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I can’t believe you were expelled because you laughed too hard at a gay joke.

probably how Keith got expelled lmao

bonus klance:

It was the only time he laughed at the Garrison’s too.
How do you know that?

I like to think maybe Robbie has some strength to his frame from messing around with so many metal parts and dragging around giant canons and everything else he does that in a moment of emergency he just picks up Sportakook (bridal or over his shoulder, either way) and runs for dear life instead of Sportanerd grabbing him and everyone is confused and Sportacute is flustered because no one has carried him since he was a young babe and Robbie is confused as of why Sportaflop is so red and– yea… but

We need more Stronger-than-we-thought-he-was Robbie Rotten

you know what sucks the most? when people only see you as a tool for venting and ranting and nothing more? like they never share anything personal enough for you guys to be actual proper friends except just when they need someone to vent their problems to 

genuine question: did people not take typing classes in elementary school?

i keep seeing that post like ‘reblog this and type your url with your eyes closed’ and i’m like … the teachers put covers on the keyboards so we would learn not to type looking down? is that not how it is for everyone? and like i was in a poorly funded public school too so this isn’t coming from someone from a rich private school

Sacrifices (M) 1/2

Requested by anon♥

→ Reader x Tao

→ Mafia AU; in which lethal mafia leader Huang Zitao is always in control - except for when his sister is abducted by his rivals and the only way to get her back is to kill another lethal woman.

→ Warnings: Smut/Suggestive content. Angst.

Word count: 1,7K

His own lips were widely stretched, smiling happily, tauntingly down at him from their place on the wall. His dark irises travel over his own face to the painted form of his younger sister. He sighed out in stress and relief. In false relief. She was gone and there was only one way to get her back; seducing, bedding and killing Y/N L/N - the richest, most powerful woman in the city. 

He had to get her back. His sweet, kind, younger sister. This was the only way, the only way to keep her alive and by his side - by taking the life of another woman. 

The thought caused an uncomfortable clump in his throat. He knew his sister could never know how her life was saved. If it was saved. He sighed, fishing his revolver out of his pocket and placing it slowly down onto the table beneath the picture. He lets his palms caress the sleek material of his fancy trousers before starting to walk out of the hallway, heading straight for the outdoor. He swallows back the uncomfortable clump at the sight of his car ready by the gate already. 

The next minutes spent in his luxurious car went by in a daze, a torturous daze. The long, black car drove slowly, as if the driver knew his master didn’t really want to go to the destination. 


“Welcome Mr. Huang, the lady is waiting.” 

time was impossible to stop. 

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In three months, this woman and I are going to go on an adventure. We are moving to Philadelphia and starting our lives over, but together. I’ve never really been outside of the Midwest except when I went to work for a month in South Carolina but I’ve lived in southeastern Wisconsin my whole life. It’s time for a change of pace. I am so happy that I found the Bilbo to my Gandalf.

I work a hotel and we have three basic types of reservations. Ones that are booked through us or the hotel website and are not prepaid. Ones that are booked through the rewards program without using points and are prepaid directly through us. And third party bookings that are paid to the third party.
Typically both types of prepaid reservations can’t be cancelled or refunded except in extenuating circumstances.
I had and woman call to cancel her prepaid reservation that was made through the rewards system.
I prefaced my statement by starting with “normally this reservation is non-cancellable and non-refundable.”
And I hadn’t even gotten to the part where I was gonna make an exception when she starts ranting about how it isn’t fair. Just because you decided not to stay with us, it’s not our fault you booked the wrong kind of reservation. I wanted to be petty and refuse at that point but I didn’t want to deal with her anymore. Once she finishes I start over.
“Normally your reservation can’t be cancelled or refunded, but since we haven’t charged you yet, I’ll make an exception.”
This makes her real happy and I tell her to next to book directly with us to avoid it.

John Wick: John Wick (ISFP) (Spoilers John Wick Ch. 2)

UNOFFICIAL TYPING BY: lord-of-the-dark-realms

Introverted Feeling (Fi): John does everything for a personal reason but he rarely shows emotion except when under extreme stress.  He quits his old world because of his attachment to his wife and he goes back to it for vengeance.  He goes after his car because he LOVES it and there is so little that he loves.  He is fond of many people in his world, but rarely give more than a cursory greeting and nod of the head.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): John is a man of focus and sheer will.  He is comfortable and at home in the thick of a fire-fight and is described by one character as “addicted to the life.”  John’s style of killing is up close and personal, using sidearms and knives more frequently than assault rifles, shotguns, or sniper rifles.  John is also an expert at combat and going with the flow, as seen when he throws and is thrown by others.  John likes the physical things, the way his car feels when he drives and the taste of good bourbon.  

