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How the Winter Soldier shot Nick Fury

I’ve been wanting to make a post about this for a while, even though I might be the only person invested in this, but anyway, here we go.

I’ve seen mentioned several times, in posts about the movie and in fics that the Winter Soldier shot Nick Fury through the window of Steve’s apartment, and every time it makes me groan in frustration because no.

The Winter Soldier didn’t shoot Fury through a window, he shot him through a wall, and I don’t know about you, but it seems like a pretty big difference to me.

(bullet hole in the wall!!)

When I saw the scene the first time, I remember thinking holy shit??? that’s crazy, and for me that’s when the Winter Soldier really became a real, terrifyingly good assassin, that’s when his image as a serious threat solidified.

Read about the blogger getting carried away under the read more.

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It was a September foggy morning when we met. I caught your eyes and something inside me in that very moment just knew you were trouble. Maybe because you held that cigarette in a certain way, or maybe was the way you used to pronounce my name, always in a low tone, like you were tasting every single syllable in your lips. It made me shiver and it made me uncomfortable, and something along the lines of getting out of my comfort zone for a while made you just irresistible.

You told me you weren’t nice to people because when you are you get hurt and fucked over, I told you I had the same problem. And then a month later, I broke down my shell for you and was nice, I showed you I actually cared. I guess that was my mistake, because you were no different from the rest. I guess you were so scared of being fucked over you decided to screw me over instead.

And there was this day when I woke up and I just couldn’t do it anymore. I stood there in front of you, shaking as I gathered up all of my courage and asked, “Do you hate me?”

You gave me that stupid, skeptical look. “Of course not.”

You looked into my eyes with those beautiful amber pools, the ones no one had ever bothered to notice except me.

“You’re always so kind to me.” Those words shot through my heart like an arrow. Tears started to spill down my somber cheeks.

“Then why are you always so cruel to me?” I whispered. Then it hit me. Like a truck, right through my heart. And in that moment my brain knew, what my heart just wasn’t ready to realize.
I loved you. I saw the future, the brightness and the fireworks.

You kinda liked me. You saw the milky skin, the soft hair and the red lips.

The edge of your lips tasted like desire catching fire.

And mine, like a mix of true love and a sweet romance.
You never wrote me poems. And I am still writing about you.
We were never in love. We would fuck in you car or on your bed where others girls had been or in the shower or while I was crying.

We saw each other naked so often I have the image painted on the back of my eyelids. You ripped my underwear off. You always liked me more when I was vulnerable. I woke you up with kisses, you woke me up with hickies.

And for a long time, I thought they were the same thing.

I asked you once while we both got drunk why it was that I could write novels about you until the words got tired of being anagrams of your name — but at the same time you would never reciprocate. You took a sip of your drink, blew a smoke ring and broke it with your finger.

“Dunno,” you said. We would fuck again later. And that to me, was the closest I was of being loved, adored, liked, worshiped even. But it was not even close to that.

It was carnal, pathetic and almost disgusting. Those are the only adjectives I can give to our so called relationship.

“Is it a crime to be halfway in love with someone?” I used to ask in those drunk moments, the tears I would never let you see, always stinging.

“Can I still feel something for you, after we told each other everything. After you betrayed and lied and never listened to me?” You would meet my eyes, looking confused as if you never promised anything, and it was true, you never did.

“You don’t have to feel anything. Maybe it’s better if you don’t.”
I did messed up all the lines from the Great Gatsby. I fell for all the wrong reasons. You had a green light smile with a gun prodding the center of my back, and I was so lost in your senseless acts that I, for a long time, thought it could be close to love.

And my love for you was like a penny. It wasn’t much, but it’s all I had, and you threw it on the ground like it was nothing.
I craved that side of you that you didn’t show to anyone else.
You only craved the parts of me that was exposed to everyone else.

I said I loved you.
You said that the difference between sex and love is that sex relieves tension and love causes it.

To sum up, I saw someone worth falling for, you saw a body and a potential fuck.

I once found you sitting on my floor staring at a picture from when I was young.

“God,” you said, “I really fucked you up.” And then finally, my last words, “I hope it hits you like a truck every time you hear my name that you never fucked me up. But how badly you fucked us up.”

And like that, you broke the heart. I never even knew I had. I remember talking with my best friend once I left you. She asked if I really were in love with you.

I had never realized that, after all you’d put me through, no one had ever even asked me that.

Within milliseconds everything came rushing back to my mind. I thought of all the 3 am conversations and secret shared glances in the hallway. I thought of how I opened my heart to you and let you in like I hadn’t done in a really long time. I thought of how you ripped it straight out of my chest and tore it to pieces. I thought of the 3 am tears shed into my pillow and the texts left unopened. I thought of how you broke my heart, and how you were the first person to ever do that.

I closed my eyes as four of the most important words I had ever spoken were about to come out of my mouth.

“No, no I wasn’t.”

I decide then that love is a terrible, terrible thing. Loving someone as fiercely…must be like wearing your heart outside of your body with no skin, no bones, no nothing to protect it.

And loving you? That was impossible. You were worth a fuck, not a lifetime story.
—  By unknown (via atmospher-e)
April Fool’s DLC SUFFERING Ending  Guide Part 1

So I’m still shook over one of the normal (read: SUFFERING) endings I finally unlocked from the Mystic Messenger April Fool’s DLC. Here is my guide of what I USED which unlocked the ending.

Following this should give you the unlock the chats “Epiphany” and “The world for you and me” after the game branch. 

Also: Spoilers! I’m placing this guide under the cut. 

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Inside Choices: It Lives in the Woods

BOO! Halloween’s almost here, and we at Pixelberry love celebrating the spookiest time of year. We’ve got pumpkin carving, tons of candy, and a new horror book! The newest Choices book It Lives in the Woods is a nightmarish look at past and present terrors. Can you fight off the monsters that lurk in the woods? And will your friends survive the encounter? It’s all up to you in It Lives in the Woods!

I followed the sound of eerie, haunted wails to find the writers all crouched around a single laptop in the woods. To find out what the writers behind It Lives in the Woods have to say, keep reading… if you dare!

It Lives in the Woods is the second horror book in Choices. What is this one about?

Kathleen: Okay without spoiling too much, It Lives in the woods is a lighthearted woodland romp full of fuzzy friends and cool nature facts! It’s fun AND educational! …LOL, JK. Do not go into these woods. There’s something in there. Something old and powerful. Something you and your little friends should never have toyed with. Now it’s reawoken, and it wants you to come back to play…

Are there any new gameplay features in It Lives in the Woods? What’s the deal with Nerve? More specifically, are we all doomed?!

Kathleen: The major one is Nerve Scores, which are basically a measure of how well a character is at dealing with the terrifying stuff happening to/around them. Nerve scores start out high, and are gradually chipped away over the course of the book as things get scarier and scarier. I think horror stories are most compelling when you can see the toll that the scary events are taking on the characters. With Nerve, we’re trying to incorporate that feeling in a way that’s realistic, but still gives players some control over the outcome (certain choices you make can boost those scores back up!). Other than that, we’ve got some awesome animations, and a sick new inventory system that I’m really stoked about :D

This is basically standard procedure for Inside Choices at this point, so you know what I’m gonna ask. Who can we date in this book?

Kathleen: So many people, hahaha. We’ve got guys and gals, tough rebels and popular kids, all super cool (and hot) in their own way.

To be honest, I was pretty freaked out playing the first two chapters. (I may have screamed in the office.) Do you ever scare yourself when you’re writing?

Chelsa: Very few things scare me, except for like repaying my student loans and, in general, dolls. I will say I got chills playing some of the scenes in these first few chapters and there was some screaming involved, though less of the scared kind and more of the ‘YAAAAASSSS’ kind.

Kathleen: Never, except for those times when I was mid-spooky scene and you suddenly tapped on the window that’s right next to my desk because you are an EVIL PERSON, JESSICA.

#SorryNotSorry, Kathleen! So in this book, you’ve got both friends and foes. Who is your favorite character?

Brandon: Ava is really fun (snarky characters all day every day). I’m also enjoying writing for Andy a lot. In general, it’s just pretty cool to write for such a diverse cast as It Lives has. It can feel a little scary sometimes—putting these characters through the unsavory stuff that pops up in a horror story, while still trying to be inclusive and respectful—but it’s also super important. It’s exciting to explore the kinds of characters and subject matter that videogames don’t tackle very often.

