could be able to support myself and then I’ll get away from him.”

“Till, I came along and wrecked your plans.” I said wistfully.

“Till, you came along and made my dreams come true.” He corrected and then pressed a fleeting kiss to the top of my head.

I swallowed. I loved him, I thought with a sudden wave of misery. Maybe not romantically, but I definitely loved him.

“SO , will you pretend not to know me. If I came to one of your fansigns.” I grinned and he laughed.

“Probably.” He tweaked my nose.

“What?” I pulled back affronted and he pulled me back in, squeezing me tighter against his chest.

“To save you from fangirls. ” He amended quickly.“ DO you have any idea how jealous they’ll get if they knew you’re the only girl allowed in my life?” He winked.

I smiled wide at that .

“You’re so cheesy .” I shook my head and he shrugged.

“It’s true. I’ve never had female friends before. ” He said seriously.


“Well, i may sound a bit misogynistic but I only ever talked to girls i wanted to sleep with.” He admitted sheepishly and I rolled my eyes.

“I should kick your ass. Guys are so stupid….” I scolded and he grinned again.

“Speaking of stupid guys ,  would you like you to meet the rest of the Bulletproof squad tonight? We’re having a little karaoke and drinks thing at seven tonight. The boys are really eager to meet you.” He said expectantly.

I nodded eagerly.

“Sure. I’d love that…What are they like?” I said curiously.

“Well, Namjoonie hyung is probably going to flirt with you but he’s really smart and kind. And you know Yoongi . Kim Taehyung is ….unique. You’ll have to experience him really, words can’t do him justice and Hobi hyung and Jimin hyung are pretty nice . Friendly. ” He smiled.

“They sound great. You’ll be happy with them .” I said cheerfully and he gave my hand a squeeze.

“I’m happy now.” He said simply.

And it was the best thing I’d heard all day.

When we drove out of the woods and turned into the highway, my phone caught signal again and started buzzing endlessly. It was my father and I sighed. He seldom called unless he wanted to eat my head off.

“Hi Daddy!” I said hesitantly.

“what the hell is wrong weith you??! You were supposed to meet Seokjin three hours ago!!”

I froze in place.

Oh, My God!!

“Oh, crap… Daddy wait I can explain-”

“I don’t care. He’s at the French restaurant I told you about and if your ass isn’t there in ten minutes, I swear to God, you’ll marry him tomorrow. ”

As far as threats went it was way too efficient. Yelping, I hung up and turned to Jung Kook, wide eyed.

“Jung Kook, you need to drop me off here!! Now!! ” I shouted, quickly punching the address into the GPS of the car I’d sneaked out from my dad’s company. Jung Kook looked surprised.

“What’s wrong!” He said , worried.

“I have a…” I stopped, blinking. “ Appointment with a … friend.”



“A friend your father’s yelling at you about? Try harder…” He rolled his eyes and I sighed in defeat.

“Fine! it’s a marriage meeting. But I was supposed to like meet him a long time back and-”

i screamed when Jung kook stepped on the brakes so abruptly that if it weren’t for the seatbelt I would have been plastered across the windshield.

“What the hell?” i shouted and he looked furious.

“You’re getting married?!! When the hell were you going to tell me that?!” He roared and I tried not to cry.

“I’m not getting married! I’m just meeting him!”

“The way you met me? ” He sneered.

“Look, this is different. He’ll reject me anyway so it doesn’t matter!” i said impatiently as he pulled back into the traffic.

“That’s your plan? Hope that he’ll reject you? What the fuck is wrong with you?” Jung kook hissed. I blinked in shock.

“it doesn’t matter. I haven’t even met him. I mean except for last night.. ” I laughed remembering the shock he’d had on his face when he’d seen me in my night gown.

“Last night? You met him last night? Why the hell are you laughing?” He growled.

“I didn’t meet him, you idiot. It was really late and i was already in bed and he…”

“You met him in BED?!! WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?”

“Oh my God, will you let me finish!!” I shouted back, stunned by the strength of his reaction.

“No, i will not. Who is this guy anyway?? ”

“He’s Kim Seokjin, a surgeon.” I said defensively.

“What the hell?? How old is he then? 40?”

“He’s just five years older than us…” I said impatiently.

“You like him?” He said seriously, turning around to stare at me and freaking me out.

“No !! Watch the road, Kookie!!” I begged.

“If you marry him, I’ll kill you.” He said furiously.

“What the hell? "I rolled my eyes. ” I’ve got to marry someone…“

"Yeah but not him…”

“Not him… what’s wrong with him? You haven’t even met him!!”

“I don’t care. And I don’t have to meet someone to know their a douche…”

“Actually you do!! Stop it!! ”

We bickered all the way to the restaurant and when we finally pulled in front of the place I felt like tearing his hair off.

“I can’t believe you’re still the spineless woman i met!! You were willing to marry me without putting up a protest and now you’re doing the same thing with this guy!!” He said angrily and I glared at him.

“Jung Kook, I don’t want to marry him. i won’t marry him!! I don’t know what else to tell you!! ” I said in distress.

“You mean that? You don’t want to marry him?”


“You really don’t!! You swear?!!”

“I swear!! Now get out of here and pick me up after six . I’ll meet you at the bus stop!! Take care of the car!!” I said impatiently before grabbing my purse and hightailing it into the restaurant. The maitre’d gave me a wide smile and quickly led me through a private parlor to a small room with private dining for two. I blinked at the expensively decorated walls and the ornate oak table and the candle lit surfaces. Seokjin looked positively ethereal in the dim yellow glow.

“I’m so sorry!” i said genuinely.

“It’s alright. You look like you ran all the way from Busan… Sit down..” He poured me a glass of water and gently pushed it across the table.

I picked it up and took a sip , glancing nervously at him. He was dressed in an expensive looking Jacket with a pale blue button-up underneath, his shoulders broad and hips tapering into a lean waist . I felt a little blush creep up my face because really, the guy was way too good looking. He smiled then and I stared at pouty pink lips, more feminine than mine.

“I’m sorry abut yesterday…” I said softly and he waved it off, opening the menu card and handing it over to me.

I glanced at the name of the restaurant written on top.

“Le Petit Mort? What does that mean? ”

He gave me an amused smile. “ A little death. Are you checking if I really did go to France?” He teased and I shrugged.

“A little death… Doesn’t sound very appetizing…” I said. He laughed then, loud and hearty and leaned forward with a mischievous glint in his eye.

“oh , it is. In fact it’s one of the most delicious things on the planet…” He winked and i fought to compose myself. What the hell??

“Death is delicious? What are you, some kind of a morbid mania person?” I said nervously and he laughed.

“The petit mort means an orgasm, sweetheart. It’s when you momentarily die from pleasure, after sex. I can tell you, from experience, that it’s pretty delicious.” He smiled and I froze in place, stunned.

Oh, My. God.


“Too much info  for the first date?” He was laughing openly now and I opened my mouth, ready to protest when the door swung open .

It was Jung Kook.

Stunned, i stared at him disbelief. Who the hell let him in?

“Hey sweetheart…” He said very very loudly and i blinked. Seokjin frowned and glanced at him.

And then at me.

“Friend of yours?” He raised one perfectly shaped eyebrow and I swallowed.


