except with all the other boys too

Here’s some little things I thought about while in target ok (this is purely based off of Jughead in the show Riverdale so these are non-asexual but if u want an asexual one let me know !!!!!)


-Jughead isn’t a super PDA person but you’re literally the equivalent of a baby Koala so he sucks it up and holds your hand in the hallways and let’s you cuddle up to him in a booth at Pop’s

-ok but when u guys are alone Jughead is super affectionate like he’s got himself wrapped around you

- you guys get in disagreements and get a lil hot headed with each other but u guys never ever fight

-except for that one time when Jughead got in to this mode where he literally shut everyone out and only focused on his novel and u had to set that boy straight

-now every time he gets too immersed or you want his attention, all u gotta do is reach over and hover a finger over the screen (“don’t touch it you’ll leave fingerprints”) and he gets the message

- Pop’s every day after school

-you’re literally the most loyal customers

- although when you guys go an an actual date every once in a while, you’ll go bowling or check out a new restaurant or something

- You buy Jughead stuff all the time like clothes and stuff even though he has his own job because sometimes he shows up to school and he’s got holes in his shirt and it irritates you so much

-when you found out Jughead was living in the drive in because of his situation with his father, you went to Archie’s dad and told him, and told him (word by word) “you are part of the reason he doesn’t have a home now, so you better open up your doors for him or I swear to god-”

-and Fred stopped you right there and told you he would

-you would have had him come live with you but your dad wasn’t a huge fan of the idea

-your mom loves him though

-literally loves him to death

-so he’s over at your house all the time

-and Jughead obviously isn’t a big sexual person, like normal “sexy” stuff doesn’t turn him on, like short skirts and crop tops or any of that

-but g o d

-you are like, an actual angel to him

-he could literally stare at you for hours and hours

-one time he spent the night and left one of his shirts and when he came over one morning you hadn’t gotten ready for school yet and you answered the door and

-you were wearing his shirt

-just his shirt

-his palms literally started sweating, like he literally wanted to slam the door shut and take u right against the wall and that was definitely a new feeling for him

-he respects you so much, he literally has so much respect for you

-before you guys got together, you had fallen for the game that the jocks played and after Chuck Clayton had humiliated you publicly when he pretended to ask you to formal you had been put in the playbook as “the freak”

-When Jughead found out he literally decked Chuck Clayton

-literally punched him in the jaw so hard Chuck stumbled and almost fell

-and Jughead ended up walking away with a bloody nose and a busted lip

-and you cleaned him up and yelled at him and told him it wasn’t worth it and he said  “of course you’re worth it, you’re always worth it”

-and that was the night u guys got together

-you and Jughead never like think about having sex or doing that kind of stuff because neither of you are really huge on it and you guys just aren’t really sexual people

-your first time is like a hint of awkwardness but just like super natural and stuff and it’s rlly intimate and loving and he holds you all night after

-and he wakes up the next morning and you’ve got his shirt on again

-and the next morning you ride him in the shirt

-Jughead literally supports you with anything, he’s honestly your number one fan

-when you tried out for the river vixens he was there

-when you sang in the talent show he was there

-when you did your first musical gig he was there

-and same with him, like you’re always proofreading his articles for the blue and gold for him and being his helping hand, almost like his test rat for his articles and novel and such

-and he’s got a whole folder full of poems and little journal entries and shit he’s written about you

-he will never admit it though

-you guys are so in love and it’s great bc the both of you would never cheat on each other and lie to each other and you guys just have a really healthy and strong relationship that nothing and nobody could get between

like, honestly, maybe i’m being so positive i’m delusional but, to me, that clip can also be interpreted as noora trying to ask sana if she likes yousef

like, this is sana’s pov, and sana is feeling ignored by her friends (for real reasons, i don’t blame her, i think the squad is being shitty too), and she caught noora and yousef talking and immediately felt that that meant they were romantically interested in each other (except that, plot twist: not every boys and girls talking to each other are crushing on each other, just saying).

and now you have noora who, for all we know, might be trying to be like “hey, sanasol, your brother’s friends seemed really nice and charming, do you fancy any one of them maybe? i want to know about you” but sana was hurt and on her guards and saw it as a sign that noora is actually interested in yousef and immediately goes “you don’t want to date him”

so noora is taken aback, obviously. what prompted this? “why not?” what’s happening?

and then sana goes on and on about how muslim boys are no good and don’t want non muslim girls and noora is still a bit taken aback by this sudden change in tone…but she has no chance to clear the misunderstanding sana had about her intentions because sana then changes the topic to willhelm

so yeah, like. idk maybe i’m being too optimistic? but i see everyone freaking out and, honestly, to me, the infos we’ve been given so far do not scream “love triangle”.
it’s sana’s biased view of everything that’s going on and, because this is her season, we’re sharing her bias.

What if, when Petunia Dursley found a little boy on her front doorstep, she took him in? Not into the cupboard under the stairs, not into a twisted childhood of tarnished worth and neglect–what if she took him in?

Petunia was jealous, selfish and vicious. We will not pretend she wasn’t. She looked at that boy on her doorstep and thought about her Dudders, barely a month older than this boy. She looked at his eyes and her stomach turned over and over. (Severus Snape saved Harry’s life for his eyes. Let’s have Petunia save it despite them).

Let’s tell a story where Petunia Dursley found a baby boy on her doorstep and hated his eyes–she hated them. She took him in and fed him and changed him and got him his shots, and she hated his eyes up until the day she looked at the boy and saw her nephew, not her sister’s shadow. When Harry was two and Vernon Dursley bought Dudley a toy car and Harry a fast food meal with a toy with parts he could choke on Petunia packed her things and got a divorce.

Harry grew up small and skinny, with knobbly knees and the unruly hair he got from his father. He got cornered behind the dumpsters and in the restrooms, got blood on the jumpers Petunia had found, half-price, at the hand-me-down store. He was still chosen last for sports. But Dudley got blood on his sweaters, too, the ones Petunia had found at the hand-me-down store, half price, because that was all a single mother working two secretary jobs could afford for her two boys, even with Vernon’s grudging child support.

They beat Harry for being small and they laughed at Dudley for being big, and slow, and dumb. Students jeered at him and teachers called Dudley out in class, smirked over his backwards letters.

Harry helped him with his homework, snapped out razored wit in classrooms when bullies decided to make Dudley the butt of anything; Harry cornered Dudley in their tiny cramped kitchen and called him smart, and clever, and ‘better ‘n all those jerks anyway’ on the days Dudley believed it least.

Dudley walked Harry to school and back, to his advanced classes and past the dumpsters, and grinned, big and slow and not dumb at all, at anyone who tried to mess with them.

But was that how Petunia got the news? Her husband complained about owls and staring cats all day long and in the morning Petunia found a little tyke on her doorsep. This was how the wizarding world chose to give the awful news to Lily Potter’s big sister: a letter, tucked in beside a baby boy with her sister’s eyes.

There were no Potters left. Petunia was the one who had to arrange the funeral. She had them both buried in Godric’s Hollow. Lily had chosen her world and Petunia wouldn’t steal her from it, not even in death. The wizarding world had gotten her sister killed; they could stand in that cold little wizard town and mourn by the old stone.

(Petunia would curl up with a big mug of hot tea and a little bit of vodka, when her boys were safely asleep, and toast her sister’s vanished ghost. Her nephew called her ‘Tune’ not 'Tuney,’ and it only broke her heart some days.

Before Harry was even three, she would look at his green eyes tracking a flight of geese or blinking mischieviously back at her and she would not think 'you have your mother’s eyes.’

A wise old man had left a little boy on her doorstep with her sister’s eyes. Petunia raised a young man who had eyes of his very own).

Petunia snapped and burnt the eggs at breakfast. She worked too hard and knew all the neighbors’ worst secrets. Her bedtime stories didn’t quite teach the morals growing boys ought to learn: be suspicious, be wary; someone is probably out to get you. You owe no one your kindness. Knowledge is power and let no one know you have it. If you get can get away with it, then the rule is probably meant for breaking.

Harry grew up loved. Petunia still ran when the letters came. This was her nephew, and this world, this letter, these eyes, had killed her sister. When Hagrid came and knocked down the door of some poor roadside motel, Petunia stood in front of both her boys, shaking. When Hagrid offered Harry a squashed birthday cake with big, kind, clumsy hands, he reminded Harry more than anything of his cousin.

His aunt was still shaking but Harry, eleven years and eight minutes old, decided that any world that had people like his big cousin in it couldn’t be all bad. “I want to go,” Harry told his aunt and he promised to come home.

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PR relationship vs Private...

I’ve stumbled across a few fandoms in my time; real life ships vs on screen. Many who expose themselves pretty early on as being nothing but pushing a person(s) career along, networking a show, promotion of a movie or movie franchise and so on. It’s usually pretty easy to point them out; getting faces out there, carefully planned shopping trips or eating out in places ‘all of Hollywood’ go to eat. A stroll down a street that is ear marked by paps as the street a certain someone or someone’s will be walking; my PR calls your PR agency to arrange a time and a place.