Chelsa: Ava hands down. Around the office we’ve been describing her as 'if me and Kathleen had a baby’ but somehow more sarcastic? I also really love Britney, but I will never say no to writing a mean girl.

Kathleen: Hahaha, I was gonna say Ava but I had a feeling everyone else would pick her too so I’m gonna talk about someone else. I have a special soft spot for Jocelyn, partially because physically intimidating women are so rare in fiction, and partially because she’s a much-needed source of comic relief in a pretty dark story. Here’s hoping she learns the error of her ways and stops being such a jerk to people.

What’s it like to write for a horror book as opposed to a series belonging to a different genre?

Chelsa: When I first started working for Choices I was asked what my dream book to work on would be and horror was number 2 on my list. Up until now I’ve been leading The Sophomore, so working on It Lives was definitely a change but one that I couldn’t be more excited about! It’s been really fun branching out and working in the romance genre, but working with these guys on It Lives feels like getting back to basics.

Brandon: So, when I wrote for The Crown & The Flame, one thing I think I leaned on pretty heavily was a lot of big florid event texts and descriptions. In practice, though, those don’t work very well in a horror game, as they really kill the momentum. So that shift has entailed a lot of adjustment. And red ink. And sobbing.

Kathleen: I’m just stoked that I get to use modern slang in dialogue. Writing in fantasy-speak all the time is hard, man.

Sounds like It Lives in the Woods will be the ultimate test of courage. Any final advice for players?

Chelsa: For the maximum spooky experience, PLAY WITH YOUR SOUND ON. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Kathleen: Be nice to your friends <3

Brandon: (frantically scribbled in blood) RUN

Yikes! To those reading along: What do you think of the new horror book? With the holidays on the horizon, we’ve got plenty planned - including a brief return to Rules of Engagement with Newlyweds, a holiday special epilogue, and other new books that might just be set on a certain mysterious island…



GOT7 Invited To The Cookout

When they arrived, they were automatically lit just like they said they would be. you were surprised, because you thought they that would be scared to show their true colors in front of all these people.

“y/n!” they hopped out of the truck and ran over to you.

they pulled you in the center and group hugged you in front of everyone. “stop embarrassing me!” you shouted.

you backed away from them and fixed your clothes. then, you checked out each of their outfits. they looked good, so you told them which only gassed them up.

a few minutes later, everyone except yugyeom was spread out talking to your people. he was kind of shy so he decided to stick around with you.

“this is my song.” his eyes widened when a Chris brown song started to play.

“then dance. my cousins would love it if you showed their uncoordinated asses how to dance.” you started to call for your cousins to come over.

“no no no no!” he semi whispered to you and when they started to come over, he froze.

“yeah?” they said in unison.

“take him…and dance. he said this is his song and don’t y'all like this song?” you asked them.

“you know we do cuz!” one of them started dancing…off beat.

yugyeom held in his laughter and looked down at you. “you were right.” he said in korean causing the several young kids in front of you to freak.

“what did he just say?”

“he said that you all look cool.” you lied.

“alright tall asian guy, come show us what you got.” they took him away.

“alright…” you said to yourself. you scanned the huge crowd of people in your backyard until you spotted jackson and mark going into your house. you decided to quietly follow behind them and see what they were up to.

once they got to the kitchen, they stopped. “i’m so hungry. you think y/n’s got any snacks?” jackson asked mark.

“you know her fat ass has snacks!” mark nudged him and looked around until he spotted you.

“pstt.” he signaled for jackson to turn around and once he did, his jaw drooped. “you didn’t hear that did you?”

“i did.” you pretended to cry.

“oh noo…! we’re sorry.” mark ran over to you and pulled you into a hug, jackson quickly following.

“fuck off!” you pushed them off of you and covered your laughing face. “and you’re at a cookout! why the hell are y'all looking for snacks?!”

“we haven’t eaten in hours.” jackson pouted.

you shook your head and told them to follow you to your room where you hid your snacks. “don’t tell the others about this or i’ll kill you both.”

“yeah yeah yeah..” mark said with a mouth full of chips.

“i love you y/n. you keep me fed girl.” jackson bit his honey bun and pretended to wipe a fake tear.

“hey i love her to!” mark scoffed at jackson.

“there’s enough of me to go around.” you stuck out your tongue and stood up. “let’s go…the boys must be looking for us by now.”

the three of you exited the house and went back to doing random things with random people in your backyard. that is until, you saw bambam and left them for him. he was being lit with the elder people.

“what’s that? ain’t that thing the dab?” your half drunk uncle asked him.

“yes! can you do it?!” bam asked him, almost falling out of his seat.

he got up just in time to dab when the beat dropped, earning him an audience. mostly everyone except those who were tending to the grills and the women in the kitchen.

“what the hell.” jaebum said while he and jinyoung stood on each side of you.

“i know, now he’s got my whole family dabbing. shit we’re probably gonna take a family picture where everyone has to be dabbing in it now.” you face palmed yourself since what you said wasn’t a joke and most likely a fact.

you walked away from the crowd looked around for youngjae. he had greeted you when he first got here but that was the last time you saw him. you were getting a little worried until you found him.

he was at the cotton candy machine with one of your aunts that went to church everyday of the week even if it wasn’t open, singing along to a gospel song that you had no idea he knew with her.

“y/n why didn’t you tell me you had friends that could sing? his voice…is soulful.” she placed her hand on his shoulder and complimented him a thousand times on his voice. he damn sure needed them, his self esteem was so damn low.

“hello to you to a/n.” you hugged her and took a cotton candy stick from the cart. “i was just checking on you jae.”

“alright thanks for caring about me y/n, i love you.” he hugged you and kissed the top of your head.

“oohh imma tell your momma! you get down like that?” your aunt put her hand on her hip and smirked at youngjae and you.

“it’s not what it looks like..seriously. it’s always like this…with all of them cause i’m like their little sister.” you defended yourself.

“she’s right.” youngjae said while he put his hand on top of your head.

“mhmm.” she said while squinting her eyes, she wasn’t gonna believe you.

then, she pulled her phone out and turned to another gospel song. “you know this one baby?” she put the phone close to youngjae’s ear.

“yes ma'am.” he said right before he started singing the song.

it was your cue to go.

“yugy yummy!” you shouted over at the ‘tall asian guy’ who seemed to be more comfortable around your cousins than he was earlier.

he high fived every single kid which took about two minutes before coming over to you.

“yeah?” he put his hands on his hips and looked down at you.

“you’re having fun?” you asked him.

“yeah, thanks for pushing me out of my comfort zone.” he lifted one side of your hair up and let it fall which made you giggle.

“your comfort zone? what comfort zone did i push you out of?” you asked.

“you know…i like being under you.” he swayed from side to side, something he always did when he got tired of standing.

“the food is ready!” someone yelled.

you grabbed yugyeom’s hand and rushed past people to the food. “you’re that hungry?” he asked.

“no but you’ll thank me for this later.” with as many cookouts that you’ve been to, you knew that when the food was ready, you had to go. if you weren’t quick enough, something good would be gone.

after you fixed both yugyeom’s and your plate, you headed to your room where you told the others to meet you.

“y/n there was no more soda.” bambam frowned.

“yeah, seriously those people know how to drink.” jaebum shook his head.

“i’m thirsty!” jackson exclaimed.

“alright i’ll be back, and don’t touch my food.”

you went to the kitchen and took out a kool-aid packet and sugar. you grabbed a pitcher from the cabinet and did what you usually did. you were the one who made the kool-aid at dinner time cause yours was the best. hopefully, the boys would like it.

“y/n..” yugyeom’s shy voice replaced the silence.

“ye-” you paused when he wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled himself closer to you. “yugyeom…what are you doing?”

“shh.” he rested his chin on your shoulder and closed his eyes. “just continue doing what you were doing.”

you were froze, still processing what was going on. it took you about a whole minute to realize that you weren’t dreaming and that this was really happening. he wasn’t moving, the only time he moved was when he tightened his grip on you.

“you’re weird yugyeom.” you continued stirring.

“i’m weird for liking you?” he basically confessed.

“what? you like me? is this a joke? are y'all playing truth or dare or something?” you put the cap on the pitcher and wiggled out of his hold.

