except the purse


Lilliput takes exception to my purse. (via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHdA9R18X_8)

F2f open

Lennon had it with people. After telling Tommy what he’d kept to himself for so long and being vulnerable, to getting drunk and domming Artie and now this “breakup” with Sydney which seemed odd as all hell - it was too much. He was spinning out of control and he hated it. He needed to clear his head. He needed to think about anything else than what his life would look like in the next few years. He grabbed his sketch book and sat in the great room. Now that double points was over, it was far less crowded than usual. He started sketching the only thing that calmed him - those soft eyes of a boy he once knew. He didn’t hear anyone behind him, or know how long they had been there.

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