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Don't forget Makka and the triplets and future baby Anastasia of Arranged Marriage AU!! (And I remember seeing a future baby Wedding Bells baby? Or did mine eyes deceive me?)

Oh that’s right! Preppy viktuuri have their dog babies, and arranged marriage AU is getting a baby, too! And so are our wedding bells boos! Wow! All the babies.

What’s wrong with me fam? 🤣


Look at these lazy little buggers. Like omg, get a job, or go clean the kitchen. Seriously do something to earn your keep and kibble around here!! What’s that?? Being cute is your job?? Well A+ effort then guys!!!

I Need Your Love

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Luke just went through a shitty break up and has been at his apartment for a month. His mum would come by every week to check up on his and made sure he had food. The boys tried to get him out but nothing work. As for me, I was afraid to go near him. I’ve never dealt with this kind of emotion before, specially not with a guy. I’ve always been known to be the emotionless one out of my friends. I’ve never been heartbroken and I’ve been “in love”. I’ve never believed of “falling in love”. My friends who say they are in love tell me I will know how it feels to in love. I always said it’s impossible. Yes, you can love someone. But you can’t be in love with someone. To be in love means to be profoundly tender and passionate towards another person. A personal attachment and deep affection towards someone. I don’t feel that towards anyone. At least until I met Luke Hemmings.

July 16, 2014. It was Luke’s birthday. I was with my friend Kate and she was invited to her friend’s friend party that afternoon. She insisted that I go because we had plans but forgot she has prior plans. I didn’t want to go because one, I didn’t know anyone. And two, I didn’t have a gift. She told me it was okay and to come anyway. So I did.When we arrived to the party it was surprisingly chill. It was a pool party. The house we were at felt cozy. It gave off a homey feeling. We walked to the backyard where everyone was. I felt so out of place because I didn’t know anyone. Also there were girls with the perfect figure and here I was with curvy lumps. Kate brought me up to her friend, Michael, and she introduced us. He was really friendly and overall happy person. His laugh was contagious. While Kate left to talk to someone, Michael showed me around and made me feel welcomed. Then I saw him. Luke Hemmings. I was awe stricken. He was perfect.

“Well if it isn’t the birthday boy! Luke this is (Y/N), Kate’s friend. (Y/N) this is the birthday boy or Luke.” Michael introduced us.
“Hi, it’s nice to meet you.” Luke smiled holding his hand out to me.
“Hey, it’s nice to meet you too. Happy Birthday.” I smiled shaking his hand which were soft yet sweaty.
“Thank you! Are you enjoying the party?” He asked making conversation.
“Yeah, we just got here not too long ago. But it’s been fun.” I replied.
“Great, well there’s food inside. Sodas and Beers in those coolers over there. Don’t be shy to take a dip in the pool, the temperature is perfect. And there’s a game of beer pong and ping pong over there. So help yourself and enjoy.” He smiled.
“Luke! She’s here.” A tanned boy with great abs said.
“Oh great! I’ll catch you guys later, enjoy the party (Y/N)!” Luke said before making his way towards tan girl who looked like she was wearing too much makeup for a pool party.

And that’s how basically it all happened. During the party, Luke would talk to me at random times about random stuff. Mainly music because we shared a love for it. We both liked the same bands. And we both played guitar, he being more professional that I. Ever since then every time I was around Luke I had this feeling in my gut. I could never describe what it was, but it was there. No one knows about it except for my corgi. If dogs could talk, Ceil would’ve blabbed about it to Luke. It was like Ceil knew exactly who Luke was when I brought him over for the first time. Luke and I only ever hung out a handfull of times just us two, but then he started dating the tan girl Arzealyea? Azalyea? What ever her name is, I can’t pronounce it nor spell it. So I just called her Iggy. Luke was really happy with her and it made me sick. We all saw she didn’t really like him like he did her. She wouldn’t even give him the time of day half the time they were together. She was mainly with him for sex and free stuff. Luke would spoil her, if she didn’t get what she wanted she would scream and nag him until he did. It was annoying and irritating. At some points when we all hung out, she would either talk too much or complain how she didn’t understand something or didn’t get what she want. If Kate or Bryana, Ashton’s girlfriend, or the other boys weren’t there I would’ve broken her neck with my foot. It got so bad once, we all left Luke’s apartment because we couldn’t take it anymore. I was the last to leave because I felt bad and Luke had this sad look on his face because all his friends left. And now here we all are, trying to stick the pieces of a broken boy back together. But it would just fall back again. I’m afraid to face him because if I fall for him, and he doesn’t feel the same, I’ll be like what he is now. My whole life I’ve had this thick wall and a thought glued to it that I can never be in love, but one person. This one boy, made me take that thought down and rethink it.