“no…why would i joke around and say that i like you y/n? i…really like you.” you grabbed eight plastic cups and handed yugyeom the pitcher.

“alright..since when?” you asked.

“i’m not saying all of that until you tell me how you feel about me.” he bit down on his lip, hoping that you would say that you like him too.

you took in a deep breath. now was your turn to confess. it couldn’t be too weird now…since he feels the same way.

“i like you too.” you finally said it.

yugyeom looked down and attempted to hide his broad smile. he must’ve forgotten that you were shorter than him, so you saw all of his blushing when you looked up.

“did you tell her?” you heard jinyoung ‘quietly’ ask yugyeom which made your jaw drop.

“y'all knew?” you pointed between yugyeom and you.

“i mean..y'all are fucking obvious.” mark said.

“yugyeom was literally staring at your ass the other day and you knew it but you didn’t say anything becau-”

“yeah okay anyways i brought something to drink!” you cut jackson off.

you handed everyone a cup and poured them their drinks, including yourself. you sat between yugyeom and youngjae while they chugged their drinks down..well all of them did.

“y/n tell me what this is so i can buy it and drink it for the rest of my life.” jinyoung said while he moaned into his cup.

“this is so sweet and you know i love my sugar y/n what is this?!” bambam added on to jinyoung’s question.

“it’s called kool-aid and i made it.” you said with pride.

“no you didn’t. you can’t even make a sandwich.” jaebum laughed…by himself.

“why are you like this hyung?” yugyeom asked him.

“hmm this’ll be your last time drinking it jaebum. i was gonna bring some to the dorm faithfully but you fucked it up.” you shrugged.

“fuck!” mark cursed and slammed his hand on the floor. everyone else but jaebum followed.

“okay okay im sorry. y/n please bring your sweet juices to dee dorm faithfully.” he apologized and bowed down before you.

“alright peasant.” you giggled.

the eight of you finished up your food and drinks then, headed back outside to enjoy the last hour of the cookout.

in overall the boys had fun and found their new favorite drink thanks to you. you and yugyeom started dating. and bambam is still dabbing.

anonymous asked:

What are you favorite Voltron ships?

Hmmmm, well this is a hard question. I love a lot of ships in Voltron, so… Well, I’ll divide this answer into two sections. The ships I would like to see in canon and the ships I am just generally fond of, lol. 

Ships I’d be happy to see in canon (but I wouldn’t honestly be broken up if they didn’t happen. I don’t watch this show for the ships). These are mostly based on my own headcanons and are probably ships that most people don’t even think of, except for the first one. 

Klance: I think everyone who follows me knows I love Klance, lol. Especially in the advent of season 3. They work so well together and they’re growing so much in tandem. I think they could have really natural romantic development that starts from a place of deep friendship and trust. From rivals to partners to friends to best friends to lovers. I love it. I can’t get enough of them to be honest. They learn so much from each other and work so well as a team.  

Originally posted by mistbornhero

Pigtor (or Lotidge, I just learned): Yes. You read that right. I don’t even think this ship has a name? I may have just coined it, hahaha (I’m probably the only person that ships it)! But if it has a name, feel free to tell me. In any case, it’s Pidge and Lotor. “But Skay… what the fuck?” Just HEAR ME OUT, OKAY?! I already think that at some point Lotor is going to switch sides. It’ll be difficult, but I do hope he’ll come over to team Voltron, maybe as a result of something traumatic or learning the truth about his parents addiction, etc, etc. And no, I don’t ship them at the ages they are now–Pidge is 15, c’mon. And Lotor is clearly older. BUT in the future, I have a headcanon that as Lotor tries to rebuild the war-ravaged Galra kingdom, which has fallen apart as a result of no longer being an empire, Pidge is around being the green lion and generally doing genius things. She’s inventing things, working on nature/quintessence research, being awesome. Anyway, she and Lotor see each other once in a while and somehow maybe end up working together. Lotor has always had a deep respect for her intelligence and passion for what she’s doing, and as he watches her, he begins to fall for her. Pidge reminds me a lot of Honerva and I kind of like the idea of their story mirroring hers and Zarkon’s. But unlike Zarkon, Lotor has more self-awareness and sees when Pidge might be getting a little out of control. He loves her passion, but with any resource in the universe at her disposal, she begins to get lost in her work. Lotor could encourage her, but when he sees that she’s dabbling in the dangerous parts of quintessence work, he pulls her back. His own parents were destroyed by such things and he won’t allow that path to be repeated. Pidge and Lotor have formed a pretty close friendship at this point and she sees his point, realizing her own errors. It’s probably a very dramatic part in their story, but yeah. From there things maybe develop more romantically. And then Pidge becomes Queen of the Galra and she and Lotor kind of become everything Zarkon and Honerva could have been, leading their people and doing great things with their research, but knowing from Zarkon and Honerva when something is going too far. This is a huge development for Pidge because, as she is in the show now, I’m sure she’s of the opinion that learning anything and everything is what’s right, similar to how Honerva felt. But I think that, through Lotor, she’d realize that while knowledge is powerful and should be exposed for all, there are also some things that are, perhaps, best left unknown. I also headcanon that Lotor is the only one that calls her Katherine (because I want that to be her full first name) because he thinks it’s a beautiful name. When they were younger, it annoyed the crap out of Pidge, but as they got older, she didn’t mind. Honestly, I love this ship so much. YOU CAN’T STOP ME! PIGTOR FOREVER!  

Originally posted by keithandpidge

Originally posted by kaeveeoh

Hallura: I read a fic where Hunk and Allura were together and I was like, “huh, that’s interesting…” And from there the ship just got better and better for me. And now that they’re both legs, I’m like “okay, so let’s have some Hunk and Allura development where Hunk is like ‘and this is how you do this move.’” And I just kinda want them to become friends because I think Hunk will become more calm and levelheaded as he gets older, and that he’ll be a good, steady presence for Allura as she continues her diplomatic stuff. Like, she’ll get back from a meeting and Hunk will just be there, ready to comfort her and de-stress her and I just really love them, OKAY?! Like, Allura being upset about her people and her planet and Hunk is just there beside her, saying nothing but being there and just… letting her grieve. I also think his sense of humor would be really good for her. I need Hunk and Allura development so bad…

Originally posted by alteanrose

Shiro/Romelle: Romelle doesn’t actually exist in the show yet, but I’m hoping that when the rebels get introduced, she’ll, like, be their leader or something. She’s from planet Pollux in the original Voltron, and I think was Allura’s cousin? Anyway, maybe the Polluxians are related to the Alteans, or maybe she is altean and is descended down from the lines of what few Alteans weren’t on Altea when it was destroyed. I don’t know. I just want her to be a badass rebel that saves Shiro and they fall in love. Maybe she’s a lot like Allura, but has a more battle-worn maturity about her, and maybe she and Shiro bond over that. 

Originally posted by yatsugarekun

Sibling/Platonic!Sheith: I love sibling relationships, probably because I have a lot of siblings, lol. I love the idea of Keith and Shiro being half-brothers (which would make Shiro and Acxa half-siblings too, if she and Keith are twins, which I hope they are). I just… love the idea of them being brothers so much. And Keith finding his family, and having parts of that family on top of his Voltron family. I NEED IT! 

Originally posted by babe-in-red

Those are the ship I like best when related to what canon we have at the moment. But I also like all these ships to. 

Shallura: They’re both so mature and have their own demons, I think they’d be really beautiful together and balance each other out. They’d be the support the other needs in hard times and I think it’s just a really… bitter-sweetly beautiful ship. They’d become each other’s strength. 

Originally posted by mrsruberduckyjr

Hunk/Acxa: I basically like Hunk and Acxa together for the same reasons I like Hunk and Allura together, lol. I also think that Acxa probably has a lot of the same displacement issues that Keith does (if they are brother and sister, which I like to think they are), and that Hunk would be a really steady presence for her to come back to.

Originally posted by jamiereyes

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Shance: I love a good “you’re my idol and I might be falling in love with you, but you’re so amazing I’m too scared to say anything” trope, lol. 

Originally posted by enhance-lance

Allura/Acxa: I dunno I just really like them. 

