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Any tips to be able to memorise human anatomy better?

It’s difficult for me to answer this, because I look at anatomy day in and day out—memorization just kind of comes with the job. But it all depends on what you want to memorize. 

Some of my friends who are in school now love Anatomy Arcade, which helps you memorize anatomical structures by couching it in a game. 

Studying with others can be a great way to memorize things. Testing each other over and over will help things to stick better than if you were studying alone. 

Some nursing students like my sister swear by flashcards. Which, yep, I have to agree with, because when I was taking A&P and bio courses, I clung to those babies like they were the last port in the storm. They’re great for memorizing names and functions, but I am also a visual learner, so I was desperately making photocopies of the images in my textbooks (and whatever I could find online). 

For me, visualization helps me memorize things.

I don’t mean to plug what I do, but using 3D apps like the ones my company makes is great for memorizing anatomical shape and context. For me, it’s not about just being able to name the segments of the liver, but also being able to visualize it in a 3D space to understand how certain segments interact with the ducts of the gallbladder. Like, the Circle of Willis in the brain is hard to picture until you see it from a posterior view and realize it looks like one of those beetles with tusks:

The beetle thing is something I’ve never once forgotten, btw. It’s the first thing I think about when anyone mentions the Circle of Willis.

In the end, I suppose there’s no easy answer except to understand your learning style and go from there. There are plenty of online resources and forums that offer great suggestions, such as allnurses.com and medicalmnemonics.com

Best of luck! <3 


“Blue. What a sickening colour it was.”

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angst, Romance

Word Count: 634

A/N: Jungkook and Y/N are not explicitly mentioned, but it was written with the intention of it being Jungkook. High key based off of this

Blue is the colour of the sky and the sea. It is often associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth and heaven.

She was beautiful. She was kind and loving. She was everything he could have ever wanted and more. And her eyes, of course, blue. The days spent basking under the sun, fingers intertwined, orange hues radiating off of their bodies. So in love, were they. Inseparable.

Oh my, the adventures they had together, you would never believe! Days were spent in a loving embrace, under the blue sky, but the nights, they were spent running throughout the city, causing havoc.

They were incredible. The ‘power couple’ they had said. A daydream. A scene from a film. What appeared to be nothing less than perfection. And they were.

However, the saying goes as follows, “All good things must come to an end.” And you would have thought, but of course they are the exception. How could this fairy tale ever end?

I suppose it’s not the matter of an ending, more so a change. A devastating one at that. Catastrophic, some said. And in the end, there was only truth that seeped from those words.

Not everything is sunshine and rainbows. But to say that they knew how much of an impact it would have, would be a lie. It wasn’t long before the rumors began to roll in. Whether one was cheating on the other and vice versa. Of course, that is what a relationship is like in the public eye, but they were young, and they were reckless, and they were so hopelessly in love that it grew to become in such toxic ways.

Phones being searched whenever the opportunity arose, a need to know exactly where the other was going and what they were doing, living in constant fear. The love between them became rougher, the marks left on one an others bodies became deeper, darker, horrifying. The sweet scratch marks that rest upon his back from pleasure, were now permanent and often times drew blood. The soft bites left between her thighs during a loving evening were now scarred and blue. It was no longer a pretty sight.

It became increasingly obvious of the poison that found a home in their relationship. Too often would he walk into the studio with a bloody lip and a scratch mark upon his cheek. Too often would she stroll out into the morning sun with finger marks welded into her throat and tears in her skin that ran down her arms, showcasing the plea that was left to sit on her body as a constant reminder. “Don’t go,” he’d say.

But despite the stares, despite the conversations and interventions with friends, family, therapists - she still stayed. He still stayed. No matter how blue they became, sorrowful and bruised from the other’s doing, they stayed.

And when her body was rocked with a plague so intense, permanent marks left upon her body, sunken eyes and hollow skin, he stayed. Because despite the toxicity, they loved each other. Through thick and thin, they had repeated to each other. In sickness and in health, right?

And in sickness it came to be. As her weakened body lay atop the bed, surrounded by the blue walls, he sat next to her. Through everything, they said. And through everything it was.

When the day came to say it’s final goodbyes, there she lay - lifeless. The blue dress clung to her body in the most haunting of ways.

And as he sat, tears brimming in his eyes, he could feel the eyes boaring into him. But they never knew. Through everything, he loved her. And he was there.

