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One more time, I blame @pimpdaddysebastian for this. Here’s +1k words of barista!Bucky headcanons.

Bucky’s job isn’t very exciting or fancy or classy at all but he loves it anyway. Every morning, he opens up the small coffee shop in Brooklyn and waits for the ever up and coming flow of people coming in and out with their coffees everyday.

He puts his long hair up in a tight bun, cleans up his stubble a little bit and serve everyone in the kindest way he can – even when people don’t seem to care about kindness at all.

It’s a slow day when she comes in for the first time. There’s barely 3 people scattered across the room but she still chooses the farthest spot around before bringing out a pile of books, several colored pens and notes plus her laptop. He swears he tries to hold the thought because that’s most definitely something he should not think about but she’s just way too pretty for him to ignore.

Their first interaction goes as good as it can be but even so, Bucky doesn’t think she’ll be back. Too much flirting, he thinks to himself once he’s about to close the shop later in the night, too unprofessional.

She surprises him in the next day when she comes to him in the counter and asks for his opinion about the greatest drink in their menu. Then, the next day again. And the next.

He’s labelling her as a regular by the middle of the second week and by the end of it, he’s writing messages on her cups that makes her smile every time once she sits on her usual spot. He catches that moment every day but he never mentions it to her. Even after they get together.

She comes in every afternoon and she doesn’t need to say her order anymore because he knows. She comes in every afternoon and she doesn’t need to look for a spot because he always make sure her usual one is available. She comes in every afternoon and she doesn’t need to buy anything to eat because he always sneaks up a pastry for her.

(Sometimes it’s on the house and sometimes it isn’t. Bucky pays for it occasionally but he figures she doesn’t need to know that).

There’s this one day that his shift ends while she’s still there and he can’t help but go to her to see if she’s satisfied. That day also happens to be the first day they spend together. Maybe our first date, as she says to him in their first anniversary. Their first date of many, given she started waiting for his shift to end almost every day from that moment on.

Bucky realizes she’s way more than just a crush when she arrives at the coffee shop later than usual with puffy eyes and red cheeks. An exam gone wrong and she’s upset and he’s suddenly asking for an early leave, just so he could stay with her rather than just watching from the counter.

It takes some time until they officially start dating but his co-workers at the shop say that he’d been dating her since the moment she stepped in the place.

Their life isn’t fancy or classy at all but neither of them would have it in another way. It can sound silly to other people’s ears but the domesticity they live in is just enough for them and to be honest, with the amount of stress they endure every day, it’s just what they need.

A part of their life revolves around cooking and baking and Bucky is pretty sure she’d say it’s her favorite.

Working in a coffee shop earns him some pretty mad skills with food in general, while her constant studying and working routine gives little to no time to think about cooking at all, leaving her to rely on takeout menus constantly. Bucky never really says it but she just can’t seem to cook or bake at all.

But she’s a good helper when it strikes in him to do a new recipe, even if she ends up sitting on the kitchen’s counter while eating half of the ingredients before it makes to the bowl.

Sometimes she tries to cook under his supervision when she finds a nice recipe in the internet and more often than not, they end up in the nearest grocery store with way too much ingredients and unnecessary things on their basket. Still, 99% of the time the recipe fails.

(Though she blames him. Apparently, it’s impossible to cook with her body all wrapped up in your big arms, Bucky, and your chest pressed against my back. Jesus!).

The takeout menus are still there but with time they’re totally forgotten over his homecooked meals and fresh baked pastries that she swoons and kisses him for everytime. Bucky knows he doesn’t have much to offer but he loves the fact that he can do this for his girl and that she loves it so much.

Pancakes and fresh coffee in the morning that results in content hums against his mouth, nuzzles against his neck and lazy thank you’s until she realizes she’s late for class. Instagram food posts that she jokingly sends while asking for him to cook only to come back home to the said dish and a cute dinner.

She has credit in this too, given she’s the one who introduces him to different and peculiar types of food and sweets like Japanese seafood flavored Kit-Kats and hot chili lollipops. She’s the one who suggests a day out every week just so they can taste weird food.

(She’s the one who comes up with the idea but she never finishes what they buy).

But there’s normal restaurants and new introduced dishes that it suddenly becomes his new favorite. There’s feeding each other between laughs and scooping a little bit of the other’s dessert. There’s kisses that tastes like wine and tomato sauce or chocolate and strawberry.  There’s finding out new restaurants and cheap diners and low-key bars with acoustic music and a local singer.

Also, it’s funny how people at the coffee shop are already used to her presence.

Sometimes she just pays these little visits and Bucky starts to notice that not just his co-workers but other regular clients also know her. It’s pretty impossible not to, even more when they make a point of asking about your girl, Barnes, or when they tease him to death with the help of his co-workers.

Ever the worried and busy woman she is, Bucky isn’t surprised to know she often overworks herself with study and her job. She’s incredibly smart and he genuinely admires how dedicated she is.

He’s seen her spend nights awake just to finish a college paper, he’s seen her cry in frustration over that one subject she didn’t understand while studying for an exam, he’s seen her run up and down the city in order to do something for her boss. There isn’t much he can do to help except his little things.

Back rubs and massages and 5 minute breaks when she needs to stay up until late, tea and coffee and sweet pastries and sweet good luck kisses in the next day when she’s got dark circles around her eyes. Slow readings and quizzes when she needs to grasp a hard subject. A way or two of carrying her up to the bed when she falls asleep in weird positions on her desk. A celebration coffee as he waits for her outside the university building after a good exam.

Their first five years together pass by as a lightning.

She’s nearly over with college after several times of him leaving hickeys on her neck and thighs, almost getting her in trouble for it, after several glares when she sees him at the coffee shop, after several of his smirks as a reply.

She’s nearly over with college when he buys her a puppy, brown and caramel and grizzly with blue eyes that she insists it looks like him.

She’s nearly over with college when he realizes that maybe, this is just the beginning.

And then, it’s her graduation day and he feels like he can burst with pride and joy for her but also of nervousness because nobody knows, but there’s a little red box inside his black tuxedo that might change everything for them.

(It changes. But just for the better).

The Mute || Kim Namjoon

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Word Count: 2.1k

Genre: Fluff

He was the typical quiet kid. Always seen at the back of the class, hidden behind a few books and his laptop. Never was he seen at social gatherings, parties, school events. You could walk into the library any night of the week and there he would be, in the back like always. Most people tended to ignore him, forget that he was even there, but that wasn’t the case with you.

There was something about the silence that drew you in, the natural look of curiosity on his face as he typed away on his keyboard. It was almost mesmerizing in a way, and you found yourself staring at him before lectures started, and on nights when a friend and you went to go and study for upcoming tests. Nobody seemed to notice that you had become completely captivated by the boy.

“What are you staring at?” You felt an arm come around you as the person scooted their chair closer to yours and you turned to look at who it was. Kim Jongmin had been a friend of yours from high school, and you two had remained close even when you had entered college together. It was normal for the two of you to sit close together or have your shoulders pressed against each other.

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RFA+Saeran+V react to an MC who is extremely grumpy in the morning. They will kick you if you try to wake them up.

