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“That’s ‘Screwdriver’!” - Digital Oil Painting
A sonic probe?
That’s 'Screwdriver’!

Hehe, plus, eyebrow, hand, lip, and neck porn.

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.


All of the Doctor Who books and audio-books featuring the Tenth Doctor

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  • The paperback “quick reads” and one of the Darksmith Legacy

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Behind the scenes of 42 - Part Two

Excerpts from Jason Arnopp’s article in DWM #383

During our 42 set-visit on 26 January 2007, we observe Scene 5d, in which McDonnell, Ashton, and Lerner attempt to subdue an agonized Korwin in the Medicentre. The Doctor and Martha run in to take charge, then run out again. It takes four hours to shoot all the angles.

“I really want you to struggle and give them a hard time,” director Graeme Harper tells Matthew Chambers, playing Korwin. “You’re monumentally stronger than them.”

“At least you get to lie down,” laughs Michelle Collins, playing McDonnell.

We can’t help but notice that, between takes, the Stasis Unit display to the left of the medical bench becomes a Windows XP hillside and sky. Why, it’s not a real Stasis Unit at all. Are the team trying to make dupes outta us?

Between takes, David examines a table of surgical implements (“I wonder whether any of these have ever been in people,” he ponders), before approaching Graeme with a suggestion for improving the scene. “I wonder if I need to force McDonnell away a bit more. At the moment, it’s all a bit ’Allons-y, off you go, leave your husband, forget him!" 

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