Walking out, he looked up at the blue sky surrounding him.

Blue. What a sickening colour it was.

i have a 70 in calc i literally want to die.


yuri and soohyuk

it probably says a lot about the american school system that kids are getting physically ill through stress but still force themselves to work through it because they cant afford to get another bad grade that will tell them nothing about themselves except they arent good at memorizing papers full of facts at three in the morning when what they really should be doing is sleeping

Based on the tags @amgkatt​ put on this video XD(if they all lived together during like, their college/uni years i can imagine their house being vaguely chaotic lol)

About Love

Prompt: Triumph
Submitted by: sincerely-xaria
Setting: Post-war Konoha
Pairings: Sasusaku, (slight) Naruhina and Shikaino 

Summary: Sasuke forgot it was Valentine’s Day

Uzumaki Naruto was quite literally on his knees. The usually jubilant blond ninja seemed completely drained of energy.

“Come on, teme! I’m begging here!" 

Sasuke appraised his teammate with a contemptuous stare. "What happened to your money, dobe?”

“It’s gone! I had to buy something for Hinata so I decided on jewelry. But Hinata’s not the type of girl you buy fake jewelry for ‘ttebayo, so I had to get the real stuff. Do you know how much real diamonds cost, teme?”

“Hn.” The wholly unsympathetic sound was the only reply he gave. Why on earth would he keep tabs on such things?

“Well, they cost a lot, 'ttebayo!” the exasperated jinchuriki continued. “And then I had to make reservations at The Twirling Leaf! The Twirling Leaf, teme! An appetizer there is the same price as like four bowls of ramen at Ichiraku! I’m gonna be broke for the next three weeks.”

An aura of despair seemed to encase the young man but he snapped out of it just as fast.“But it’s okay, because it’s Hinata and she’s worth it 'ttebayo?”

Sasuke only shrugged. The Uchiha was completely indifferent to his tale of woe. “Is it her birthday or something?”

“No it’s -" Naruto blinked twice. Was he kidding? "Wait you really don’t know?”

The blank stare he received was answer enough. “Oh man,” the jinchuriki shook his head. “And all this time you’ve been calling me an idiot!”

Sasuke scowled darkly. He didn’t like being denied information. “What are you talking about, usuratonkachi?”

“Hold that thought,” Naruto said as he spotted another one of his comrades coming up the street. “Oi! Shikamaru!" 

The strategist sighed wearily before walking over to them. "Hey.” His voice was even more blase than usual. 

“Hey, Shikamaru, can you lend me some cash for a bowl of ramen?”

The Nara regarded the pair languidly. “Troublesome as it is, money’s gonna be pretty tight for a while.” Though he’d been astutely saving for months Ino’s tastes were just over the top. “Damn Twirling Leaf.”

“You too?” Naruto exclaimed. 

Sasuke looked to the two shinobi beside him. Though somewhere deep inside he knew he didn’t want to know, curiosity got the better of him. “What the hell is going on?”

“It’s Valentine’s Day, teme!”

Shikamaru crossed his arms. “Commercialism is such a drag.”

Sasuke appraised them incredulously. That was it? “Hn. We’re shinobi.” As far as he was concerned, it was just a foolish holiday for civilians with nothing but time on their hands. “Only an idiot would buy into such a thing.”

“Usually I’d agree with you,” Shikamaru conceded. “But it’s not worth the trouble of offending my girlfriend.”

Naruto nodded his agreement. “Yeah, and if you don’t do anything for Sakura-chan she’s gonna be really upset.” The jinchuriki knew that bringing up the rose haired kunoichi was always a trump card. “And she loves all that fancy food at The Twirling Leaf.”

The Uchiha’s expression remained the same even as uncertainty waged war on his mind. He and Sakura weren’t technically together but if Ino and Hinata were both receiving gifts, she might feel slighted if she didn’t get something as well. After everything that’s transpired in the past, he wanted to avoid bruising her feelings unnecessarily. 

“Hn. Fine. I’ll make a reservation.”

“Oi, baka-suke! You think you’ll get one now? Tonight’s been booked for weeks in advance 'ttebayo.”

This made the ex-avenger release an annoyed sigh. Didn’t people have missions, or training, or any productive thing to do with their time anymore?

“I’ll get one,” he assured as he began to walk away. After all, he was Uchiha Sasuke and this was about his Sakura.