Originally posted by lcnce

Originally posted by ezoracxa

Allurance: I like the idea of Lance having liked Allura, but then he kind of grows out it. But then Allura develops feelings for him, but doesn’t feel it’s appropriate to act on them. So it’s this long, drawn out back and forth that gets resolved when they’re older and fall in love again, this time at the same time.  

Originally posted by jamiereyes

Um… I think that’s all the ship that kind inspire me creatively? With the exception of a few, I like most Voltron ships, but I think these are the ones I like the best from a creative, personal standpoint, lol. 

Originally posted by pan-voltron

EDIT: I forgot the most important one!

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Sven and Slav XD

When they see you playing with guns and not being careful with it

Kim Namjoon : 

He was explaining about his job when suddenly you grabbed a gun and looking it intense to it’s hole pointing at you. He would jump and took it from you away. 

“Babe, don’t play my things. Keep playing with money and buy clothes or makeup.” 

Kim Seok Jin : 

“No, no, don’t touch it. No, it’s dangerous.” He wouldn’t let you to see his weapons room anymore because you cut yourself with a knife you were holding to. “No touching knives except when you’re cooking, okay?”

Min Yoongi : 

He might be a cold-hearted person but when he saw you getting curious with one of his things he would grabbed your arms away and put his things to his room. “Can you please be more cautious with it?” 

Jung Hoseok : 

“Don’t touch that, no.”

“Hun, put it down please, you’re scaring me.” 

“Don’t hold the knife like that, oh my God.” 

Park Jimin : 

“Well, a pretty girl like you won’t touch these kinds of things. Let’s buy some clothes for you.”

Kim Taehyung :

He would walked near you and eyed your hands so you won’t get hurt. But also, deep in his thought, he would taught you some basic self-defense if you got into an unwanted scenario. 

Jeon Jungkook :

Proudly presents his guns collection and let you touched them. He laughed as you cut your finger with a knife but he would stroked your hair and treat the wound, “It’s a lesson for you so you won’t touch things like this and it’s my job to handle this kind of thing. Okay?”

Breathe ~ An Avenger’s Story  (4/15)

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AU Summary:Y/N snaps and reveals them her powers and ends up in a holding cell.

Notes: This is just a broad explanation for Y/N’s powers. There will be more details on that later. Hope you guys like it! 

Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5


The next morning, Steve, Natasha, Clint, Tony and Fury were in Y/N’s room. Trying to persuade her again. But the night before, her talk with Steve made her think about her situation. About what will Y/N do now?

“Miss Y/L/N? Have you made a decision? My patience is wearing thin.” Fury told her as he sat on the couch with the same grey folder on the table in front of him. Steve was standing the closest to Y/N while Clint and Natasha stood by the door. Tony was on his phone the whole time, seemingly not paying attention.

“Why do you need me for anyway, you’ve got a great team.” Y/N said.

“That I do, Miss Y/L/N. But here in SHIELD, we are always looking for ways to improve.” he said. “Now, will you join the team or will you assist us?”

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Class B dorm room headcanons
  • Kendou: tidy and spotless. properly stacked text books everywhere. actually has a lot of motorbike magazines under the bed. 
  • Tetsutetsu: videogames everywhere. at least five different consoles around the TV. everybody comes to his room to play. has books on the table but never touches them. they are just there for decoration
  • Ibara: just like Shouji, minimalist and clean. has a lot of plants. the rest of the class thinks it looks sad so they bought her a cute table to put in the middle of the room.
  • Monoma: have you seen this ugly drawing of a duck? he bought it in France to a man whose name he can’t nor doesn’t know how to pronounce. full of extravagant, tacky things. he thinks it’s fancy. there’s no space to walk or sit. you have to sit on the bed and it’s awkward.
  • Yanagi: Tokoyami and she buy their furniture in the same place. ouija board always on the table. not the best place to have your tea. everybody is kind of scared of her room. except Sen. he uses it as a dark room to develop his pictures.
  • Manga: full of Shonen Jump copies. also a lot of drawings scattered on the floor. it’s a pretty normal room if you ask me. people like to go there and watch him draw.
  • Pony: has the cutest room. all pink and pastel. invites people to come to her room all the time. invited Monma once in front of everybody and there was chaos. she just wanted to hang out with her bff. has a lot of pictures of her family because she misses them a lot.
  • Tsuburaba: the Normall Guy™ with a lot of sport themed stuff around. there’s a baseball bat in the wardrobe. Sen basically lives there. actually has a lot of books and notes around because he has a hard time concentrating while studying so having them everywhere helps him to memorize. it’s kind of chaotic but at least is better than Monoma’s room.
  • Kuroiro: it’s dark guys.

Imagine Chris finding out you wrote his favorite love story.

A/N: Part 2 is here, yo! :) You can find the previous parts here: (Unexpected Reader - Part 1) I’m really liking where this is going, do you? ❤️

After Chris returned with your second vanilla latte, and his first green tea- he wasn’t a coffee person unless his schedule needed him to be- the both of you chatted at your corner table in Starbucks. The way you talked to each other, it was like two old friends rather than a fan with her celebrity crush. You’d started the conversation incredibly nervous; you’d had to hide your clammy palms under your butt in fear that he’d reach over and give your hand another pat or gentle squeeze. But the more you talked to Chris, the calmer you became about the whole situation. You didn’t know what it was about him that normalized him despite his celebrity status and deadly good looks, but for a second- you could almost forget that you were talking to Chris Evans.

Believe it or not, Chris was everything you’d imagined he’d be, and more- if that was even possible. The way you’d portrayed him in your stories was- as far as you could see- a hundred and ten percent accurate. The man was sweet, kind, funny, intelligent, and real. Chris was real, he was real with his questions, his comments, and his interest in what you had to say. You were so lost in the conversation- in his darling blue eyes- that you forgot to take some notes so you could write a piece based around this once in a lifetime meeting, though you doubt you needed anything to remind you of this interaction. You were pretty sure this was something you were going to remember on your deathbed, which was surely moments away if he continued to smile at you the way he was.

Now the realistic side of you reminded you not to fall too hard for, or get too attached to the man you clearly had no chance with; you had to know that Chris was just talking to you to pass time in a boring airport. But the hopelessly romantic and imaginative side of you said otherwise; Chris wasn’t the kind of guy who would approach a girl unless he was genuinely interested, be it romantically, or platonically. You may not have known him personally, but you knew he wasn’t the kind of guy who would lead people on, or use people. You’d watched enough interviews, read enough articles and fan encounters, and written enough fan fiction to know that he was a genuinely nice guy who was worth befriending and loving if you were ever lucky enough to acquire those chances. Perhaps you didn’t have a chance at being his girlfriend like you’d always dreamed of, but maybe- just maybe, you had a chance at being his friend.

“So tell me, Y/N.” He began and smiled when he saw how much more relaxed you were with him now than you were at the start of the conversation. Your hands had dried and returned to thrum the tabletop quietly as you waited for him to finish his sentence. “What made you want to pursue screen writing?”

“Would you believe me if I said you?” You quizzed with a small smile, which grew wider when you saw him smile. You started explaining when you saw his facials prompt a continuation, “I um- I’ve always loved writing, ever since I was kid. I liked making up stories, imagining all the different lives I could live and all the different jobs I could do. It was a good escape from my mundane life,” you admitted with pursed lips. “But uh- I never really thought about turning it into a career until I started writing fan fiction about you on Tumblr.”

“How do you mean?”

“I wrote as an escape,” you said and he nodded, acknowledging what you’d told him earlier “I took myself into a different world where I could have the perfect life with the perfect guy so I could feel better. Writing was like a safe haven, a place where nothing bad could get to me. It made me happy and I realized…” You trailed off, licking your dry lips. “There must be a lot of people like me out there who needed someone else to be, someone wonderful to be with. I just- there had to be someone out there who needed a safe haven too.”

“So you started posting on Tumblr,” he finished for you and you nodded.

“I started out pretty slow, I had a few likes here and there. Um- It took a while for me to build a fan base, but eventually- I had a reasonable number of readers who supported all my pieces. A lot of them thanked me for writing something that took their mind off a bad day. Some thanked me for making them smile and-” You felt your eyes welled with tears of joy; you were still touched every time you talked about your interactions with your readers. “And some would tell me that my stories gave them a reason to hold out for a love as strong as the ones I wrote about.”