I could list the amount of 'PR’ couples who have and still do just that, but I’m not writing this to name names and point fingers. I’m merely putting across that this did, does and still happens in the show business industry. And those who are new to following shows or movies with fandoms attached, better train your BS skills in to what is 'fact’ over what is 'fiction.’ A real couple (as in one who have got together privately off screen, regardless of time, work ethic or closeness) know the dangers involved in getting together; media attention, scrutiny from other cast, fan scrutiny and public appraisal or disappointment. Outside of work is very limited to where you can go without being seen, particularly if you don’t want anyone to know about you. It’s too easy to get trapped into that kind of pressure, actors are after all still human and stress over the same things you and I do. Except their lives are like living in a goldfish bowl, swimming around aimlessly while the outside world judges them and boy! Do we judge.

So…it’s not uncommon for a 'private’ relationship to remain private for the time being. If you are 'like most shows/movies’ a couple who are linked romantically in the storyline; your face and acting are the main base for promoting, it becomes even more stressful, when forced to understand that a movie or shows success rides heavily on your 'believable’ chemistry with your lead. When it becomes 'too’ believable, well that’s when tongues wag and if tongues wag it can mean failure to not only the show/movie, but also the financial investment (studio, media advertisement, merchandising, futures tie ins etc) as an actor you are known as the cash cow; marketing earns money of your back. A show that may have the prospect of longevity, does not want to damage itself, bolting before it’s been released from the stocks. Nor does the movie want to cripple itself financially, before it’s even released to the public. So yes, a 'private’ relationship between two actors can cause a huge headache for both investors, studios and networks trying to push an investment and again I will stress TV shows or movies are financial investments as are the actors, whose faces 'market’ that investment.

You’re only as good as your last performance.
Many believe that you have a choice, fans seem to think you can March right into the board of directors, demand they allow you to live your life, that they cannot tell you want to do with your private life as it belongs to you - wrong, so very wrong. Everything about an actor belongs to a studio. Your public life is a performance, your private life should never be seen. You are a piece of clothing, to be promoted, advertised, displayed and sold to the highest bidder…as long as your agent and manager get as much money as you are worth out of it, of course.
This is unfortunately the black and white, you need to earn money, they need to earn money, the studio or network of studios need money and financial investors need the money they put into the project they invested heavily in, in order to create a profit and success. Romantising in a different light does not work, simply because it’s not reality. Your 'private’ relationship is the difference between success and failure. Off screen romances are a huge no no, your agent, manager, studio want nothing more than it to remain hidden from the public. Studio bosses will be sweating with clauses you many have broken, NDAs are scrutinised and checked to make sure no leaking to the media happens…it’s a financial noose around a studios neck, particularly a very young TV show or the beginning of a movie franchise with the hope of more movies to come.

So…this is why a couple, who no fault of their own, but human nature, fall in love on set, off set - in the privacy of their own private bubble…find themselves in a situation were they cannot disclose what really is going on. Instead play the dumb 'we are best friends, best buddies, supportive and deeply fond of each other’ card. Except body language tells a different story.

The wonderful world of a 'PR’ relationship.
A relationship with nothing to hide. Happy to walk arm and arm down a busy street, go shopping together, get seen at wineries or dinner in an exclusive well known restaurant. Go to public events together or are simply seen as nothing short of 'fake Ken and Barbie’ it’s all to do with image, with promotion and little to do with personality. A good PR agent will see the opportunity of promoting careers, help image, get work. It’s all to do with networking a story, get the media chatting, all along its just a performance. Friends yes, they would need to have some kind of razor or slight chemistry to pull it off. Although there have been a few awkward ones in the passed where neither looked entirely happy to be with each other and yet were supposedly selling a sizzling romance? You also get others behind it; work colleagues, people with clout in the industry, well known faces or names to support this 'showmance’ and yes it has been done in the past, to act as someone’s 'beard’ (ie to cover up the truth) mainly due to the actors sexual orientation or (despise the use of the word gay) relationship with another… they are easier to spot, its always promoted in such a way to get it out there, it doesn’t gradually appear, it just gets put into the public eye in a way that just screams 'too much’

Don’t believe me? How many recent romances, indeed horribly ended marriages have happened due to PR? How many look at a recent paparazzi saturation of a couple, who just looks 'too convenient, too set up, short lived’ to not want you to roll your eyes so far to the back of your head? I can name a few famous singers, whose agency promotes that kind of romance; when an album or single is about to drop, or the eye candy at the time has a movie needing a lot of promotion? As I said PR romances or showmances happen all the time. Self serving for a period of time and then it’s time to move on. No self respecting actor wants their private life splashed across the media. Have fan sites dedicated to pap photos taken of them when they don’t want to been seen. Get hounded by endless questions by parasites (photographers freelance) at airports, calling your name, insulting the person you are linked with by nasty comments to get a reaction from you. That unfortunately is what happens when your 'private’ life is 'out there’ but a PR relationship they are humorous with. They, like other keen sighted people know it’s just for show, so don’t really make much of a fuss over it. It’s titillation, because they (media) know it won’t last for long…they never do.

So before you join a fandom of a movie or TV show, think long and hard of what you are about to get yourself into. There will be tears, there will be tantrums. And unless the object or objects of your desire are already married to each other or another person, then the likely interest will be purely on the cannon story arc and not off screen romances. But then again, frenzied fans see that as a challenge to ship the couple regardless and hate on their real life husband or wife, but that’s going down an even more darker path of fantasy. Or as it has happened in the past, marriages are tested when working very close with your co star, and unfortunately end. Sad but true - that’s just life…I suppose.

Beguiled and Bewitched ~ AU

Gradence ~ the Beguiled AU

Mary Lou Barebone is judge, jury and executioner, no matter how handsome the confederate soldier might be.

Credence, one of the only boys working in the school, is sent to ‘care’ for the wounded soldier while the ladies decide what to do. But he knows that this man is his only way out of there, and he’s going to do everything he can to help him.

Graves doesn’t understand exactly what happened, but he’s woken up somewhere other than jail, so he’s content for the moment. Until he realizes just what sort of a snake nest he’s stumbled into. Except for the boy, the boy with the dark eyes and the long hair that makes him look a bit like an angel.

Maybe all hope for rescue isn’t lost after all…

And If It Ever Happened (No One Has To Know) ~ Thomas Jefferson x Reader

Because despite being stuck on a bus for a three hour long car ride to a youth conference with a bunch of other awesome hyperactive candy addicted teens, I’m bored and still lacking a life. Also, for SJ’s Submission Sunday. Because by the heck not?

Or: Thomas learns about colors, his jacket is explained, and (Y/N) makes plans.

Warnings: Brain aneurism, child coping mechanisms, arguing, car accidents, bad French and Irish (Google Translate, people, bc I know nothing) character death, mentions of suicide, depression, hospitalization, a couple people get punched, mentions of homosexual relationships (in case that makes you uncomfortable - sorry never gonna change it those two are too precious in my mind) also it’s my first imagine so it probably sucks (be warned!) but it will sort of get better (ish) towards the middle of the story (beginning is on the bad side of OK and I’m not sure about the ending.), probably insanely OOCish and Mary Sue/Gary Lue ish characters that tend to go with shit writing like mine, plus this is the first time I’ve written an imagine, and my writing was already sucky enough as it was, so take that how you will.

So have fun with that

Modern AU, feminine pronouns


At four years old, Thomas Jefferson knew enough to know how to understand others, and what he understood was that all the boys on the block thought that pink or purple or any color reminiscent of them were for girls. (Except for red, because red is cool, like fire and blood and a knight’s horsehair plumes; and blue, because blue is cool, too, like ice and deep sea diving and the big, big sky that all those jets flew through that they were going to fly someday.)

He knew all the colors in the rainbow: red and orange and yellow and green and blue and purple, and black because that’s always what was between the other colors, and white because that was what was on either end of it in the shape of big, fluffy clouds.

Not pink.

Pink didn’t count, he thought.

At age six, his mother takes him to the local hardware store to look at paint samples, and he looks up at the giant wall with a gaping jaw as he takes in the impossible number of colors-within-colors. (Even pink.)

He sees some sort of grey splotch near the top of a yellow card, though, and doesn’t like it. He decides it doesn’t belong there.

“Mama, why is there another color on this one?”

She looks at him, brow risen in slight confusion, before she realized what his little finger is pointing to and chuckles.

She bends down real, real low, so they’re at the same eye level.

She’s tall, he thinks, not for the first time. I bet she could fight giants.

“Thomas,” she tells him, a small smile on her face and an amused twinkle in her eye. “This isn’t supposed to be another color. This is the name of the color. Like green is called green, and orange is called orange, but these ones are…,” she paused for a moment, mulling over the words as she tried to find a way to explain it to his young mind. “Different,” she finally settled. “They’re longer, and weirder.”