“You left this in my car. ”

i watched in abject horror as he pulled out a bra out of his pant pocket and handed it to me like it was a rose or something. My face felt like it had been set on fire and I glared at him.

“Jeon Jung Kook, I’m going to…!!” I was ready to give him a piece of my mind but Seokjin beat me to it.

“Very considerate of you. i doubt she can fit it in her purse though. Why don’t you give it to me? I’ll slip it into my medicine bag.” Seokjin said cheerfully and both Jung Kook and I went still.

“What kind of a pervert are you?” Jung Kook said bluntly and Seokjin shrugged.

“The kind that doesn’t embarrass a lady in public. I’m not sure you’re familiar with the type.” He snapped back.

What was happening?

“She’s my girlfriend.” Jung Kook said simply and that was it. i snapped.

“For heaven’s sake… Come with me, you idiot..” I hissed and grabbed his arm. “ Seokjin ssi, Could you please excuse me. ?” I muttered.

“Of course. Will you be coming back? Or rain check on this? ” He said hopefully and i nodded.

“Tomorrow…I’ll meet you tomorrow…”

“Like hell you will-”

“Jung Kook, shut up before I drop this pot on your head !! Now move!!”


“What the hell was that?? I growled. Jung Kook stayed silent, glaring straight ahead while he drove me to the supposed Karaoke party.

"i thought you didn’t want to date him. I was helping you.!”

“no you were making me look like a promiscuous wild child…”

I pulled out my phone when it buzzed.

From, Seokjin
​Are you okay?

From, Ah Reum.
I’m fine Sorry. He’s not my boyfriend. Just a friend playing around.

From Seokjin,
I know. That bra was way too big to be yours.

I blinked.



Burning with mortification , i turned off my phone and slipped it in. How dare he!! How dare he!!

But I had bigger things to worry about.

“You’re insane. You do realize that if he tells my father what happened, my father will ground me till next century?!”

Jung Kook rolled his eyes.

“I just don’t want you to marry him.!!”

“Why ever not?”

“Because he isn’t good enough for you!! I… I just want you to be with someone who deserves you….”

“Someone like you?” I sneered and he didn’t say anything.

“Better than me. Someone better than me…”

i tried to ignore the way my heart leapt at that. 

“So I’m supposed to sit around and wait for you to approve??” I rolled my eyes.

“He shrugged.

"That’s the plan. And don’t worry. If he doesn’t back off, I’ll fix it.” He said firmly and I frowned.

Jeon Jung Kook was the most confusing person on the planet .


“It’s nice to finally meet you Ah Reum, this guy would never shut up about you.“ Namjoon smiled and offered me a little hug. I raised an eyebrow at Jung Kook who shuffled nervously and shrugged.

"I really did hate you when I first met you.” He explained. Rolling my eyes , I elbowed him lightly on the stomach. Yoongi grinned and offered me a mug of beer. I politely refused and he frowned.

“You always refuse, What you think I’m trying to poison you or something? ” He snapped and I grinned.

“Oppa, I just…”

“Don’t call him that…” Jung Kook said suddenly, looking green.

“Oppa? He’s older, right?”

“Even so…Oppa is just icky…” Jung Kook shuddered.

“You’re so weird, I can’t…” I pushed him away and made to get some chips from the side table. He followed quickly and snatched the chips right out of my hand before popping them in his mouth.

“What’s the deal with you and Kim Seokjin…” He said finally.

“Why did you have a bra in your car.”



“Come on, Ah Reum do you really want to know?” He raised and eyebrow.

“Fair enough. There’s nothing between me and Seokjin. My father just… I don’t know , stonewalled me into meeting him I guess.”

“He seemed nice.. ” Jung Kook reached over me, to grab some more chips and my face momentarily hit the soft fabric of his shirt. He smelled mouth watering.

“Why are you wearing cologne?” I said suspiciously.

“I’m not…”

“HEY GUYS!!!!!!!”

I jumped a foot in the air when shrill voices flooded the room and what looked like a horde of scantily clad women descended on us , like a swarm of locusts on a corn field. All the boys went into a frenzy, whooping and cheering and i got jostled to the side as no less than four girls crowded around Jeon Jung Kook, loud, noisy and half naked.

I moved back in disbelief, shaking my head.

“They’re crazy, aren’t they? Most of them hope to score some pictures or videos so they can use it later. I once slept with Jeon Jung Kook, is a nice way to brag…” Hobi sidled up next to be and chuckled. I swallowed.

“Does he sleep with a lot of them?” I said, suddenly nauseous.

“Jung Kookie? Not at all! If anything, he avoids them like the plague. You’d have to be truly exceptional to land Jeon Jung Kook in your bed. He looks for the most breathtakingly beautiful women in the planet. Never settles for anything less than gorgeous. What’s more, he usually manages to find them.” Hobi said, sounding genuinely impressed.

I shifted nervously.

“He likes beautiful girls then?” I said dryly.

“For quick lays,yes.. But then, I guess its different with you…”

“Me??” I came out as a squeak, because I really wasn’t including myself as a factor.

“He seems to genuinely like you.That’s rare. ” Hobi smiled and I grimaced.

“I’m flattered. ” I rolled my eyes and then glanced back at Jung Kook. He was whispering something to the girls and then to my chagrin he pointed right at me. All five girls turned in unison to stare at me and I froze.

They muttered something, shot me death glares and then moved away, while Jung Kook made his way over to me.

“What the hell did you tell them?” I snapped.

“That I already paid you for the night…” He grinned. I felt my eyes go round in horror and he began laughing.

“Relax, you nitwit. I just said I was here with my sister, so not looking to play.”

“And I’m the sister?” I said dubiously. He didn’t reply…just hummed and then stared at me some more.

“Don’t marry Seokjin…”

I was surprised byt the statement. It seemed completely uncalled for.

“You’re insane…” I whispered.

“Wait for me…”

“Jung Kook…”

“I know it’ll be a while, and I know it’s incredibly selfish of me to say this but, wait for me.” He whispered, kissing the corner of my mouth. Lightly. Feather touch really, I barely felt it.

“Wait for what? You don’t… don’t have feelings for me..”

“It’s not like you have any for me either. But I know you think of us together. ” He said bluntly and I flinched.

“Jung Kook… You’ll meet a billion prettier girls , girls who will probably share your dream and …”

“I know.  But right now…I just can’t. Not with anyone else. It’s just the way things are… Please just promise me you won’t marry anyone else…”

I blinked because there was something painfully serious in his tone and it made my throat close up. It was an odd feeling of dread, filling my insides , fists closing over my heart and squeezing so tight that the next breath became a difficult one to take in. It’s only going to end one way, this train of thought. With both your heart’s breaking so don’t start it. . The thought came like a bolt of lightning and scared me so much I choked. But then this was Jeon Jung kook and so I nodded quietly.

“I won’t marry anyone…” I said recklessly and he gave me a bitter little smile.

“God, look at you … You don’t even think twice before telling me what I want to hear, even if it isn’t true…” He said softly.

“I’m not lying..”

“No you’re not sweetheart and that’s the beauty of it really… Whatever you say, you mean it… It’s the rest of the world that’s screwed up. You’re too good for me… For anyone …i..”

“Why do you say stuff like this…” i muttered , embarrassed.