So here I stand, at Luke’s apartment door. I haven’t seen Luke for three months. Yes, I missed him. But what has become of him since the break up? I unlocked the door with the key Calum let me borrow and walked in. Dark, it was very dark. Little sunlight coming through the window. It smelled rank. Liz was here two days ago to clean up, but there was empty beer bottles on the coffee table. I closed the door and took off my shoes. The kitchen had a dirty plate. I walked upstairs to Luke’s room and his door was closed. It’s now or never. I could leave now and not see Luke until he’s better. Or open this door and help out one of my best friends. Here goes nothing. I opened the door slowly and saw a lump in the sheets. I’m guessing that lump is Luke. I closed the door once I’m inside and walked over quietly to where his head was facing. To say the least, he wasn’t at his best. He had bags under his eyes, tear stained cheeks which were also a bit hallow, and his eyes weren’t as blue. More of a grey, even his eyes were drained. My Luke,(wait did I just say my Luke? What is happening to me?) He stared at me blankly. I moved out the way and saw nothing behind me. Wow, he is a broken man.

“Luke, sweetheart, can you say something for me?” I asked quietly patting his hair gently.

He continue to stare. Not even a blink. Oh my god please tell me he isn’t dead. A wave of panic illuminated in me, but then “Hi.” came out of his mouth and I sighed in relief. For a minute I actually thought he died of a broken heart. Which is possible.

“Are you okay? How are you feeling? Blink once for okay. Blink twice for not okay.” I said quietly.
He blinked twice.
“Awe, my poor little penguin.” I frowned.

I kissed his head and his eyes were closed. He’s not dead. He’s not dead. He’s not dead. I thought to myself.

“Are you hungry? I can make you some soup.” I asked.
He shook his head.

Now that I thought about it, there was only one plate in the sink. Which made me think. I left the room and check the fridge and my assumption was correct. The fridge was filled with wrapped up plates, probably food Liz made for him but never ate. Oh my god, I went back upstairs and slowly removed the covers from Luke’s back and I could see his spine starting to show more promptly than it should. Luke hasn’t eaten in a month, maybe longer. I don’t know how long they’ve been broken up. I placed my hand on his back and felt around. He’s freezing. And now that I noticed, he smells rank too.

“Luke when was the last time you took a shower, mate?” I asked facing him again.
He shrugged.
“Come on mister, you’re taking a bath and then you’re going to eat.” I said.
He shook his head and hid further in his sheets.
“I’m not taking no for an answer. Come on.” I said taking his covers.

I felt sick seeing him like this. He was in a fetal position. His legs looked thinner than I last saw him. Arms thinner. He definatly has seen his dark days. He wrapped her arms around himself and curled up tighter. I got on the other side of the bed and turned him over so that he was facing me. He definaly is lighter than last time. It use to be an effort to roll him out of bed. Now it was like lift a book off the shelf. I picked him up and examined his figure better. He still had a blank look on his face. I brought him in a tight hug, but not too tight. I felt as if I hugged him any tighter, I might actually shatter his bones. I rubbed his back softly and I can feel his ribs against my abdomen. I wanted to cry, he was so fragile like glass. 

“I’ll draw you a bath, we’ll clean you up and then get some food. We’ll even cuddle if that makes you feel better.” I whispered looking into his eyes. 

He nodded shyly and I smiled. At least he’s willing to do that, he never passes up a cuddle. I let him go and pecked his forehead before going into his bathroom and started to fill up the tub with water. I know I left a few bath bombs here, I gave it to him as a gift because he started to enjoy baths. I found them in the towel closet. I picked up a random nice smelling one and popped it in. I turned off the water and walked back to Luke. Still in the same spot I left him. I helped him up and walked to the bathroom. I set him on the toilet and took off his stinky socks and shorts. I have never seen Luke naked, but I didn’t care or think about it. I combed my fingers through is greasy hair and rubbed his shoulder. I helped him in the tub and he sat there. I scooped up some water in my hand and poured it on his shoulders and chest. 

 "Come in with me.“ He said quietly still looking at his hands under the now purple water.
"Are you sure?” I asked.
I stripped to my bra and underwear. Again, never seen Luke naked. And I’ve never been half naked in front of him. Unless you count a bikini, but that’s considered clothes. Anyway, it’s very unusual and out or character for the both of us. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t cautious and insecure in front if him. Kind of wanted to jump in a hole and hide. Is that just me? I put my clothes to the side and slide in behind him. He laid back so that he was resting against my chest. He’s like a little child. We sat there for a while in silence, me rubbing some water against his soft skin, cleaning his hair. Moments later after that he turned around and hugged me. Snuggling his face in the crock of my neck. I kissed his shoulder softly and rubbed his back. It’s moments like these, I see in movies and think how cliche they are and that they will never actually happen. Confessing how much they love one another. But now that I’m living in that moment, I don’t want to let it go. I want to live in this moment forever. 

 "I’m falling in love with you. You don’t have to love me back, but I’m giving you my heart.“

(A/N: Hey guys, so here’s a random imagine/one shot thingy. I don’t know, I kinda just saw that gif and then this idea of a story line for Luke popped up. So yeah, I hope this gave you feels and made you think deep thoughts. Check out my mini series if you haven’t. Update either today or tomorrow. Badboy!5SOS pt.1 pt.2 pt.3)