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But here’s the thing: Sherlock Series 4 purposely took something from every member of the audience. It gave them plot points that didn’t resolve. It baited them into watching the whole mess of a season because the writing implied it was going to make sense in the end. But it didn’t. All people got baited by the narrative. This usually only happens to minority groups. But now everyone can see what it feels like to be strung along and let down. Now non-queer people have a slight taste of what it’s like to be taken advantage of and mislead. This is what happens when queer people watch television, except when the media baits queer people, the effect is detrimental to their sense of self and personhood. You can’t take that from a heterosexual audience. But what you can take from them is their trust, time, and passion.

Did you find yourself asking these questions after “The Final Problem”?

** “What was the note John gave to Sherlock at the end of The Six Thatchers?”
** “How did Sherlock and John survive an explosion that propelled them through a second-story window?”
** “Why did Sherlock leave John to drown in the well?”
** “Where did John’s chains go?”
** “Why didn’t Sherlock notice the glass was missing?”
** “Why was every transition in The Six Thatchers wonky?”
** “Why did they bring up ‘romantic entanglement’ if they weren’t going to address it?”

There are many questions you should have after series 4. But those are questions a mostly heterosexual audience would ask.

These are questions the LGBTQ community is asking right now:

** “Why were Moriarty, Magnussen, Irene, and Eurus all queer and predatory? Why can’t one of the heroes be queer? Why am I always a villain on television?
** "What was the thing Sherlock wanted to tell John before getting on the plane and going to his death?
** "What was the stuff John wanted to tell Sherlock before he died but couldn’t even muster telling his therapist?”
** “Why did Sherlock leave John’s wedding early after blinking back tears?”
** “Why does John dream of Sherlock and keep his bags packed a month after getting married?”
** “Why did John ask Sherlock if he had a boyfriend while out for a candlelit dinner a few hours after meeting him?”
** “Why does John raise his voice at Irene when he finds out she’s still alive and texting Sherlock?”
** “Why does John, who’s so afraid of being mistaken for gay, never admit that he’s straight? Why is he always defensive instead of honest?”
** “Why does John continue to ask about Sherlock’s sexual relationships for over five years?”

These are questions straight people might not even think to ask. Many probably didn’t even notice these things. But queer people notice them. You bet they do. Because they see themselves on screen and wait eagerly for resolution that never comes. That’s queerbaiting. Being strung along, assuming your questions will one day be answered.

Nobody got their answers in series 4.

And look at the ratings.

They’re at an all-time low.

If all writers treated every audience member the way writers treat queer people on a daily basis, look at what would happen. People would hate it. Of course they would. It would be a waste of your time and energy. Now imagine if your sense of self was also at risk. What if you had more to lose than a couple of hours on a Sunday night?

“The Final Problem” is about burning the heart out of Sherlock. Moriarty told us this years ago. But do you see how they did it?

They took the heart out of their own show.

They took the love story from us.

They took the crime, the cases, the deductions, and the logic from everyone else.

THAT is The Final Problem.

What makes Sherlock “Sherlock” are all of those things we’ve come to know and love.

This is how I know we’re getting another episode this month. They left both audiences to dangle. They pulled a Reichenbach. Just like The Final Problem back in 1893.

As Mark Gatiss himself said: “I don’t like loose threads. Not on my watch.”

What if the name Jacquelyn is just an alias? And she really is Kit Snicket? All this time I haven’t really considered the popular fan theories, because I thought she was simply just a new character, but the more I think about it… why would her role be so secretive if she was just a new addition? And the name Jacquelyn is so similar to Jacques… what if that’s how Kit came up with the alias? And plus it’s another J.S. name (see: Zombies in the Snow poster), which only adds more to its meaning. And it seems like Jacquelyn’s role is very similar to Kit’s - follow the Baudelaire’s, guide them, send them on missions. I don’t know - I really want her to be Kit now.


The fact that Toni used the word “mate” to describe Benny could just be the British thing, but let’s not forget this lovely little piece of canon.

And if the MOL are so up to date on all monster lore, then they know vampires mate for life.

“I want to create a world where people can live their lives smiling.  For that reason, a ‘symbol’ is necessary.”

Traveling With The Chocobros: Car Shenanigans Headcanons

Hey guys! I’m going to try really hard to post something on this blog once a day, but I am a full-time college student who’s also going out of town this weekend so I’m like 100 different kinds of busy right now! Anyways these are my headcanons for driving around with the chocobros! I hope you all enjoy!!

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Sometimes I randomly start thinking about students in Sunnydale noticing Faith hanging around, I mean it doesn’t seem like a stretch to me, the High School doesn’t seem that big (possibly due to the high number of fatalities…) and Faith isn’t easy to miss. I always imagine some conversation like, 

“Is she new here? She’s pretty much always around, but I don’t know anyone who has any classes with her.” 

“No, I thought so too at first, but I think she’s just Buffy’s girlfriend.” 

“Buffy? Oh, you mean that blonde who’s never around except when like freaky stuff is happening and spends all her time with that British guy, the librarian? I thought her name was Bunny. Wow, learning all kinds of new things today, I didn’t know she had a girlfriend.”

“Yeah, I heard they’re always going on moonlit walks and stuff, and Buffy came out or whatever at her party remember, her mom threw a fit about it, y’know, and Buffy was all ‘this is who I am,’ and then those guys attacked.”

“Man that was weird, do you think those dudes were like a gang? I heard she was in a gang.”

“Could be, maybe ms. leather pants is in it, that’s how they met, haha?”

In the summer, the Midwest and Southern states are used to what we call “popcorn storms.” They’re single-cell thunderstorms that pop up out of the blue, and are gone within minutes. Sometimes, they develop so fast, it will rain without a single cloud in the sky.

