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watt explores their first aj account which used to be member
  • i had a aj boyfriend (which i’d totally do again except i’m male now so no one’ll date me rip)
  • that white fox? that was an arctic fox. that and the otter were practically my mains. rest in peace my queens <3
  • i own 25 clothing items, all of which are black, blue or red (young me had a nice fuckin aesthetic
  • i have an entire den of wolf plushies the user is srwfunder if you wanna check it out
  • Spaceship Den Set
  • Lucky Clovers Prizes
  • The Love Letter Adventure Prizes?
  • Fruit Bowl
  • good god young me was loaded with adventure stuff
  • Jamaaliday Rescue
  • edgy Greely phase
  • Mystical Fairy Castle Phase
  • the enchanted hollow and crystal palace were my main homes
  • i traded most of my valuable pets to my current account
  • remember when people cared about achievements?
  • i tried to hack best dressed to get a designer skirt when you could still right-click in the game (didnt work)
  • i got scammed of my elf bracelets once not knowing they were in the horse party and i criiiied
Dating Tyler Scheid Would Include

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- Him being a total gentleman at the beginning of the relationship

- Kisses on the back of your hand

- Small gifts for whenever he saw you

- Cute dinner dates

- But then skip to a few months into the relationship

- Stupid insults

- *pointing at something gross/ugly* “That’s you.”

- Him receiving lots of playful punches

- You could just stare into his eyes all day

- Him totally being fine with that except he has work to do

- Mark teasing Tyler but also being your number one fan

- You often find yourself drooling over his muscles when you think he isn’t looking

- Except he always notices

- He’ll flex slightly, causing you to blush

- And he’ll just laugh

- LOTS of dirty jokes

- Most of them unintentional

- “This game is really hard.”

‘ “That’s not the only thing that’s hard.”

- “wHAT?”

- When he’s recording with Mark and Ethan you’ll watch them and try not to mess up the audio by laughing too loud

- Mark and Ethan dragging you on camera so you could be in the video with Tyler

- Kathryn just sending you looks of pity as you’re forced to join in

- The fanbase going NUTS when the video’s thumbnail is you and Tyler kissing on the sofa with everyone else pretending to be grossed out

- Tyler being able to lift you up effortlessly

- So sometimes he just catches you off guard and picks you up whenever you’re least expecting it

- Some days he’s really busy, so you’ll make him breakfast and kiss him goodbye without saying a word

- He’ll arrive home at the end of the day and you’ll be curled up on the sofa, watching tv

- So he’ll silently sit beside you and wrap his arms around you

- It’s only at dinnertime do you two talk

- And Holy Hell do you two talk

- Sometimes you won’t go to sleep until early in the morning because you can’t shut up

- Kisses on the top of your head

- Forehead kisses

- Cheek kisses

- If he leans down slightly you’ll even get a nose kiss

- Lots of short, sweet pecks to the lips

- But get you two alone and loooong make out sessions

- Him always being the big spoon

- Until he has a particularly bad day

- So you cuddled him instead

- Now you take turns being the little spoon

- Teamiplier teaching you how to edit and you teasing Tyler because you picked it up faster than him

- Now he has secret lessons from Kathryn every week so he can beat you

- Being besties with Ethan

- It’s absolute chaos whenever you’re in a video together

- Tyler just watching the shit storm because he’s happy you’re having fun

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running buddies waiting for the train to pass

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Imagine Keith singing in his room before he goes to sleep and Lance always eavesdrops on him because he thinks his voice is angelic and beautiful. When they get together, Keith is still singing before going to sleep, and due to the fact that Lance sleeps next to him, Keith sings him to sleep.

*strokes screen through tears* this,,, this is beautiful


Hux couldnt understand why the exercise wasn’t helping until trooper DR-9110 delivered the big news. There is only one reason why Hux would have elevated midichlorians in his blood. “Um, Ren… you are the father.”

//Kylux #Niche Kink November: prompt: pregnancy lol mpreg in spaaaace

sometimes pidge ships are more entertaining than they are cute

i like pidgance cause i like the idea of lance, the unsuccessful ladykiller, and his stupid pickup lines which don’t ever work except they totally do on pidge who knows he’s just being an idiot but still gets flustered and doesn’t know how to deal with it. might get kinda messy if she gets mad because she’s got it bad and thinks lance is just messing with her, and he kind of is, regardless of whether he likes her back or not

also i’ve been reading a lot of keidge fanfiction and some of my favorites involve them being dirty gremlin conspiracy theorists with questionable hygiene, but most of all, awkward teens not knowing how to handle their feelings. simultaneously being on the same wavelength for the most part but also having massive potential for being antagonistic towards each other (pidge can say hurtful things sometimes and keith has bad social skills). they’re the grossest messiest ship and i kind of love it

The other day, @shiraglassman dared me to ask the rabbi how an alligator would daven, after asking her.

He, she, and I all agreed those little pushups lizards and alligators and stuff do is totally davening.

I found the one exception to ‘two jews three opinions’, and it’s to what is probably literally the oddest question I’ve ever expected.