He sighed and ran a hand over his face.

“Will you think about it? Us?” He said quietly.

“What us? ” I said softly. “ There’s no us..you’re leaving tomorrow and …”

“It won’t matter. We both know this is something special. What we’ve got…” He took my wrists and kissed it lightly, one at a time. The gesture was oddly charming and I fell hard and fast.

“Jung Kook…” I reached, out grabbed the lapels of his collar and drew him in for a kiss. I didn’t know why I kissed him. All I knew was that I couldn’t not  kiss him.

His lips felt soft against mine, not very plump but incredibly soft. He tasted minty, a bit like the drink he’d just had and bit like my own fantasy of how the perfect guy would taste. I smoothed my palm against his collar bones ,slipped my fingers into the gap between his shirt and skin, traced circles and savored the feel of skin on bones, the way he shifted underneath my touch.

“We should stop here… ” He pulled back.

“Yeah..” I laughed. The lights were dimmed, most of the guys and the girls were laughing dancing, the music was sultry and alluring but we were still in public. And he was leaving tomorrow.

“Hey guys…Come on.. This is a karaoke party… Come, on, Jung Kookie …” Namjoon appeared out of nowhere, grabbing Jung Kook’s arm and dragging him along. A few minutes later all of us were gathered around the small, makeshift brown stage and Namjoon grabbed the microphone.

“Let this be the humble beginning… Someday, we’re going to sing in front of millions!!” He shouted.

I grinned as everyone enthusiastically whooped and cheered.

“Our maknae will start this one out.. What say, Kookie?” Namjoon called out and for a second Jung Kook looked boyishly shy as he glanced at me. I held up two thumbs up and he laughed.

“Okay.. This one is for a very special.. someone. Let’s just say that if it weren’t for her,I wouldn’t really be here.” He smiled, pointedly avoiding looking at me. And then when he gestured to the small band at the back he caught my eye and winked. I felt stupidly happy, suddenly certain that this would be the happiest day of my life. I’d never been sung to before. Let alone by a gorgeous, beautiful singer like Jeon Jung Kook.

“When I need motivation….” He sang , holding out his hands and lightly swaying his hips while everyone else began applauding in time with the rhythm, “ my one solution is my queen, cos she stays strong..” HE grinned , bunny teeth showing white in the darkness and I laughed out loud.

“She is always in my corner, right there when I want her… All these other girls are pretty, but I’m empty when you’re gone..”  

I stopped, face flaming from the cheesiness.. Had he really thought of me when he learnt that song??

“And they say…. Do you need me? Do you think I’m pretty? Do i make you wanna cheat,I’m like  , no not really” He let out a whoop and the rest of the boys joined him on stage, and he held his hand out for me .

I stared at him, horrified.

“What , no!!!” I backed away and then yelped when arms came around my waist, lifting me straight up. It was Min Yoongi and I yelped when he toseed me on stage and Jung kook caught me easily, wrapping an arm around my waist…

“I’m supposed to be your sister…” I hissed , when he wrapped and arm around me and pulled close, burying his mouth in the curve of my neck.

“i was kidding, i really did tell them you were my lay for the night..”

“What the hell…”

But he was turning back grabbing the mike again as the chorus came on,

“Oh, I think that I found myself a cheerleader…. She’s always right there when I need her…. She walks like a model but she grants my wishes like a genie in a bottle… ”

By now all of them were singing and Jung Kook wrapped his arms around me, easily, pulling me close, and resting his forehead against my forehead while we danced to the tune.

“This song suits you so much, it’s pretty scary.. Except for the walking part… You waddle around like a duck sometimes…."He said , rubbing his nose against mine. Up close, I saw the light dusting of freckles, the gentle sweep og his long eye lashes and the curve of his cheeks, smooth and soft against my palm. The way his fringe fell into the edge of his eye, the way the curve of his nose felt against my neck and the way his fingers clung to my waist in a grip that was so gentle, it was hard to believe it was Jeon Jung Kook.

"You’re amazing.. You sound amazing…You’re going to be so successful and so famous and so…”

He kissed me again and I forgot the rest of the sentence.

Later that night, as the crowd slowly cleared out, we both sat on the balcony, legs swinging into the air through the guard rails, fingers curled around the iron rails.

“I won’t be allowed to make a lot of calls or use my phone a lot, so I got you this..” He pulled out a small bag and I blinked staring at the contents.


“Pre addressed and with postage… All you got to do is write stuff and drop it in a post box. We can write to each other.” He smiled.

“This is beyond cheesy…” I laughed  and he looked a little hurt and made to take it back but I quickly grabbed it back.

“Will you come see my performance… every one of them…”

“You know I will..” I rolled my eyes and nudged him lightly.

“The fansigns as well? I’ll send you VIP passes everytime. ” He said softly and I nodded.

“Look at you already being an idol…” I grinned and he smiled.

“I’m serious. I want to see you often. As often as i can.”

I nodded quickly and nudged his shoulders with mine.

“Do you want to go for a ride? You still have the car right?” I whispered.


And for years , the two of them would remember that last car ride, the stolen beers, the reckless profanities and the off-key singing of that night as the last day of innocence.

Ah Reum would look back on that night, how she’d hung half out of the car window, the wind whipping her hair while she yelled “ Please love Bangtan sonyeondan a lot!!!! ” across the highway .

How Jung Kook had laughed loud, not conscious about his bare face or unstyled hair  and just enjoying the breeze, reveling in being an ordinary teenager on the way to live his dreams. How he’d gripped her hand in his and never let go. How he had been Jeon jung kook, nineteen year old with the girl he loved and not an idol with millions of expectation to live up to. 

They would remember stopping half way through to take selfies , to play tic-tac-toe on the road side and how a losing Jung Kook had piggybacked her to the river bank. “You’re the only one i’ll ever lose to ” He would whisper and, though he doesn’t know it , it’s going to be vaguely true.

They would remember drawing up on the banks of the Han, just the two of them , curling around each other and lighting up fireworks. The cheap 5$ kind that fizzled out really fast but burnt very very bright  and Ah Reum will think how similar her relationship with Jung Kook had been to those fireworks.

So short but so bright.


February 21,

Dear JK,

I got your chocolates and the gift. Thanks . To answer your question, no Seokjin and I are not dating. I never saw him again after the day you left. it’s been a month now. I heard that they torture you people during training. Is it true? I hope you’re okay. I miss you and Soyou thinks I should stop writing so many letters a week if i want to stay sane. Really? i think the letters are the only things keeping me sane. Who would have thought I’d miss a brat like you, so much.

But i do.

I miss you.

You’re following your dreams, i know and I’m happy for you. But there’s a selfish part of me that wishes you were here.

Love you ( Am I allowed to say that?)



March 2,

Reumie Reumie,

You can say anything you want. Anyway, don’t listen to Soyou, your letters are the only things keeping me sane as well. The training is hard, of course it is. But it’s okay. I keep telling myself that pain feeds me you know, it makes me stronger. Better. And i’m okay. So don’t worry too much about me. I miss you too. I miss all the times we had, of course, but mostly, i miss all the times, we didn’t, you know? It’s stupid but..yeah…i wanted to take you bowling. I know you’d totally suck at it. Hahaha. I also wanted to take you bungee jumping. You would have freaked the hell out.

