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i had a dream last night of a universe where a small percentage of people can see flowers that surround the people around them that functions sort of like ‘aura’ i guess? colors tell the viewer how the other person feels abt them and flower species determine their mood. the flowers are spectral and not common knowledge and only those who can see them know about them. but those who can see them can’t see their own nor the flowers of people who cal also view flowers — but they’re so rare these 1/?

people are not likely to meet. so in my dream it was really vivid and full colors. there was a whole story line that went down but that’s not why i stand before u today. i just wanted to mention i had a dream of that scenario and it reminded me of it art. like. even during the dream it had the vibe of ur art if u get what i mean 2/2 ! turns out it’s only gonna be 2 messages


I can totally see this being like, a Soulmate AU kind of deal, where your soulmate is a person who can see these flowers as well, and they can see your flowers (when normally they can’t see flowers of other…flower-seers? Haha)

But it’s hard to know when you find them!! Because normally you can see the flowers of everybody else besides flower seers, so how can you tell which person is your soulmate? I suppose the only way would be to bring it up in conversation

“Oh hey are you a flower seer?”

“!!! Yeah are you?”


“Holy shit”

“I can see yours”

“And I can see yours

“Normally we wouldn’t be able to, which means we’re–”


AAA. LOVELY. THIS IS LOVELY LOOK AT YOU GIVING ME IDEAS. Can we call this the Flower Seeing Soulmate AU?? IT’S SO RAD!!!!! Dreams are the best when they inspire you right

But wow um!! That’s really super sweet that it reminded you of my art?!! Wow!! I’m really glad it inspired you that way;; even in your subconscious lol

BUT YEAH I LOVE THIS IDEA A LOT!! Thank you for gifting me with your dream knowledge

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please tell me owen isnt straight..... please......

Sorry to disappoint, but Owen is pretty straight. 


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What's the beep test though?

A special kind of torture reserved for the most evil people in hell.

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💋/🚿 whichever you prefer HJBCDSH for seul and rin

reaction meme ( accepting )

💋  your muse kissing mine &🚿  your muse asking mine to join them in the shower

given the club the collective of young asian kids living next door to one another in the suburbs attended was lacklustre on EVERY front — seul would give it a one and a half star rating for the regular attendees alone from her own experiences prior to this particularly disastrous night, one which saw her bumping into two one night stands she’d love to forget and one too many leering, filthy guys who got a little too close to an absentminded kerry for the comfort of most, she presumed — it was rather expected that she’d walk into her own house that night, and without some last minute toy. she’s sure that chaerin is either unenthused that the clearly disgruntled girl won’t give her the time of day after striking out tonight, or she’s ecstatic to have her around, neither of which particularly fazing her, not when she’s more concerned about the the feeling of sweat from the packed establishment still present on her skin. the brunette groans upon removing her shoulder-baring, long sleeved black crop top at a snail’s pace, almost missing what the younger — by a few months, not that the measure is of much importance — soon-to-be birthday girl queries, and for one to say that she’s hesitant once it’s processed in her tipsy and slightly frustrated mind would have yeseul barking a laugh. it was a plan for her to jump in the shower after she’d stripped her clothes off and combed through the now likely matted, greasy mess of dark brown locks, and while she wasn’t too concerned about who made use of their shared bathroom first, she would have never guessed that rin would’ve suggested such a compromise of sorts. she quirks a brow and a hint of a smirk tugs at her lips,  depends, will you wash my hair for me too ? i’m a sucker for a good scalp massage.  she doesn’t comment on the WHY regarding the initial proposal, nor does she make a ridiculous comment about the notion of water conservation, she simply stands half naked in their bedroom as the other girl sputters out an answer, her hands reaching to unbutton the black shorts that kept her from sweltering in the club earlier. seul proceeds to shove the fabric, along with her panties, past her thighs and lets it slip down her legs by itself before giving a shrug, an indicative why not, and walking to her small vanity — she has to rid herself of the now cakey makeup adorning her face and the knots in her hair first, after all, hearing the pelting of water droplets hit the tile of the shower. 