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can you do a valentines day fic where tyler proposes? thanks so much!! love u tay :)

sorry this is a day late, buuuut here you go!  


The thought comes to him when he’s over at Josh’s, the two of them are sitting around playing Mario Kart and gorging on ungodly amounts of food.  Y/N was working late, so the two of them decided to spend the night together instead.  Tyler’s not sure how they had ended up eating an entire pizza already, but it’s not like he minds.

The thought comes right out of the blue, and it’s natural that just after Tyler’s done beating Josh at another round, he turns to him and says, “Is it corny to propose on Valentine’s Day?”

“Yes, extremely corny,” Josh says robotically, eyes glued to the screen. He must not have fully realized what Tyler had asked because it takes him a few moments to turn to him with wide eyes and say, “Wait… What?  Propose? Are you thinking of proposing? To Y/N? On Valentine’s Day? Like next week?”

“Why not?” Tyler shrugs, turning back to click for the next game.

“Why not? Tyler, you can’t just do something this big on a whim. Have you thought about it? Have you two talked about it at all? This is a big step, Ty. Like a huge step. A massive step. You can’t propose unless you’re totally sure about it.”

“I love Y/N. And she loves me. We have talked about it. I mean, not like seriously or anything. But we’ve mentioned that we want to get married one day. And I just thought why can’t that day be now?” Tyler says, shrugging.

“I’m not saying not to do it, Ty. I’m saying that you have to give this some thought. Marriage is the real deal. You know, ’till death do you part, and all that.  I don’t want you to jump into anything and then regret it,” Josh says, pausing the game and tugging on Tyler’s arm, forcing him to turn and look at him.

Tyler does turn, only to be met with concerned brown eyes and furrowed brows. He sighs, rubbing his face, because Josh is right. This is a big step, and maybe he should think more about it.

But all he can think about is waking up every morning, arms wrapped around Y/N’s waist. Leaving little kisses on her neck and cheek as sunlight filters through the blinds. Having coffee together in the kitchen. Watching as she reads the paper and distracting her by pressing his lips to the soft spot behind her ear. And things would be exactly the same, because that’s what they do now, except it’ll be totally different because she would have a ring on her finger, and that meant something.

“I really want this, Josh. Like, you’re right. I haven’t really thought about it. But it’s just. I think she’s the one. I can’t imagine myself with anyone else. Ever. It feels right, you know?”

Josh nods seriously, but then he’s pulling Tyler into his arms, embracing him in a tight hug. “I’m so happy for you, Ty. I think I’m gonna cry. Oh my God, I’m definitely gonna cry at your wedding. Just tears the whole time. Can I be your best man? Do you have a ring? You need to get a ring. What kind of ring do you propose with? I don’t think she’s really a flashy, diamonds kind of girl but –“

Tyler laughs, pushing Josh away. “Josh, chill. We have a week to figure this stuff out, don’t worry.”

“You’re not really gonna propose on Valentine’s Day are you?” Josh groans. “That is like really cheesy, Tyler. And this is coming from me.”

“Why not?” Tyler smiles.

Tyler and Josh spend the next week busy with proposal preparations. They find a ring, a simple band in white gold with a small stone that Tyler knows she’ll love. It’s a bit pricey, but Tyler’s got some money saved up and it’s definitely worth it.  She’s worth it.

And thanks to Josh, who pulls a few strings, Tyler gets a reservation at the fanciest restaurant in town.  One that’s usually impossible to get into on a regular day. Josh, being the social butterfly that he is, talks to a friend of his who works there and assures Tyler that he and Y/N will have the best table in the place.

When Y/N’s in class one day, Tyler visits the café that he and Y/N went to on their first date and frequented all through school. He asks them to keep the tiramisu that the two of them shared that day on stock. The owner’s a little annoyed, because she doesn’t even have the desert on her menu anymore, but Tyler brings out his sappy, puppy dog eyes and tells her that he’s going to be proposing to Y/N. Her eyes soften immediately because she’s always had a sweet spot for Y/N and her quiet nature, and she agrees with a small sigh and smile.

There’s a lot of sneaking around while Tyler and Josh get the little surprises ready. Tyler has a hard time even looking at Y/N, because every time he does, he gets a warm bubbly feeling in his stomach and he just wants to jump her and smother her with kisses and propose right then and there.

Tyler’s always been in love with her – possibly from the very first day that she introduced herself with a shy, sleepy smile during an Art History class that Tyler didn’t even originally want to take.  After that day, he started looking forward to it every week though. That same feeling has intensified by an immeasurable amount now.  It takes almost all of Tyler’s effort not to tell Y/N what he’s planning because he wants to tell everyone. He wants the whole world to know that he loves Y/N and he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

It’s hard keeping secrets from her because truth-be-told, Tyler’s a terrible liar and Y/N hates secrets. Whenever she asks him where Tyler’s sneaking off to with Josh all the time, Tyler just smiles and tries to change the subject. It works at first, but by the end of the week, Y/N just scowls and pouts.