Do you mean… ME, anon? -Green


-first he finds your grumpiness cute 

-but he doesn’t take the warning “if you touch me one more time I will kick your throat” seriously 

-and now he’s running around the house screaming as you chase him 

-you had thrown several pillows and hit him right slap center of his head, you never miss 

-your accuracy is scary and it HURTS 

-after this terrifying incident, Yoosung is a lot more gentle with waking you up. He will wake you up with food or maybe some back scratches 

-tho he will always be terrified whenever your hand reaches for another pillow



-he KNOWS. and he still likes to wake you up at fucking FOUR A.M. 

-he thinks it’s just hilarious because he thinks your all bark and no bite 

-you are ready.. to   f i g h t   your boyfriend 

-the next time he wakes you up with one of those god damn chicken dog toys will be the day he dies 

-which made it all the more worse because you were having an amazing dream and you were in that perfect spot on the bed,, everything was so comfortable that you wanted to never give it up 

-then B A  M 

-he literally lunges and drops his whole weight on you while laughing his ass off 

-oh bo y. u a dead man 

-you don’t even hesitate with throwing this fucker off the bed and slamming him on the floor 

-then you pin yourself on top of him and smack his forehead repeatedly so hard until he swears to never do it again and the 5 things he will do to make it up to you 

-after that, saeyoung lays off. a little. there will always be the pranks. but for the most part, he lets you enjoy your beauty sleep. 

-except you getting out of bed is a whole other story, of course… 


-he would NEVER disrupt your beauty sleep unless it was dire importance

-and we’re talkin like. a whole world war erupting. this man doesn’t fuck around with you.

-the only time he found you grumpy was when you woke up a little early from him being a little too loud getting ready for work 

-you didn’t totally go full fury on him but you were super pissy 

-smacked his ass real hard as he left the house 

-so he got the warning to be a little quieter, but lowkey wants you to do that again 

-kinky shit 


-same kinda scenario with Jumin; she was up early in the morning filling out papers for the coffee shop

-she was playing some music in the background which she meant to keep quiet but there was a particular loud part that even startled her 

-was quick to turn it down and come into the room to check in on u tho

-she was so sweet and apologetic about how she didn’t mean to wake you up that you couldn’t get grumpy 

-you just asked for an “i’m sorry kiss” which she was happy to oblige in 


-he wanted to be all romantic and wake you up with kisses 

-you didn’t really even know what was going on other than Zen was all over you and you were no longer asleep and you wanted to be 

-so you just fukin bit Zen’s lip with all your might before turning around and going back to sleep like nothing happened 

-he didn’t know if he should be turned on or offended????

-he decides to just wait after your awake to kiss you..?


-you both are EXTREMELY grumpy sleepers

-you stole the blankets? AGAIN? FU C KE R????

-you two are constantly fighting in your sleep 

-but you manage to work it out because you two generally wake up at the same time

-so you’ve just learned to leave each other alone for the next 20 minutes after getting up so you don’t end up biting and kicking for no reason 

-saeyoung is constantly amused but so so afraid of you guys in the morning

-you walk around like the dead and you’ll fuckin attack him too if he says a word 

-help him


-again, like Jumin. usually would not wake you up for anything

-but it was getting way late into the day and you hadn’t eaten or been out of the room at all,,,

-so he decides to muster up his courage and wake you up 

-what a…  m i s t a k e 

-he wakes you up by gently stroking your hair 

-while it’s a nice way to wake up….. you still attack him 

-you legit bite this mans hand 

-you BIT HIM



-V is just .. confused? like babe?????? you bit my hand????

-you don’t apologize.

-until you actually wake up and find the bandage on his hand and your like “aw honey! What happened?”

-apologies won’t stop coming out once you find out omg 

Three times the sun gods bothered Icarus at work

Soooo this was going to be a “5 + 1” fic but I really gotta work on my project now, boo.  but I wanted to send you what I had :)  so here’s three parts!  I tried to write from Icarus’s point of view this time… not sure how great I did lol  anyway I hope you like it though  :)


Icarus is taking four classes this term; the standard for a full-time student.  He also signed up for a handful of extracurricular activities, not many, but enough to keep him involved.  He’s discreetly in the student LGBTQ+ club, though he doesn’t often speak up.  And of course, astronomy club, which is the thing he lives for every week. 

He also has five separate jobs, that require his efforts at various times of the day/week.  Between the five of them, Icarus manages to make enough money to keep his monthly bills in check, as well as taking a chunk off of the cost of tuition.  He’s not rich, for sure, but frankly, it’s enough for him to keep his head above water (a phrase that’s always made him shudder, for some reason), and not burden his family with debt.

So many jobs, classes and extracurriculars requires Icarus to keep a detailed schedule on his refrigerator so he can keep track of where he’s supposed to be and when.

Tragically, this becomes his undoing, as certain other individuals also consult this schedule at their leisure to determine how and where to find him and maximize their pestering.

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Meet Cute (Leslie/Reader)

Summary: Nobody really meets people in crowded coffee shops, right? And they certainly don’t meet their favorite artists. And they definitely don’t get a date out of the whole deal. Except, sometimes, they do.

Note: My first Leslie fic! This fills a request for a fan of Leslie’s meeting him and him being sweet about it, and #48 from the prompt list:  “I can’t believe I just asked them out!” “And I can’t believe they said yes.” 

Rating: G. Pure fluff.

Word Count: 1485

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I decided we needed more Coffee Shop AUs

There really wasn’t anything too special about the coffee shop on Rosewood Boulevard, but Stiles always found himself coming back. It was small and a little dingy, dusty in some corners and maybe a little odd. But the coffee was good for the price and they offered free, fast wifi and Stiles couldn’t really ask for more as a broke college student. It was also the most convenient place to be when being sexiled from his dorm by his roommate (not having your own car really limited how far you could go to escape that).

Now here he was, working on yet another paper, as the due date steadily approached. But, you see, he couldn’t quite get into his usual groove. No, that just wasn’t happening. Why, you may ask? Because he felt wrong. The day was just wrong. He got there during an unexpected rush hour and his drink was too sweet and he his table had been taken by a greek god. 

Yes, today everything felt off center and Stiles really wasn’t appreciating it.

So, yeah, today wasn’t running as smoothly as Stiles had hoped but there was nothing he could do about it so he just had to suck it up. And that had been working, for a solid two hours and he was proud of himself for buckling down and getting shit done. But his brave face just about shattered into ugly tears when his screen dimmed and a small notification in the bottom right hand corner popped up to tell him he was at 10% battery life. 

This was so not what he needed right now. He needed three more shots of espresso, maybe a shot or two of whiskey and for his laptop not to die in the middle of a very important paper. Seriously, his Medieval Folklore professor was probably real tired of his bullshit and inability to not ask questions every two minutes, this paper was suppose to make up for that. 

He looks up from his spot and eyes immediately land on his usual table. He gazes at it longingly. It was a lovely little table with the perfect dent in it to hold his pen and keep it from rolling away and a window to his side that allowed him to not feel so claustrophobic and a power outlet. There’s a cough and some movement in the corner of his eye and, wow he really didn’t think this day could get much worse at this point. But of course the world found ways to surprise him.

He hadn’t remembered until just then that there was a reason he wasn’t at his usual table. That reason happened to be six feet of hot chocolate sipping hotness that was coughing into his hand and looking mildly uncomfortable. Way to go, Stiles, just looking like a freaking creeper why don’t ya?