“Like this one,” she took down a shade of light, light orange and yellow, that reminds him of when those very colors clash on the - the nex - neckt - nectarine. “They call it Brooklyn Skyrise.”

He frowned. That didn’t sound like a color.

If he looked at it, it was actually really nice.

“What’s Brooklyn?”

“It’s a city in New York, Thommy.”

He stared at it a little while longer before nodding his head firmly. “I’m going to live in New York,” he decided confidently.

His mother’s eyebrows rose.

“I’m sure you will, Thomas.”

(And if he didn’t have any idea where New York was, then he didn’t say anything.)

She then pulled down another one, a murky auburn, leaning more toward red, and he is reminded of leaves right before fall.

“Here’s another one. This one’s called Dragon’s Blood.”

His grin lit up his face. “Cool!”

He is seven when he finally meets her.

She is bold and she is brilliant and despite the fact that she is a girl, she seems to possibly be one of the only people in that class that he might actually like.

Besides James, of course.

He decides to save himself the humiliation and stick with becoming friends with James.

It’s okay, though.

He’s not the only one who’s noticed you.

It’s when you hit another boy that he finally gets the courage to talk to you, opposed to all the other boys who look upon you with both awe and fear, and scattered every time you came near.

“Hey,” he said.

“Hey,” was the only answer he got back.

“What’s your name?”

“(Y/N). What about you?”

“I’m Thomas.”


It was quiet for a little while.

“I saw that you punched that boy,” he informed her.

“Everyone saw it, dummy,” she shot back. “It was during recess.”

His face grew hot and he practically recoiled, not knowing at first what to say to that.

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Master Solangelo Fanfiction/One Shots Post:

Just Cute:

Today Your Barista Is…- Nico’s a barista and his coworker Percy decided to have a little fun with the menu sign outside. 

The Overdue Book- After waiting for a book for weeks, Nico decided to track down the idiot who won’t turn it in.

Don’t Throw Books at the Cute Guy- After getting in trouble for throwing a book at an annoying guy in class, Nico finds himself stuttering a somewhat sincere apology.

My Neighbor is a Stripper- After several months of trading smiles with the mysterious neighbor at his apartments, Nico runs into him in a very awkward situation.

Lab Accident- After missing out on a lab in class, Will has to make it up after school with the school’s It Boy and he can’t help how clumsy he is.

Please Save Me from the Train Creep- Will asks a stranger’s help to get a creepy guy on the train to stop staring at him. 

Those Are NOT Mine- After fooling around with his secret boyfriend, an accidental memoir is left behind. 

Cafe Discount, Maybe- The cafe has a Valentine’s Day Discount for couples, so… why not pretend? 

Don’t Flirt With My Boy-FUCK- After a mutual decision to go to a party separately, Nico is trying not to make it obvious he’s jealous when someone flirts with his secret boyfriend.

Drunk Confessions- “We were drunk and confessed love to each other and on the next day everyone congratulate us about getting together and this is awkward because we don’t remember anything”

Who Are Those People- The very hot very mysterious boy living across the hall in his college dorm seems to always have someone new over, and Will is burning with curiosity to know what they do all night.

Oh No, the Landlord’s Hot- Nico makes a petition to lower the rent and is surprised when one resident challenges the sense behind it. (Spoiler alert, it’s the landlord.)

(Mortal) Camp Half-Blood- Camping is never fun, but it could be with a cute camp leader….

The Least You Could Do- After a messy break up, Nico wants to show he can move on and date someone else… even though they might not know it. 

Soccer Injuries- After getting hurt in a soccer game, Nico can’t help but get flustered by the volunteer medic helping him. 

Tacos- New to college, Nico can’t keep a proper diet. Good thing he has a friendly neighbor. 

Just A Little Lost- An art major in the science department… oops. But hey, there’s a very hot neuroscience major willing to help. 

Hello, Are You My Date?- A very attractive boy goes up to Will thinking he’s his blind date. Now Will finds himself in the best date he’s ever had… but his name is Alex now.

Who the Hell Are You?- After taking a break from work, Will returns to see someone else in his spot. Not only is his new worker arrogant and annoying, he’s also flirtatious and… confusing. 



Not Said to Me- Ways You Said “I Love You” Prompt

Just Stay Awake- It was supposed to be their anniversary, not a tragedy. 

A Promise to Myself- *Trigger warning: Cheating* Nico finds some very unnerving messages on Will’s laptop… but Will wouldn’t do that. 

White Horse- *Trigger warning: Cheating* Inspired by several Taylor Swift songs, follow the rise and fall of Nico and Will’s relationship.

The Story of Us- Closure to the story above.

Forever Yours & Forever Mine-  *Trigger warning: violence, abuse (not sexual)* Falling in love with a psychopath could be deadly. This story contains descriptive violence. Reader’s discretion is advised. THIS IS SIMPLY TO GO WITH THE HALLOWEEN THEME. 


Nightmares and Solace- Nico struggles with his trauma and can’t sleep without the help of his new friends in the Apollo cabin, and of course his very sweet boyfriend. 

Flowers and Tattoos- A tattoo artist used to prejudice catches the eye of a kind florist assistant across the street. Now every day he gets to work, there’s a new flower with a new meaning waiting for him. 

A Whisper in the Ear- The Way you said I Love You Prompt 

The “Straight” Roommate- Nico knows he’s straight. And he’s not homophobic…. So why does his roommate’s gay relationship bother him so much?

A Prank Gone Too Far- Will and Nico just wanted to prank their friends into thinking they were dating… they weren’t supposed to believe it. 

About Kit-Kat- Will’s cat keeps disappearing. To Will’s shock and excitement, his cat managed to befriend his favorite author. 

My First Kiss Went a Little Like This- Worried that Nico might not actually like him, Will asks Nico how long it’ll be before he shows a little more affection than just holding hands. 

You’re a Song- After looking on at a few or more dance rehearsals at his performing arts school, Nico finds himself entranced by one specific dancer. 

Everything’s Bigger Better in Texas- New to the state, and new to college, Nico manages to befriend a local that might turn into something more. Who could resist that Texas twang?

The New Kid- There’s a new boy in school and no one seems eager to say hi. Except for Will. 

Sick Days- Nico came down with the flu, and of course his doctor boyfriend is there to nurse him to health. 

Gravity- Based on Twilight’s “imprinting,” Nico, who takes the alpha position on accident, finds himself imprinting on a boy. 

Mix of Angst and Fluff:

I Never Meant to Fall in Love- From the first date to the possible last, Nico and Will never meant to fall in love, and now that they have, they don’t want to let it go either. 

Fireworks- After three little words make Nico panic, he immediately regrets what he did, but has no idea how to fix it. 

Just A One Night Stand- No one ever wants much to do with him. So why would Will be any different? He just didn’t expect to see him the next day….

Roommates and More- After witnessing a traumatizing death at the hospital, Will gains the courage to finally make a move on the roommate he’d been crushing on for months. 

Burn- With inspiration from Hamilton’s soundtrack, this one shot is about Nico and Will building the dream relationship only for a mistake and secret exposed to ruin it. Forgiveness is hard to reach…. Can you imagine?

Soulmate AUs:

Our Handwriting- They weren’t supposed to be the leads in the school play. They weren’t supposed to become friends. Their handwriting however says otherwise. 

The Song In My Head- Will can’t get old Disney songs out of his head, and Nico can’t stop recalling songs he’d never heard before. 


The Big Day- The day Lily is born, the day Will and Nico finally get to hold their little girl. 

A Day at Home- Nico being a stay-at-home dad. 

Just a Joke- Lily comes home crying and neither Will or Nico know why or how to fix it. 

I Saw Mommy Daddy Kissing Santa Claus- Christmas morning, Santa is the enemy for Nico and Will’s daughter. 

Flightless Bird- After losing newborns to an unknown disease, Will can’t help but wonder what he’d do if that was his baby girl with her life on the line. 


(these are literally between 1-4 paragraphs long based on requests.)

Dear Diary                 Temptation / Temptation pt.2

Hot Pepper Improv    Card Games

It’s a Texas Thing       Lazer Tag

IKEA shit                    Domesticity

Gender Norms            Mistletoe

Not Again


(all of these except OatS have links to the next chapter at the end of the previous chapter)

Nemesis AU (5 parts)- Will made up a boyfriend to get his mom to stop worrying over his single state. But now she wants to meet him.

Carnival AU (4 parts)- After meeting at a carnival, Nico can’t stop thinking of the blond who’d managed to stay in touch after a chance meet. 

What Is This Feeling (5 parts)- Two classroom rivals get paired for an assignment. What else could go wrong?

Secrets of the Sea (11 parts and counting?)- A pirate AU, not sure if I will continue it.