Monday night, Tyler comes home to their shared apartment elated. He and Josh had just been out finishing the last part of the proposal plan. They got a bottle of Y/N’s favorite wine, and then drove out to a park that she and Tyler always took walks in.  They hid the wine, along with two glasses and a blanket, in the nook of the tree under which Tyler had first kissed Y/N for the first time, lips chapped and hands shaking with nerves. Their original plan was to put the ring there too, but Tyler decided it was too risky. He didn’t want it to get lost or stolen or eaten by squirrels or something.

Tyler’s elated by all the excitement because everything feels so real now. He’s going to be proposing. Tomorrow. It’s one of the biggest moments of his life so far, and he’s absolutely off the walls, half-freaking out, half buzzing about it.

When he gets in, Tyler finds Y/N in front of the television, flipping through channels mindlessly. He takes off his shoes and goes to snuggle up to her on the couch, feeling warm and happy inside.

“What you watching, babe?” He asks, smiling and placing a kiss on her shoulder.

“Nothing,” she mumbles, finally settling on one of those home-improvement shows, always a solid go-to when nothing else was on.

“Did you take off tomorrow like I asked?” Tyler asks, wrapping his arm around her on the couch, she coils into his side almost automatically.

“I did. What exactly are we doing tomorrow?”

“Anything you want in the morning, but I’ve got something planned for the evening,” Tyler says. He frowns when he hears her let out a heavy sigh. “Is something wrong?”

“No, just surprised you bothered to make plans. Thought you would just be doing something with Josh again. You’ve definitely been spending more time with him than with me lately,” she grumbles, eyes glued to Property Brothers on the screen.

“What? Are you jealous?” Tyler asks, twisting around with a teasing smile on his face.

“Jesus, Tyler. No, I’m not jealous of Josh,” she snaps, pushing Tyler away. The gesture’s not very forceful, but it still sort of stings.

“Then what’s wrong?” he frowns, trying to move closer to her. She responds by leaning further against the couch and away from Tyler. “Babe, come on. Don’t be like this. It’s the night before Valentine’s Day. I just want to cuddle and watch TV with you.”

“Exactly, Ty. It’s right before Valentine’s Day, and what have you been doing? Avoiding me. Spending time with Josh. Barely talking to me. You know I hate it when you keep things from me,” she says, eyes focused on a loose thread in the hem of her t-shirt.

Tyler sighs, his happy mood from before dissipating quickly. “It’s nothing, babe. If you really have to know, I’ve been avoiding you because I’ve been planning something special for tomorrow and I just didn’t want to accidentally let it slip to you. Josh’s been helping me with everything. I just wanted tomorrow to be perfect. Please don’t be mad.”

“Yeah, whatever, Tyler. I think I’m just gonna go to bed,” she grumbles, getting up and leaving him alone on the couch.

Tyler groans, head thrown back in frustration. This is definitely not how he planned for things to go tonight. There was absolutely no reason for her to be this angry.

He sits there for a while longer, watching but not really paying much attention to the show. When he thinks he’s given Y/N enough time to cool down, Tyler turns off the television and heads to their shared bedroom.

Y/N’s snuggled on her side of the bed, eyes closed and facing away from where Tyler usually is. Her breathing is even but Tyler can tell she’s not really asleep. He decides not to say anything, and instead strips down to his boxers, getting into his side of the bed. He would usually cuddle against her, an arm around her waist while they’re pressed together, front to back or chest or chest. Tonight Tyler just leaves her be, choosing to face her and watch as she finally does drift into sleep.

In the morning, Tyler wakes to find Y/N curled into his side, head nuzzled on his chest. Her whole body feels like a furnace, she’s blazing hot, making Tyler uncomfortably warm. He frowns, moving back the hair that’s stuck to her forehead. Tyler’s not positive, but he thinks she might be running a fever.

“Babe. Babe, wake up,” He whispers, shaking her body gently. Usually Y/N’s a pain to get up, but she awakens fairly quickly with a moan, burying her face farther in Tyler’s chest.

“No,” she grumbles, “I don’t want to. Everything hurts,” she complains before being attacked by a fit of coughing.

“I think you’re sick, babe,” Tyler says, wrapping his arms around her, running a hand over her back soothingly.

“Really, Ty. I wouldn’t have guessed. Thank you for that.”

Tyler sighs. Y/N’s always insufferable when she’s sick. Whiny and moody and just in a terrible temper. If she was feeling half as bad yesterday as he can tell she does now, Tyler understands why her mood was so sour. “I’m gonna go make you some tea, babe. I’ll be right back.”

She goes to say something but is stopped by another wave of coughs. She chooses to instead groan in response. Tyler kisses her softly on the forehead before slipping out of bed.

Grabbing a t-shirt off the floor, Tyler runs off to the kitchen. He prepares a cup of tea exactly how he knows she likes when she’s feeling under the weather and also soaks a washcloth in cool water before returning to the bedroom.

The flu’s been going around for a while now, so Tyler really shouldn’t be all that surprised that Y/N’s gotten sick. He’s upset though because this means all his plans are ruined, but he’s more concerned just seeing her in this state. Tyler hates when Y/N’s sick, not only because she tends to get extremely moody, but because she’s just so miserable, and there’s really nothing he can do about it.