Sighing heavily he drops his head into his hands and takes a moment to mourn his complete lack of social awareness and gathers what’s left of his shattered determination from earlier. There was only one way to solve this issue without having to write another two pages on the witchcraft practices of the 12th century with a live porno soundtrack. 

He gathers his laptop, bag and half finished latte and makes the trek over to his usual table.

“Hi.” Stiles wants to slap himself, but his hands are full of caffeine and his computer so that’s a no go.

“Uh, hi,” the man replies. God, he’s even prettier up close with eyes that must have made eye color hard to define at the DMV for his driver’s license and cheekbones that could win awards.

“So, I am super sorry for totally freaking you out by staring, I promise I wasn’t creeping on you or anything. It’s just this is my usual spot on Thursdays but today was an emergency because I was sexiled by my roommate and I have a four age paper due tonight and it’s only half done but my laptop is at ten percent and you are sitting in front of the only outlet and it would be really cool if I could just like sit on the floor right here and plug in so I can finish this and not fail my class and like not graduate and therefore fail college and ruin my life.” Stiles takes a deep breath and waits, realizing too late that that was likely considered “over-sharing” and if Adonis wasn’t freaked out already he was probably sufficiently scared now.

“You could just sit across from me?” Stiles refuses to call it blanching, but he will admit to his eyes going a little wide. The man looks down at his cup a little shyly before continuing, “I would just give you the seat but it’s right under the heater and I’m freezing right now.”

“Uh, yeah, of course, dude. No problemo, could you plug me in though?” It takes them a few minutes but they eventually get situated in a way that works with Stiles needing stuff on the table and not taking up all the table space while the man adjusts so that their knees don’t knock under the table. Although Stiles doesn’t particularly mind that. 

“Thanks, man. You’re a real life saver,” Stiles smiles once their settled.



“My name. It’s Derek.” Stiles smiles brightly.

“My name is Stiles,” He laughs as Derek’s nose scrunches adorably in confusion before explaining, “A nickname. My legal name is a Polish monstrosity on English tongues, so I try to avoid it.” Derek nods and that’s where it begins - companionable silence and gentle tapping on a keyboard while the warm air from the heater cloaks over them.

Stiles isn’t sure how long it’s been when Derek seems to magically come back to their table out of no where. He hadn’t even noticed he left. He looks up at Derek in confusion when he sets down a new cup.

“You picked up your empty cup about three times to take a sip, thought you could use another,” he shrugs sheepishly. Warm creeps up Stiles’ neck making his thanks stutter slightly as he hides his smiles behind his new latte. It isn’t too much (well, as far as Stiles can tell) before Derek is rewrapping a scarf and getting up.

“Where are you going?” Stiles pouts, watching as Derek readjusts his coat.

“Oh, uh, my ride is here, I need to go.” Derek points a thumb over his shoulder to where the exit is. Stiles frowns some more before realizing this is probably a little crazy but he might never run in to Derek again.

“Can I have your number?” Stiles tugs Derek’s sleeve as he turns to leave, almost desperate to draw him back. He feels like he’s wasted time. Sure, he wrote nearly all of his paper with the exception of his conclusion, but he’s barely said a word to his table partner. His heart pounds but something warm blooms in his chest when Derek cheeks go pink. 

“I think I already covered that for you,” the man tells him quietly, gesturing to Stiles’ cup. He looks and sure enough there is a neat little row of ten digits.

“I could have accidentally thrown it away!” Stiles says in equal amounts horror and bashfulness, obviously not sure if he should be elated that he has Derek’s number or terrified that he could has possibly, literally thrown away his chance to talk to him. 

“Well, I really hope you don’t.”

“Me, too. I would really like a better shot at this whole coffee date thing.”

“A date?”

“Yeah, a date.” 

“Cool. So, text me?” Stiles smiles with a nod, watching his eyes crinkle in the corners as his own lips lift. That’s just seconds before Derek seems to swoop in and give him the sweetest, most chaste peck on the cheek and walk away with cheeks so red they could be harboring tomatoes.

It takes Stiles significantly longer to write his conclusion than normal when he can’t help the way his mind wander to warm lips and hot chocolate drinking sweethearts.

Thank you to 900 (now 938 ‘cause this is soooo late) followers!!! You lovelies make me so happy and I’m so happy you’re here. I hope you enjoy what you find as we fantasize over these two assholes in love :)



  • cards and drunken propositions by Bellakitse  
    Summary: “Eskild, please tell me I didn’t make a fool of myself in front of Even,” Isak begs, groaning when Eskild winces theatrically. “Oh, god, what did I do?” “You mean besides rubbing yourself against him like a cat and started taking your clothes off?” Eskild asks tentatively, giving him a pitying look when Isak lets out a noise of death and mortification. “If it helps he seemed to be enjoying your…attention?” * Isak doesn’t remember the night before but he knows he made a fool of himself in front of this crush.

  • I Don’t Know About You, But I Could Think Of A Metaphor Or Two by i_once_wrote_a_dream
    Summary: He knows he’s fucked up. Crazy. Literally. Clinically insane.

  • sugar spreads happiness by Bellakitse 
    Summary: Isak and Even try to bake cupcakes for kose, this time no one interrupts their time in Isak’s kitchen.* Set after the almost kiss of episode three.


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anonymous asked:

Hi there c: Could I request a Eren, Levi and Erwin Modern AU Headcanons of romantic relationships with they're s/o? How would it be and what kind of s/o for them? c: Thank you very much! Keep up the great work!


  • Even in a modern AU, Eren would still be traumatized by the events that plagued him as a child. There’s no way fate would let him escape experiencing loss and heartache, no matter how that came. That being said, he is still going to need a s/o that is kind and affectionate and loves him despite his various faults; that can calm down the raging storm inside his heart.
  • They meet randomly, more than likely at a coffee shop or perhaps at a university-sponsored course they both decided to take to expand whatever skill. They end up partnered together for a class project and so they end up spending quite a lot of time together, getting to know one another. 
  • There’s more time for the simple things in a modern AU, so I could definitely see Eren and his s/o going on dates, his hand intertwined with theirs as they did something fun like explore the old downtown part of their city. He has a sweet tooth so they’d often visit ice cream shops together, trying out new flavors and laughing when they happened to get a pretty gross one.
  • His sleep is still full of nightmares, so his s/o would always be waiting there next to him, curled against his side so they could feel the first shiver that indicated his pain. They’d comfort him until he felt safe enough to fall back asleep, running their fingers through his hair soothingly.
  • Over all, there would be a lot of love and affection between the two, and he wouldn’t be ashamed to flaunt that love in public by kissing his s/o’s nose when they were being particularly cute, or capturing their lips with his when they’ve said something incredibly sweet and touching.
  • Eren, being as passionate as he is, is often completely overwhelmed with emotions so he tends to be quite impulsive. Though his s/o might be completely caught off guard, Eren would find himself wanting his hands all over his s/o’s body even in the more inappropriate places, and it’s all his s/o can do to calm the savage beast until they get home and Eren can continue touching exactly where he wants to.