she may have been too quick to give in, normally a little colder to her roommate when completely sober, however it’s boring being too predictable to others, outside of her usual, sex-motivated antics of course; she knows rin probably didn’t expect it, hence the older’s currently elevated mood, thus she tries not to take much longer to see more of her reaction, putting her brush down and soon entering the bathroom, stepping into the spray emitting from the shower head. her arrival has chaerin scooting closer to the water’s source while yeseul tugs the curtain across, joining her and practically MOANING in relief as the hot water hits her body at the right temperature and pressure.  so, how about that scalp massage, rin ? ” dainty fingers smooth through the now wet strands of hair, slowly clinging to her back as her head turns to flash the shorter girl a grin, all but coaxing her — or so she likes to think. slightly smaller hands soon replace hers and she sighs peacefully, partially due to getting her way, of course;  shampoo too ? ” she poses, in such a way that it perhaps sounds less like a polite request than most would like, though rin should expect nothing less, especially so since her behaviour is too surprising as it is. she could easily blame it on any alcohol remaining in her system if the other feels the need to ask — she has just enough experience with a less cool and unbothered han yeseul post-tequila shots, after all — though she doubts it would come up in the end. another noise of approval works its way from her throat as the soothing movements along her head are accompanied by the soapy remains of the girl’s preferred shampoo, much enjoying the scent of pomegranate now wafting through the small, steamed space. seul tilts her head forward for chaerin’s sake, so she can reach the back of her head much easier.  if i’d known i could get this treatment sooner, i would’ve asked to do this ages ago. it’s as if no time has passed as she steps under the water once again, feeling rin’s hands comb through her locks as the soap is washed away, then proceeding to lift her head to let the water cascade down her face for but a moment and wiping the stray droplets away. 

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So when do I get grossly indulgent tropey fic of the dashing Terrifying Renegade swooping in and carrying Blue Diamond’s Pearl off to freedom and romance in her strong swordfighting noodlearms?

Will I have to write it all myself?

Please send help.

I Love You to the Stars and Back

I’m still having writers block with the next imagine but until then here’s something cute that I came up with :3 I hope you enjoy it.

You were sitting in your room on your bed, the radio was softly playing, the window was open letting in a slight breeze that kept the room cool, and the summer sun spilled into the room. You were sitting on the comfy blankets of your bed, sketch book in your lap and your hand glided along the paper as you began to draw.

Today had been a relaxing day, you didn’t have anything to worry about, no important meetings, nothing you finally had the day off and you decided to spend it by staying at home and drawing.

Suddenly you felt your phone vibrate, the screen lit up indicating that someone was trying to call you. You picked the small square device to see who it was. You lips formed a smile on your face when you saw that it was your boyfriend Andy who was calling. You hit the green button then held the phone up against your ear.

“Hello?” You said.

“Hey love!” Andy answered you.


“Are you enjoying your day off?”

“Yes I am.”

“Well that’s good. So um I was wondering if you had anything planned for tonight.”

“Um no not really I was just going to watch a few movies and that was about it.”

“Oh, well would you like to go out on a date tonight? I mean if you don’t want to that’s fine I was just wondering.”

“I would love to go out tonight,” You smiled.

“Great! Can I pick you up at 7?” He asked.

You glanced over at the small digital clock that was on your nightstand. The glowing red numbers read 5:45.

“Yeah that’s fine.” You said.

“Alright I’ll see you then (Y/N). I love you.”

“Love you too, see you in a bit.”

“Alright bye.”

And with that Andy hung up. You lay in bed for a little bit contemplating as to whether or not you should get up and change now or finish the sketch and then change. You went with the second option and continued to work on your drawing and once it was finished you would get ready to go.

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Soo I saw the video and if you look at Jane's face she did it on purpose. There was a little confusion on her face then a smirk then she said the name and Darren says what like really low and he keeps looking at the phones screen. He's so distracted he could barely answer the question. Thank you.



(Why would I need to be thanked? I did nothing, except flail when they answered me. but thank you anyway :D )