One and the Same (24 parts and counting?)- A fantasy AU in which Nico is a vampire, Will is a werewolf, and neither know about the other. Use the list of links, I wasn’t able to connect them all, there’s too many lol. 

Your Wish Is My Command (7 chapters)- Nico discovers a genie in an old Arab artifact. The last thing he wants to do is make his third wish. 

Inverse!AU (6 parts and counting!)- Nico wakes up to see Bianca looming over him… and to a cabin full of siblings…. and to Will Solace being known as “the creepy Hades kid.” 

The Exception (4 parts)- As someone who doesn’t believe in love, Nico is challenged when he begins experiencing new emotions for a heartbroken boy. 

I Now Pronounce You Will and Nico (7 parts)- Based off I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. 

Fire Meet Gasoline (9 parts)- *Trigger Warning: cheating* After seven years, Nico and Will meet again… through their boyfriends. A little catching up never hurt anybody…. Right?

Warm Me Up (Ongoing)- Depression keeps a person from trusting and opening up. It leads to self destructive tendencies. Nico has suffered this for a long time, and no on has been able to understand or make it easier. Until the right person hears his song. Link is to the full index of the story :)

Saved // Conor Maynard

Requested by anon - The squad go clubbing and some guy’s being too pushy but none of the boys notice. Conor, who really hates Y/N, notices what’s happening and dumps the girls he’s with to save you. (Include lots of kisses)

“Y/N,” all the boys cheered as you arrived at the table they were all sat at in the club, well all except one of them cheered. When you first met Conor you hadn’t exactly made the best first opinion, what you thought was a joke about his new music he had taken very seriously and from that moment he had hated you. Eventually you learned to reciprocate the feeling because it was easier than trying to create a bond.

Half hour later you’d left the boys to go join the rest of the club on the dance floor, soon enough a fairly good looking male had joined you and you happily danced with him until he got a bit too handsy.

Looking around you searched for one of the boys to help you but they were all too busy with a girl or chatting to each other, except Jack who gave you a thumbs up assuming you were happy with the male’s attention.

The man’s hands travelled down to your bum which he squeezed and your eyes darted back to the boys giving a more pleading look but none of them were looking now. Panic set it and then you locked eyes with Conor.

Although you thought it was useless you mouthed “help” to him and hoped he’d get the message from the look of pure fear in your eyes and the words you were mouthing to him.

The man had now pulled you in closer to him, still squeezing you bum in a way that made you skin crawl, and he started planting sloppy kisses on your skin. A tear slipped down your cheek just as you saw a look of realisation appear in Conor’s eyes, you saw Conor brushing off the girl that was practically throwing herself at him and shove himself through the crowd towards you.

Although you were slightly relieved Conor was coming for you, you were now trembling with fear as the man started to pull your dress higher up your thighs. You shut your eyes trying to think of something better when you suddenly felt the man’s touch disappear and heard yelling next to you.

Your eyes shot open to see Conor punching the man in the jaw and then quickly turning towards you to see what must’ve been a sobbing mess. He opened his arms which you instantly collapsed into.

“Lets get you out of here, I’ll call an Uber and take you home,” he spoke loudly in your ear so that you could hear him, you didn’t answer just nodded against his chest in response.

He pulled away from you and wiped a few tears from your cheeks before grabbing your hand to lead you out of the club. Once outside he sat on the path and pulled down with him wrapping his arm around your shoulders, pulling you back into his chest and comfortingly stroking your back.

Conor had ordered an Uber which would be here in 10 minutes and you were currently sat in silence, the only sound was the soothing sound of Conor’s heart beating against your ear.

“Thank you,” you said quietly a few minutes later.

“It’s okay, I couldn’t leave you like that Y/N. We may not usually get along but I wouldn’t do that to you,” he spoke softly and you suddenly saw him in a way that you’d never seen him before, he was sweet and caring and you just wanted to spend time with him.

“I’m sorry for being a bitch to you,” you told him which earned a chuckle and a kiss on the head which made your heart melt.

“And I’m sorry for being a dick.”

“Start again?” You asked voice filled with hope.

“Hey, I’m Conor. Nice to meet you,” was his response and you saw his hand held in front of you ready for a handshake.

You lifted your head from his chest to look into his eyes which you just noticed sparkled like the ocean on a summers day, “I’m Y/N, nice to meet you too,” you responded with a giggle and shook his hand.

“You okay now?” He asked while tucking a piece of hair behind your ear and wiping away a few tears that were still on you face.

“Yeah, you can, um, leave me now if that’s what you want” you mumbled upset at the thought of him going.

“That wasn’t why I was asking babe, I said I was taking you home so that’s what I’ll do,” the way babe so casually rolled off his tongue made your heart flutter.

“Are you sure?”

“Positive,” he replied pulling you back into his chest and kissing your head once again.

You’d just got back to your flat and was standing at the door saying goodbye to Conor, he turned away from you and started to walk away when you spoke up.

“Conor?” You called out shyly and he turned instantly to face you “Can you stay please? I don’t want to be left alone.”

He smiled sweetly at you and started walking back to where you were stood. “Of course I can,” he told you and looked directly into your eyes.

You gazed at each other for a few moments before you both leaned in at the same time and your lips connected in what was the shortest but most amazing kiss you’d experienced in a long time.

“Conor?” You whispered eyes still closed and foreheads pressed together. His arms were wrapped around your waist and you couldn’t have felt safer if you tried.

“Shhh” he replied and pressed his lips against yours again, this time the kiss was longer and firmer but it felt just as amazing as the last time. “Come on, let’s go inside,” he said softly when he’d pulled away and kissed your forehead sweetly.

You grabbed his hand and pulled him in through the door shutting it behind him, you the led him through to the living room and pushed him down onto the sofa then climbed onto his lap, curling yourself into him.

You felt his fingers underneath your chin pulling your face up and your eyes met his once again. Before he had chance to move you’d pressed your lips against his and he immediately reciprocated the kiss.

20 minutes later and you were still on the sofa cuddling Conor, his arms were wrapped around you tightly and your face was comfortably resting in the crook of his neck which you would sleepily kiss every few minutes.

“Y/N” he whispered.

“Mhmm,” you hummed in response and you kissed his neck again, he responded by pulling you even tighter to him and kissing the top of your head.

“Let’s get you to bed, yeah?” Your only response was a yawn, “I’ll take that as a yes,” he chuckled.

You felt him shuffling around underneath you and then he lifted you up in his arms and started to walk towards your bedroom. He placed you in your bed and took your shoes off then pulled the covers over you.

He kissed your forehead and then lips before he turned to leave the room when you grabbed his hand, “I thought you weren’t going to leave me, please stay Conor,” you said on the verge of tears again.

“I’m only going to be on the sofa, I won’t be far promise,” he told you soothingly.

“I don’t want you to go,”

“What do you want me to do babe?”

“Sleep in here with me? Please?” You asked pleadingly and tugged on his arm to bring him closer.

“Alright, I’ll stay,” he gave in and walked around to the other side of the bed where he climbed in to join you in the warmth.

Once he was settled under the covers you shuffled towards him and returned your head to his chest, his arm wrapped around you and you fell asleep to the rhythmic beating of his heart.

The next morning you woke up sprawled across another body, clearly confused you opened your eyes to try and identify who it was.

You looked up and your eyes met Conor’s, everything from the previous night came flooding back: the handsy man; Conor saving you and taking care of you; insisting that he stayed with you and the kisses, those amazing kisses.

“So, sleeping beauty awakens,” his croaky voice clearly showed he hadn’t been awake for long himself.

Wanting to test if you were delusional last night or whether the kisses were actually that good you lent up and pressed your lips against his. He responded and you felt a definite spark.

“Do you feel it too?” You breathed against his lips not wanting to create too much distance.

“Mhmm,” he hummed in agreement and connected your lips again, this time with more passion.

“If a kiss can be that amazing, I’d love to know what the sex is like” you panted after you’d pulled away.

“Maybe if you play your cards right you’ll find out,” he told you then smashed your lips together again.

Part 2

Tease - Enoch O'Connor imagine - request 

request: Omg can you do a teasing Enoch headcanon? Or a slightly dirty one? You don’t have to if you don’t want to of course but I’m just curious 😂


a/n: this is the storyline/thing i thought of so here it goes ehfjhfgu i hope you like it. i tried to make it dirty or whatever you call it, but idk if it worked ://// and i’m going to sleep now bye :) hope you liek disss

“y/n, do you want to play ball with us?” millard called out. i turned around, my skirt whirling around me along with my hair.

“uh… what kind? like football or…?” i ask.

“yeah, like football.” hugh replied. “i mean, if your skirt won’t bother you.”

i paused. my skirt. i shouldn’t play football while wearing a skirt that only reached a little over my mid thigh. but i’m too lazy to go change. i really want to spend time with my semi-new friends.

ugh, let’s just not care and not jump too much. not like anyone ever pays attention to me wearing skirts. i’ll play.