  • Being in a relationship with Levi in modern AU wouldn’t change that much–he would still be very distant and closed off, and just like Eren there is no way fate would let him escape the tragedy he’s destined to experience as a child. He has issues trusting and letting people in, so getting to know him would still be a feat in itself; he would need someone very determined to break down his walls.
  • More than likely his s/o would need to work with him because Levi so rarely goes out in public to do anything but work, so establishing a relationship with him would be very hard unless they saw him every single day and had reason to talk to him.
  • They’re more than likely his assistant, and they’d have to have a pretty dedicated work ethic in order to keep up with his expectations. He finds himself attracted not only to their physique but also just how hard they work to achieve not just results, but nearly perfect ones.
  • It would still have to be them who pursued him in the end, not the other way around, but I do believe Levi in a modern AU would be a little–just a little–more lax and less rough around the edges. For example he could appreciate when someone looked attractive, and he would be less inclined to hide his approving stares, though he still wouldn’t make it completely obvious.
  • He might flirt, in a very Levi-esque way, by bantering with them a little more and finding small ways here and there to spend more time with them. His self-confidence would still be lacking for him to make the final move to establish a relationship, but lingering glances and touches here and there would give them a clear enough picture of what he wants.
  • There would definitely be office sex since Levi more than likely has a fancy, large office to compensate for the lack of things he had as a child. Levi tends to get impatient, and there’s no way he’s waiting to get home to wash away a stressful day at work when there’s a perfectly good desk right there.


  • Erwin would, no matter the time period, find himself still as busy as he’d ever been–he takes up difficult, strenuous work and finds some martyr-like goal in order to distract himself from his darkest thoughts. 
  • He would be just as charming as ever, except this time there’s not the looming threat of death on every horizon so he would use that charm in more efficient ways. He’s a very good public speaker, and can convince even the most stubborn of individuals to flip-flop to his idea, so he’s more than likely in something like sales or law.
  • He’s probably working himself to death with paperwork, though, and often finds himself drowning the stress of his job with a glass of bourbon at the closest bar to his work. It’s the only thing that he knows can calm his racing heart and infectious worries about his future. 
  • He’d probably meet his s/o there–they’re bartending and serving him drinks nearly every night during the week that they end up just knowing what he likes and even have it ready for him when he walks in after a tough day at work.
  • They talk whenever the shift isn’t too busy, first about his work, then onto deeper subjects like his childhood and his regrets. They form a bond that has each of them looking forward to speaking, Erwin realizing that it’s no longer the drink that’s calming his anxious mind but rather the silly bartender he’s decided to open up to.
  • When Erwin doesn’t show up one night, they more than likely get worried, and decide to visit his office during their break to check up on him. They find him hovering over mountains of paperwork at his desk, completely alone in the dark building and totally surprised to see them. This inevitably ends up in intimacy, both of them overwhelmed by the thick sexual tension and spurred on by the meaningful bond they’ve developed over the past few months.

illneverrecover  asked:

Pass the happy along! When you get this reply with five things that make you happy then pass it along to the first 10 people in your activity <3 (P.S. - YOU MAKE ME HAPPPPYYYYYY APRIL)

AHHHHHHH JACKIE @illneverrecover you make me happpppy too TTTT___TTTT

Just for you baby cakes! 

What makes me happy? The thought of the RFA being caught singing/dancing when they thought they were alone. 

1. Yoosung:
He was cleaning his apartment before she came over because he wanted everything to be perfect for their first weekend together. He had opened up all the windows and his front door to let out any smells that may have festered from his months of his LOLOL hermit lifestyle. He had put in his earphones and was singing along to that new K-pop girl band that MC was so obsessed with- he had to admit their songs were super catchy… so catchy that he was busting out the moves he had seen from their videos as he dusted around the room… until he turned around to see a wide eyed, slack jawed MC- her overnight bag sliding off her shoulder slowly in its agonising descent to the ground. 

“M-MC! I didn’t hear you come in!” 
“No… I gathered that… but… Yoosung- I could hear from down the street!” 

Yoosung wanted to die, he thought about shanking himself with his feather duster for a minute or two… 

“… You sounded really good! You didn’t tell me you could sing Honey!” 

Ahhhh crisis averted. 

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Car mechanic!Johnny


• thanks to this lovely anon you now have mechanic johnny as the next instalment of my mini non-idol au’s!!! whatever you do don’t think about johnny in a sleeveless top working and covered in sweat and engine oil

• also i have no idea how cars work so please bear with me

• let’s gooooo

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Envy // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: fluff, slight angst

Words: 1.8k

Relationship status: together

Warnings: swearing

Summary: Phil runs into Charlie while he’s out with Dan. Dan has to restrain himself from letting his jealous side show.

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anonymous asked:

I really love AU fics, so I want to know what are your favourites (chaptered). But like really AU changing a lot the story (like That's Not My Name, You Don't Even Know Me, Half Blade and Half Silk... you know what I mean?) And I'm sending you love and luck <3

Thanks love :’) I’m sending both right back! ♥

Listen, you are lucky you only asked for chaptered fics, because otherwise this would be like 10 times longer (not that it’s not long as it is lmao). Have fun!

P.S. Those 3 you named are some of my favorites too, but I feel like I still need to list them anyway, I’m sure someone else will appreciate it ;)


  • Half Blade and Half Silk by smokeshop ✓
    uni!au; Isak’s friends introduce him to an art student at a college party. He won’t stop calling Isak baby and Isak’s bad at pretending to hate it. College AU where Isak’s past is a little more colorful but Even still won’t leave him alone.

  • the city of illusions, the city of yearning by elisewin
    Summary: The whole point of going on a student exchange program is to meet people from different countries, learn about different cultures and so on. Isak, of course, falls in love with another Norwegian while in Rome. 

  • torches (life’s too short) by xxLeviBech
    Summary: “My mom used to tell me my thoughts would pour out of my ears if I kept thinking too hard.” Isak threw back another fry, keeping his gaze down. “That’s pretty fucked up, man.” Even deadpanned, making Isak snap his head up in a laugh .“Fuck you,” He giggled, tossing one of the soggier ones at Even and being decidedly unimpressed when he caught it in his mouth. Or, a canon divergence AU in which Isak’s childhood is exponentially more severe – where he can’t remember coming to school without bruises, a bottle of hand-sanitizer, and long sleeves. It’s fine, he’s fine. It wasn’t for his friends, though; and that’s how he wound up here, in a fold-up chair every Tuesday and Friday, talking about his experiences with other post-secondary kids diagnosed with some kind of PTSD. It’s also where meets a guy whose name starts with the same letters as everything, because that’s… exactly what he is.

  • with love, from anonymous by cosetties & iriswests ✓
    Summary: secret admirer!au; Isak just wants to get his coffee in peace, Even has a crush, and there’s a secret admirer on the loose.

  • in better light, everything changes by TimeInABottle ✓
    Summary: wrong number!au; “I just checked the revue website and blackmailing people for smoking weed wasn’t listed under the Kosegruppa description"… Isak accidentally texts a stranger (Even) while trying to text Sana.

  • i guess that’s destiny doing it right by allyasavedtheday ✓
    Summary: The alternate universe where Even originally went to Nissen and became friends with Isak and Jonas when they started first year but moved away after his episode at the start of second year only for Isak to never hear from him again. Fastforward to the summer before Isak starts college when he’s travelling around Spain and bumps into a certain someone in Barcelona.

