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Are you afraid of the dark? Rosie is! Watch me scare her senseless in a game I created, inspired by the terrifying home invasion thriller Don’t Breathe, which is out on Blu-ray and DVD tomorrow! I grabbed some infrared cameras, night vision goggles and black out blinds to make it as terrifying for her and as entertaining for me as possible. Don’t try this at home! (except totally do, because it’s ridiculously scary fun) VIDEO LIVE TOMORROW! #Don’tBreathe #ad

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“Are you the one just for me?”

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Be careful what you order... Part 2
  • Blaise: [Scans the crowded bar] Take Cho Chang and Marietta Edgecombe for example: They've drinking nothing but Tequila shots.
  • Ron: and that means?
  • Blaise: That means that they just want their 'coolness' to be validated. Which is only slightly different from Michael Corner and Terry Boot: they chose Jägermeister which is basically saying the same thing: except that they can't stomach Tequila. Total Wusses.
  • Ron: And how do you know all this?! Is there a book or something?
  • Blaise: No, I'm just good at it... but you clearly have never drank with Theo or Draco...
  • Ron: Can't say I have...
  • Blaise: Well Here is your chance! [drags him over to his Slytherin friends] Theo. Draco.
  • Theo: [nods]
  • Draco: Zabini. Didn't take you for a scotch drinker there, Weasley.
  • Ron: Oh, well..
  • Blaise: I've been explaining to Weasley here that he needs to watch what he orders.
  • Theo: You're still going on about that!?
  • Blaise: It's full-proof my dear friend.
  • Draco: Oh yeah? [scans the crowd] What does Lavender and Parvati drinking Vodka Cranberries say?
  • Blaise: Easy. That they're girls.
  • Draco: You're right.. I made that too simple...


“Prime Minister, all that’s left before we wrap up is a question that I always ask to my most important guests. To put it simply, have you ever been in love?”
“I – yes. There was someone, once. But it was a long time ago.”

Inspired by a relationship prompt on Tumblr: “you’re famous and just got asked if you were ever in love this should be good– WAIT WHAT” au.

WRITTEN BY: @stepantrofimovic

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(1/2) Your doodle of pouty shiro just made me to write a fanfic of shiro...just...he's had a long day, galra are being shits again, he is definitely Not Missing, and it's just been a long day so he lets loose and just lets himself be childish. And like none of the other paladins know what to do (except maybe keith cuz they totally knew each other before Kerberos and Shiro has done this right after exams) and they're all just shocked, like where is their mature leader? what is happening?!

(2/2) Meanwhile keith is just there, like “Eat your space much you baby.” and lance of course is confused because how is he supposed to treat shiro when the guy is his LEADER but is currently acting like his youngest sibling when they’re refusing broccoli??? Pidge is confused and Hunk is scrambling to make some alien mush that shiro will eat, coran will be firing questions asking if this is normal human behavior and Allura just Sighs…(shiro just wants some icecream, is that too much to ask?)

OH MY GOSH. I’m assuming it’s this Shiro doodle you’re talking too, right? 8D Keith definitely would be just like that! <3 And they get to witness just how close Keith and Shiro are! That would be adorable. LMAO 

Also I want Shiro to nuzzle Keith and Keith would just roll his eyes and go “Do we have anything equivalent to ice cream? The big baby wants his ice cream.” 

The guys are just scandalized. “Did you just call Shiro a big baby?”

“Yes, I did. Because that’s what he is.”

“Keeeeiiiithhhhhhh,” Shiro pouts.

“We’ll get you that ice cream, sweetheart.” Keith pats Shiro’s cheek affectionally and Shiro beams like Keith just gave him the moon.

The rest just gapes at them at their exchange. HAHHAHAHA

Falling Asleep: E'Dawn, Shinwon, Yeo One

“when their gf accidently falls asleep on them" scenario? (E'dawn, shinwon and yeo one?)

E’dawn - He would find it adorable that you were so comfortable around him that you could just fall asleep, so he wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to brag about you. This kid would go and take a selfie with you next to it, put a cute sticker on the photo over your face, and send it to Pentagon’s group chat. After that, he’d just hang out on his phone for a bit, then fall asleep right with you.

Shinwon - Say you were cuddled up with one another talking about whatever; he’d likely be a bit oblivious keep talking for a bit before he would see you asleep. When he does, he’d become very quiet and careful to be totally still. He’d have nothing to do except fall asleep himself, but the next morning would definitely come with lighthearted comments about it~

Yeo One - He wouldn’t be clueless, but he wouldn’t really know whether to let you sleep or wake you up and help you to bed. The longer he sits there, the more time he has to think about just how sweet it was that you just fell asleep like that. He’d then assume you needed the sleep and leave you be, being careful to keep you asleep while he got up to get a blanket for you.

Circles of Citizenship

I think a lot of the reason immigration stuff is so intractable is because it’s Competing Access Needs: The National Edition, and you can’t federalise it. Some communities want tight controls and to only invite in people who share their culture and values, while some think immigration is a right only to be withheld under special circumstances.

However, the immigration policy of the tightest community must be the same as the loosest. If you have free movement between a bunch of jurisdictions, you need a common border policy, because someone who gets into one of those places gets into all of them.

You want free movement of everyone already there, because of all the benefits of free movement and the fact that those people already agree with each other enough that they were willing to form some sort of union with each other. However, who the newcomers to the union will be is usually the basis of less agreement, and you can’t have more than one rule about it.

Except, wait, you totally can.

All you really need to do is pick a date and say that everyone who was a citizen of a part of the union before this point - and all of their descendants - are citizens of the whole. Meanwhile, each part can set any immigration policy it wants going forward, while the citizenship of the union is extended to some subset of these that everyone can agree on.