“Should I wear the black dress with the strappy sandals or the red one with the pumps?” Ino was in Sakura’s office at the hospital, parading around in prospective outfits for her date.

The pinkette looked up from the clinical file on her desk and sighed. “Wear the black dress with the pumps." 

"I-I agree,” Hinata said from her seat. “Sakura-chan, do you think Naruto-kun would like-”

“Please,” Ino laughed. “He’d like you in a brown paper bag, Hinata.”

This sent the Hyuga girl’s face into a scarlet blush. “It’s just, Naruto-kun put in so much effort for this date. I-I’m so anxious.”

Sakura shot her introverted friend a warm smile. “It’ll be perfect,” she assured.

“So what are you wearing tonight, miss head medic?” Ino smirked devilishly. “If anything at all…”

“Ino!” Sakura lowered her face back into her file, clearly mortified by the implication. “I’m not going out tonight.”

Hinata looked mildly surprised. “Why not?”

“No one asked me,” she wrinkled her nose slightly, “except Rock Lee.  But I suppose it’s alright since my shift doesn’t end until late.”

Ino crossed her arms, clearly displeased with the situation. “But aren’t you and Sasuke…?” she let the question hang in the air.

“He’s just my teammate, Ino-pig. He’s not obligated to be my valentine.”

Hinata pressed her forefingers together nervously. She didn’t like to pry, but this was too strange to go unmentioned. “But don’t you and Sasuke-san…I mean, aren’t you…um-”

Screwing?” Ino finished. 

Sakura’s cheeks then decided to borrow the hue of her hair. “We are not talking about this!” A broken smile then graced her full lips. “Really guys, it’s okay. Have lots of fun for me.”

Hinata’s eyes darkened with sympathy once she sensed her friend’s distress. “Maybe Sasuke-san is planning a surprise for you.”

Sakura only sighed wistfully at this. Though their favorite Uchiha was full of surprises, they had a tendency to be of the less pleasant variety. 

It was nearly ten at night when a weary  Haruno Sakura finally crossed the threshold into her apartment. The hospital had been ridiculously short staffed (since everyone wanted Valentine’s Day off), and she ended up staying even later than she intended. 

She’d been halfway hoping that Sasuke would show up and spirit her away from her shift, but of course he didn’t. Grand romantic gestures just went against his personality…or so she’d thought.

The medic slipped off her sandals and systematically reached for the light switch, only to notice that her living room was already dimly illuminated. A heady floral aroma arrested her senses and caused a warm feeling to settle in her chest.

She closed the door tentatively. Why were there scented candles all over the place? She padded further into her residence to investigate. After finding rose petals on her comforter and chocolate truffles on her pillow the kunoichi pinched herself to make sure she wasn’t dreaming. 

Then, she entered the kitchen to find a spread of her favorite foods on the table. Her stomach did an anticipatory flip. Marinated poultry and roasted potatoes, flaky pastries and chocolate souffle…it was all definitely from The Twirling Leaf.

“Sasuke-kun?” After prying her eyes away from the food, she noted her lover pouring what looked to be a glass of champagne. “Did you do all of this for me?”

He handed her the glass. “Aa.”

Sakura dragged her index finger around the rim of the flute before taking a small sip. “Why?”

“Hn.” He looked away from her pointedly. “Couldn’t get a reservation,” he admitted grudgingly. Ordering in was the next best thing. 

The kunoichi chuckled lightly at this. “Sasuke-kun,” she traversed the distance between them and pulled him into a hug. Her head rested languidly against his chest. “Thank you,” she sighed. “I mean, I wasn’t expecting anything. Valentine’s Day isn’t really that big a deal, so you didn’t have to-”

“Sakura,” he drawled the syllables of her name in a sensuous, indulgent way.“This day is about love, right?” he spoke into her hair.

She swallowed thickly, heart beating a mile a minute. “Well, I suppose.”

“Then I did have to.” He pressed his lips against hers and the sparks that refused to die out between them ignited once again.

Sakura sighed into the kiss, a triumphant smile breaking out on her face even as he nipped at her lips. After years of heartbreak and tribulations, she finally had what she always wanted; a life filled with love.

Notes: Happy Valentine’s day, lovely readers! I hope everyone’s had a good one. But even if yours sucked (like mine did) I hope this fic puts a smile on your face! In other news, if anyone cared to know, my birthday is tomorrow (YAY!). 

As usual, thanks for reading and supporting! My ask box is always open!