  • I’m Not A Baby by cuteandtwisted ✓  
    Summary: childhood friends!au; “This is Even, my bro. The part about him being my personal servant is kind of true though.” “Your bro? Your bro?! What the fuck, Isak? We need to get rid of this whole masculinity thing they teach you at Nissen.” aka, Isak and Even are childhood friends.

  • love and condoms by kassie ✓  
    Summary: Isak was about turn on his heels and say “Fuck it” and go home, when a tall, slender-looking boy approached him from down the aisle. Shit. “Finding everything okay?” he asked once he reached Isak, his face entirely consumed by his smile. Judging from his choice of clothing, the boy definitely worked here. And, by the black letters scribbled on his name tag, the boy’s name was Even. Great.. Or: Isak owes Eskild a favor and Eskild sends him out to buy condoms where he runs into a tall boy who is a little too eager to help him.

  • super rich kids by koolranchkidz
    Summary: The van was parked on the side of the empty city street, next to an apartment building. The sun had begun to peek out from behind the horizon and the streetlight had been turned off for the past ten minutes. Even heard Jonas grunt, “Fucking finally! Jesus-” from the front seat. He turned to face the other car window and froze in his spot at the sight. He saw a boy coming down the apartment stairwell lugging an over-packed, black suitcase lazily behind him with one hand. In his other hand, the boy was holding a cup of KB coffee with drips of brown down the sides. He couldn’t make out the boy’s face from that far away, but going by his body language, Even could tell he was exhausted. Or: In which Jonas is rich as fuck and takes The Boysquad™ to the Bahamas after graduation, and many, many things happen.

  • I feel it when you look at me by photographer_of_thoughts
    Summary: blind!Even; “Did you hear about the new guy?“ Jonas asked, motioning over to the other side of the cafeteria. Isak looked up and became rather breathless at the sight of the tall, blonde, and totally gorgeous boy wearing sunglasses. Wait. Sunglasses? Inside? “Must suck to be the new transfer and blind. I hope someone is helping him find all his classes.” Or, Isak and Even learn to see each other.

  • making new clichés by strangetowns
    Summary: childhood friends!au; They are young teenage boys who don’t have jobs, and thus don’t have money except for when they beg their parents for allowances. The stunning lack of creativity that goes into their activities just goes without saying. What doesn’t go without saying is this - Even doesn’t care that they don’t do anything exciting. They could be lying on their backs for hours watching the ceiling and he’d still rather be there than anywhere else in the world. As long as Isak is there, he will have a good time. This is a thing he knows to be true. - In this universe, Isak and Even are best friends. Some things are different; some things stay exactly the same.

  • Something Borrowed, Something Blue by BluebeardsWife
    Summary: fake dating!au; Even hires Isak to pretend to be his boyfriend at his ex’s wedding.

  • WAKE UP! by cuteandtwisted
    Summary: Even can’t stop having dreams about this strange boy. He’s never seen him before. But why does it feel like he’s the only person that ever mattered? Or: Even has no idea who Isak is but he still loves him aka EvenDreams!AU

  • don’t you keep it all to yourself by colazitron
    Summary: coffee shop!au; Isak starts buying daily coffees before school at Kaffebrenneriet around the corner because it tastes better than the coffee in the cafeteria and keeps his hands warm. But mostly because the barista is heart-stoppingly cute. Or: An AU in which Even didn’t need to repeat his last year and instead started working at the coffeeshop Isak passes on his way to school every morning.

  • i hate your face, it makes my heart skip a beat by Bellakitse
    Summary: HateToLove!au & tutoring!au; Isak is failing History and his friends have the great idea that their new friend Even should tutor him. It’s perfect except Isak doesn’t like Even or the way his stupid face makes his stomach flip.

  • Those, who could not hear the music. by UniversalParadox_13
    Summary: In this story, Isak and Even are ballet students and collide while preparing for a play they’ll be performing in. It’s odd and exhilarating, and does not make sense to their yearning bodies and vulnerable hearts, until it does. But Even is in a steady relationship and Isak has no place for love his life, so there is that.

  • The Comments Below by DickAnderton ✓
    Summary: youtubers!au; Isak is a notoriously lazy gamer living with lgbt icon Eskild. When they invite youtube sensation Even Bech Naesheim over for a collaboration, #Evak is born. But it is not only their viewers who are falling in love.

  • That’s Not My Name by cuteandtwisted ✓
    Summary: one-night stand!au; “Isak.” Even smiled, then licked his lips. “Wanna go back to my place?” - aka: Isak is an exchange student in new york city where he meets a very forward and bewitching Even.

  • I’m Not in Love by cuteandtwisted ✓
    Summary: uni!au; Isak was not in love. Nope. Not even close. Or: Even never transferred to Nissen in his third year, so they meet in college instead. Uni AU in which Isak doesn’t believe in love but Even Bech Næsheim won’t stop kissing him. 

  • Home Is Wherever I’m With You by cuteandtwisted  
    Summary: travel!au; “Hi. I’m Even and I don’t usually walk around in nothing but a towel.” “Uh, I’m Isak.” “Isak. Mind if I kidnap you for some fun sightseeing activities?” Or Isak and Even keep meeting in hostels all around the world and never exchanging contact information.

  • The Notion of Falling by smokeshop
    Summary: HateToLove!au; Isak hates Even and Even hates Isak and Sana is the only one who knows why.

  • Things Look Different in the Morning by allyasavedtheday  
    Summary: roomates!au & uni!au; “So,” he says, drawing the word out. “I told Even he could stay here.”Isak blinks, convinced he’s misheard. “Eskild,” he says flatly. “We don’t have a spare room.” Eskild straightens his back, expression turning sheepish. “That’s the other part…I was thinking he could stay in your room?” * In which Even needs a place to stay, kollektivet gains a new roommate, and Isak just really wants to sleep.

  • Membership Dues by Sabeley
    Summary: fraternity!au; Isak is pledging Even’s fraternity. Even keeps having to be reminded that he’s not allowed to date the pledges. “It’s a ten-week pledge period. How hard could it be?” Famous last words.

  • Doctor Patient Confidentiality by skambition 
    Summary: “Male, maybe late 20s, didn’t carry an ID. Was hit by a car. Broken ribs, lots of internal bleeding, his left hand needs some work, a lot of crushed bones. Punctured lung. His heart frequency shows irregularities, but we’re not sure why. Unconscious. The driver called, he’s in surgery, too.” “Okay, thanks”, Isak said, got his rubber gloves and went into the OR. He was good at fixing people. And he knew it.

  • take me to the stars by iriswests  
    Summary: HateToLove!au & friends with benefits!au; Isak thinks Even is pretentious and impractical. Even thinks Isak is arrogant and uptight. They’re not each other’s biggest fans, even if they do happen to have spectacular sex on a very, very drunken night. And Isak doesn’t mean to do it again, but he does, anyway, so now they’re establishing ground rules and deciding that maybe they can keep doing this, no strings attached, no commitments, no feelings, and, most importantly, no need to stop disliking each other.And then it’s not quite that simple anymore.

(✓ - completed fics)

A Crime Against Pizza (co-authored with @mshoneysucklepink)

From this prompt:  "Your pizza keeps getting delivered to my house by mistake and I need to talk to you about your choice of toppings AU" by @ashesinyourhair from the @dailyau

Rating: PG (for innuendo)
Summary: Some people are very particular about their pizza.
Warnings: Pineapple on pizza, orgasmic descriptions of pepperoni, egregiously overused italics, general idiocy. Stoner Brett.
~3100 words 


First this happened. Then this happened. Super thanks to @snarkyhag for the awesome beta.