For the USA, you can say everyone who was a citizen as of this act (or before 1965, if the Right is sufficiently extreme about it) and their issue are US citizens and have right of abode in any state, but a newly minted citizen of Hawaii doesn’t have to have residency rights in Texas unless Texas passes a law saying it’s OK with that. Likewise, any citizen (or descendant thereof) of a country at the moment it ascended to the European Union can be an EU citizen, but future citizens are negotiable. If Hungary wants to be Pure and White and Christian or whatever bullshit they’re currently on about, Germany shouldn’t have to care.

Notably, this doesn’t require setting up internal borders. You can totally have unpoliced internal borders and free travel everywhere. People are far less concerned about tourists than about neighbours. The people of Tennessee don’t want a massive wall per se so much as the assurance that they can tell people they find annoying to fuck off back to New Mexico (possibly charging NM a fee for the trouble), which they’re currently restricted in doing both in law and in the willingness of the authorities to carry it out.

Also, at the level of political institutions, you just have to make state citizenship the condition for voting in state elections and American citizenship the condition for voting in Federal elections. Plus, of course, per-state representation in congress would have to be based on number of US citizens residing in a location rather than state citizens, but that really isn’t hard to keep track of at the census level. Modify slightly for the EU.

All of this would require repealing lots of the 14th amendment, but honestly I think this would be better for equal protection than the current situation where everything is about to fucking explode.

And, frankly, as an aspiring US immigrant, I would really really prefer this system. I would probably have been able to move almost a year ago if California had been setting California’s immigration policy. Instead, the Federal Government has to protect Alabama from me, as if I was ever going to move to fucking Alabama when I’m trying to immigrate because I’m trans. No, Alabama; I want you roughly as much as you want me.

If liberals on the left coast want to import the entire population of Syria, let them. If conservatives in Appalachia don’t want to eat any skittles, don’t make them. If Sweden wants to sing Kumbaya while Poland sings Hey There Europa, neither of them should have to actually argue about that. They should just have different laws. If you’re debating over what the single correct set of laws for a country of 320 million or a continent of 510 million people is, you’ve already made a terrible mistake.

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😂😂 haven’t u got quite the imagination anon!!! it’s possible~~ who knows what’ll happen~~?? except that i do because i totally know what’s gonna happen. MUHAHAAHAHAHA

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i’m seeing the a lot of clary/alec friendship so i’m going to add this in (i was talking about this w/ lucifer-at-ikea):

clary and alec becoming rly good friends w/ each other

clary and alec starting to call each other ‘babe’

jace getting rly offended but at the same time glad bc alec is a babe





magnus is outraged



isabelle finds this hilarious and starts to call everyone babe except for jace

everyone doing this)

i am totally in for alec and clary complaining about jace

and secret fist bumps

ok but you know matthew’s eyebrows and alec has rad eyebrows (it’s canon. in cohf clary tried to memorize the arch of his eyebrows idfk)

clary blurting out this

alec is just blushing but he’s v amused

just fraywood friendship pls.

Hey, Kyouhaba + Pokemon Go

Picture this: 

I headcanon Kyoutani not being very good with videogames or anything that has to do with technology because his head is 95% volleyball and there is not much time for anything else… except Yahaba dogs, because dogs are cute. But he knows what Pokemon is and has been hearing Iwaizumi playing Pokemon Go with the other third years and, hey, if Iwaizumi-san can play that then so can he. 

So he starts with it and invests some of his free time capturing pokemons and wandering around the streets looking for more. 

And that’s how he ends up in someone else’s front yard, at the middle of the night (wearing his pijama pants), trying to catch a Eevee because it looks cute. 

Of course that front yard is Yahaba’s and when he opens the door and demands to know what the fuck is he doing there, Kyoutani replies: “… Trying to catch them all”. 

After that Yahaba joins the Pokemon hell and goes to Kyoutani’s front yard, to steal some Pokemons from him. 

/Cracks knuckles

Ok kids.

Adrien’s first hour of school.

This has gotten SUPER long so… I’m putting it under a cut.

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In keeping with my 2017 self-care resolution, I threw money at some Murad skincare products (recommended by a friend and has great reviews). Within 24 hours I got red blotches on both cheeks and smattering of some weird breakouts? Also, it stings when I put on moisturizer/spf.

My skin is normal to dry and has never been sensitive or prone to breakouts and, frankly, requires very little maintenance. I used a basic Cerave product routine forever and didn’t think much about it, except lately I’ve been feeling like I need a bit more oomph.

Now I am at a total loss how to fix it except do nothing until the redness goes away?


Did some layering experiments concerning eyes. idk might be helpful to others.

Cowls/hoods + birdskull were the only thing I knew about so far but the super glowy eyes don’t work for all lore ideas. And the hood can look silly or not fit the character.

Steampunk google + birdskull are WAY more subtle and have way less of the apparel sticking out. Only the straps but depending on the color they blend in with the dangly thingy of the birdskull.

Monocles + birdskull are also subtle but make the eye look dull and kind of blind imo. Perfect if that’s what you are trying to get to but if not then the googles are better probably. (Shadow eyes + silver and then gold monocle in the picture up top)

Phantasmal halfmask + birdskull … no eye? There is the slightest of hints of the actual eye color but at a glance it just looks like a black hole. (Shadow, Wind, Ice eyes in the picture up top)

Obviously this doesn’t all work on all breeds. Faes for example, on the up side the monocle gives them sorta cat/lizard eyes with looks awesome.

Fire, Shadow and Wind eyes with gold monocle, different monocle gives different hue, multiple monocles change it up even more.