“yes, sure.” i said after thinking through it. “my skirt absolutely won’t be a bother, don’t worry.”

i walked through the garden with hugh and millard and horace - who was supposedly the judge or something. we divided into two teams, but mine needed one more person. since enoch - my grumpy best friend - didn’t want to, i took bronwyn.

enoch sat under a tree while we played, he said he’d help horace with judging (a/n: lol i hate how this sounds but sfhsjdfhsdjf dying) - i didn’t think there would be needed any help.

we played a few rounds, me and bronwyn won three times while hugh and millard won two times. it was fun, playing with them. hugh cheated a few times, but it didn’t change much in the scores. all the while, i was just being a sore loser at football - i couldn’t play at all, i’m horrible at football.

i fell over, tumbled and there were only two times out of a possible infinity of my skirt flying only slightly up. but luckily, nobody saw that from behind, and we only laughed it off with the others. all except for enoch, who held an even more serious look on his face - if that was possible. he was always deadly serious and annoyed.

“i can’t anymore, sorry boys.” i said, holding my stomach as i tried to catch my breath from all the running and kicking.

“please y/n, just one more round!” millard whined, hugh joining after,

“i really can’t.” i said, shaking my head with a tired smile. “i’m going inside to rest a little.” i spoke and turned around to go to the house. after a few steps, i heard enoch say:

“i’ll come, too.” in a rushed voice. i looked around my shoulder and he was already catching up with me. i looked at him with furrowed eyebrows. “i need to talk to you. in my room. alone.” he said, taking my arm in a slightly firm grip.

“okay…” i said.

with enoch holding my arm, we walked into the house and walked up the stairs to his room, which basically was also mine. for i spent the half of my time in there, with him.

enoch pulled me inside, shut the door and pushed me up against it. “what do you think you were doing back there?” he growled with his face so close to mine i could hear his breath on my nose.

i furrowed my eyebrows at his question. “what?”

enoch did his iconic groan and pushed me harder against the door, earning a soft yelp from me. one of his hand was on my hip. what was happening!!

“playing the game, with your skirt flying around.” enoch said. oh, SHIT! “couldn’t take my eyes off of you. and it felt so annoying to just watch you, knowing there were so many more things i could do.”

“w-what things?” i stuttered. he was really giving me major confusion right now, what was he talking about?! “what do you mean? i don’t understand what’s going.”

he chuckled, looking away. after a short moment, his eyes locked with mine again. “how can you be so clueless about your own behaviour? you were teasing me, y/n. and i do not like that.”

“teasing?” i repeated.

“oh, for bird’s sake.” he rolled his eyes.

“uh… what are you going to do about it?” i asked, ignoring his comment. enoch grinned.

his hand traced up my side, giving me ultimate shivers all over my body. this touch felt so surreal, unknown. nobody had ever held me like this. his eyes were intently watching mine as i was looking back into his orbs, waiting for something to happen.

enoch’s eyes diverted from mine when he lowered his head and slowly put his lips on mine. when our lips met, it felt hungry, lustful, dangerous? was he kissing me? is this what kissing felt like? why was he doing this? we’re best friends!

oh, but it felt so wonderful. it was my first time… doing this, i didn’t even know what to do.

enoch pulled back and looked at me watching him. why did he do that?! that felt so… yes!!!

his eyes held regret and disappointment. oh, no, no.

i put my arms around his neck, hesitantly, and pulled him closer before he could go anywhere.

“c-could you… do that… again, please?” i asked quietly. enoch’s facial expression immediately changed and he grinned. instead of answering, he dove down and connected our lips again.

bliss, utter bliss.

i would have never imagined us kissing, but this - i bet - was better than any fantasy.

i gained my courage and finally kissed him back. he smiled into the kiss and pulled me closer by my hips. and then his hand slipped down to my bum, giving it a light squeeze, as if not to scare me off or something. i gasped and it gave the perfect opportunity for him to kiss me deeper - and with tongue.

wow. where did he learn this? how was enoch such a professional? maybe he wasn’t a professional, but to me he absolutely seemed like one.

his lips then disconnected with mine, making a whine come past my lips. but he moved down to my neck to pepper that with kisses. his lips were looking for something and after a few seconds i think he found it. he kissed a spot on my neck and that made me shiver and release a small whine that sounded a little like something else.

“have you any idea what you’re doing to me?” enoch groggily said, looking me into the eyes. i smiled.

what was he doing to me? he was making me feel every type of way, my my…

“can you show me?” i suggested. enoch’s face did an emotional flip and he nodded. his lips then kissed mine again and i kissed back, showing him i felt what he did, whatever it was.

that day totally changed my world.

Alright so before I go to sleep, I wanted to tell you a little story. So, once upon a time, there was this boy and girl. They just so happened to be going to the same fundraiser as each other! Little did they know that meeting each other was almost inevitable as they had a mutual best friend! So, off they went to the fundraiser. When the boy walked in to start setting up for the dinner, he noticed this beautifulllll girl on the stage getting ready. At first, he didn’t think much of it as girls such as herself were never interested in him. Fast forward a little bit into the evening, she notices him too and they start making eye contact. At this specific moment in time, they both knew that they wanted to get to know the other person. Towards the end of the evening, the boy was trying to find the girl because he didn’t even know her name yet! He also wanted her number so he could ask her out on a date the following week. Well, it just so happens that their mutual best friend is the bomb diggity as she was able to provide the boy with the girls number. That evening he texted her. They started off in that cute and awkward stage and quickly grew quite fond of each other the longer they talked. When the boy was ready for bed, he said “I don’t mean to be a party pooper but I really should go to sleep” he also quickly added on afterwards that he would like to take her out on a date the following week. She said yes! Oh how the boy was happy. Throughout the week they talked almost everyday and eventually, friday came. The boy was so nervous! I’m sure the girl was equally as nervous. He decided to take her to rockaberries (their favourite spot still to this day) and then a movie afterwards. They had such a fun time. He even held her hand during the movie! I can’t even imagine how much courage that had taken. The following 7 and a half months were full of fun times and trials. Eventually the sad day came where they had to break up. It was so hard on both of them. They both did some reckless and crazy things over the following 5 months. Apparently they never got over each other. Then one day, the girl was on her way back from a shoot in Toronto, and since she had moved in with their mutual best friend, she decided to send the boy a message to try to resolve everything. Boy what a message that was. At first, the boy didn’t know what to say. After about 10 minutes of having said “I don’t really know what to say except thank you” he quickly realized how much he missed. He was still so deeply in love with the girl. And apparently she was too! How exciting is that? Anyways, a week or two after having texted the boy, they ended up going out for the girls friends birthday party and invited the boy along. Little did they both know that this would be the night where they both fell so in love with each other all over again. What an experience that must’ve been! The next day they went for coffee and discussed everything that happened and talked about getting back together. Fast-forward to March 7th, 2017. Stephanie and Caleb are lovers again. They always were and they always will be. They even know what they want to name their kids! They’re so cute I just can’t. 9:34 western time, Caleb would like to tell Stephanie how much he loves her! He decided to write a little story to try to express that. Funny I mention that, cause my name is Caleb, I’m writing a story to a girl named Stephanie, and I’m madly in love with her.
—  (My hopelessly in love boy)

Two Belles.  I am sorry Emma Watson but I suck at drawing real peoples.

I am split in pieces about the live action version.  On one hand the original was already pretty perfect, on the other it will be nice to see the extra material they will squeeze in and the detail in the settings and costumes etc. that just wasn’t possible in animation in the late 80s/early 90s.   Aaaaand on the third hand there was that interview recently where they are now suggesting LeFou is gay which seems pretty fricken insulting to make the “crazy one” the gay one.  I mean come on.  Token much?  If anyone was gay it would be Belle growing up in a small town where she repeatedly talks about not belonging there and wanting to leave.  Is it just me because I grew up in a small provincial town, too, and watched close up friends and family members struggle with being the “only gay in the village” and making sure NOBODY KNEW except the few they could trust and always living in a vague fear WHAT IF the wrong people found out and always yearning to just leave to a bigger town where they could meet other gay people and others who understood? All the while trying to hide from random people who kept asking “why don’t you date that Gaston guy, he’s a handsome fellow”. Oh boy.  Come on, Disney, you are better than this.  You want to gay represent do it properly.  

Dan Stevens is admittedly a cutie but I would 100% watch the movie, go to the cinema, get a hueg popcorn, get the blu-ray, get the merchandise and support your endeavour if you had instead cast a girl as the Beast.   Now that you have said that the village idiot is the token gay representation and you act like that’s a good thing I’m very unlikely to pay to see this film because that’s just pathetic.

Kicked Out (Part 4) || Buttercream Squad Imagine

It had been a few weeks since I had exploded at Joe and things had been going perfectly. Almost too perfect. Joe and I had been getting along and the boys had even treated me as is I was their little sister all except one.