Introverted Intuition (Ni): John is a planner.  He plans assaults and prepares for everything he can.  Even when he walked away, he kept a chest, buried under concrete, but still, a chest with weapons, cash, coins, and ID to use if and when he returned.  Notable in Chapter 2 (SPOILERS) John plans an assassination and anticipates being double-crossed and is seen, on screen, preparing his escape route.  

Extroverted Thinking (Te): John is brutal and efficient.  John goes for the kill, kills, and walks away.  This is the function seen most with him as an assassin and it almost made me type him INTJ, but he makes emotional decisions and only uses Te in a weak and cursory manner.  


Garrett Hawke is a big shot warrior who goes and raids another village/town/city because this is a world without a central unifying government and food is scarce and there has been an outbreak if plague that left his people starving and desperate

Anders is a healer is the said raided town who has only been spared because of his skills as a healer.

Hawke lays a claim on Anders on the basis that he is the one who lead the raid and therefore deserves the “best” of all the people they took prisoner and Anders of course wants NONE of it

Almost all the men that went to defend the village from Hawke’s men were killed and Anders decides to stick it out if only to protect the people of his city from these “barbarians”

Except when Anders and co gets to Hawke’s town, he sees how bad they’re off and why they were so desperate for food (Hawke initially reached out to Anders’ city for help but were refused) and its revealed that Hawke’s sister/brother had caught the plague which was why he was so desperate to lay claim on the healer

Anders simply can’t just sit by and let these people suffer even though they have in turn caused himself suffering, because though the men may have killed his friends, their sick children do not deserve his hatred. So he gets to work trying to look after them and saving those he can while still looking after his own people

Meanwhile Hawke slowly falls for this healer that is strong and rebellious but also kind and gentle!!!

Bonus if Karl, Anders friend and lover was one of the men who died defending his home

EXO As Shit Game Grumps Said

Xiumin: Chen has been out of town, so in my calendar it says “Chen’s back” and we’re filming tomorrow, so I have to shave and I wrote down “shave” as well. But I guess they were too close to each other so it looked like “shave Chen’s back”. My friend saw it and was like “hmm what’s going on on Thursday?”

Suho: I’m gonna need some ketchup for all those harshbrowns you’re serving right now

Lay: I love. Fucking. Pickles…I don’t love fucking pickles, I just love pickles

Baekhyun: I’m always right. Except when I’m wrong…which is often

Chen: You can still have a sense of humor in the zombie apocalypse

Chanyeol: Have you ever woken up and been like “Shit! I need to be one percent more cool”?

D.O: Sometimes I look at your cat, and she looks at me with those big vacant eyes and I’m like “fucking get a job you free loading little bastard”

Kai: This is like The Ring and everyone who’s ever hated me punching me in the face in a room that I can’t get out of at the same time

Sehun: “You’re handsome” “I know. And thank you for noticing. I will not return the compliment”

Credit to grumpquoteoftheday for some of these quotes

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i hate talking to people abt food because people dont believe i have an ed since im a "normal" weight so most of the time i just say haha yeah im a picky eater lol and that works most of the time cos im skinny so no one cares the my eating is fucked up but then i get to the vegans who dont believe i have an eating disorder and tell me im a monster for eating meat like... thanks what the fuck am i supposed to do then guess ill just die lol

lol, this is basically my life, except when I tell them I’m a picky eater they call me childish or like, pressure me w “just try it”/“you’re so difficult”/“why don’t you grow up?” so it makes it even more anxiety inducing.

I’m a “normal” weight as well (but if anyone actually studied me they’d see that I have a distended belly bc my body is constantly in starvation mode so it stores fat to try and preserve itself) so they don’t believe me if I say I have a problem.

ANyway yeah, that’s basically it. I need to eat meat 2 live, otherwise I won’t eat anything else, because meat is one of the few food groups I know that I can eat from consistently and get enough protein and energy for the day, so I feel Pretty Shit when ppl try to force me to do something else or accuse me of animal cruelty when like

what am I suppose 2 do Aimee? live off bread forever?