Love… I don’t know what love is. Cliche but true really. So , i don’t know if I love you , because I don’t know what love is. But I think, when I grow up, someday, i’ll know and when I do, I’ll come looking for you. Will you wait?

Not Love,


P.S: There’s a selfish part of me that wishes you were here too….


March 3,


You’re a horrible person. Like i would trust you and come bungee jumping. Ha. But you’re right. There’s tons of stuff we didn’t do. You know, last week the lake next to the fishing supply store, turned red. The kids were telling some serial killer butchered a dozen bodies, drained them of blood and poured it in the lake. Turns out it was just some kind of algae. So stupid. Anyway, Soyou and Minho are now dating and so i’m mostly alone. Your fangirls still try to assault me asking me for your number. I’ve been holding up pretty well. you should treat me well, you idiot.

You’re right about us not knowing enough of love. I shouldn’t think of that stuff. It can wait till you’re back. I’m thinking of taking up interior designing. I’d like to make homes look beautiful, if that makes sense. Its the closest thing to being an artist and well, I think i’ll be good at it.

Of course, I’ll be waiting for you, you idiot. Do you even have to ask.

This weird feeling that isn’t love,


P.S : Is it weird that I get scared that we wont be the same, when we meet again. What if you don’t like the person I’ve become. I know its silly but it worries me.


March 20,

Reumie Reumie,

The lake turned red. That sounds cool. Wish i was there. Min Ho is a nice guy,. don’t worry and sorry about the fangirls. Think of it as practice, for when we become public friends after I’m successful. You’ll be hated more then. Haha. Don’t worry though, I’ll protect you. I’ve always treated you well, you little brat. ( except for when I cut your hair. That’s a dick move , I apologize.) My training’s still really hard but I’ve been working on my dance and singing and the trainer says I’ve improved a lot. Don’t say you’re alone. Anytime you are, just write me a letter and pretend I’m sitting right next to you and listening.

Interior decorating, huh? Does this mean you’ll do my apartment for free when i get one? in fact I’ll get an apartment, just to let you go wild in there. I’m curious what a Reumie-styled apartment would look like. And you can still paint if you want to be an artist. i’ll buy all the paintings for 5$ each.

Will you, really? Sometimes i think that one day you’ll just disappear .

Not love but something better,


P.S: Don’t be stupid. I like you for you. And no matter what happens I know what you are, inside, will not change. Silly girl.  Also, my letters are going to be missing for a few weeks. I’ve got a lot of work to get done. PDnim wants me to stop corresponding with anyone for a while.


June 17,

Dear Reumie,

I’ll be debuting in two months. I’m busy singing and dancing and the hyungdeul think I’ve finally stopped pining for you. I wonder what they’ll say if they know how much i write to you. It’s funny and a bit weird that I think of you even when you’re literally the farthest thing from my mind. I mean, I’ll be lifting weights or washing my face and your ridiculous hyenah laugh just pops up in my head and makes me jump. Are you using voodoo magic on me, woman?

There’s still a lot of negative talk about our group, even the pre debut pics and teasers are inviting anties. It’s hard to tell myself it’s not my fault. I wish you were here. You’d know what to say.

Yoongi hyung’s written a lot of songs. Of course not all of them will be in the album but I hope they put at least some of them in. I know Namjoonie hyung and Yoongi hyung are having a hard time because of a lot of hate . It’s harder for me to watch them hurt. I don’t know. It’s weird.

My father’s still talking about getting me back. I saw the news about Jeon Inc., withdrawing investment from your dad’s company…I hope it doesn’t make things difficult.

Missing you,



“Hello.” i picked the phone, trying to fight the headache in my skull. 


“Jung Kook?” I gripped the receiver, stunned out of my senses. it had been months since i’d heard his voice and just that one syllable was making my eyes sting. 

“where the hell are you? What’s going on? They told me you’re not in college anymore. What the hell happened and why didn’t you talk to me about it?”

“I thought you weren’t allowed to make calls!” I whispered. 

“I sneaked out of the company to call you…” 

“You’re debuting in a  week, what are you doing out?”

“I heard about what my dad did? Is it true? He pulled out of the investment after your father signed the MoUs…”

“Yeah… he did…But it;s okay…”

“How on earth can it be okay… Reumie, your father could go to prison…”

“I can’t talk about this on the phone…”

“Meet me then… ”


“Yeah… there’s a park about five blocks from college. Iborrowed namjoon hyung’s car. It’s a ford. I’m near the lake.” 

"The one that turned red…”

“Stop joking… Come soon.”

“Fine.. you stubborn prat.”


“ He thinks my father is trying to steal you away. “ I said miserably. “ He says that as the Jeon heir you know all the company’s secrets and my father is trying to get them by making you my son in law. He wants dad to stop funding you or to make sure I never contact you again.” i said .

“I’m going to talk to my father…About this. i’ll tell him that I’ll come back . That I’ll take over the company, quit being an idol. We can get married, everything will be fine..” Jung Kook said feverishly.

I felt my bones turn to ash, angry protest building up inside me. The inside of the car was misty and humid and it felt like hell, being this close to him and not being allowed to touch and kiss him the way i wanted to. . 

“no!! Don’t be an idiot!! You can’t just give up on your dream because of this…i.. it’s not even your fault when you think of it… It was my fault and i’ll find a way to fix it . Don’t even think of interfering..”

“how the hell are you going to fix it.. Don’t tell me you’re going to marry someone else…” Jung Kook said anguished,  and i bit my lips in consternation.

“Jung kook, I’m the one who screwed things up. I … I messed up. But the one, good thing that came out of all this is…you got to be an idol and it’s not just you. Just think of Namjoon and the others . They’re all this close to reaching their dreams , doing what they’ve always wanted. You can’t ruin it for all of them. ” I said desperately.

“It doesn’t have to be , we could work stuff out… Right now it’s more important to fix things for your father and…”

“No. No. If you do quit being an idol, I won’t marry you anyway.” I said softly and he stopped. Stared at me like I was stupid.

“Reumie..” His voice cracked on my name and I swallowed.

“You heard me. Even if you do convince your father to re-invest, I will not agree to a marriage with you. I will not. ” I said, my voice shaking.

“Don’t do this..”

“You’re born to be a singer. To own the stage. I will not be the reason you drop that.I refuse to be your biggest regret!! You think I could survive knowing that if it weren’t for me, you would be exactly what you wanted to be.!! i can’t !! i won’t!!” I managed to say through the tears.

“You’re being unreasonable..”

“No, i’m not. I’m being honest. If you care about…If you care anything about us…you’ll go back . You’ll go back and prove that this isn’t for nothing. That something good came out of all this pain that I’m going through…” The tears wouldn’t stop.

“Let me help you… Please let me help…” He dropped his hands, down to my knees and then my ankles, bending down and nearly begging and it sharttered something deep inside me. 

“stop it…Getup” I grabbed his shoulders and hauled him back up and hugged him. Fiercely. Hard. Like I wanted him to sink into me. I gripped his shoulders and cried so much that I soaked through his jacket.

“I hate you…i hate you so much, right now I…” He kept repeating and I shook my head.

“I know.. I know.. But I love you. And that’s why I can’t be with you..  Someday.. Become successful and come back for me…” I whispered, kissing his head, the curve of his ears, the newly styled hair . The handsome face.  