When he returns, he finds her curled into a ball on her side. Her breathing is heavy and it sounds a bit congested and Tyler really wants to wrap her up in a bunch of blankets and make sure she’s cozy and comfortable.

“I brought your tea, babe,” Tyler says, placing the cup on the bedside table and getting back into bed.

“I’m too hot for tea,” she mumbles grumpily.

Tyler rolls his eyes and tugs on her arm, watching her uncurl from her fetal position and roll closer to him. He puts the washcloth on Y/N’s forehead, and he hears her sigh out in relief.

They lay there for a bit longer, Y/N with her eyes closed, and just when Tyler think she’s fallen back asleep, she says, “It’s Valentine’s Day.”

Tyler hums in agreement. “That it is.”

“It’s Valentine’s Day and I’m sick.”

“Yes you are,” Tyler says, scooting just a bit closer to her and wrapping an arm around her.

“It’s Valentine’s Day and I can’t kiss you because I’m sick and I don’t want you to get sick.”

There’s a beat of silence while Tyler just listens to her breathing.

“I’m sorry that I was being such a bundle of dicks last night,” she says softly, intertwining her fingers with Tyler’s.

He squeezes her hand gently. “It’s okay. You weren’t feeling well. And I probably shouldn’t have been keeping things from you. I know you don’t like secrets.”

“You were just trying to make Valentine’s Day special. And I ruined it. By being a dick. And getting sick.” She coughs a few more times. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, babe,” Tyler says, kissing her cheek, lips to burning-hot skin.

They continue to lay there, tangled up in each other. Tyler’s getting really warm again, but it’s nothing they haven’t done before, intertwined to help the other sweat out the fever.

“Can I ask you something?” she asks, looking up at Tyler.

“Of course.”

“What did you have planned for tonight? Cause I’m pretty sure that whatever it is, I won’t be able to participate in it in this state. But I want to know,” she says, biting down on her chapped, bottom lip.  She looks sort of nervous, and Tyler knows he actually does feel guilty for being upset last night.

“Well we were gonna go out to dinner at that restaurant you like, the one on the corner by Mark’s.  And then dessert at the café we used to go to.  Picnic in the park where we had our first kiss. There’s a bottle of wine hidden in that tree.  The one you carved our initials into, even though I told you it was totally corny to do something like that,” he lets out a shaky laugh. “There’s probably a bunch of drunk squirrels wandering around by now,” Tyler says, smiling when Y/N giggles.

“Anything else?” she asks.

Tyler bites his lip hesitantly.  He wants to tell her. So badly. Maybe he doesn’t need to take her on some elaborate date to propose to her. Maybe this moment is okay too.

Somehow, Tyler’s never felt as in love as he does at that moment. After all these years, he’s still falling more in love every day. Even when Y/N is sick and sweaty, all Tyler can do is think about kissing her and make her feel better. And maybe that’s what that phrase really refers to. In sickness and in health. Tyler wants to be with her every single second, not only until she’s feeling healthier, but forever.

“Yeah, actually there was one more thing,” Tyler says. “Hold on.”

He’s made his decision. His heart is pounding fast as he gets out of bed, walking to the closet. Y/N watches curiously from the sheets as Tyler takes a small velvet box out of his coat pocket. Tyler puts it in his hand before climbing into bed again.

“I was going to give you this,” he says, opening the box slowly.

The ring is sitting surrounded in a dark, ruby red cloth, glinting in the dim light of Y/N’s bedside table. Her eyes widen as she takes the tiny velvet box from Tyler’s hands. “Ty, is this –“

“Y/N,” Tyler says, taking the ring out, “will you marry me?”

There’s a moment of silence and Tyler think his heart stops because for a split second he’s afraid she’s going to say no. But then she’s outstretching her hand, indicating for Tyler to slip it on.  He does, but then he’s being pushed back on the bed, his face being peppering with kisses, and Tyler doesn’t care if she’s sick, he takes her face between his hands and slots their mouths together in a long, deep kiss. Tyler feels her tongue slide into his mouth, and dammit he’s going to get so sick later, but it doesn’t matter, because he’s definitely taking this all as a yes.

She pulls away first because she’s becomes overwhelmed with a fit of coughs. Tyler pats her back gently, then pulls her in close, waiting for her to catch her breath again.

“I can’t believe you proposed to me on Valentine’s Day,” she laughs after settling down. “That’s so cheesy, Ty. Even for you.”

“Shut up. You still said yes. That was a yes, right?”

“Of course it was,” she says, placing one last kiss to Tyler’s lips. “Did you really think I’d say anything different?”

Montparnasse’s eyes fly open. What the hell?? He rolls out of bed, actually pressing his hands to his ears against the piercing noises that seem to come in through both the window and his ceiling. He grabs a pair of jeans and puts them on, not even bothering with shoes before he grabs his keys and slams the door to his apartment behind him and runs up the stairs to the attic floor. The door is locked, but Montparnasse has everyone’s keys. The hellish noise is even louder here.

“Gueul!” he yells.

No answer, big surprise.