Jack Maynard. Womaniser. Gorgeous. Blue eyes and brown hair. He has treated me differently to the others and I couldn’t figure him out. He would often message me asking if I was okay, or if I wanted to hang out. It was almost as if we were dating.

“Hey Y/N/N?” Joe shouts from his office. I walk my way through the kitchen and into his office.

“Hey big brother,” I say greeting him.

“Were you hanging out with Randy last night?” He questions.

“Yeah, hey little sister, how are you? I’m good thanks for asking.” I laugh.

“Just answer the question, Tiny.”

“Yeah, so what?” I ask.

“Are you two dating?” Joe asks.

My eyebrows furrow together. “No?”

“But you like him?”

“Joe, I don’t have time for this.” I groan and cover my face with my hands.

“Y/N,” Joe says sternly.

“And so what if I did? I wouldn’t ever do anything like to you,”

“Do you like him?” He asks again.

“Joe,” I say back.

“Y/FULL/N Do you like Maynard?” His eyes are locked with mine. I bite my lip and nod my head.

“Good, now you can make him happy,” Joe smiles. I smack him upside the head.

“I’m not getting with Maynard you fool!” I say in a hushed tone. I walk out of his office and into his spare room my face tinted red.

“Sure!” He shouts after me


“Hey Tiny, You coming out with the boys tonight?” Oli asks, kicking on the door softly.

I stand from the bed I was sat on and I open the door. Greeted by not only Oli but Oli, Caspar, and Mikey.

“I think I’ll sit this one out boys,” I say leaning on the door frame. I’m dressed in tracksuit pants, that sit on my hips loosely and an oversized off the shoulder crop top. A fair amount of skin showing.

“Damn Tiny, growing up well.” Caspar teases. I laugh, rolling my eyes shoving at him softly.

“Shut up,”

“Hey guys,” The front door closes and Jack’s voice comes in.

“Mate check this out!” Mikey says excitedly. My eyebrows draw together in confusion.

“Whats up?” Jack asks making his way to where all of us are stood.

“Buddy, Tiny got hot.” Mikey laughs, unaware of my face. My mouth wide with shock.

“What the fuck,” Joe shouts coming into the hallway, “Do you think you’re doing?”

“I’m just going to go back to watching Netflix,” I sigh spinning away from the group of boys. I close the door softly behind me and walk over to the bed sitting on it and listening ti the conversation that is happening behind the door.

“Joe?” I hear Caspar ask.

“You come into my house and say shit like that about my sister and you think that’s okay?” I hear Joe’s voice ask. A thud echoes through the room.

“Fuck,” Mikey breathes, “Nice punch mate.”

My eyes widen in realization at what had just happened. I stand up from the bed swing the door open. Only to be greeted with Mikey on the floor and Jack holding Joe by his arms.

“Joe!” I shout all of their attentions falling on me.

Just the Right Words

Characters: Servamp Kuro, Mahiru Shirota
Ship: KuroMahi
Summary: Mahiru was deaf and the only words they traded were written. But they were just the right words for Kuro. 

Requested by @jey-chan

Ch. 1 // Ch. 2

“Get out of the way!” Kuro screamed and the crowd parted for him. He knew that they must’ve thought that he was crazy but he didn’t care. His entire focus was on returning home. While he was in school Hyde, his brother, called him and told him that he needed to return home for an emergency.

Hyde was sick and home alone so Kuro’s mind raced with possibilities. What if Hyde’s flu had gotten worst? What if one of his other siblings were hurt? What if Hyde burned the house down?

People rushed out of his path. All, except one, a boy who was walking ahead of him. He didn’t move to dodge him even after Kuro screamed for him to. Kuro was running too fast to stop in time and he crashed into him. Instinctively, he tried to stop their fall with one hand and held onto the person protectively with his free arm.

He turned them so that he fell onto his back and the boy landed on top of him. Kuro grunted and sat up to check on the person. “Hey, you okay?”

He looked down at the person he ran into. He appeared to be dazed and stared up at him with wide, brown eyes. He began to fumble with something and touched his ears. Kuro thought he would be angry but he looked worried instead. “I’m sorry, but I really need to get home. If you’re not hurt, I’ll be going now.”

Kuro stood and pulled him to his feet. The boy kept his gaze to the ground, as if he was searching for something. When he looked up, his eyes caught on Kuro. He pointed to Kuro’s jacket and tried grab his hood. Kuro stepped back sharply and walked around him. “I’m sorry. If I ever see you again, I’ll make this up to you but I need to go home.”

Saying that quickly, Kuro began to run home again. He heard someone running behind him and looked back to see that the boy was chasing him. Kuro didn’t know why he would chase him and he groaned. But he didn’t seem to be a fast runner and soon disappeared into the crowd.

Who was that guy? Kuro thought to himself but pushed the thought away. He ran back to his home and found a moving truck in front of his house. He ignored it and ran into his house. It was quiet but worry still filled him. “I’m here, Hyde! Who’s hurt? Where’s the fire?”

“It took you long enough!” Hyde screamed between sniffles from where he sat in front of a window. He was buried under blankets and sneezing profusely but he didn’t appear to be hurt. Hyde motioned to something in the window and Kuro stood next to him. “You see that dark haired guy? He looks like an angel! I think he’s our new neighbour. Can you send him something for me?”

“You called me back here to send your love letters?” Kuro rubbed his temple when Hyde held out a note to him. “I ran all the way from school! I thought something happened to you.”

“But, Kuro, it is an emergency! I can’t talk to him when I’m like this. He’ll think I’m weird or contagious or something. Anyways, you should be thanking me for getting you out of class. Can’t you help your sick brother?” Hyde pouted at him and Kuro sighed. He loved his siblings and couldn’t deny them much. So, he took the letter and said.

“I guess I’ll help you out since you did get me out of school. I’ll give this to him so get back to bed and rest. Wrath will yell at both of us if you get worse.” Kuro patted his shoulder before gently pushing Hyde towards his room.

Kuro walked outside and stared at the truck. He had to wonder about his new neighbour and hoped they wouldn’t be too troublesome. He approached the dark haired boy and called out to him. “Are you moving into the house next door? If you are, we’ll be neighbours.”

“I’m just helping my friend move in.” He answered. “He’s not here yet. Have you seen a guy with brown hair and eyes? He’s about this tall.”

“No, I just came home. This might be pointless because you’re not our neighbour but here. My brother wanted to talk to you but he’s a little tied up and can’t leave the house.” Kuro handed him the letter and received a doubtful look. Honestly, he couldn’t blame him. “I know my brother may seem a little forward but he’s a good guy. I’ll tell him you’re not our new neighbour but give him a chance.”

When Kuro would’ve turned away, he felt someone tackle him from behind. He struggled to keep himself from falling and looked over his shoulder at the person. It was the guy that he bumped into earlier. He was breathing heavily and looked frustrated. He held out a notebook and Kuro read the page, You have my hearing aid. Just stand still so I can get it.

His fingers brushed Kuro’s cheek when he reached into his hood and pulled out a hearing aid. Relief flooded his face when he placed the hearing aid in his ear. He wrote something in his notebook and held it out to him. Thank you. It fell when you bumped into me.

“Mahiru,” Licht tapped his shoulder to catch his attention. He spoke as he made signs with his hands, “Where were you? We were getting worried.”

Mahiru replied in sign language and explained their earlier encounter. He could feel Kuro’s eyes on him and knew that he was most likely confused. He turned to the first page of his notebook and handed it to Kuro. Hello, my name is Mahiru Shirota. I’m deaf so I use this notebook to talk. I can read lips and I have a hearing aid but please be patient with me.

Kuro didn’t know how to respond for a moment. Mahiru was accustomed to the hesitant expression Kuro gave him so he wasn’t offended. His friends were understanding and didn’t treat him differently.

“Stop staring at him like that. You’re making him uncomfortable.” Kuro felt someone kick him and turned to see Licht glaring at him. Licht barely gave him a glance before speaking to Mahiru in a moderate pace and signed. “It looks like this guy is your new neighbour. If he causes you any trouble, call me or Tetsu and we’ll deal with him for you.”

That’s okay, Licht! I’m sure he wasn’t trying to be rude. Mahiru signed quickly. He was grateful that his friends cared about him and wanted to help him transition to a new school but he didn’t want to worry them too much. I’ll be alright.

Kuro sat at his desk but kept glancing out the window to the neighbouring house. He was supposed to be studying but he couldn’t stop thinking of his new neighbour. He looked up from his textbook when he heard a tapping sound outside his window. Kuro looked up and was surprised to see the person that was filling his thoughts.

Mahiru stood in the window across from his and pressed his notebook against the glass for him to see. I’m sorry about Licht. He can be a little intense but he’s a nice guy. Let’s get along since we’re neighbours now.

Kuro took a spare piece of paper and wrote a reply. He made sure to make the lines thick so that Mahiru could read them. My name’s Kuro. You have the same uniform as me. Are you going to Servamp Academy too?