The only saving grace about exam time, Blaine thought, was that somehow it made pizza taste even better. He wasn’t sure if it was some psychosomatic reaction or the perfect balance of protein, carbs, and fat traveling through his bloodstream straight to his brain - but it set off his reward center like nothing else. Except maybe a good orgasm (ideally brought on by something other than his own hand, thankyouverymuch).

The only problem was his roommate. Sam HATED Blaine’s preferred toppings of pineapple and ham, (“it’s fruit on pizza, Blaine, and fruit is healthy, it totally defeats the point of pizza being junk food! It makes it, I don’t know, less junky!”) Which was why he considered himself lucky that Sam had a nighttime photo shoot. Nothing was stopping him.

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Scared of commitment.

Originally posted by jaywalkerzz

Artist: Jay Park

Word Count: ~2K

You thought everything was fine, even great, you thought the relationship was going smooth but you thought wrong when he decided he wanted to break up with you. Jay had decided to end the relationship out of no where with no solid explanation to why, he only said that it was him that was the reason but that didn’t explain anything when they all say that, did he not like you anymore, was he bored of you, all those thoughts were going through your head trying to find a reason.

It really hurt you and affected you in so many ways after the breakup, it was so sudden and out of no where that it took so much time to process the break up. You barley fight and if you did they were so small that after thirsty minutes you guys would makeup. Even though his schedule was hectic and busy you both made time to see each other, you guys were making this relationship work so well.

However you had bills to pay and expenses, you couldn’t stay home crying about the breakup, you were sad but you had to make each day productive and go on with your life. It wasn’t easy on you, you forgot how you couldn’t just call Jay and tell him about your day, or when something exciting happened you couldn’t just text him to tell him, you would forget sometimes and on the verge of sending the text but then realization hits you, you knew you had to delete his number. 

 Your days were usually spent alone like you used to before you were dating Jay, you went back to your routine of going to work and then going back home, having a meal at home and then end the night with watching tv that’s how your week days were spent. You had a simple life. 

It had been a couple months since the breakup and you sort of adjusted back to your regular life and daily routine, and just going by each day the same, you would go out on weekends but it wasn’t major.

On Jays side he was scared of commitment, he liked you but the idea of loving you scared him, so when he found himself falling in love with you he wanted to end it and run, he was to committed to his work that it scared him so much to change his priority, so he did what came to his mind first and broke up with you.

Jay lost all his motivation after the break up, even though he was the one who ended it he some how seemed empty not having you in his life again, you were always there for him. He missed everything about you, you little studio lunch dates, or how he always complained about you stealing his caps, or the fact when he’s just not feeling it you would hold him and cuddle him while running you fingers through his hair and telling him everything will be alright, because at the end it did turn fine. 

You were out doing grocery shopping on a regular Saturday, usually you had a routine on that day where you would spend it cleaning up all the stuff you neglected in the week days and then head out and do grocery shopping and enjoy a nice coffee at your favorite café, you had friends but not super close ones, so you always enjoyed just being alone on that day, plus most of yours friends ended up with a hangover from last nights partying. 

You were walking to the cafe where you usually got coffee from and then you planned to go to the market and buy everything you had missing from the house. 

 You were sitting on one of the tables having your back to the door so you couldn’t really see who comes into the cafe. While you were on your phone not really paying attention to anyone who comes in waiting for your coffee to be ready, Jay walked in totally not excepting to see you there. At first he didn’t know it was you seeing how you had your back to him, but when your drink got called his first thought was that you always ordered that drink every time you got coffee, which made him smile thinking of you, but when he looked up there you were heading to the counter to get your drink, Jays eyes widened totally not excepting it to really be you, his first move was to turn his body away from you so you didn’t see him. 

He wasn’t ready to face you, he still thought of himself a coward for the decision he made, he knew that he hurt you really bad by cutting you off like that with no reason to why he actually wanted to break up, and he wasn’t sure if you even wanted to see him. 

After seeing you for the first time, thoughts of regret kept coming back to him because he knew he lost something so precious that no one can give to him, because you were too good for him. You were always there to support him in everything he did, you never pressured him to take his focus off work and give it to you, you were always understanding, you even got so close to his his crew and were super cool with them. 

He wanted a second chance to fix it but he didn’t know if it would be given to him, so when he saw you at the cafe he didn’t know what he would say and he wasn’t even sure if you wanted to talk to him, so his first thought was to avoid you. 

 Jay really wanted to make it up to you and he wanted to ask for a second chance but he didn’t know how to do it, he for sure knew you wouldn’t answer his phones calls or texts, so he knew he had to meet you face to face. 

So there he was standing in front the door of your apartment, he was so nervous to how you would react but knocked on the door regardless, he waited a little until he heard foot steps coming close to the door. You opened your door totally not expecting to see Jay standing in front of you looking good as ever.

 At first it was just silence between the both of you and just staring at each other until you spoke first.

 “Jay, what are you doing here” you said in a totally calm voice not trying to be rude because you weren’t that kind of person, you always tried to get through things in the most calm ways because you knew screaming and cursing got you no where. 

 “Umm” he said totally not knowing what to say. 

 “Do you want to come in” you asked 

 “Sure” he said and walked, he was met with your usual scented house, he first used to complain how strong it was but then he grew to love it that he was the one that used to light up the candles in the house and he didn’t know how much me missed that , he also didn’t expect to be greeted by a really cute cat that came and circled around his legs 

“Is this cat yours” he asked 

 “Ah, yeah I adopted her a while ago, and her name is princess” you said, the cat came running to you hearing her name being called, you still couldn’t get over how smart she was. 

 “Make yourself comfortable” you said, it felt weird for Jay to be at your apartment and feel like a total stranger when once it wasn’t. 

 “Thanks” he said and sat down 

“So why are you here Jay” you asked him, inside your mind was going crazy with a million thoughts, you missed him so much, but you were still hurt by him, but at the same time so happy to see him, but your tone made him notice that you wanted him to get to the point.
“I…., I came to say I’m sorry for hurting you, but I was stupid” 

 “Stupid for what you never told me what the real reason was though” you said and he stayed quiet 

“Was it me, did you not like me anymore” you said and chuckled, but it was a bitter one

“No” he said quickly not letting you continue what you were saying

 “If anything it’s the opposite, I love you” he said and you were just shocked to hear him say

“What” you said said still confused with your eyebrows raised

 “I love you, and I was a coward to admit my feelings for you, I wanted to focus on work and I was scared that if we were in too deep that I would lose all that focus, but I was stupid and wrong because if anything you were always cheering me on and supporting me in everything I did, you were always the biggest fan of my work and always so proud of it, and I was stupid to think that you would drag me down” he said and you were trying to hold yourself from crying but couldn’t help the tears falling down your cheeks hearing him talk like that. Jay was confused to see you crying, he went and sat next to you and pulled you in his embrace. 

 “I’m so sorry, please don’t cry” he said and started rubbing your back trying to calm you down. 