Montparnasse kicks open the door to Gueulemer’s bedroom and sees that the dormer window is open. An extension cord is draped across the windowsill, leading outside. On the flat roof it leads to Gueulemer is leaning over something metal and rusty. He’s wearing gloves, goggles and ear protection. Lucky him.

Montparnasse sticks his head out the window. “What the ever-loving fuck are you doing!”

Gueulemer clearly doesn’t hear him and he’s completely focussed on his work. Whatever he is holding, it is plugged in the extension cord and screeching and sparking whenever he pushes it against the metal.

Furiously Montparnasse turns back into the room, grabs the plug of the extension cord and pulls it out. The noise stops. If his ears could sigh in relief they would.

“What- oh, hi,” Gueulemer says, turning towards the window and seeing Montparnasse. He properly switches off the now unplugged contraption and pushes the goggles up his head, or as far as his dreads will allow it. “What’d you do that for.”

“Gueul,” Montparnasse glowers. “It is Monday morning.”

“Yeah, so?” Gueulmer shrugs.

“What are you doing?”

“Fixing something for the car,” he says.

“On the roof?” Montparnasse snaps incredulously.

“Don’t have electricity outside in the street,” Gueulemer grunts. “I’m almost done anyway.”

“Done doing what,” Montparnasse spits. He sleeps in on Mondays. Gueulemer is actually insane. The air is thick with the smell of burning metal and there’s smoke blowing in through the window.

“Removing rust,” Gueulemer says, putting his goggles back on. He gestures to the extension cord with one of his enormous, gloved hands. “Plug that back in, will you?”

“No I will not,” Montparnasse says. “You have actually lost your mind this time.”

Gueulemer gives him an unimpressed look. Or at least Montparnasse thinks that is what it’s meant to be, it’s rather hard to tell with the goggles. “You use my car more than I do,” he points out.

Montparnasse stares at him for a moment. “Fine,” he grumbles, abruptly turning away from the window and plugging the extension cord back in. “But you can not fucking do this again. Not on monday morning, not ever. Are you trying to get us kicked out?”

“I’ve lived here longer than you,” Gueulemer protests.

“Have you ever done this before?” Montparnasse demands, crossing his arms.

“No…” Gueulemer admits.

Montparnasse scowls at him.

“Okay, okay,” Gueulemer mutters. “I’ll go to a garage next time.” He switches the grinding thing back on and it starts whirring ominously. As soon as it touches the steel the screeching resumes. “I’ll be done in a minute,” Gueulemer’s voice booms over the grinding noise and he gets back to work.

He better be, Montparnasse thinks darkly. With a groan he rubs his temples and flees Gueulemer’s room. And he thought Babet shorting out the lights three times last week was bad.

Okay but imagine a Non Skating AU where Phichit is deaf

Imagine Seunggil falling desperately in love with Phichit, who is literally the entire sunshine in one person, and learning everything he can to be able to communicate with him. Imagine him studying late into the night, making giant lists of all the things he’s eager to tell Phichit.

Imagine Seunggil being uncharacteristically kind and happy whenever Phichit is around. Imagine him telling Phichit everything when they’re zoned out on the couch because he can’t hear (and wouldn’t know korean anyway). Phichit has no idea but he’s everything to Seunggil.

Imagine people expecting Seunggil to justify his love for Phichit, wanting him to explain why he loves Phichit despite his deafness, but Seunggil loves Phichit entirely, despite nothing. Imagine people questioning why Seunggil ‘suffers’ through everything, but Seunggil is genuinely confused and wonders how that’s even a question, because he doesn’t feel like he ‘suffers’ through anything with Phichit. Imagine him being insanely protective of Phichit.

Imagine Phichit improving Seunggil’s life by being deaf. He uncovers a caring, intelligent, loving side of Seunggil that nobody else has ever seen. His presence helps Seunggil be more positive and outgoing and happy in general.

Just imagine cute boyfriends sassing people in sign language. Imagine Phichit putting his hands on Seunggil’s chest and asking him to say something. Imagine Seunggil kissing Phichit’s ears. Imagine them loving each other unconditionally even tho everyone thinks Seunggil is a grump.

I’m not crying. You’re crying

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Hi! I recently reread the 'Willowsbend' series by miss_grey and I wanted to read more witch!Castiel, but I've only found a couple decent ones. Any recs?

Here are a few fics that fit the bill! Since a male witch is sometimes called a wizard, we have included a few of these that fit as well. Check out this ask if you want more fics in the wizarding world.

I. Witch!Cas or Witch!Dean

Moving On [M, 22,000 word count] (witch!cas, ghost!dean) 

Castiel is a witch who reads fortunes for a living. Dean, an innocent customer, stops by for a reading. His cards reveal a shocking fortune and the next time he meets Castiel it’s as a ghost.

A Different Kind of Magic [T, 4,800 word count] (witch!cas)

Castiel is a witch that prides himself on his healing spells and Dean is that one customer that keeps coming into his shop with a different illness that needs curing.

Castiel looked up and raised an eyebrow. “Well, Dean, you’ve been cursed.”

Dean’s eyes widened at the buzzword. “Cursed? What do you mean?”
Castiel looked at him sympathetically as he pulled out a small, square bottle. “You either made a witch very angry or made someone that knows a witch very angry.”

