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i don't how to say it and i hope you'll get what i mean haha but... when you said that tianshan's relationship changed faster than zhanyi's... i think that's because zhanyi is "the main ship" and you'll think "wtf that means nothing" but idk i think that if their relationship developped w/o a succession of troubles then 19 days wouldn't even exist. if old xian wants to bless us with a happy ending then we just have to wait a little longer for zhanyi's relationship to change

hmmm no i don’t think that means nothing, but i also don’t think that either ship has any more weighting than the other.

i certainly don’t want a happy ending, or at least that’s not what i’m looking for. i think anyone who reads my fics can see how reluctant i am to make things just have a disney ending, because that’s just… not real, and not representative of either ship and how they interact with each other. there is no enjoyment for me in 19 days if there isn’t tension, and if there aren’t difficulties – that’s exactly why i like tianshan so much, because their whole relationship is founded upon tension. i’m not complaining abt the lack of tension. but fuck, you have got to have some resolution with that boatload of tension too.

i’m not asking for a smooth, easy ride here. all i want is for the boys to talk. that is literally it. i don’t want everything solved and for it to be fluffy. i just need some progression because progression is what satisfies a reader and moves a story on to the next problem, which should be solved, and so on.

read any guide or book or blog about writing a story – whether it’s a novel, a screenplay, a comic, a stage play, or whatever – and your story will be split into sections (‘acts’) of rising and falling tension, with each act having some minor resolution or another setback for the MC, which leads to the final climax, and gives the story a resolution (whether it be a good or a bad one). 19 days isn’t delivering on that. that’s all this is. when it all boils down to it, my dissatisfaction is not with the ship, or with the actions of the characters – it’s really just that the story is struggling to deliver on how to be a good, engaging story, because it’s not following a devised structure. yeah, you can go without structure, but while they’re an outstanding artist, old xian isn’t a good enough storyteller for that. 

i think you could say that 19 days wouldn’t exist for a hell of a lot of other reasons, so that’s not up for debate here. in a nutshell: we’re not waiting for a happy ending. we’re waiting for dynamic, engaging change/progression. that is not too much to ask from a story. that’s the bare minimum of what it should be delivering, because that is what a story is.