except too fat

I feel like I have the most pessimistic views of the Silmarillion characters

I always see these posts romanticizing and glorifying the characters, giving long details about how much of a badass they are, while I’m just over here like–

Feanor: was a conceited asshole with either extreme narcissism or deep-rooted self hatred who literally started wars over three jewels he lost.

Fingolfin: Probably had an identity crisis by being stuck under Feanor’s shadow which lead him to overcompensating and getting his own ass killed.

Galadriel: Undoubtingly a power-hungry individual dissatisfied with restricted role in society and probably low-key liked the fact she got a ring of power. 

Celebrimbor: Also undoubtingly a power-hungry individual who didn’t give a damn what anyone else thought as long as he got what he wanted.

Sons of Feanor: Only two of them really accomplished anything and the rest were either unimportant or really bad company to invite into your kingdom.

Morgoth: One-dimensional, over-used high fantasy antagonist archetype glorified by the fandom and overall mediocre within the text. 

Sauron: For a big badie, he made a lot of mistakes and all of his schemes are pretty much like a college student preparing a presentation last minute.

Beren: He was a man. He probably had a beard. Decided to punch evil in the face so also a meme. But I mean, he got laid so I guess he’s cool.

Luthien: Tolkien’s attempt at feminism. Honestly too pretty to like. Princess archetype overdone but she had a talking dog and we love dogs.

Turin: All of his problems he could have avoided if he just stopped being elbow-deep in his own angst and just accept help from others or calm the fuck down.

Glaurung: Nothing. He’s the only example of perfection in this book.

image isn't anything

I am the smoke
you are the mirror

I cloud your hope
you project unclear

You will never be
anything at all

except an image
too skinny, fat or tall

the damage I cause
will haunt you for years

I am the source
whispers in your ears

you are the mirror

you are a sky without clouds
over a cornfield

you are on the yellow frac-
road to fucking awesome

you have a beautiful heart and beauty
lives in the smile of the Soul

those aren’t scars on your heart
they are only scratches

The Soul gives no shits
about smoke