Bewitched [T, 4,200 word count]  (witch!cas)

It’s not easy to be in love with a witch. 
(A story about singing parrots, talking furniture and grumpy cats.)

The Devil You Know [M, 17,662 word count] (witch!cas, demon!dean)

Castiel is a powerful necromancer living in the forest. A nightmare prophecy, unbidden, comes to him in a dream: the black magician Fergus Crowley will come for Castiel’s help with a little “project,” one that Castiel has absolutely no interest in. Fearful that Crowley’s visit to his home will turn into a forceful confrontation, Castiel uses his expertise to summon a shade for protection in case things get out of hand. In return for his services, the shade – a man damned forty years ago named Dean Winchester – asks for something in return.
Which man will prove to be the greater evil: Crowley, or Dean?

The 10th Day of Christmas: “I Don’t Want a Lot for Solstice” [NC-17, 23,300 word count] (witch!cas)

The tree catching on fire, Dean would maintain to the end of his days, had clearly been started by the squirrels. Or outlet overload, or outdated breaker boxes; possibly a frayed extension cord, or maybe a malfunctioning string of fairy lights. Not to mention Kevin Tran.It most definitely had not been caused by him and Cas.
In which Dean drives out to Palo Alto to stay with Sam over winter break, and meets Sam’s new co-op housemates, including comparative literature PhD candidate, fundamentalist cult survivor, and practicing witch Castiel Milton—which would all be confusing enough, if Cas weren’t also unfairly gorgeous, especially in cowboy boots.

I Married a Witch [T, 13,400 word count] Bewitched AU (witch!cas)

Bewitched AU. Castiel is a witch, but he’s been doing a good job of pretending not to be—up until he falls in love with Dean and, on their wedding day, realizes that leaving his past behind isn’t going to be as easy as he’d hoped. He’s going to have to tell Dean the truth, even if it means losing him.

These Roses Sing [T, 24,600 word count] (witch!cas, witch!dean)

Dean and Castiel have absolutely no reason to meet. 
Castiel is the stepson of the mayor, the second son of the most important family in the city. Dean, meanwhile, has just started learning about mechanics from his father. They belong to different worlds - but when chance brings Castiel into Dean’s father’s workshop, they meet, with incredible consequences. All it takes is a single flower - a rose - to awaken a power within them that they don’t know how to understand or control: they can cast spells on anyone, absolutely anyone, with the gift of a flower. 
But can they learn how to be brave, how to take the gift that’s within them and use it well - and can they find their way back to each other?

Twenty Thousand Miles To An Oasis [M, 25,200 word count] (witch!cas)

Castiel owns a little magic shop in the city. His life is quiet. His practice is simple. It all seems pretty easy until Dean comes into his life- Dean and his brother Sam, who has a skin condition from Hell.

II. Dean and Cas in a witch/familiar relationship:

You Found Me [T, 15,800 word count] (witch!dean, familiar!cas)

Dean is a Witch without a Familiar because, unlike everyone else, he’s never experienced the Call that brings Witches and Familiars together. But that’s fine, really. He doesn’t mind not being able to use his magic, and he definitely isn’t jealous of other Bonded pairs. Nope, not him. Which makes it all the more incredible when an Unbonded Familiar—a crow named Cas—smashes down on his windshield with a broken wing. Dean’s mother is able to heal Cas’s wing, but they’ve got a bigger problem: Cas’s Grace has been stolen, which prevented him from ever initiating a Call. He believes Dean is his Witch, so they embark on a journey to get his Grace back with the hopes that they can officially Bond as a true Witch/Familiar pair.

Addicted To You [NC-17, 120,500 word count] (witch!dean, incubus!cas)

Dean is a Warlock. A very very drunk Warlock. Oh, and a horny Warlock.
Hey, he knows how to summon a succubus!
He should totally do that. Hell yeah! Guaranteed hot sex!
Except that spellcasting while drunk is a Very Bad Idea. He’s just too drunk to remember that.

Blessed Be [M, 37,321 word count] (witch!dean, familiar!cas)

Dean’s been alone for as long as he could remember, that is until rescuing a small kitten turned out to be more of a problem than he bargained for. Now he has a loud mouth shape shifter who is claiming Dean’s a witch, and that Dean’s now his slave. Dean’s life got a whole lot stranger.

Don’t try to search AO3 for witches because every fic that has team free will battling witches will come up. Instead, try these searches on AO3: witch!castiel, wizard!castiel, familiar!castiel, witch!dean, wizard!dean, familiar!dean.

If any of our followers know of any other witchy fics, please let us know

For those interested: Willowsbend and the Willowsbend Series

Note: our witch/familiar tag is a very recent addition and may not have all relevant fics on it. This post was made before we had a tag and is most up to date with fic recs. 

spookanicalriddle  asked:

i've seen all the drama and stuff that went down in vetblr recently and like? i'm an artist. you know what people have to do to get art out of me? pay me for it. yet there's all these people out here demanding free internet diagnoses and not only is it shitty of them AND you're not legally allowed to advise without seeing the animal. it's disrespecting all your money, time and effort that you put into becoming a vet. you have a complex, trained skill, and people should have to pay you to use it.