First set of photomicrographs! Ran into a couple of tiny hitches but overall some pretty good shots!

First time I managed to actually GET anything clear enough to see. The particulates Mab gave me are spheroid. They differ MASSIVELY in size, from about 10μm (0.001 mm) all the way up to 2mm. That’s… pretty crazy. They also… don’t photograph well. Not using normal techniques, anyways.

UH so they are TRANSPARENT. Kind of. Except when they’re not. There’s…. maybe a nucleus?? Are these cells??? I got really concerned because Mab didn’t give me any guidelines about using a growth medium. Should I be using agar? I put some in a petri dish just to make sure. Also there’s no exine which if they’re cells shouldn’t be…… well, shouldn’t be.

uh they change size. This is the same sample. I don’t know what I did. You can see the size disparity is now GINORMOUSLY ADVANCED. I thought maybe it was the heat because the light I was using to photograph was kind of hot. I tried to get in a little more, just so I could see if the cytoplasm that they… may or may not HAVE was affected by the heat, which was when, well,

I got the above shot just before the slide underwent some kind of multi-stage implosion and turned into this.

Which is, you know, cute, but wasn’t really included in my hypothesis.

@the-phoenix-sovereign Thoughts?

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i definitely like. had a good time watching LLL but it wasn't incredible? i thought it was very visually pretty and i liked the music but i wasn't emotionally invested except for when they did the montage of them imagining what their life could've been. i think it's a good movie but it's not amazing idk

me exactly. this is EXACTLY how I felt. and before and during the movie I had no idea that black people where the inventors of Jazz? I actually went and did research after the movie and was like really??????? why did it star a white dude???? why was john legend not the lead I mean his role was completely unnecessary???


My basic instinct is to recede. It’s shitty fighting against yourself.

My basic instinct to to recede into the bubble I grew up in. The bubble of white privilege and consumerism.

To recede into my shell except when I need to use people. When I need sex or comfort.

To recede into my addiction.
Into monogamy.
Into ignorance.

The only way I’ll be able be successful is to fight against every moment where I wish to retreat into my myself. I have to fight.

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Homestuck Question: Could you describe Roxy and Jane's friendship for me?

Yeah, sure, although I flip between reading it as a romantic relationship and a platonic one. 

Most of their problems stem from Jane’s tendency not to believe things unless the evidence is right before her eyes. Her drama with Jake also eats away at the Alpha Session, alienating Roxy, who backed off Jake when Jane expressed her interest. Their differences in personality – Jane being a no-nonsense, straightforward thinker, and Roxy being a whimsical and witty fun-lover – can lead to conflict and exasperation on both sides. 

But likewise, their differences compliment each other. Jane grounds Roxy, and Roxy lets Jane enjoy herself once in a while. I think that when they both grow up a bit, they learn to appreciate each other’s company as a much-needed break in their usual M.O. 

They’re also both (usually) on top of communicating themselves clearly, unlike certain other (coughJakecoughDirkcough) friends of theirs. Except when flustered, Jane is honest and direct with her words, to the point of occasional and unintentional cruelty. Roxy has little to no filter, and it’s hard for her to conceal things from her friends (a nice little nod to her classpect.) Once Jane learns to believe others more freely, their relationship has a lot of mutual trust and respect. 

They’re rarely anything but supportive of each other in canon. Roxy weathers Jake Drama with Jane, and Jane expresses affection for Roxy often, which is something that Roxy, as a person who grew up without any human contact, sorely needs. 

Generally, they’re good to one another and although there’s a certain amount of mutual exasperation present, their relationship is a strong one. 

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For the meme thing: I'm a 5'7 girl with hazel eyes and kinda short (dyed) black hair (my natural color is auburn) Im shy except when I'm with people i know or in a comfortable environment. I love to draw and play piano, and I like to sing even though I'm not very good at it. Im really laid back, and not a very high maintenance person. Aaa i think thats it. ;v;

(dating thing is closed as the weekend ends!)

you sound a lot like me, the drawing, the piano, the signing, and also the low maintenance… between the two of us, if we were dating i think it’d be a very nice laid back relationship, but also i think i’d be too lazy to ask you out???