“I’m serious. Get it done. Be what you want to be and come back for me. i’ll be waiting, I promise. Just let me sort this out by myself. I promise you, it’s going to be you. You and no one esle. “ 

“I… Really? You love me?” 

I took a deep shuddering breath. 

“i love you.” i breathed out.

I kissed him , crawling over the gear shift to his lap, his fingers lipping in through my blouse and gripping my breasts , his eyes wide and panicked and aroused. 

“I love you too, so much.. You’re so beautiful…” He whispered. 

“Can i… Can we?” I stuttered out nervously. i wanted this. Wanted him so badly I couldn’t breath. He sgrunted, pulling me close and nuzzling my neck but it really wasn’t enough. 

“Here? Now? Baby, it’s going to hurt and …”

“I don’t care… just… Please just touch me..” 

And he did. And it was the best night of my life. 


“You won’t marry anyone else right? Promise me…” He whispered, pulling on his shirt while I tried to button my blouse. I could still feel his release dripping between my legs and i bit my lips. We hadn’t even used protection., Jung kook turned my brains to mush.

“I won’t..” 

“I love you, Reumie. i’m going to come back for you.” 

“ I believe you Now leave. Please, just leave before i change my mind and ruin both our lives. Just leave.”

As I watched him leave, the last remnants of my heart shattered.


Exactly one week later, Bangtan Sonyeondan debuted.

And I married Kim Seokjin, sole heir to Kim corp., Chief Surgeon at the Kim Specialty Hospitals in Busan.

December 31,


 Dearest JK,

I  miss you. I do. Badly. There’s nothing else to say really. I want to see you. i want to be with you. I can’t stop crying… But it isn’t Seokjin’s fault. He’s so good to me, I can’t even say anything. We have our own house, a sprawling villa with acres of woods and ponds and stuff. He’s busy most of the time but he always takes time off to take me to different places. I can’t fault him. He’s polite , so friendly. So nice. So good. I want to hate him but i can’t. I couldn’t. He’s the reason my father isn’t in prison.

But he isn’t you.

Letter Unsent


January 12,

​Seokjin got me tickets to your first concert. He doesn’t know about us. I wanted to tell him but at the last minute , I chickened out. i didn’t want to break his heart. I think i can imagine how betrayed you must’ve felt when I married him. You wouldn’t return my calls, you wouldn’t let me come see you. Even your friends wouldn’t let me speak to you. I don’t blame them. i screwed up. I didn’t want to but I did.

Did you meet someone else?

I don’t know if I want you to.

I just…

I want to go back in time.

Just marry you when I had the chance. Maybe I shouldn’t have barged in on you getting beaten up that way. That was really the beginning wasn’t it? But honestly, I ’d do the same thing over again. I couldn’t not help you. it …just wouldn’t have been possible for me to ignore that you were being hurt.

so that’s the worst thing, really.

Knowing i screwed things up.

Knowing I broke both our hearts.

And knowing , deep down, that given the chance, I would do it all over again.

I’m so sorry. For everything.

Letter unsent.

mE: I will write fluff and happy things and make my readers happy and not miserable 
My brain : No, NOt TODAY. 


Title: Rescue

Request/Prompt: Can i request something like the reader is in a dangerously abusive relationship and somehow she bumps into Sam and Dean and when they find out about her abusive relationship they save her? A little more dean x reader if possible?? - @markofcain-spn

Pairing: Not really any, Dean x Reader if any though

Warnings: Abuse (!!) both verbal and physical, alot of swearing, alcohol, sexual references. MAY BE TRIGGERING!

Word Count: 1,462

Note: Absolutely, lovely! Here’s your request, sorry it’s a little late! This was very difficult to write, I hope I did it justice. Also, please note that the reader thinks the abuse is her fault and that she deserves it, as many victims of abuse do. This is NOT TRUE. If you are in an abusive relationship, whether romantic or otherwise, it is NOT your fault. Please, seek help - you deserve better, I promise.

  He was angry again. Most evenings were like this - usually, you and your long-term boyfriend would come home from work about five. He’d kiss your cheek and tell you he loved you. And then, he’d pour out a drink. That’s usually when most of the problems started.

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My Human Pet (Jumin X MC fanfic)

Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Rating : M, definitely 
Summary: An AU where Jumin acquires a human replacement for Elizabeth 3rd outside the RFA…you. 
Author’s Notes : Though chapter 1 features Seven, rest assured this is a Jumin fic! (and don’t’ forget that likes and reviews feed the muse ;) )

 Chapter 1: Finding Jumin

Seven knew the world had gone to hell, but still had trouble hiding his dread as the shadowy man lead him further down the stairs. This trip was supposed to be a reward from the agency for his last job, but whatever awaited him at the bottom, he was increasingly sure he wanted none of it. As involved as he was with the underworld, there was still some boundaries he refused to cross, and this place reeked of them.

Sure enough, a wave of horror seized him as he took stock of the high-tech basement. Human slavery. Cells after cells of young women waiting like insects in glass jars to be abused at the leisure of the guests. His feet stopped of their own accord and he looked away, trying to keep his composure as he addressed his guide.

‘’Thanks, but I’m not interested. I’ll go back upstairs.’’

‘’Now, now’’ said the man with a syrupy tone that dripped false concern, ‘’you know what happens if you refuse a gift from the boss, don’t you?’’

For once, Seven had no idea, but he could imagine. It had to be something even more vile than the ‘’prize’’ he had been promised tonight.

‘’Come on, maybe you’ll get a taste for it?’’ continued the man. He was smiling nastily, obviously enjoying his discomfort.

Seven remained silent, pursuing his lips. If he had to be forced to go through with this, maybe he could find some consolation in trying to help whoever he’d pick.

That idea in mind, he ventured forward in the alley, glancing left and right at the poor women. They were all exquisitely beautiful, but broken like dolls, lying helplessly on their cots with glassy eyes. It was worse than cattle resigned to their doom; these girls were stuck in the antechamber of death.

‘’How can anyone…’’ muttered Seven under his breath, completely disgusted.

‘’Need them feisty, I see? I can relate’’ replied the guard, mistaking the intent of his words. Seven refrained the urge to punch him to a pulp. ‘’Lucky for you, there are arrivals fresh from yesterday, right there!’’ He pointed to a cluster of cages at the end of the row. ‘’Haven’t had time to tame them yet. The new ones always believe they can say no, you know?’’ He chuckled darkly, and pushed by a morbid instinct, Seven approached. His eyes widened as soon as he saw the first occupant.

“Elly!..’’ he whispered, taken aback.

Of course, it wasn’t really Elizabeth 3rd , Jumin Han’s beloved cat. It was, however, a striking impersonation of what she’d look like as a human: an albino from head to toe, with a mane of pure white hair, creamy milky skin, long graceful limbs, a small heart-shaped face and more than anything, huge sapphire eyes. It was you.

And just like that, an insane plan bloomed in Seven’s mind.