It’s not even about the money though, though I do strongly believe you shouldn’t feel entitled to have a vet work for free.

It’s that I can’t do anything over the internet that is likely to be accurate and helpful, other than telling people to contact their vet. They are wasting their time and my time by asking me instead of picking up the phone.

I sympathize a lot with artists and freelancers. There’s a running joke in the veterinary industry where we scoff at clients that expect things for free by saying “we’ll they wouldn’t try that at the supermarket/mechanic/chemist etc”

Except turns out they totally do!

I think artists and freelancers cop quite a lot of this attitude as well, but where you’re expected to make the thing because it’s ‘fun’ or a ‘hobby’, we’re terrible scum of the earth sinners because we ‘don’t love animals enough to work for free’.

I follow @clientsfromhell because so many of their stories are eerily familiar.

The ‘drama’ will be back. It’s not even really drama, it’s just background noise that we as a community need to be better at shutting down and giving a consistent response to.


find more prince!seventeen (here) 

  • if there’s a good word to pick that fits him 100% it would be…charismatic 
  • he loves interacting with the civilians of his country but sometimes things get out of hand like his own bodyguards have to keep him at bay not the people because he once offered to do a hug event at the center of the capital and everyone in the palace was like ….princes don’t do that like idols do that not princes…and jun was like in a way i am an idol - an idol of the beauty of our country 
  • he’s also reckless like he frequently gets media coverage for just leaving the palace and going out shopping by himself or dyeing his hair blonde which allegedly gave the queen quite a shock (as in there was a rumor she fell off the the throne and prince jun helped her up but also laughed and are u getting the picture he’s wild)
  • has apparently accumulated over 50 proposals from other countries princesses but hasn’t accepted or refused one (when asked about this jun said quote on quote “how could i say no to a princess? but then again how could i sacrificed myself to marriage?”)
  • his schooling is all done by private tutors who just don’t know how to control him like he’s incredibly smart and talented but he loves joking around way too much and he flirts with just about everyone so trying to teach him anything solid is a pain in the butt with him leaning over the table and winking all the goddamn time
  • the king and queen don’t trust him with making any legal decisions at all so for the most part he doesn’t get the point of getting lessons because like who cares he’s not gonna be writing laws or anything anytime soon he’d rather just go out and get wasted at the local clubs around town
  • and he’ll never admit it but he’s grown spiteful of the way his parents and the other royal officials treat him so just to piss them off more he acts like such a loose canon and the only one that has ever seen him breakdown is servant minghao who’s been his only friend since infancy and minghao just doesn’t know what to do to save the prince
  • but before i get all sappy about prince!jun (which i will don’t you worry about it) he’s also very picky about things like clothing and the way the palace looks like even the queen didn’t make as many demands as he did about how his room should look and whenever there are balls to be thrown he’s the first to be called upon because like no one can argue he has impeccable taste even foreign designers sometimes contact him about ideas
  • and like for the most part he goes around wearing expensive suits that give off a princly vibe, but ties and dresshirts on not his thing so it’s sort of a mix of casual and royal; 
  • most of his lessons are in things like politics, fine arts, and music but one day minghao suggest that the queen find someone to teach the prince self defense and she agrees that it might be a good way to install manners in him so she hires you
  • and you’re not even from the country that prince jun’s family governs over but you take the job after being begged by them and after looking up his name and seeing the numerous articles of him being well a little on the wild side you think well at least he won’t be boring
  • and so you two meet for the first time in the open ballroom of the palace and fidgety servant minghao is kind of like “please be gentle with our prince he’s a little…..rough around the edges” and you’re like “kid i teach sword fighting for a living” and minghao’s kind of like yeah but im pretty sure you’ve never meet someone with a personality like the prince 
  • and you gotta admit when you first walk in the prince is just sipping some wine and reading a magazine and he only looks up at you when you clear your throat and then
  • well then the grease begins to come out
  • prince jun just gets up and he does a little bow and he’s tall and very blonde and you’re kind of like ……this kid is next in line to rule a country??……but he’s also very alluring like he looks like a beautiful painting and jun kind of just lifts the corners of his mouth into a smirk like “so, you’re my lovely teacher? i emphasize the word ‘lovely’” 
  • and the two minutes of enchantedness you had with his looks FLIES out the window because lovely? LOVELY? reALLY? is that something you call your sword fighting teacher on upon the first day of meeting them?
  • and jun expects your knees to turn to jelly and your face to burn up like everyone else’s does but instead you pass of the comment with like “uhuh” and then you set your bag down on the floor and hand him a wooden practice sword and you’re like “let’s get to work.”
  • and to be honest minghao from across the room can see the shock on jun’s face and he’s just like oh ….oh no……
  • and jun does not give up he pulls out the top notch one liners and does the thing where he licks his lips and tries to flex while holding the sword but you’re just looking at him completely unaffected and you’re like “the first rule has to do with defense, use your weapon to block-”