Mahiru smiled and nodded. He started to write something in his notebook and Kuro found himself waiting for his answer with mild curiosity. I won’t start attending classes until Monday. I just went to buy my uniform today. Is there anything I need to know for school? What are we learning right now? I don’t want to fall behind.

We’re all preparing for a school festival right now so we’re not doing much in class. Kuro answered him. Everyone’s excited about setting up a costume booth for the festival but it seems like a drag if you ask me. There’s so much to do like making the costume and backdrops. It’ll just be easier to buy a bunch of food and sell them. Of course, if my brother comes, we’ll be sold out after one of his orders.

His reply made Mahiru chuckle but Kuro looked exasperated. When he first met Kuro, he was running as if the dogs of hell were chasing him. Mahiru had the impression that Kuro was rather athletic but it seemed he was wrong. He wrote in his notebook and asked, You have a brother? I’m an only child so I’m a little jealous.

I have six brothers and one sister. They’re all younger than me and they can be a pain sometimes. Do you know how many times they interrupted my sleep? Kuro wrote. Mahiru found watching his expression more entertaining than his stories.

“Kuro! World End ate the cake I was saving!” Kuro heard Hugh cry from the kitchen.

Kuro sighed and turned away from the window to yell, “Wrath, they’re fighting again!”

Is something wrong? Mahiru asked with a concerned look.

My brother ate my other brother’s cake. I told you they could be troublesome.

Shouldn’t you go stop them if they’re fighting? Thinking simply, you’re the oldest and it’s your responsibility. Mahiru tapped the words with a stern expression. I still have things to unpack so you don’t need to worry about keeping me company. Go down and stop your brothers from fighting!

Fine, I’m going. You sound like a housewife, you know? Mahiru shook his head in denial and Kuro smiled to himself slightly. Mahiru waved to him before closing the curtain between them.

Mahiru stood in front of the class, slightly nervous as he held up his notebook for his class to read. While his hearing aid didn’t allow him to hear their whispers, he knew that they were talking about him. He scanned the class and was relieved to see Kuro in the class. Though it did annoy him that Kuro was sleeping.

The teacher tapped his shoulder and said. “Go sit behind the sleeping student.”

Mahiru nodded and went to sit behind Kuro. He gently poked Kuro’s back and tried to wake him. Kuro woke with an irritated groan and turned to face him. His eyes widened for a moment before Mahiru gently hit Kuro with his notebook. You’re in class so you shouldn’t be sleeping.

But we’re only picking out people’s duties for the costume booth. I’ll just take whatever’s left over and hope that it’s not too bad. Kuro wrote.

What jobs are still left? Mahiru asked and flipped to a new page for Kuro to write on. Once Kuro wrote all the duties left, Mahiru quickly added something above them. Mahiru’s eyes narrowed while he wrote so Kuro wondered what he was writing. Then he knocked on his desk and raised his hand. When the teacher turned to him, Mahiru held up the notebook.

Kuro and I volunteer to be in charge of costumer design, sewing, making photography backdrops and making flyers.

“What?” Kuro looked between Mahiru and his teacher. Unfortunately, the teacher was already writing his name under all the jobs. He quickly asked, “Why did you do that?”

Thinking simply, I’m qualified to do those things and I have free time. Also, this is your punishment for sleeping in class and trying to be avoid your responsibilities.

This is just part one. I was writing this but it was becoming longer than I expected so I decided to split it into two parts. Honestly, I was a little hesitant to take this request because I was afraid of being disrespectful unintentionally. I tried to do my research and wrote everything respectfully.


So it will be a long ride so sit back and enjoy.

Story 1: I think it was about year 8 (7th grade??) and we had these music rooms where you could practice your piece or whatever and you were allowed in them you just needed to ask permission from a teacher. Well one day these two people go in and supposedly the girl gave the lad a blowjob in there which is now why there’s cameras in there.

Story 2: this happened twice. There was these two boys one was pretty normal except he likes anime and the other was quite strange. The strange boy just whipped out his shlong to the other boy (I think he said he had no dick) and he got excluded. Then next thing you know he whips it out again

Story 3: our school has a day where they celebrate some dead man and we all do fun stuff after a mass. Last time someone broke the glass in a door and our school was too poor to fix it so they covered it with cardboard. (Story on why my school is poor will be coming up don’t worry)

Story 4: really recently our schools behaviour has gotten worse. Ever since the first year the school has told us we are the worst year going. This year is where it really went bad. There was three fight in one day and two the next. Basically a stampede of people came running through the canteen so then everyone else followed and there was basically the whole school running round in what they called “a riot” there was dinner ladies stood at doors blowing whistles, one teacher nearly got run over and another pulling people away by their bags. The next day our year gets called out of lessons early to all sit in the gym and get lectured then get told we can’t leave the two places to eat and there was teachers patrolling round everywhere. Ever since then we had people come in our lessons checking our behaviour and gas green a bunch of new rules set in school.

There’s more

Never Stopped


“I will never stop loving you.” 

That was what Y/N said with tears in her eyes after their first fight and back then, Joe thought she meant it. Their relationship was nowhere near perfect but because they loved each other, they made it work. And after each fight, they were able to see past the anger and find the love that they felt so much for one other. 

Two years this went on. Two years of crying and screaming followed by a million I’m sorries and I love you’s and for that time, it worked. They accepted the others apologizes and told themselves that lovers fight and argue because thats what everyone told them. 

“It was normal to fight with your partner”

“You’re talking through your issues”

“All couples fight, don’t worry”

Except not all couples fought like Y/N and Joe. Their fights were too frequent to be considered a healthy relationship, and too many harsh word were exchanged for it to be considered working out their issues. 

When they finally came to the realization that their relationship was too toxic to continue, they let each other go. Joe let Y/N walk out of their flat as she requested and only saw/spoke to each other a few days later when she dropped off a box of his things and came to pick up hers. 

She stopped her contact with the boys and Zoe, claiming that there was no point in continuing to be friends after what her and Joe had just been through. Everyone was heartbroken, seeing their best friend and brother so broken and them losing someone they’ve learned to love.

They often told Joe to go after her, to go win her back but all he did was shake his head telling them that it was over and that there was nothing left for him to do. They never understood that answer. They didn’t understand the heartbreak in each others eyes after every fight. If they knew what really went on behind the closed door of their flat, they’d understand how toxic their love was. But they never would because Joe never talked about it. 

He kept his emotions bottled up just like he had before he met Y/N and forced a smile to the camera every day until the memories of Y/N slipped away. Drink and drink she faded into the back of his mind and thats where she stayed, for a year and a half.

For nearly a year and a half, Joe never thought about Y/N on his own. He would occasionally see a tweet in his mentions about his past relationship but he simply ignored it.

He was seeing new people, lots of new people, none of which lasted nearly as long than Y/N. They’d usually only stick around for a night, in some instances a week or two, but never longer than that. Joe really didn’t expect much seeing that he picked them up at a club, but it was fine, it was exactly was Joe was looking for. 

A few months had passed and the memories that Joe worked so hard on pushing away slowly crept back. Memories of Y/N, the good ones, the ones with laughs and smiles, and slow kisses in the dimly lit flat. The memories that the fans used to make their edits, the ones Joe had caught on camera. He often found himself watching back those vlogs in the middle of the night after hours of tossing and turning. 

For the first time since the breakup, he felt empty. Like a piece of him had left, crumbled into a million pieces and blew away with the wind. A piece of him that he knew he could never get back. 

The boys had managed to talk Joe into going to a party, a low key house party and was just something to take his mind off things. It was a friend of a friend’s party so there would be lots of people there that he recognized and some that he didn’t. Joe agreed, saying that it would be a great distraction, talking to knew people rather than filling you’re veins with alcohol which would only cause the memories to slip back faster. 

When he first arrived at the party, everything was great. He reconnected with people who he had met when he first moved to London and got to know their friends which in turn led to Joe making a new friend. All was going good until he saw her. 

He saw her back first, doing a double take as a familiar figure swayed side to side to the soft music playing. Her Y/H/C hair cascading down her back the same way it had always done. 

He heard her laugh next. She was standing with a friend who said something sending the two of them into a fit of laughter, the same way her and Joe would laugh about things. 

Then she turned around, her eyes meeting his almost instantly, the smile on her face from laughing faded as she recognized the figure from across the room. Her eyes darted away and her body moved her further into the flat, disappearing into the small crowd of people.

Without hesitation, Joe’s feet moved his body in the direction she left in. He pushed his way through the crowd, frantically searching for a familiar face he saw frequently in his dreams. 

He freed himself from the crowd after making his way onto the balcony, scanning the few faces of the people outside until he found her, arms resting on the railing as she looked out over the city. 

“Hi” Joe said softly as he walked towards her. 

“Hey” She said back. 

“How are you?” 

Y/N turned to look at him with a puzzled look, something that Joe was not prepared for. 