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Request by anon: .Can you write a story, where the reader is suicidal? She thinks often over this, but she doesn’t have the courage to do it. And then something happens and she wanna do it, but Bill Wesley can stop her? He knows that she has suicidal thoughts but  he doesen’t think that she wanna do it?
A/N: Like in every request like that, I want to point out that yes, I may be writing these and give them a more romantic side. But real talk, these things are not to mess around with. Suicide is NEVER the solution and you take away the happiness you deserve. Believe me it gets better, take this lesson  from this rough time life put you through and make something positive out of it. :) 

You had always been a quiet child. Always the kind of weird child if you wish. When everyone in the country yard of your muggle school were playing and having fun you were the child with the notebook and was drawing and writing small stories. So, when you got your Hogwarts letter you felt as if you finally had justice in your life. You always knew you were different and now this letter proved it to you. Little you knew, that Hogwarts was basically a fancy muggle school. It wasn’t the sweet paradise you thought, there were bullies, evil children and even unkind teachers. It was simply another reality. Another version of the rotten mess world you knew so long. Except it had unicorns and broomsticks. 
Since day one, you seemed like an easy target to the bullies. They mocked you about everything and nothing. You did good in a test, you were a know it all freak, you failed to complete an essay, you’re not worthy of being in that school. No matter what you did, no matter how hard you tried, you were the easy target. Since one day, a boy two years older than you defended you. You seemed pretty shocked at first. You were afraid, you had started even missing the boring and simple muggle math classes. The boy reached out his hand for a hand shake. 

“I am Bill Weasely.” he said. 

“I am (Y/N) (Y/L/N) “ you replied, your voice still shaking a bit. 

“I’ve seen them making fun of you so many times, why don’t you do something about it?” He asked. Oh but you did wanted to do something. You just didn’t have the bravery to even take your own life away. That’s the only thing you could think of. The only thing that could ease the pain away. Your eyes started watering and the so called Bill boy wrapped his arms around you, making your face crush againt his chest. 

“I don’t know.” you managed to say at last. 

“I think we can hang out a bit more you seem like you need someone to talk to.” Bill said and you felt your knees buckling. You never had someone to open up to and now it scared you. You wanted to run away from your thoughts. Not face them, let alone speak them out. 

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‘She is Tony Stark’s daughter,by the way’- PART 3

(Tom\CW!Peter Parker x Stark!Reader)


:Tom\CW!Peter Parker x Stark!Reader;Father!Tony x Daughter!Reader
Summary of a one shot:Tony’s daughter,who is almost a copy of her father,comes to NY to live with her dad.On her first day in the new school,Peter ends up embarassing himself in front of her,but then has to work on a project with her,since they end up together in the English class.When it turns out they don’t have enough time to end their project in school,she comes with him to his place,but ends up seeting someone unexpected there.
Warnings:A slight CW spoiler…
Y\N-Your name
A\N:Sorry about the dellay.Really,really sorry!This is the last part of the story.I have enjoyed writing it and I see you’ve enjoyed reading it,which I’m sooo happy about!Thank you all so much for reading :* BTW,you can’t even imagine how hard I screamed internally when I found this picture after finishing the story!It just fits in so well and I…AAAAA!!..Just read this part and than look at the pic,you’ll go through the same shock..
There’ll be some new fanfics soon after this,I’ve had a lot of inspiration lately..Lova you lots!!

‘I’m so proud of myself’,Brian stated,showing that pride in every word.
‘What?Why?’,Peter asked while they were walking towards the classroom.
‘Well,if it wasn’t for me,you never would’ve gotten hurt!’,Brian half-yelled.
‘And I should thank you for that?’,Peter asked in confusion and disgust,not believeing how his friend could find his own actions a good thing.He instantly rememberd the fall in the hallway and the wound next to his lip…Which still kind of hurt,by the way.
‘You can get as grumpy as you wish,but we both know that it was my pencil that earned you that kiss.You hear me?My pencil…’,Brian defended himself.
‘There,you said it yourself!Your pencil,not you’,Peter pointed out.
‘But you have to give me some credit’,Brian murmured,’I mean,I was holding it….I sharpened it.’
‘Ok,ok…You took some part in that’,Peter finally gave in.
They were walking in silence for only a couple of seconds,because Brian was dying to ask and say more.Sure,he was annoying,but,to be honest,it didn’t really bother Peter to talk about Y\N.Until a really awkward question came up.
‘Sooooo…How did it feel?’,Brian asked like a third grade girl,wiggling his eyebrows at Peter.
‘What?Oh,God!I’m deffinitely not telling you that!’,he practically yelled out,instantly turning around to see if anyone payed attention at his sudden reaction,feeling thankful that no-one really did.But he couldn’t get much releaf after what Brian asked him.
‘Oh,come on!I deserve to know’,Brian said disappointedly.
Deserve?Why do you deserve to know that?Look,I appreciate the help.I really do,but neither do I feel like I want to tell you,nor do I feel like it’s your business anyway.So,have some respect for my priva-’,but he got cut off,by Brian’s palm slapping over his mouth,that he soon took off,’What the hell?’
‘Shhh,look’,Brian whispered and motioned towards to classroom door where Y\N was standing,waiting for the teacher to come and unlock the door with other students who appeared to be Brian and Peter’s English classmates.
‘But that is our classroom’,Peter whispered.
‘Yeah…And those are the others that go to English with us’,Brin added in a whisper,trying to lead Peter to a conclusion,’And we are about to have English right now.’
He raised his eyebrows at his friend with a sheepish grean plastered over his face.Peter was just looking at him,clueless,which resulted in Brian’s expression to fall and his plam to meet his forehead,loudly.
‘I can’t believe what I’m working with…’,he murmuredunder his breath.
‘What?’,Peter asked in a whisper,still quite clueless,until he realised,’Aaaah,I get it.’
‘Oh,mother of God,thank you’,Brian lifted his head up to look at the ceiling,before looking back at Peter,’If I ever thought that you were stupid,Peter,I’m sorry…I should’ve known you were stupid right when we met’,Brian said,hitting Peter’s head.
‘Hey!’,Peter complained,when they reached the classroom and the teacher came to unlock the door.
Everyone got inside quickly and took their usual places.The only one left for Y\N was in the first row.She sat down leaving her bag,getting ready to introduce herself,for who knows what time that day.She lost the count.As much as she had her “Stark confidence”,she didn’t like getting up in the beggining of every class to introduce herself to other students and the teacher.It’s just that,from repeating her own name so many times in one day,it started to sound stupid to her.Still,Y\N couldn’t run away from it,as much as it bothered her.
‘Alright,class.Before we start,I have a very special announcement.You probably already know that we have a new student,but I’d like to ask her to come up here and introduce herself.Miss Stark,would you mind?’,the woman asked politely.
‘Apsolutely no problem’,Y\N answered,faking a smile and getting up to hold the little speech she grew to hate so much in the past couple of hours.
‘Hello,I am Y\N Stark.Before you start asking me why do I even need or want to go to school,I need you to know that,not all of us with strong family names feel superior and act spoiled and arrogant.I’m happy I can say that I don’t.Sure,my dad is a great scientist,superhero and what not,but…I don’t want to use that to become something and someone in this world.I’d much rather break some of my own sweath to get there,because that is the only right way.I don’t find myself much diferent from yo-’,she stopped for a moment with an annoyed expression to turn to the jock and send him an angry glare,’You seriously need to stop looking at me like that or I’ll punch you in the face.’
She quickly returned to her sweet attitude from the begining,leaving everyone entertained.Even the teacher.
‘What happened to not being an arrogant kid of a famous parent?’,he quickly fought back.
She was hoping that,after she nicely asked,or as nice as she could ask him,he would just give up.But he just wanted to put up a fight and he picked the most wrong person he could.
‘I’ve seen what you’ve been doing today to others around the school,that I don’t doubt you do every day,and,from patiently observing,I came to the conclusion that you deserved every piece of what I’ve just said’,she started,letting a bit of the temper and offensive humor she got from her dad burst out,’If you expect anyone to act thowards you in a nice manner,you should probably consider getting down to earth,because you’ve put your ego so high that I can bet my uncle grazed your ear,at least once,jumping from an airplane,probably assuming he hit an innocent bird.And,no,I’m not telling you this as an arrogant kid of a famous parent,I’m telling you this to serve some justice as an offended student’,she said,looking proud as ever,knowing her dad would be,too.
Everyone was more than amazed.They were astonished.
‘How the hell have I offended you?’,he asked,acting innocently.
‘By staring’,she simply explained.
‘Like I was the only one’,he deffended himself,while everyone was watching in amusement,enjoying the way she was scolding him.
’Peter,I really like your choice of women’,Brian whispered to his friend,not taking his look away from the intriguing argument in front of him.
‘I’m not saying that you were,but your stares were quite disrespective.I have to say that I did not enjoy that very much,therefore,I’d like to ask you to be so kind as to decrease the amount of those to a minimum,leave us all alone,because I may not use my dad to reach success,but I won’t hesitate the slightest bit to use him,and maybe even some of mu uncles,to have you thought a lesson…Even though I could do that myself,as well’,she added,nodding at the teacher,signaling that she is going back to sit in her chair,and heading back to her spot.Her teacher nodded back with a proud smile..
‘You could not’,her opponent said,evidently unsure.
‘Can you bet on that?’,she asked,standing next to his table,’I have an aunt who was so kind to teach me certain moves.I have to say,I haven’t tried to use them on people,yet,but…there needs to be a first time for everything,right?’,she said and smirked devilishly,then sat in her chair.
‘It was about time someone said that.Well done!’,a girl next to her told her,patting her shoulder.
‘Thanks.He just gave up because he knows I can have Thor himself smash him with his hamer any day’,she said before chuckleling with the girl next to her.
After the show they were all pleased to watch together,their teacher,who wasn’t even hiding how happy she was,reminded them about how,a week earlier,she announced a project they would be working on now.It was about the history of English language,which wasn’t supposed to be that hard.In fact,it would all be nice and easy if Brian didn’t remember a little detail.
‘That’s great!’,Brian whisper yelled,’We’ll do this in pairs.You can pick Y\N!’
‘Maybe we won’t get the chance to pick the partner ourselv-’,Peter said,shaking his head,when Brian cut him off.
‘Oh,please!This woman is the queen!She always lets us pick partners.You’re taking Y\N and that’s the end of this discussion.’
What was worst,Brian turned out to be right,which only made Peter nervous.His friend was trying to reason him and make him man up,which had very weak results.But,hey!Any help is welcome.
‘Okey,ready?’,Brian asked.
‘Give me just one-’
‘Peter will go with Y\N!’.Brian shouted grabbing his friend’s hand to lift it up.
Y\N turned around,only to see she knew their faces.Very well,by now.She smiled at them when she recognized Peter’s face and he only shrugged,trying not to smile too hard,due to the fresh sore on his face.

