except we would try our best

I have a feeling my latest Facebook status is going to piss off some of my relatives.

If the church and the state were two people in a relationship it would go like this:
Church & State: “Hey, we tried our best to make this work in the past (aka, before we came to this country), but it’s really best that we go our separate ways. I mean seriously, our whole relationship has been a mess from the start. So, let’s exist separately as friends and just try to get along.”
All their friends except one or two people with issues: “Oh, thank god. They were bad for each other.”
Some time goes on, and slowly Church realizes all the cool friends are hanging out with State, and they aren’t as popular as they once were. Not as many people are coming to their dinner parties.
Church: “Hey, State, I’ve been thinking about this, and I really miss you. We had some good times together. We should like try again. We should like get married again. It will be awesome!”
State: “Idk, I mean you mean a lot to me, but I think we do better as friends. I mean, I love you and all but this will just never work.”
Church: “After everything I’ve done for you, all we’ve meant to each other, all those times I supported you, I can’t believe you won’t give me another chance.”
State: “Hey look, I know you mean well, but we really want different things.”
Church: “You used to want what I want, and you will again! I’m going to MAKE you love me.”
And then State just goes on trying to be amicable for the sake of appearances, while Church gets as many of their mutual friends on it’s side as possible and everyone gets caught awkwardly caught in the middle and tries to keep their head down or feels compelled to pick sides.


Our policies are made to protect us, our guests and the attendees of our convention. While we understand that there are some exceptions, we still try to adhere to our policies. There was a situation earlier which we hope we have taken care of adequately. We do our best to accommodate where we can, especially to those with disabilities. 

We’ve spoken to some people and we have made arrangements for the attendee to have an unobstructed seat in front of the stage, if she would still like to attend. We can’t force nor expect anyone to give up a seat that they have already paid for and our first three rows are already sold out without an aisle, which is what prompted our initial response. In the future, we can be contacted at all times through our email address howlercon@gmail.com.

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so far, I’m not liking Naruto Gaiden.

I can’t quit put my finger on it, but it seems lazier or something.  Im glad we get to see the kids of our heros, but there’s more. Like Naruto & Sasuke being absentee fathers.Naruto grew up without a dad and you would think he’d try to spend some time with his son instead of always working. Yes work is important but Boruto seems to be trying his best, even resorting to defacing the Hokage mountain so his dad will have spend time with him. Sasuke is never at home. Sakura, who was this mini Tsunade now this weak fainting housewife. Except for Temara, Tenten and Ino, the rest of the girls who were masters of the ninja way, now are fainting housewives.  I’m tired of the “There’s only 2 uchiha’s alive–oops we got a live one here!” thing. Stop bring in another Uchiha whose out to kill everyone. Keep just 2 uchihas. How many pages until Sarada finds out who the flip her mom is?

I get excited to read the new pages but then I’m like “Gah this is worst than a filler” :(

I do like Choji’s daughter thinking (or maybe he does) thinking mitsu has a crush on her :D

Body Pillow Story

So three years ago I had this friend, and he was my best friend going through high school till the end of my freshman year in college. No we would try to hang out every weekend, sleepover each other’s houses, plan trips with friends, and talk like how best friends would. Except towards the demise of our friendship, I started acting up and started pushing him away because of my anxiety getting worse and being that I was still trying to get over my girlfriend I unfortunately dumped prior to this event. I came to the conclusion to never wanting to be friends again, purely because I felt as if I was the only one in our friendship that wanted to be friends. After years of not talking, I eventually came to realize that wasn’t the case. I just honestly pushed him away for no good reason.

Now a few days ago he graduated from college. So you know what I did? I built up the courage to talk to him again and told him congrats on graduating. Last night, I was so filled with emotions because of other events and I just thought of all the decisions I ever made without them being truly MY honest decisions. I get so stupid whenever I make decisions to benefit others and never for myself, so I did it and congratulated him on finishing his 4 years in college. He said, “thanks!”

Ehh I deserved that. Not much time passed since then, but I did reply “you’re welcome.” I wasn’t expecting a miraculous bond between two people to reconnect us or anything. I just felt it in myself to just give him the recognition he deserves. Am I feeling emotional? Definitely! But not with sadness. Emotional over how long I have waited to even say something to the person I looked up to growing up through high school. He helped me grow into the person I am and he truly taught me how to love myself especially during a time that my depression was at it’s peak.

Thank you Yan Yan, congrats in graduating. I don’t know if you’re still planning on going straight into grad school still, but regardless, I know you’ll do great. Whether we see or talk to each other again happens or not, I’m grateful to see that we’re both happy.


Thunder and Flashbacks - Experimental Short Story

“Can’t sleep, Bucky?”

My sister’s words startled me as they broke through my dazed, sleepy trance and the sounds of the storm outside. It had been raining and thundering for hours, and it showed no sign of stopping. The streets were wet, the power was out, and I could hear nothing except my sister’s soft voice over the noise.

My ears perked up and I turned my head to partially face her, standing a few feet behind me. We were both looking out the large window in the living room, watching the wind whip the rain relentlessly against the glass, emanating an endless droll of vicious taps. A bright flash of lightning split across the sky, illuminating our vision for a brief moment just as a camera’s flash would. It was followed by a considerably loud growl of thunder. I shuddered, trying my best to keep it unnoticed – thunderstorms had always been a weak spot for me.

“N-no, A-allison, I c-can’t. C-can y-you?” I replied, my nerves adding to my already intrusive natural stutter. I looked down at my watch as another flash of lightning lit up our surroundings. 3:17 AM.

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