Chris smiled as he listened to you answer his question in great detail with an indescribable amount of pride and passion. He felt his heart flutter as he unknowingly starting falling for you. You were a lot like the protagonist in one of his favorite love stories, which was surprisingly a Chris Evans mini series written by a fan on Tumblr. He’d found the link lodged away in his Twitter mentions, a simple sentence “you deserve a love as strong as this” caught his attention and invited him into the world of fan fiction. He spent a whole day reading the entire series and wishing he’d the life that Chris Evans had, wishing he had the girl that Chris Evans had. He was still yet to ask if you’d heard about the series, perhaps you could help him find out who wrote it because he’d love to meet and talk to the talented and obviously lovely author who surely based the second person protagonist around herself. Maybe she was the one, maybe they could get together and try to work towards the life she wrote about.

“What I thought was a hobby changed people’s lives for the better,” you continued and he nodded, smiling. “So how can I not make that into a career? How can I waste my ability to inspire and touch people through my words? To make them realize that they deserve something great? I don’t know, I’m rambling a little.” You chuckled nervously and he shook his head. “I just feel like if I can change one life, my time on this earth has been worthwhile.”

“That’s sweet,” he smiled. “Like- that’s just-” He found himself at a lost for words as he watched you intently. He chuckled softly with a shake of his head, “you’re- you’re kind of amazing, Y/N.” You felt your cheeks flush as you bit back your growing smile. “That is- that’s an amazing answer to such a simple question. But before I say anything else, I don’t think I have anything to do with your decision. I’m just one of the pieces, y'know? I mean- it sounds to me like you would’ve done something amazing with your talent even if you weren’t a fan of mine. I was just lucky enough to be the one you wrote about, I had nothing to do with any of it.”

“Well that’s not entirely true,” you chuckled. “I wouldn’t have pursued anything if I weren’t a fan of yours.” You told him and he narrowed his eyes in confusion. “Yes, I would’ve wrote about someone else but- your success story is kind of what made me push myself into studying screenwriting. In all your interviews, you talked about pushing yourself into what scares you. Like working with Marvel and going to New York to pursue your acting career- those stories are what inspired me to pursue my own, I would’ve never if it weren’t for you.”

He smiled, unsure of what to say except, “I’m glad I could help. You’re very talented from what I could see over your shoulder,” he said then chuckled when you did. “Would you mind letting me read something else of yours? I promise I won’t judge,” he told you when you looked hesitant. “Unless you’re one of those kinky smut writers,” he teased. “‘Cause then maybe there’ll be a little judgement.”

“Hey, some of my best friends are kinky smut writers.”

“Oh,” he chuckled. “Well, I don’t mean any disrespect to them. I’m just- stunned they can come up with what they come up with. Perhaps I should take a few tips, turn my vanilla based life into something more swirly.” He joked and you laughed, covering your mouth when you realized you were attracting attention.

“Like you need any tips on how to get things done in the bedroom,” you said then blushed when he smiled. “Fine,” you opened your laptop screen and turned it towards him after opening your most successful piece; your mini-series. “It’s um- It’s a mini-series, so it’s fairly long.” You explained and Chris’ heart skipped a beat; his eyes quickly scanned what was in front of him so he could determine if you were the girl he was looking for. “You don’t have to read it all, you can just-”

“Holy crap,” his eyes stopped at one of the many sentences he’d read a thousand times. “Drunk minds speak for a sober heart,” he mumbled to himself then looked up at you. Your eyes narrowed in confusion when you saw the way he was looking at you. Was that- adoration? You were about to question him when he smiled and breathed, “it’s you.”

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Part 3A

Imagine you being the one to piece Ivar back together

 Hey you write for Ivar from vikings yeah? 😊 If so please can I make a request for Ivar x female!reader where they get into a bad argument about something and at one point he raises his voice/raises his arms and the reader instinctively flinches away from the movement. He immediately comforts her but feels guilty because he thinks she’s scared of him, but reader reassures him she still trusts and loves him? Thank you so much, appreciate it! X
Note: A little inspired because of that gifset from Ivar and Margrethe @whenimaunicorn posted recently. Hope  this is any good and it was like you imagined. I really loved writing it, have a weak heart for Ivar his vulnerability. <3

Words: 1715

Ragnar being back wasn’t really a present for the boys, especially when he asked each one of them to come with him back to England except for Ivar. You always hated it, how some people treated Ivar as the weak one while you knew for sure he was mentally the strongest of them all. But everywhere you came there was that silence, that tensing. Alsaug hardly talked, Sigurd and Ivar had more conflict that before and Ubbe and Hvitserk really didn’t care, they were drinking and eating while Ivar just looked in front of him, almost waiting for someone to take on his bad mood. But nobody did, being a friend of him, being in love with him maked you feel compassionate with his situation. If you had a bigger mouth you would confront Ragnar with the fact but you knew Ivar wouldn’t like that. And it wasn’t your business so you just stayed put, listening to the conversation that went fort and back between the brothers … except for Ivar. It felt like he wasn’t there, a ghost on a table for his brothers and mother while he was the most visible person for you. But you stayed out of it, knowing those  family matters weren’t easy to handle, centainly not when Aslaug stood in charge and Sigurd and Ivar were in the same room. Over the years you learned a big deal over the sons of Ragnar. It got you quite close in a friendship with Ivar, what started with him being so dominant around you. But you learned to handle and respect him in a certain way, evolving to a friendship. Althrought you felt more for him.

You were home, having no mother since bird and a father that was half the time away, you felt quite hollow in this house, scared almost. You were just pulling of your dress when you startled from the knocking on the door.
‘Who is it?’ You asked, pulling back that dress on.
‘You don’t get much visitors except for me so take a wild guess.’ The door swung open, you hand’t even the time to get it open for him before he crawled in. 
‘Ivar.’ You greeted him carefully. He was right, you didn’t got much visitors, you weren’t one of those popular slavegirls where Ubbe and Hvitserk ran after all the time. Maybe that’s why Ivar hang around you much, he had at least some kind of claim on you.
‘Father came,’ he began. You tied your dress back together and looked how he pulled himself on to your bed … althrought their was a table and chairs.
‘I’m going to England with him.’ He said with that confident smirk on his face. You opened your mouth, instincly wanting to congratulate him but on second thoughts you didn’t. Why would you? He was going away with his father, back to England, knowing out of the stories they weren’t that eager on inviting vikings, certainly not Ragnar. Half England probarbly wanted him dead. And Ivar was gonna join him, he couldn’t really blame you for being skeptical. ‘What is it?’ He signed. You opened your mouth, shut it again and went to sit aside him on the bed.
‘I just have my doubts.’
‘Wich doubts?’ He asked. You were glad he at least wanted to listen to your opninion on the matter.
‘It’s that your father isn’t really a hero over there, there are many christians who want him dead. And you are going with him,’ You didn’t finish your sentence, hoping he would get it on his own. But he didn’t or he didn’t want to admit to it.
‘What are you saying Y/n.’ He said almost inpatient. You sighed and took a deep breath.
‘Being concerned about you I don’t think it’s a good idea to go . It could get you killed, or worse captured.’ You explained in one large breath. His bleu eyes almost pierced through yours and you swallowed slowly, knowing this could go two ways. He was mostly calm around you but the last couple of days, since Ragnar returned he was a little short tempered. You saw him do already some things with his brother, you weren’t really jumping to meet that side of him to.
‘Because I’m a cripple, is that what you are saying?’ He asked you rather sharp. You looked down to the wooden floor, thinking how you could get this strarting argument turned in to no argument at all. When you looked back at him he was still looking at you with those almost harened hollow eyes.
‘No,’ you began steady. ‘I would say it to everybody. I’m just not sure if it is wise.’ You constructed your sentences in a way he could pick an insult out of it.
‘It’s my one change to go with my father.’
‘And maybe your last.’ You reacted on that, being honest now maybe wasn’t your best move.
‘I would rather die there aside my father than here among the people that so disgust me.’ He pointed to the door.
‘Ivar, you’re not thinking with a straight mind. Ragnar his return maked you all so tensed, placing your emotions into the situation. I don’t think you thought about it.’
‘Who are you to say what I can and can’t do!’ He yelled, trewing his arms up like he was going to hit you. And in a reflex you pulled away from the bed, away from him, away from his anger. While doing it you thought about the consequenties this could have. You never believed that he would hurt you. But you saw already so much of his anger towards others that it was an instinct your body produced being around him. And that instinct frooze him right on his place. You stayed on that distant, five steps away maybe, hardly more while you looked at him. He looked so distant, so angry while he slowly lowered his arms before his eyes looked back at you and your tensed body standing there. In seconds his mood turned around, you saw that vulnerability, that pain, the uncertainty in his always looking strong blue eyes. ‘You thought I would hurt you.’ He said. You felt your heart cracking open a little, afraid that the previous argument would change everything between you.
‘Why did you jump away then?’ He asked, not looking to you but to the floor. You felt guilty for still standing there while he got all wrapped up in his emotions. You walked back to the bed, sitting aside him, turning your body towards him.
‘It was a reflex Ivar. It didn’t mean a thing.’ You tried to reassure him. He looked at you, his strong blue eyes not so strong anymore.
‘You thought I was going to hurt you, like I do with everybody I know.’ He turned his eyes back to the wooden floor. You layed two fingers carefully under his chin, pulling his eyes right back to you.
‘Everybody is a little afraid of Ivar The Boneless, it isn’t a bad thing, you will do powerfull things with it. My body just reacted on the violence I already saw in my life. It has nothing to do with you, I know you won’t hurt me.’ You explained on a soft tone. His eyes traveled to your hand still stabilitating his fragile face.
‘But you are scared of me?’
‘Everybody always is Ivar. That doesn’t mean it effects me. You are my friend, I,’ you felt silence, looking away for a moment, doubting if you would say that. But when you turned back, saw that vulnerability again you knew it wasn’t something he showed everybody. ‘I love you more than I’m scared of you.’ You finally said. ‘And I don’t want you to go because I’m afraid that you will die, won’t return.’ You went futher. He cracked a little under those words. You hand fell back in your lap while some kind of disbelief filled his face. Aside his mother and brothers nobody really loved Ivar the Boneless, except for you. Because you saw his potential, the greatness, the tenderness of his heart. And surly now, the uncertainty in his eyes maked it even a better feeling than it already was. ‘You don’t believe me?’ You asked with a small smile on your lips. He looked back at you. You layed your hand against his jaw and pulled him closer, placing a kiss on his lips. His first reaction was to do nothing, but while you brought more pressure on his lips he opened them a little and answered yours in so much uncertainty. When you pulled back you let your forehead rest against his. He blincked his eyes, looked at you and a small uncertain smile came on his lips. ‘Go if you want to. Be great, be fearless, come back with fame. I will be here waiting.’ You stroke his jawline before you lost the contact with him and pulled back completly.
‘I will.’ He whispered. He looked aside to you and you smiled, a loving smile and he just watched you do it.
‘You can stay, if you want to.’ You nodded to the bed. He nodded, still in conflict with everything he felt of emotions.