The whole class was very quiet,the only thing to hear was whisperes,if the partners were consulting amongst each other.Everyone was enthralled by their tasks and was determined to finish as soon as possible,since they had only a bit more than ten minutes left.
But,for most,that wasn’t a problem since they were about to finish and signe the papers.Well…Most.Unfortunatelly,Y\N and Peter weren’t one of them.
Probably because of Peter’s shy behaviour,he barely said a word,letting Y\N lead the way.Plus,she looked so mesmerizing while concentrating that he wasn’t even sure what to say except the words of agreement everytime she gave a certain idea about what they should put into the project.
‘Ok,what’s happening’,she whispered,leaving her pencil down.
‘Wha-What?Nothing…Why?’,he asked,looking more than confused.
‘Well,you’re not even trying to do this and we don’t have much time left’,she added,’What is it?’
He didn’t know how exactly to answer,since “Well,it’s maybe because you’re really cute” wasn’t an option.
The look of realisation graced her face as she noticed him looking everywhere,but at her,while trying to find his responce.
‘Ooh,it can’t be because of the “pencil accident”?Is it?’,she asked,and he could feel the worry and care in her voice.
‘Well…It is kind of hard to act normal and easy going with you…After that’,he finally spoke.
‘Yeah,I completely undestand.I don’t blame you,because I feel a little weird,too’,she confessed.
‘You shouldn’t.I mean,you are not the idiot who has a pierce on his face because of a pencil and can’t laugh or even smile properly anymore’,he said in a whisper.
She lightly chuckled at his comment,making him smile.His smile soon turned too wide,because he couldn’t control it,and the painful wince and a short hiss escaped him shortly afterwards.
‘There it is’,he said holding the spot.
Y\N kept laughing looking at the teacher to see if she heard them.Thankfully she did not,but they still had to remain silent.
Soon,they forgot about the assignement and the topics of their whisper-conversation were movies,books,tv shows,food and what not…

Well,not the assignement,that’s for sure.

‘And,how does it feel to have Tony Stark as your dad?’,he got more relaxed in his comunication with her and it was thanks to her nice childish spirit.It helped in many ways,’I mean,I’ve always been amazed by him,to say the least.It must be awesome…’
‘Well,I don’t…exactly know,yet’,she answered hesitantly,a nervous chuckle leaving her.
‘What do you mean?’,he said in bewilderment,furrowing his eyebrows.
‘I have,actually,only just moved in with my dad.Whole my life,I’ve been living with my mom…Sure,he did come from time to time,but that time he spent with me was very limited.For the first year of my life,he wasn’t allowed to see me at all.It is really painful,but he never got to see me take my first steps or say my first word…But,everytime that I did spend with him,I enjoyed.And everytime he went away I missed him like crazy until the next time he came.It took him so much time to get all the papers that were needed to have me live with him.He would always remind me about his fight and determination,ever since I was twelve’,she was smiling while talking,remembering everything he had to do to get to her,’I didn’t need to live with him to know he cared about me,but I’m sure everything is 100 times as great as it is once you share the house with my dad.’
He smiled at her seeing how she was feeling everything she said.Rarely do you hear and see something like that,especially from the person you could never expect it from.
‘It doesn’t hurt anymore?’,she asked,refering to his little injury,noticing his smile.
The bell soon drew them out of their conersation and reminded them of the long forgotten task in front of them.The sudden wave of shock and realisation made them pale.They knew they’d probably suffer the consequences.How were they supposed to give their teacher an unfinished assignement?
‘God,we completely forgot!’,Y\N whisper-yelled,while Peter put his head in both his hands,’I’m so sorry.’
‘It’s okay,there’s nothing to be sorry about’,he assured her,remembering the solution,’Besides,we can ask her to finish it at home and bring it tomorrow.’
‘’Why not?’,Y\N agreed and soon,they called their teacher to their table to ask her for a favor.
‘I don’t feel like that’s a problem.Just try and don’t let this happen again,not all your teacher’s will be tolerant,okay?’,she answered with a warm smile.
‘Thank you,very much’,Y\N said and they soon exited the classroom,wishing the lady a nice day.
‘Wow,I already love her’,Y\N said,refering to their English teacher.
‘Yeah,everyone loves her’,Peter said.
They awkwardly kept walking in silence knowing that one of thaem would having to bring up the topic they urgently needed to discuss at some point…

At whose place are they going to finish their assignement?