After the break up you tried going on with your usual life and routine, and try to not let it affect you, you tried telling yourself that your fine, but you knew you weren’t. You always ended up crying when you were alone. You really thought it was the best relationship you have ever been in, you thought he was the one and you would spend all your life with him. He was always bringing the best in you, he was always smiling and hyper that you were always happy to be around him, he was so passionate about his work and music that it made you fall in love with him, he was always motivating you to keep doing what you love, a

 So when he broke up with you, it really broke you down. Jay pulled back when he felt you calm down and you stopped crying, but you really missed him

 “I’m so sorry I hurt you, and I promise if you give me a second chance I will make it up to you, I will make sure you know how much I really love and care for you” he said. You didn’t know what to do, if you should forgive him and give him another chance, but you were scared to give him another chance and for him to break your heart again. 

 “Please, I promise I won’t break this promise” he said and you could hear how sincere he was being. You were silent thinking over everything, your cat meowed as if giving you her answer and rubbing herself against Jay which made you chuckle, even your cat loved him. 

 “Okay” you said 

 “Okay..?!?” He said not sure what it meant 

 “Okay I’ll give you a second chance” you said and he was beaming with happiness and a big smile on his face 

“Thank you, I promise I won’t hurt you” he said and opened his arms signaling for you that he wants to hold you, which brought a smile to your face and you went closer to him and hugged him. 

 "I love you so much" he said, but you didn’t teasing him with a smirk, he pulled back with a raised eyebrow waiting 

 "What! You made me wait to hear it, so your gonna have to work for it" you said chuckling which made Jay groan at you teasing. 

Hope you guys enjoyed it :)!

anonymous asked:

Supercorp prompts: Kara and her love for food!

Though Lillian had never been exactly loving growing up, Lena had been remarkably close to her adoptive grandparents, spending much of her time off from school in their manor, spending holidays that Lex was away with the very people Lillian both spoke so fondly of and mostly ignored, often finding herself feeling lighter afterwards—feeling better.

(She sometimes wondered what had made Lillian so different, why her grandparents were so kind and tolerant and Lillian was so…Lillian.

She wondered, but she never went further than that, deciding she didn’t very much want to know if the variable that caused such a difference in parental style was Lena herself.)

When she was fifteen, she had spent nearly an entire summer with her grandparents, helping out her grandmother with odds and ends as her grandfather had fallen rather ill. She still could remember the afternoons she spent laughing as she and her grandmother attempted to make cookies though neither of them had experience with baking. It had always ended in chaos, the man who worked in the kitchens looking on at the flour caked hair and aprons riddled with raw eggs with poorly concealed amusement.

It was during one of those afternoons—attempting to make her grandfather’s favorite cookies—that her grandmother offhandedly joked that the way to anyone’s heart was through their stomach.

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Auggie the Clock Watcher

There was very little to enjoy about working in the fast food industry, but nothing quite so bad as the customers. They were demanding, impatient, and firmly believed they were right even when it was obvious to everyone else that they were not. The worst were the parents who left their kids in the restaurant and expected us to babysit while they went shopping in the plaza next door, even after they’d been asked and then told not to.

Many of us were fairly young ourselves with no idea how to handle a rambunctious, messy child, so if anything ever happened to them, we’d be totally lost. That ever present concern just made us dislike them even more.

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17 July 2017

[The B&B with Robert, Diane and Doug]

ROBERT: *Sad Sack Mode Activate* - Day drinking, check. Mindlessly making paper airplanes, check. Slumped in a chair being lazy instead of working, check.

DIANE: Robert! Two episodes in a row, I’m not used to so much time with you! Why aren’t you at work?!

ROBERT: *My life is over Face* What’s the point? I only ever work for Plot reasons anyway, Jimmy won’t miss me. Won’t even know I’m not there over the sound of his gastro orchestra.

DIANE: The point is, you can’t just sit around feeling sorry for yourself. The Plot will never move on if you’re just moping and avoiding it. Besides, drinking is what got you into this mess. *Takes glass* so let’s stop that right now. #VoiceOfReason

DOUG: It’s barely even midday Robert! Have some dignity! Like Diane said, it’s the only way the Plot will move forward.

ROBERT: Says the man whose best mate is a vegetable. I wish I had a vegetable to talk to. Or a fruit. Do you have any pineapples? Leo once drew a picture of Aaron with a pineapple shaped head. I fell in love with him all over again when I realized…

DIANE: Hey, no need to take it out on us. You’ll need your family around you if you’re gonna get through this.

ROBERT: Plot!Family more like. When are you ever there for me otherwise and barely even then. And what do you know about it? You can’t possibly have ever been more heartbroken than me. #Extra

DIANE: Plenty. Remember that time I cheated on your dad and he went off to Spain and died? #RIPJack (#RIPClive) You’re not the first person to have their heart broken.

ROBERT: *Extra Sad Sack Mode Activate* Aaron was my whole life. *Voice Crack* Now I have nothing. #GifableLine That felt good to get out. It’s the absolute unhealthy truth but I also want the audience to feel sorry for me. Not too sorry mind you, so…the only thing I do have is two pensioners pretending to know what it feels like to lose Aaron Dingle. Let me tell you, it’s fucking awful. It’s obvious you two gave up ages ago. If he left *nods at Doug* it would take you a week to even notice. Unlike me. I notice every single second and it’s terrible. #ThisPlotIsTheWorst #PleaseLetUsNotBeCoira

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taehyung x coffeeshop!au

i just felt like writing my own take on this very cliche au so here’s my thoughts,,, hope you enjoy💜 