But in the end of that night you laid aside him, gazing into the room and thinking of what you had accomplished while you listened to his steady breating aside you. You broke him a little, by pulling back on his reaction …. But you pieced him back together, even more than before. You felt him turn, a hand sneaking over your waist, pulling you closer. You turned his side. It was hard to see if he was sleeping, or preteding he was sleeping but it was a nice feeling. His lips rested against your shoulder, you felt his warm breath on your skin while his hand layed on your stomach, holding you close. Maybe somebody as ruthless and disturbed as Ivar needed some love in his life, maybe he had to learn how to love before he could grow even bigger. You knew one thing, Ivar wasn’t a bad person, it was the world that maked him bad.

Creepypasta #1165: The Shrieker

Length: Long

I can hear it already. It’s barely dusk. It’s screeches are penetrating my walls, calling for a reaction. I can’t look, or it will know. Once it can see me, I can’t react. Can’t move. There’s nothing that can be done. I just have to wait until morning.

It all started when I was a kid. Seven years old, to be exact. I grew up right off of a small town. My dad was a farmer, so surprise, we lived on a farm. My family owned around 150 acres of land, most of which consisted of thick woods. I would often have friends come over and my dad would light a campfire and tell horror stories to us all. I remember one time he even made my friend pee himself, so we had to go in for the night. However, my dad never told me this one. Maybe because it wasn’t fake. Maybe he held onto this one because he was hoping I wouldn’t have to live through it. I’m sorry Dad, your effort failed.

One night, at the age of seven, I woke up in the middle of the night. At first, I didn’t know exactly why, but around 30 seconds after I awoke, I found my reason. I can’t forget the first time I heard it. I thought my ears would start bleeding. The yell was extremely high pitched… And so loud. It sounded like what you might imagine a young woman would sound like if she were being brutally murdered, except it sounded like her mouth was right next to my ears. 

I couldn’t hear myself think. It would screech for five seconds, then be quiet for 30. I was petrified, I couldn’t move. Remember when you were a kid, and you would hear something just out of your view, and even though you knew it was nothing, deep down you were still scared and couldn’t move? Well, it was kind of like that, except I didn’t know I was okay. I was scared, right down to my bones.

After a couple of minutes of the screeching, I finally started to get up. I was too scared to not know, and it sounded like it was coming from the edge of the forest. I sat up in my bed, and swung my legs over. I lived on the second story of my house, so in order to see the ground I had to be closer to the window. I started walking towards the window, another shriek caused me to wince and cower. Before I recovered, I was wrapped into a bear hold, a man’s hand covering my mouth. I tried to fight back, tried to yell, but the hand prevented my noise from being too loud.

My dad’s voice calmed me down as his hand began to loosen from my mouth. It was too late, though, It had heard me. I saw it then, on the edge of the woods. It looked kind of like a person, but it was much taller. At least 12 feet. It’s arms and legs were the length of people. Its features were hidden by the darkness, It’s silhouette standing eerily still in the moonlight, but its eyes… They were piercing, bright, vibrant white dots in the distance. They were looking right at me. 

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This is based off a session of headcannoning (That’s not a word, but it should be) with @nayavelazquez. It’s ridiculous and not that well written tbh, but I hope you like it, love. I know I promised this to you months ago and look! I finally wrote it! Again I wish you a very happy birthday <3
This is basically just Solangelo fighting over Bohemian Rhapsody lyrics because nobody can convince me they do not have midnight dance parties and Bohemian rhapsody is the best song to do that to so. Enjoy!

Anyway the wind blows

No, William.’

Yes, Nico.’

‘You weren’t even alive when that song was popular!’

‘As if you were listening to music then?’

‘It was a casino. There was a radio. They played music, thank you very much.’

Will Solace and Nico di Angelo’s voices were filling the quiet that normally engulfed Camp Half-Blood at night. They were probably the only ones awake and had been for a while. At three in the morning, everyone was in bed and if it was known that Will Solace was in the Habes cabin at this hour, it probably wouldn’t end well. Not only did the rule that no two campers of opposite gender were allowed to be alone change so that Nico and Will weren’t allowed either, (Not that that rule was taken seriously; it was probably the one rule that got broken the most.) more important was the fact that it was at night. Two teenage, hormonal boys alone with their boyfriend at night? Some shocking, inappropriate things were bound to happen!

Well… a lot of things did happen, but maybe not necessarily what you’d expect. The two boys had been engaged in an intense lip-sync battle, that quickly escalated to them simply singing at the top of their lungs and dancing around the cabin; the one dance move more ridiculous than the previous one.

Will had an old mp-3 that didn’t give off any signals to monsters and he had every single popular song on it. From All you need is love to Baby to I can’t help falling in love to High School Musical to Money, Money, Money to Bohemian Rhapsody. Nico, surprisingly, or not so surprisingly, knew most of the older ones. Will saw it as his personal duty to educate Nico on modern pop culture and he took that very seriously.

At the moment the music was drowned out by their arguing, though. When Bohemian Rhapsody had come on, everything had gone downhill.

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Okay, so we all agree that after Keith is revealed to be a Galra, all the drama happens, and things are sad, right?

But what about, after things have calmed down, Keith trying his damn hardest to make the best of his situation. He’s a Galra, right? Time to help the team figure out Galra weaknesses. He trains against them all, one by one, so that they can figure out the best ways to take a Galra soldier down. He lets Pidge and Coran and Allura perform scan after scan, test after test, so they can fully understand Galra anatomy and physiology. No matter how uncomfortable he may feel, if this helps the team, he’s willing to put up with it.