Y\N wasn’t really sure how her dad would feel about her bringing a boy home after just one day of school,but she didn’t want to tell Peter how she didn’t want it to be at her place,so that it doesn’t sound like he is unwelcome.Well,at least,he wouldn’t be by her side.She wasn’t that certain about her dad.She didn’t want it to sound intrusive either,making it look like it just had to be at his place.It was so complicated.
And her dad wouldn’t be the only problem.The others can get a little tiresome themselves.
‘Umm..You,know…I don’t usuallybring girls home..I almost never do,so…If aunt May starts acting a little weird,I’m sorry’,he said.
She turned to him in surprise,feeling more relieved than ever that he was the one to bring up the problem first and,what is more,solve it in the same time.
‘You want us to go to your house to finish this?’,she asked,still in disbelief.
‘Well,unless,you are uncomf-’,he began,but she soon cut him off.
‘No,no!I’d love to came to your home’,she assured him with one of her famous smiles that she loved to shoot at people like bullets.
‘Okay,then…’,he said,’We have the bus in five minutes.’

The way to Peter’s building at Queens wasn’t long.What is more,it was very nice.After a ride in her dad’s time machine that morning,Y\N enjoyed the normality of public transport.
On their way they kept talking,laughing at her random jokes about her dad and how he once almost puked when he first saw her puke.She was barely a year and a half then and she ate way too many chocolates.She wasn’t to blame.
He was,actually.
When they reached the bulding,they noticed a shiny expensive vehicle in the parking lot that instantly reminded Y\N of her father,but she said nothing.
‘Wow,look at that!That definitely doesn’t belong to any of my neighbours’,Peter said taking a good look at the car.
Y\N had no responce,she used her time to analize the automobile,trying to remember why it looked so familiar to her.She was sure she didn’t see it on TV,because she doesn’t watch stuff like that.The question was floating in her mind even when Peter and her were in front of his appartment door.
‘I saw that car somewhere’,she said,being completely serious.
‘Where?’,he asked.
‘I don’t know…But I feel like it wasn’t a long time ago’,she answered,but it didn’t sound like she was happy about what she said.
She was suspicious about such a car being in the middle of Queens.
When they stepped inside of the appartment,Peter greeted his,now familiar to Y\N,aunt May and started talking about the vehicle they have just seen outside.
Y\N was taking off her shoes,something she always did,and could hear Peter suddenly stop talking once he entered,what she assumed was a living room.
She narrowed her eyes at his surprised expression,his wide eyes and mouth half opened.
Y\N walked slowly thowards the area,stopping behind the wall,and saw Peter crossing his arms over his chest stuttering.
‘What-What are-What are you doing here?’,he could barely say it out loud,slightly shaking.
Then a mention of a very familiar man caught her attention.Aunt May was talking about “Mr.Stark”.Y\N knew that,in New York,that could be none other than her…
‘Dad?’,she asked,furrowing her eyebrows at him as she walked into the room.
When she realised her dad was really there,sitting on the couch,eating some sort of a brownie,she couldn’t believe her own eyes.They widened in shock and so did his.
He left his treat on the table and looked at her the same way she looked at him.
‘Y\N?’,he was taken aback,’What are you doing here?’
‘I want to ask you the same thing?’,she said,trying to calm down.
There was a lot of explaining to be done that day.

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crap my siblings say 4: the reckoning



“That’s one thing I definitely don’t miss about high school.”
“I’d like you all to meet my girlfriend/boyfriend…”
“Why anyone would pay five bucks for a popsicle is beyond me.”
“Did he/she ask you to prom?”
“I’ve got three girls demanding rides to three different banquets, and I’ll go insane if you don’t come with me.”
“Bloody Mary is my sugar mama.”
“I don’t speak Dothraki, goddammit!”
“She sings that damn Britney Spears song one more time and she’s going to find out what ‘toxic’ really means.”
“You’re making me feel old. I swear I’m gonna have wrinkles after this.”


“I never thought the day would come when it would be my turn to wear the cap and gown… I’m finally getting out of this hellhole.”
“I’m not crying, it’s just raining inside!”
“Yeah, I wouldn’t put that on your resume. Murder is totally unprofessional.”
“Sometimes I turn up Formation and dance around my room like I’m a strong, independent black woman and not a weak teenage white boy.”
“She wore a mask, but I knew it was her. Who else would use the word ‘cockwaffle’ in a sentence?”
“Man, I’d ride him like a rollercoaster. No homo.”
“I think I can ask to go to the bathroom in three languages, does that make me trilingual?”
“Can you wall-twerk?”
“This is the last time I’ll walk this hall. I should be so happy.”
“Don’t tell anyone I said this, but I’ll miss you most of all.”


“I have lines to memorize, teams to cheer on, asses to smooch!”
“What do you mean, you don’t want to commit a felony?!”
“I firmly believe that somewhere beneath all the fakeness and manipulation, everyone’s a decent person– except for her. She’s just a bitch.”
“They’re coming for me next.”
“Want to burn the homophobic principal at the stake with us?”
“I looked at the first question on my physics final and it took three people to keep me from running away.”
“I’m gonna punch you in the dick.”
“I can’t hear you over the sound of my social life slowly being murdered.”
“Why are you nerdshaming me?”
“I touched his butt with my butt and it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”
“Damn you, bunkbeds.”


“I heard loud screaming and then someone shouted, “WATCH MY KUMQUATS!”.”
“Are you blackmailing me into moving your furniture?”
“I can’t believe you met the love of your life who still doesn’t know your name.”
“Someone get this fruit off my head.”
“Your lines aren’t memorized and the world is literally ending.”
“My life is just an endless cycle of you telling me not to do the thing, me doing the thing, and you getting pissed off because I was right.”
“Do my hair before I shove this barrel brush up your ass.”
“This day was going to be perfect, and then you came along and peed in the shrubbery.”
“Shut up about your stupid fanfiction.”
“Eat a butt.”


“When I was little, I ate all these tiny jewels my mom used for making necklaces. When she changed my diaper and saw precious stones in my shit, she thought she’d hit the baby jackpot. I hate to imagine how disappointed she was when she realized the truth.” 
“You’re such a deluded little acorn.”
“Why am I the only one here who isn’t bat-crap freakin’ crazy?”
“I’m the Oreo guardian.”
“Will you quit pretending to be fictional characters for five minutes?”
“Please name your firstborn after a meme.”
“I think we broke a few laws. Not laws of justice. Laws, like, laws of physics.”
“Did Newton even like figs, though?”
“Which is all a great idea until it turns out I’m a lesbian or a toad in disguise.”
“I don’t care if you were here first, you can go do your homework in your room while I watch My Little Pony!”