  • and jun is like “weapon? this is wooden? how will i hurt anyone with this?” and you’re like ???? why would i trust you with a real sword during the first lesson and jun’s kind of like because im a /prince/ a /man/ and you just laugh and oh my god minghao in the back is like rip jun because jun is probably the most prideful person in the world and you just laughed at him here we frickin go
  • and so for a couple of weeks you just let him use the wooden sword and you have to say he has natural skill and strength but he gets too distracted in hearing himself talk that you defeat him everytime and even though for a short while jun keeps his cool and keeps trying to win you over with flattery there’s a point where he’s just like WHY CANT I BEAT YOU and you’re like “because youre overthinking”
  • and you go over and you put your hand over his and you’re like “look, you have to always keep your eyes on me otherwise the moment you look away i can strike and-” 
  • you stop for a second one because you just noticed how close you are to the prince and how he’s just looking at you intently, listening to what you have to say next and two your hands still on his and it has been for a while and you pull away and jun’s eyebrows furrow but then the same smirk comes back from day one and you’re like ANYWAY try to block all my attacks now
  • and you go in and for the first time he focuses 100% and you don’t manage to hit him and jun’s face just brightens and he’s like !!!!! i did it!!!!! and you’re like y-yeah!!! and he like throws his arms around you and for a second you almost hug him back but you’re like no no can’t give in so you shrug him off and you’re like that’s no appropriate im your teacher and he sorta chuckles like yeah yeah you’re right
  • but like your heart is beating and tbh jun’s is too and if you two could read each others minds in that moment it’d just be mutual flailing of feelings
  • and so finally you hand jun an actual real sword after more time of training and a shield and you’re like ok you’re gonna learn a combo attack today and jun for some reason is so much more alert now then he was before like he actually listens to you and picks up what you’re conveying and after the lesson servant minghao pulls you aside and is like the queen would like to speak with you
  • and you’re like frick did i do something wrong but she’s just thanking you she’s like ever since you came here jun hasn’t been in one scandal and he hasn’t gone against her wishes and you’re kind of like oh how nice,,,,but then you also start thinking about why jun is the way he is 
  • so you corner minghao and you’re like spill and he’s like im the princes’ best friend i could never and you’re like minghao i dont want this info to hurt him i want to know more about him and tbh minghao knows that prince jun gushes over you when you’re not around so he’s like maybe it’d be beneficial if he just told you and he’s kind of like 
  • prince jun doesn’t get trusted by anyone in the royal family anymore because of how many times he’s gotten himself in trouble and so like when he excels at something and gets praise from you it means like so much more than you think and like he just wants to make someone proud of him and you’re like …….i never knew….and minghao’s like yeah so that’s why you should date the prince and you’re like what and he’s like i said that’s why you should give the prince longer lessons so he can get better and you’re like that’s not what you said but minghao’s like I GTG
  • and so you’re like sparring with jun during one of your lessons and you’re thinking about what you’ve learned about him and you feel yourself teeter back because jun’s pinned you to the wall with the edge of his shield and you’re like oh yeah you won good job but jun doesn’t let you move and he’s leaning really close and he’s like
  • what’s on your mind you’d never lose this fast and you’re like on my mind??? nothing???? nope nothing nada zero hahaah and he’s like don’t lie you get flustered when you lie and your face is all red and he reaches out to touch it and you’re kind of like ….jun, you know you’re really talented right and he’s like well i am handsome and you’re like no that’s not what i mean like you’re a worthy prince you know that right
  • and he like drops the sword and he’s like w…what is this about did minghao say something he’s such a big blabber mouth and you’re like no im saying this out of personal opinion and you kind of get a little blushy because like you’ve never been direct with him even as his teacher and you’re just like “you’re gonna be a worthy ruler some day. someone that can protect the people” and you can see like a flash of light in his eyes and he just can’t even hide the genuine smile and he’s like “im glad you think that. no one has ever told me that.”
  • and it’s so cheesy and cute and minghao’s in the corner looking into the camera like he’s on the office like “they’re gonna kiss right now probably like they should right”
  • but like you don’t because you’re both actually awkward except jun would totally do it he’s just caught up in your words
  • and you keep teaching him but after a while he’s gotten good almost close to your level and you’re thinking of going back home and jun doesn’t want to stop you but he’s also like 
  • “you can stay here…….i think you’re right about me being a great ruler but ……….with your help i think i can be an amazing one.”  and you’re like hahaha it’s ok you should marry one of those princesses and he’s like oh no i can’t i finally declined all the marriage proposals and you’re kind of confused like ?????? what???? don’t you have to get married isn’t that like a royal thing 
  • and here is is THE GREASE
  • he pulls you close to him by the waist and he’s like yeah it’s a thing but ever since i saw you i knew none of them were even close to the person i wanted to be with
  • and you swallow like um…….and whose that………
  • and minghao whose once again in the corner is like now kiss. do it. please. god. 
  • and jun does it and well congrats ur prince jun’s no and forever if he ever does something tho hit him on the head with the wooden sword jokes jokes 

i saw this sweetie crop top at h&m yesterday and i was like
eleven would wear that

so here’s an h&m AU i guess