  • you often stop at the small coffee shop just down the street on your way to work, school, etc because you preferred the taste over starbucks,,,, i know so hipster wowowowow
  • other times when you have a day to yourself you enjoy just sitting inside with your drink, lost in the thoughts that endlessly consume you 
  • until a particular customer snapped you out of your own little bubble as he walked past, opting for the two person table across from yours 
  • somehow his very presence was enough to intrigue you,,,,, he just seemed different from other people in some way but you couldn’t figure it out 
  • rather than being caught up in existential thoughts, you began to study the boy, who diverted his attention back and forth from his phone to a notebook he was sketching in 
  • you already began picking up on cute little habits he had,,,, like the way he furrowed his eyebrows while sketching with a lil tilt of one corner of his mouth as who-knows-what crossed his mind 
  • ofc you couldn’t be too obvious while staring, because other people would notice,,,,((obviously not him he was too engrossed in his art to look at you)) so you merely took glances in between reading small sections of buzzfeed’s snapchat stories 
  • who were you kidding you were reading the same meme over and over again because you were too busy thinking of Art Boy™ across from you 
  • after what seemed like 10 minutes (((but turned out to be 2 hours))) of straight sketching, he finally threw out his cup and walked out of the coffee shop 
  • you sat there for a moment,,,, shook™ by the fact that such an ethereal person could exist in the same time period as you 
  • after that Experience, you decided that every week you’d show up at the coffee shop at the same time to sit “with” Art Boy and observe, because it was strangely relaxing to you, and the only reason you sat in the coffee shop was to relax, right??? 
  • after a couple weeks you noticed that Picasso was picking up on your presence,,, maybe even a couple of your glances 
  • but for some reason,,,, you felt like he might have,,,, smiled???? after,,,,,, catching your stare for a split second??????? 
  • you were probs daydreaming because duh who wouldn’t daydream about such model-material boi like him 
  • but then,,,,, it happened again?? except,,,,, he was looking at you first??????? 
  • SOS this is not what you signed up for you began to panic as you felt heat rise to your cheeks against your will 
  • you didn’t sign up for this harassment what kind of cute smirk?? and directed towards you????? 
  • you decided this was getting dangerous but you didn’t want to stop coming because you didn’t want to admit you were excited to see him the next time 
  • except boy oh boy were you sO not ready for what happened the next week 
  • you walked in that day, phone and earphones in hand as always, preparing to walk up to the cashier to order your usual when you were greeted with the back of Art Boy’s head in front of you in line 
  • this is fine 
  • this is totally fine 
  • he’s just right in front of you it’s cool not like you can smell his beautiful cologne or anything 
  • as he’s ordering his drink you notice his voice is kinda sorta deep and you’re kinda sorta living for it??? 
  • you literally need to snap out of it omfgjfk you don’t even know him chill 
  • but then you hear him whisper something to the cashier as he’s paying? weird but okay 
  • so Art Boy finds his designated table™ (((it should have his name on it he sits at it so much))) and you walk up to the cashier ready to order 
  • the cashier knows your order which is no surprise, but then he tells you something that really caught you off guard 
  • Art Boy had already paid for your drink 
  • that’s it - it’s time to go home there’s no need for this torture anymore 
  • you just say thank you as the cashier hands you your drink and walk over to your designated table™,,, still in complete shock 
  • Art Boy has already begun his drawing and you just kinda,,, sit there,,, looking out the window not knowing what to do because you’re an idiot and you don’t wanna be caught staring this time bECAUSE HE JUST BOUGHT YOUR MCFRICKIN DRINK 
  • you decide to leave earlier than normal because you don’t know what to do and you’re about to go crazy 
  • but just wait the next week surprises you even more than ever 
  • you get to the shop at your normal time and Art Boy isn’t there yet as usual, so you sit at your table and pop your earphones in 
  • you didn’t get much sleep the night before because of all your stressful commitments, so you opt for a quick nap while sipping your drink in between snoozes 
  • but plans are never followed through with right? 
  • because yours sure weren’t 
  • this time Art Boy,,, omfg this boi,,,,, he decides to sit at your table 
  • you were half asleep when you hear the chair next to yours be pulled out and you smell the distinctive cologne from last week 
  • you cautiously look up to see Art Boy looking down at you,,,, and wowie you probably look like a mess because like, yOU JUST WOKE UP,,, tO THAT BEAUTIFUL FACE??? 
  • as you look up he introduces himself and ohmycod you almost exploded 
  • “my name is taehyung, i don’t think we’ve properly met yet” 
  • “i-i-i’m (y/n),,,, it’s nice to finally meet you” you respond while sitting up,,, sounding like a complete fool 
  • he just gave you the warmest box smile you’ve ever seen in your life and you could’ve sworn you melted into a puddle of tears right then and there 
  • as you two talked, Art Boy™ taehyung worked on his newest sketch, and you decided to study his little quirks just like before 
  • little did you know he was also studying yours 
  • you look down at his notebook to see someone sitting at a coffee shop table much like the one you were currently at, staring out the window, lost in thought, much like what you were prone to doing 
  • you didn’t say anything because who’s to say it was actually you?? (((((but inside you were screaming because like what if it is))))) 
  • 3 hours pass with the blink of an eye and you have to get back home soon 
  • “i’ll see you next week,” taehyung says as you part ways, flashing the second warmest box smile you’ve ever seen 
  • “see you soon, taehyung”

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What I Read This Week (3/21/17 - 3/28/17)

The Marks We Make by wittyy_name (Mature) (73,585 words) (WIP)

Lance McClain constantly dreams of the day he’ll finally meet his mysterious soulmate. They don’t say much, if anything at all, but they leave him with gorgeous paintings temporarily tattooing his skin. It’s not exactly the situation he hoped for, but when he feels the connection between them, he can’t bring himself to resent them. As much as he wishes his soulmate would just talk to him, he’s resigned himself to being patient. In the meantime, he has a loving family and good friends to help him get by.

Keith Kogane dreads the day he’ll finally meet his obnoxious soulmate. He’s just an art student who’s struggling to find his place in the world. There’s so much he hasn’t been able to control in his life, and the thought of having a soulmate, just another thing in his life which he also has no control over yet can’t do anything about, is a little terrifying. So he ignores the words that occasionally appear on his skin. He has other things to focus on: like being a new student at a big university where his childhood friend and step-brother go.

nothing’s quite as sweet by dimpleforyourthoughts and thebrotherswinchester (Teen) (50,370 words)

Keith is a barista who hates his job. Lance works at the cat shelter across the street.

blue, buried deep by aknightley (Teen) (22,449 words)

Season 2 from Lance’s point of view.

“So,” he says casually, “Anything else happen on the planet? With Shiro?” When Keith shoots him a look, he holds up his hands defensively. “Hey, look, I’m just saying you looked like you weren’t sharing everything, I thought maybe you’d want to share with someone, and who better than the guy you had a bonding moment with, huh?”

three minutes to closing by Yuisaki (Gen) (1,691 words)

“So you don’t know his name,” Pidge says slowly. “And he says meme-y things. And he always comes in three minutes before closing, and—”

“Always leaves on the dot,” Keith adds. “And uh, he never orders the same thing twice in a row.”

Pidge’s face is blank. “A customer who leaves at nine on the dot and never orders the same thing twice in a row,” she repeats. She opens her mouth, closes it, and taps at the screen of her tablet, hopping off the counter. “I’ll just tell everyone I didn’t get the answer out of you.”

“Pidge,” Keith protests. “I mean it.”

“And I think you have a cryptid customer,” Pidge says.

(or: eccentricities in a small coffee shop where a cuban boy with cute dimples only exists three minutes to closing.)

Trouble Coming (In The Dead of Night) by Mytay (Mature) (5,035 words)

Lance was reclined on a high couch, his long legs encased in dark brown leather pants, his stained off-white shirt missing its first two buttons, revealing tantalizing glimpses of caramel skin and collarbones.

Now Keith was the one getting distracted … But he refocused on the game, on his nearly winning hand, and reminded himself that unlike the poor gullible bastards at this table, Keith was going to be walking out of here with the insouciant rogue lying over there, taking that charming cowboy home to his bed.”

For six months, Keith and Lance have been stranded on a world that has no law and order except the law of the gun. They’ve survived by becoming a pair of notorious mercenary-cowboys-for-hire, loyal only to each other.

Just Static by Jessadilla (Gen) (84,141 words)

-iro, Hunk, Kei—, nybody? I’m—-
–I’m sorry guys. This is all my–
—I found my coordinates. They’re–
-guys. I hear something—
-end transmission-

Alone on a hostile planet, transmissions aren’t getting through. How did it come to this?

Sweet Quiznak by CheckeredCloth (Teen) (6,819 words)

“You’re really into him,” Hunk mutters, and wow, Lance’s face is on fire. Hunk is killing him.

“Look, read into how you like, Freud, just make sure that if I die Keith knows I totally would’ve mowed his ass like grass. That way, I can laugh hysterically at his emotionally-constipated expression from the afterlife.”

Or: Lance is badly injured and has a few skeletons in his closet. Or maybe just the one.