“How am I? I was doing good and then I saw you tonight.” She said looking into his eyes. “I was doing a really good job at pushing any sort of memory of your away but that all just went to shit.”

“Do you still-”

“Don’t ask me that.” Y/N interrupted.

“Why? Because its true? Because I do and its been really hard lately and it seems that way for you too.” Joe said sternly but she could hear the sadness in his voice. 

“Joe, please don’t.” 

“Why not Y/N?”

“Because Joe,” She let out a deep breath before speaking again, “Yes okay, yes I still love. I never stopped loving you just like I said I wouldn’t but thats not going to change anything and you know that.“

“But its been over a year-” 

“Joe, I really don’t want to have this conversation here. We are both still too young and you have no idea what YouTube is going to be like in the future and its hard for you to juggle work and relationships because of it.”

“Y/N,” Joe paused and looked around at the few people who were still on the balcony with them, “ I love you, so incredibly much that it hurts and I don’t know what to do with myself and I’ve been trying to figure out how to get you out of my mind for over a year and I can’t. You’re not someone I can just forget about.”

“Joe.” Y/N said taking his hand. “I’m not doing this here at a party with all our friends and strangers.”

“Then lets leave, I don’t need to be here. We can go to that coffee shop that always open late like we use to and we can figure something out. Please love, I have so many things bottled up inside that I need to get out.” Joe said holding back tears but failed when one slipped down his cheek. 

Y/N lifted her hand and wiped it away and smiled softly, “Okay, lets go then.” She said as she turned to walk back into the flat saying goodbye to her friends before leaving with Joe.

Worried For Nothing (M) // Choi Youngjae

Originally posted by jypnior

Pairing: Youngjae x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Smut

Summary; After failing to keep your relationship a secret from the rest of GOT7, Youngjae assures you that you that everything is alright; in more ways than one.

Please note that this scenario is rated M for MATURE as it contains scenes of a sexual nature.

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andallthewildthingsroared  asked:

hey! i wanted to let you know that i think your cas/stages of grief meta was absolutely amazing. cas's story never really made sense to me, it always seemed so inconsistent, like they had no idea where they were going with it, and your meta is the first i've read that made me see some central theme in it after all. so kudos for that :) just out of curiosity, you have any idea where they're going with crowley? bc his story is another one that always felt the opposite of straightforward to me.

Whats your hope for Crowleys arc on this season?

Hi! Thank you so much for all that! I am the most awful person, because not only I’m like, two months late in answering this but I’m also going to bundle it up with an anon ask. Sorry, @andallthewildthingsroared!

(I did write the overly long thing I promised you, though, so there’s that.)

I understand where you’re coming from - Crowley’s arc is sort of zigzaggy, but if you take away what was clearly bad characterization (such as that one-off threat to Sam complete with red eyes which never went anywhere), I sort of feel like we can know who Crowley is, and what he wants.


So, just as a summary - we know he was a bastard, and that he had a stable enough relationship with his mother that he remembers her (not fondly), and that she up and left soon enough that it felt like she was abandoning him (eight is a bit soon to fend for yourself, even in the seventeenth century). We know he had a son, and since Gavin’s mother is never mentioned, I want to say unremarkable entity who died in childbirth? Because if this had been his great love, and if she’d survived long enough to be remembered by Gavin, I hope to God that would have been brought up in the narrative (come on). So, either Crowley didn’t give a damn about her, and got saddled with the kid for some reason, or he cared a lot and she died pretty early on and that’s possibly the reason he started being so awful to everybody (hello, John Winchester’s parallels). We also know he was a tailor, which, in those times, and for an orphan, implies either that Rowena used magic to help him out (unlikely for a number of reasons) or that he was actually a very smart, very talented kid who had to work his ass off during his apprenticeship, as was usual for the times. In this case, we’ve got someone whose life was out of his control from a very young age, and who knows what it’s like to be at a master’s whim. 

Demon deal

Now, what doesn’t fit with this picture is the idea a kid like that would sell his soul for a longer dick, as Crowley boasted to have done (also, as amusing as it is, this would be a moot point by now, since Crowley’s in a different body). What I consider more likely is that Crowley’s current vessel - the literary agent in his late forties possibly all work and all play as that job often entails - tried to make a similar deal (and that would be a reason for Crowley to stick with the body afterwards; after all, we know he’s vain and likes to sleep around, so, vessel for vessel, why not go for a bigger dong?); as for Crowley himself, I really can’t guess what happened. Gavin remembers him as a useless drunkard, and he certainly had no riches to pass on - so much so, Gavin was forced to emigrate to the Colonies. What did Crowley gain, exactly, in exchange for his soul? An intriguing possibility is that, like Dean, he took the deal to save someone else - perhaps Gavin himself from some childhood fever - and became a drunk asshole out of blind panic the closer he got to the deadline. I like this explanation, because there was always this weird pull between Crowley and Dean, and this would go a long way towards explaining it; but, really, this is one of those things it’s useless to speculate about - either the show will tell us, or it won’t.

(Another possibility I like, but which would have come up by now, is that Rowena sold her kid’s soul to pay for her own magic - a plot bunny I explored here.)

Whatever his reasons, Crowley’s time in hell took this primal lack of control over his own life and made it a thousand times worse. We still don’t know, exactly, how demons are created, how long it takes, and who decides which eyes you’ll get, and which job you’ll do. This is, like, one of the 2000 things the show could get into instead of inventing new lore (I’m not complaining, though - S11 was magnificent, and S12 has been very good so far). What we do know is that the entire process is excruciatingly painful; that it distorts, or takes away, your human soul. If we think about other soulless creatures we’ve encountered, what Crowley is makes a lot of sense. It’s not about being evil, exactly; it’s more about a lack of caring and empathy. There are moments where Crowley actually reminds me of soulless!Sam - like when he pushed Dean into Cain’s arms just because it was convenient on the short term. 

Crowley the crossroads demon

Becoming a demon is also the worst kind of punishment, we should assume, because it completely takes away your free will.

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mandamae84  asked:

Hi. I love the fics where Louis and Harry start out hating each other and have really hot hate sex but end up falling in love along the way. Do you have some recommendations? Thanks!

- You Drive Me Round The Bend In which Louis is a spoilt rich kid who’s always on the phone while he drives and Harry is a struggling musician making his way down the mountain. It’s just a matter of time before they crash and burn.(77k)

- Three French Hems : In which Louis is a designer at Burberry and Harry spends December wearing Lanvin… and Lanvin… and Lanvin. 19k 

- Reeling Through The Fall :They hate each other. Except for when they don’t.  40k.

- Up To No Good : Harry doesn’t think of himself as a womanizer, not at all. Sure, he enjoys sex, enjoys how women feel underneath him, and by some people’s standards he has sex with quite a lot of people, but that’s no reason to tell him that he can’t have a female PA anymore.It’s especially no excuse for giving him a male PA who’s possibly the most gorgeous boy in the world who won’t even let Harry look at him for too long.Sometimes Harry hates his life.   22k

- Search and Rescue Me : Louis never really paid attention to Harry until they get stuck in the locker room together. Larry High School AU (17k)

- Love Is A Rebellious Bird   : Louis is the concertmaster of the London Symphony Orchestra, Harry is the New! and Exciting! interim conductor/ex-cello prodigy who “has made Mozart cool again” according to Esquire Magazine (Louis hates him immediately, which is definitely why he internet stalked him in his dark bedroom late at night that one time), and Niall is the best.  Zayn and Liam are around too. (134k)

- Learning to breathe : He’s playing football at one of the top universities in England and he should love everything about his life right now, but instead he’s moving backwards. How does your past fit into your present? Louis is still figuring it out.  (110k) .

- Our blood is boiling : “I can’t believe you’re making me this angry when it’s almost midnight and I’m not even drunk. You know what? I could take you down right here, right now—”“You’re red.” Harry interrupts, his lips curving up into a smug grin. “Am I making you red?”Louis purses his lips and absentmindedly brings a hand up to feel his cheek. It’s definitely warm. God, how can he even come back from this? [Louis meets indie singer Harry Styles, otherwise known as the bane of his existence, at a pub.] (6.5k)

I know you say Larry fics. But well, I HAVE TO SAY IT: Hate to love fics are so good with Tomlinshaw. Go read this 2 :

- but it’s better if you do : Louis definitely does not care about Nick’s opinion of him. And Nick definitely is not obsessed with Louis.

- I Had Rather Hear My Dog Bark At A Crow : The first time Louis Tomlinson kisses him, Nick is three sheets to the wind, wearing a pirate hat, and so fucking tired of Louis being a complete and utter knobhead that he’s spent the last ten minutes snapping at him. The kiss takes him rather by surprise, all things considered. Or: Nick and Louis don’t like each other, not even a little bit, not even at all. AKA THE BEST FIC EVER.

UPDATE (much more fics under the cut)(last update on April 4th 2017)

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