except those haters

Khuntoria is always forever with me! <3 ~

Today, after a month found about #Khuntoria and #Khunfany, I really really still fall in love with Khuntoria <3 ~ 

With me, Khunfany is real, I know. They’re real from April 4th 2014 as the company has announced..

But Khuntoria is always forever with me in past, now and forever. 

Just only Khuntoria! :) 

Can you tell me blind! I accept! That’s okay! That’s my choice! :“D 

I believe, and I did not think I was delusional. At least because such Khuntoria made me like this.

You know, when I become the Hottest, because girls like GuiGui and Victoria, they made ​​their boys shine.

That is one thing not a ordinary girl can do.I always thought the bright and sincere personality of them is nobody can be hater, except those who envy them…

Now. Ship anyone is your own choice. Dont judge me, i dont care! 

I love Khuntoria ! <3 ~ Victoria is always part of life’s Nichkhun <3 ~ 

Like what Khun said :  "Khuntoria is forever” <3 ~ Doong Dooog ~ <3 ~ and “Babo Nichkhun is Victoria’s"