But the most important thing to him is helping Shiro. Shiro, who still flinches when he catches sight of Keith, who sometimes will freeze up when they’re fighting. Shiro is (understandably) terrified of the Galra, and Keith wants to help.

How? Well, the fun thing about Galra is that their fur? Actually happens to be really soft. Like, think giant purple chinchillas. His ears are even softer because they’re super fluffy. Keith gets the idea from Pidge, who mentions off-hand that they wish they could pet Keith’s ears, and Keith figures why not try it? If letting Shiro pet his super fluffy and soft ears will make him feel better, then he is gonna try it.

Of course, the tricky part is how to approach Shiro with the idea. He can’t exactly go up to his leader and just say, “Hey I noticed you’re still kind of scared of me but if you want you can pet my super fluffy ears and maybe that will make you feel better?”

(Actually, it turns out you can do that. And Keith doesthat because he can’t think of anything better. And it’s weird and awkward at first but somehow it actually works and it turns out petting Keith’s ears is actually really soothing and therapeutic and he ends up kind of offering to the rest of his team sometimes too except he only does it when they’re having a really bad time because it’s kind of embarrassing for him but Shiro’s allowed to pet his ears whenever because Shiro is always having a really bad time and Keith just wants to help so yeah Shiro has unlimited ear access. And all is well)

Just wanted to throw that out there. Consider the fluffy possibilities

happy birthday, sunshine kid

hey joshua. happy birthday. actually i started writing this like three weeks before your birthday so i could fit everything i wanted to say in here, and i’m probably gonna procrastinate a lot during this so yeah it took three weeks. (update: k i’m two weeks in and i’m literally taking 3-day breaks between each paragraph because i guess i’d rather eat raspberries and gawk over space than write a letter to my role model, wow)

just wanted to drop by and tell you that i think you’re really really cool, and don’t you dare say nor think otherwise because iT iS faCt oKAy??¿? you’re super cool. the coolest. and i’m gonna tell you why you’re super cool now, so prepare for love and adoration-filled words and paragraphs because wow you’re cool, man.

okay, first) i love your hair. it honestly looks good in any color. except for when it was orange, orange washes you out. sorry, my mom’s a makeup artist and my best friend’s mom is a cosmetologist so i know stuff about hair and what colors work with what. (for your eye and skin color, stick with pastel purples, blues, and pinks, but if you want a more bold color, keep yellow or go for that shade of red right before it’s considered pink. like a raspberry or something. natural brown also looks great with hazel eyes, but you probably don’t want brown hair again so yeah)

i really love how energetic you are while playing the drums. you’re bouncy and aggressive and i love to dance to it. i kind of want a track where it’s only drums so i can just sit back and listen to some good ol drummin’. please don’t take this in a creepy way but i like watching videos of you drumming and i like to watch your hands while you’re drumming because i find it calming to match your movements with the beats and the noises and stuff. except lane boy, that scares me. i fell asleep watching a video of you drumming doubt or message man or something like that, i can’t remember but it had kind of a chill vibe to it and i dozed off for a good hour or so and i woke up and it was 2:00 in the afternoon and i was wondering what the heck i was doing with my life.

okay, next, i adore how brave you are. i’ve got anxiety, like you, and i can hardly order my quesalupa at taco bell without stuttering even a little. but you – YOU stand on stage in front of thousands of people and go absolutely nuts on your drums and it’s pretty freaky and it scares me a little but it’s still so cool to watch.

i also love how you look super tough and hardcore with all your tattoos (which are beautiful, by the way) and piercings (also beautiful) but you’re actually a really nice, chill dude with a passion for drums.

i like that instead of being loud verbally, you’re loud physically. there’s nothing that stands out in a crowd more than sleeve tats, nose rings, bright yellow hair, and a beautiful smile paired with some sweet dimples, bringing together a great guy named joshua dun. ya ‘mazin’.

i love that you’re so passionate about what you do. i’ve NEVER seen a more wild (wilder? i think it’s wilder. let’s go with wilder) drummer than you. it is FRICKING. AWESOME. no other drummer can make me headbang ‘til i’m dizzy and can’t walk straight for a few minutes. (coughFAIRLYLOCALcough)

i love that, even though you’re quiet, you’re so introspective. you’ve got an outerspace-filled mind and you don’t see the night sky as simply black, you see it as purple and blue and red and green and whatever the heck else you can imagine. you’re so brilliant. your brain is so amazing. it’s like half of the universe decided to plant itself in there because you are one introspective boy that sees everything in so many colors; so many, you decided to take those colors and spread them over your body in the form of tattoos and hair dye.

you’ve also inspired me to get tattoos. my grandfather passed away a few years ago and i’ve always wanted something to honor him, but i didn’t know what, until i was really looking at your’s and tyler’s tats, and i thought, “oh, that’s it! i’ll get a tattoo!” so i’m gonna get a moon on my wrist because he always used to say 'i love you to the moon and back’ and he’s the main reason i love space so much. so thanks for giving me the idea, and tell tyler i said thanks too.

oh, i’ve got synesthesia too and you. are. so. COLORFUL! you change colors everyday! you’re the only person i’ve EVER seen that can do that! it’s so amazing! your “natural” color (the color you are the most) is pink-red though. and when you’re onstage, your color changes completely. during the vessel era, you were always serene blues and purples and during blurryface, you’re bright red and you flash like a strobe light. you are so, so beautifully colorful.

one last thing; you’re human and that’s so incredible. you’re gonna mess up, you’re gonna make mistakes, but that’s okay. you’re not a god, you’re not perfect. you’ve got your flaws. you are simply human and that is one of the most respectable things you could ever possess (that’s a lot of S’s).

if you can’t tell already, i really adore you. i don’t mean “you’re adorable,” i mean you’re my fricking hero, my role model, the kind of person i want to be. you’re everything that i try to be (except a man. i’m just fine as a female, thank you). i want the kind of strength it takes to stand on a stage and overcome my anxiety. i want to be able to express myself physically without people telling me not to and holding me back. i want to have my name out there. i want to feel the overwhelming joy of listening to crowd of people sing YOUR songs (well, my songs i guess). buuuuut i can’t be you because there’s only one you and you fill that role perfectly, but i’ll work my way up to being at least semi-similar to you. i want to get up to being able to preform onstage. that’s my goal right now. stand on a stage without freaking out. let’s do this.

congrats on another year on this earth. glad you’re alive. wouldn’t be the same without you. happy birthday!

evangeline (or eve, whichever you want)

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this thing about the supreme court overturning public unions is really scaring me. i'm kind of a political neophyte, but is there anything we could do to try and stop it?

You could have voted for Hillary Clinton.

Edit: Sorry, I didn’t mean to be glib, but the Supreme Court is the last word on legal cases. There’s literally nothing you can do to stop them except choose the president who appoints them. But once they’re in, they’re in for life. Elections are life and death if only for this reason.

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28 for feysand!!!

I didn’t know what to do.

About Rhys, about me, about us. And our fight… It shouldn’t have been an issue. I shouldn’t have cared. But I did, and it terrified me.

Because something had changed between Rhys and I. Something that I didn’t know whether to run from or embrace. Something I didn’t even know I was ready for.

Except that I did, and I hated that.

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Impossible Girl - Newt

Your name: submit What is this?

I stood with the other Gladers, watching the entrance to the maze intently. Newt hadn’t come out yet. Everybody had come out, but Newt hadn’t come out. I was bouncing on my heels, fidgeting so much that my thumbs had probably accumulated enough displacement to match Pluto to Earth.

“He’ll make it,” Alby whispered, directed to me.

“We don’t know that,” I muttered.

I was just a medjack. I was just someone who helped people with paper cuts or burns.

“Come on,” I muttered, walking closer to the entrance. Finally, a limping figure came to view. “There he is,” I smiled.

“Thank—” Minho began, but the doors started closing. My eyes widened. He was too far.

“No,” I muttered.

“Gally,” Alby called. Gally held me back.

“What?! No! You can’t just leave him, he’s too far!” I screamed, thrashing.

“Y/N, listen—” Alby began.

“Sorry,” I muttered to Gally.

“What—” I stepped on his foot and elbowed his face, making him let go of me and I bolted into the cave.

“Y/N, what are you—” Newt began.