What’s even weirder is when they develop into super cells and blot out the sun so badly, it looks like the middle of the night, even though it’s actually noon. Even weirder than that, sometimes the clouds will be juuuuust thin enough to allow some sunlight to poke through. When that happens, the clouds filter out everything except the green and yellow end of the spectrum, and what you get looks like HOLY SHIT, WE’RE ALL GONNA FUCKIN’ DIE!

The thing is, video and pictures don’t really do it justice. You really have to be standing there under a perfectly clear sky, and then see that rapidly approaching demon storm to totally understand the level of pants-shitting horror that washes over you. This photo by Kaelie Mense comes about as close as I’ve seen to capturing how ominous it looks.

7 Scenes In Nature That’d Make You Think The World Is Ending


Found old copies of Calvin & Hobbes and couldn’t unsee the parallel. Because you know it’s true. Bill Watterson <3.

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OKAY BUT imagine Magnus and Alec getting married, and their suits are gold(cause the clave is like “whatever get married! we can’t control you but you can’t use gold (:” and they’re like “OH SORRY DID YOU? INVENT THE COLOR GOLD? DID YOU INVENT THE IDEA OF GOLD AS THE COLOR OF CLOTHING?? CAUSE UNTIL YOU GIVE US SOLID PROOF, YOU DID EITHER OF THOSE THINGS? WE DON’T FUCKING CARE” so spite, also it matches Magnus so amazingly) and there’s blues and their flowers are lilies and when the ceremony begins it’s like The Wedding, except it happens and it’s Good and there are a lot more tears(Alec is crying, like as soon as he sees Magnus)

also: Madzie is there(who they have adopted a few months before) and she’s the flower girl and they all have the first dance together


“Nothing, except when nothing happens, it gets faster”

UPDATE: It really is nothing.


Tomorrow is the last yuri!!! On ice episode and I’m panicking because there are so many things that need to happen in so little time!!!!

I mean, these episodes usually are 24 minutes long. Take the intro, when nothing happens except us, fangirls, singing our hearts off. We are left with 22min and 30 seconds (approximately). How the hell are they going to fit 6 performances, at least 2 galas (that we are aware of) and solving a relationship (and hopefully a wedding) in 22,5min? There is no way that all of that will fit, so they will have to cut something off…goddammit.
Just hoping, PRAYING, that they won’t leave the major victuri moment hanging… They will eventually have to talk about their relationship and solve things out. Since they have announced that there will be galas, I doubt they will cut the galas, specially when it was stated that there will be a skating duet to the song “stay close to me” the song that started all of this (possible victuri moment???). So the only thing left to cut the skaters performances, WHICH MAKES NO SENSE AND ISN’T LOGICAL AT ALL. First they have been showing all of the skaters’ performances since the beginning, so it makes no sense not to show them skating I the GFP, one of the most important ice skating competitions there is. It makes no sense not to show otabek’s routine when we haven’t seen it, or not to show how jj will do his, will get up and rise again from the depths that he fell during his short program. We have to know how that will come out. And since it’s mandatory that they show us these 2, might as well show us the main characters skating to their free program, what they are feeling and thinking during it.

PLEASE MAKE THIS EPISODE A 1 HOUR LONG SPECIAL EPISODE where everything is beautiful and nothing hurts

I Promise You

Gabriel Monthly Challenge @gabriel-monthly-challenge

prompt: Statement: “When you least expect it sometimes you get saved.” / 

Dialogue: “One day you and I are gonna wake up and be alright. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but one day. I promise you.”

pairings: GabrielxReader

Warnings: Attempted suicide, depression

Word Count: 466

Rating: M cause language

A/N: Not really sure what all to say without totally giving it away. This is my first time doing this, so do enjoy, and I hope I’m doing it right.

When you least except it sometimes you get saved.

And it happened to you when you thought it never would. When you were so certain that no one would miss you. When you were convinced that you were alone in this world.

You had tried talking to Sam and Dean, but their reassurances that they were there for you couldn’t cut through the crippling depression. It sounded more like empty words to you. Like something they would always say.

Cas was clueless as usual. He at least had the gall to admit that he didn’t know how to help. His only suggestion was to call Gabriel, but you had tried. He wasn’t responding, which only made you feel worse. If the golden haired archangel wouldn’t answer you, then there wasn’t much point, now was there?

You glanced down at the cold water again, noting how small the ledge under your feet was. You had picked the bridge furthest from town, so that no one could find you for a while. No one would notice for a few days anyway.

You tentatively lifted one foot and held it out.

“Don’t,” a voice called, and you turned to see Gabriel running towards you.

“Stop or I’ll jump,” you answered, and he slid to a halt, “I mean it!”

“(Y/N), please, don’t do this,” he pleaded, gripping the railing and holding out a hand. “Just come back over to this side and think about what you’re doing.”

“I have,” you shouted. “All day, I have. I tried so hard to talk to Sam and Dean, but they gave me the same bullshit line they give everyone. And Cas was about as helpful as a damn rock.” Tears formed in your eyes as you thought about how everyone had let you down. “And you didn’t answer. Why didn’t you answer?”

“I’m sorry,” he apologized. “Babe, I am so sorry. I was up to my usual tricks. I figured you were just bored. I swear, it won’t happen again. Just come back over here.” You shook your head and leaned forward, turning away from him.

His hand was around your arm in an instant, and he pulled you over the rail to safety. You screamed at him, but his grip never let up. He pulled you against him, letting you scream and cry into his chest. His fingers combed your hair, and you quickly gave up the fight.

One day you and I are gonna wake up and be alright. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but one day. I promise you.” You shook your head, but he continued. “Yes, we will, and I swear, I’ll answer every time you call my name. You are so important, babe, so important, and I’m a feathered idiot. But we’ll get through this. Together.”