“No time, but I do apologize if this hurts,” I mentioned. If I just helped, him walk through, he still wouldn’t make it. He needed a jump start, some momentum and adrenaline to forget the pain. So, knowing this, I kissed him then pushed him with all my strength. 

I guess it’s true what they say about women lifting cars to protect the people they love, because he went running.

And the doors shut behind him. I, at first, laughed out of hysteria.

“Oh, I am so screwed,” I laughed to myself. I calmed down, turning around and coming face to face with a griever who roared in my face. I bolted the other direction.

“Oh, what is this?” I whispered to myself as I found a path leading to a vault door. I walked towards it. “Aren’t you just a sight for sore eyes?” I chuckled. I looked around. It looked like some sort of nest for the grievers, but they were all empty, considering they were all prowling the maze because it was night.

I walked closer to the vault. It had a keypad to insert some sort of number code.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. I put in, making it flash red and beep.

“Huh,” I muttered. “What is it? Some birthday? Some anniversary date or…” I put it more random codes, but they all they ended up doing was making the keypad flash red and beep.

Suddenly, it wouldn’t stop beeping.

“Okay! Okay! I get it!” I whisper-yelled at it. “I’m sorry! Shh!! Be quiet!” I whispered. I put it more codes, but to no avail. “You’ll get the grievers here if you don’t—” I heard a growl behind me and I turned around, seeing a griever. “Would you give me a ten minute head start to run if I told you that I had a good reason to be here?” I spat out.

Y/N! I scolded myself, This is no time to be funny! Run!

I couldn’t run forwards, considering the big, giant monstrosity in front of me, so I did the somewhat sane thing and I jumped of the path into a chasm.

I grabbed one of the blades with my hands, yelping as I felt it break my skin. I hissed in pain, pulling myself up. I began to climb out.

Come morning, I was a bit lost. I had no clue where I was. I continued navigating the maze, only with less running. I just needed to find the way out. I had spent the whole night running, I was a bit tired, to say the least.

It was evening again. The doors would close any minute.

I turned a few more corners, feeling hopeless.

“There’s no point! I’ll never find it!” I groaned, leaning against a wall. “I’m gonna die in here,” I admitted to myself. I began to feel something crawl on my shoulder. “I mean, what, with the mess I’m in. But hey, at least I saved him, right? That has to count for—” I looked at my shoulder to see a big, furry, orange and black spider. I inhaled sharply and I screamed, shoving off and bolted for the hills

“Shucking klunking bloody hell!” I screamed leaping into Newt’s arms without a thought.

“Oh my god,” Alby muttered.

“She’s alive. A bit jacked, but she’s alive,” Minho murmured

“You’d be jacked too! There was a spider the size of Gally in there!” I screamed.

“You mean grievers, love?” Newt asked, putting me down. I shook my head feverishly.

“Ah ah. Nope. Not grievers. Grievers? They’re fine. Couldn’t care less. There was a big, furry, orange and black spider and it went on my shoulder and—“ I shuddered. I took a deep breath.

“A… spider? She’s scared of a spider?” Minho laughed. “This is brilliant!”

“Slim it, Minho!” I screamed, looking at him. “How would you feel if there was a big spider on you, huh?!” I yelled at him.

“Y/N, Y/N,” Newt breathed, making me look at him. “Calm down. You’re okay. It’s okay. There’s no giant spider. It’s fine,” he chuckled. I nodded and he pulled me into a hug. I hugged him back, hissing when I felt my hands sting. He pulled away. “What?”

“I have to bandage my hands,” I muttered. “I kind of did some advanced rock climbing when a griever cornered me. Except they were knives and not rocks,” I murmured, walking to the medhut.

“Wait, a wall of… knives?” Newt followed.

“And she’s scared of spiders?” Minho asked incredulously.

“I will get those knives and I will personally cut your head off if you don’t slim it, Minho,” I threatened, grabbing some gauze and the suture kit.

“Where did you see a wall of knives?” Newt asked me.

“Oh, uh, at night, I walked into what looked like to be a griever nest. There was a big vault door thing with a keypad and I tried putting in a few numbers, but unfortunately, I didn’t miraculously guess the numbers,” I muttered. “I could lead you to it, if you like,” I offered, sitting on a stool.

“If you stitch that up yourself, Y/N, you’ll be here for a hundred days because you wouldn’t be able to steady your hand,” Jeff chuckled, sitting across from me and beginning to stitch my hand.

“Thanks,” I offered him a smile. I looked back at the two runners who looked at me, mouth agape. “What? You guys didn’t find that yet?” I chuckled.

“That could be the way out,” Newt told Minho. I saw Jeff finished stitching up my right hand so I switched my hand so he could begin stitching the left.

“And she didn’t tell us because she was busy with her fear of—”

“Minho, seriously, priorities,” I chuckled. “Anyways, I think you need some sort of—” I yawned, “Code. Did you find a random string of numbers or anything?” My eyes were a bit droopy. I blinked. Newt chuckled.

“Let us worry about that. You should rest. I’m guessing you didn’t sleep last night?” He asked.

“You guess right, I mean, I sleep I die and I just wasn’t really in the mood,” I joked.

“All done,” Jeff finished. I nodded, beginning to clean up. “No, don’t clean up. I got it.”

“You sure?” I asked.

“It’s gauze and a stitch kit, I think I can handle it,” he laughed. I nodded gratefully and he nodded back. 

“I’ll lead you to your room,” Newt offered. I smiled and began to walk with him. “Why’d you do it?”

“Do what?”

“Push me,” he answered. I shrugged.

“You needed momentum and adrenaline,” I answered.

“Why’d you kiss me?” He asked, stopping for a moment. I stopped next to him.

“Well, isn’t it obvious?” I asked. “You needed to stop thinking. If I just pushed you, you could always turn around. So, I kissed you then pushed you. Thought it would confuse you enough to keep you running,” I answered. “Besides, I knew I wasn’t going out of there the minute I ran in. I’m not a fast enough runner. I’m a medjack and not a runner for a reason,” I laughed.

“What does you thinking you were going to die make you kiss me?” He asked. I rolled my eyes.

“For second-in-command, you can be pretty dense, Newt,” I chuckled.

“Hey!” He playfully nudged me.

“It’s true!” I defended, laughing. We stopped in front of my quarters. “Newt, I ran to you and literally jumped into your arms the minute I got out of there when I thought one of my worst fears was chasing after me. I also elbowed Gally’s face and ran to you to save you, risking my own life for yours. I also kissed you when I thought that I was going to die. What does that tell you?” I asked. “Other than the fact that you should remind me tomorrow to apologize to Gally,” I chuckled.

“I…” he furrowed his eyebrows. I rolled my eyes.

“Good night, Newt,” I began to walk into my area.

“Good night, impossible girl,” he murmured before running off.

Insecurities and Confessions

Summary: You like Newt and he likes you, according to Minho. But, you fail to see what Newt sees in you. Minho decides to try and boost your self confidence while trying to convince you to go after Newt. 

Pairing: Newt x Reader, Platonic Minho x Reader

Word Count: 1574

Warnings: Slight cussing 

(A/N): Hey, guys. Here is another imagine/one-shot. It’s just something that popped into my mind a little bit ago. My phone broke yesterday :(. That was horrible. I don’t know when I might get a new one but it’s probably gonna be a while. This is gonna be a disaster. And to make matters worse, school starts in a day (because rn it’s like 1:30 in the morning.) I haven’t even got all of my school shopping done -_-’. Me and my mom are such procrastinators (lol). But no, I’m so not looking forward to that. And school WITHOUT a phone?! I can’t explain how much that’s gonna suck. Anyway… I hope you guys enjoy this short little one-shot. I would just like to say sorry in advance if any of these descriptions don’t fit you. It was just in my head at the time. Feel free to change it to your liking. ENJOY! 

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Neah: teaches pastAllen how to control the ark

Neah: calls pastAllen a friend

Neah: works with at least two humans, Cross and pastAllen

Neah: is mad that Cross is dead

Neah: is sad that Allen can’t remember him

Neah: “I hate humans more than anything”

So, Neah is a “I hate all humans, except those two, they’re my humans” kind of guy

(Unless he says that only to scare Link off because he has no idea how to react to him)

Fuck, I love him I feel kind of guilty for liking him more than Allen