except that i'm wearing a dress

HOLY MOLY i just thought of a cool AU

and for once it’s not a role swap AU

imagine SU where everything is the same except all of the gems wear outfits that resemble different time periods in history

like, imagine the diamonds and their pearls wearing renaissance era dresses

imagine all of the crystal gems wearing outfits that match different time periods of the 20th century

imagine lapis in a victorian era dress

imagine jasper dressed up like a pirate from the 1600s

imagine how cool fusion outfits would look

this is such a good idea i’m glad i just thought of it

//Also I’m just gonna say whenever I see any of the DBZ characters who wear obviously Chinese dress, like qipaos and changshan, being headcanoned as anything but Chinese(’alien’ has an exception obviously) especially being headcanoned as an ethnicity not even Asian, I laugh my ass off

It’s funny when people headcanon characters we’ve seen the genitals of, especially as children, as transgender, but there’s something even funnier when they try to earn diversity points by erasing the ethnicity of a character when they’re of a race that gets the least representation in Western media out of any other race with the exception of Native American


🌛 9 OOTDs of 2015 🌜

All of these garments are available to by from my Etsy shop! (Except the top in the last photo)

Masters and the fruit hat
  • Ainley: Wears it to fancy events. No one dares question him.
  • Delgado: Insists he would never wear a hat with vegetable matter on it. Quickly closes his closet.
  • Roberts: Would wear it proudly everywhere except he can never decide which outfit it goes best with.
  • Simm: Dresses the Doctor in it during The Year That Never Was.
  • Macqueen: Takes selfies with the hat on and sends them to the Doctor.
  • Yana: Wakes up with no memory of who he is, and a fruit hat lying next to him. Decides not to mention the hat part to anyone.
  • Shalka: Sighs and tells the Doctor to take off the ridiculous hat he just walked in with. "It would look better on me anyway."
  • Pryce: It's not really a fruit hat, you know, it's part of his Dalek augmentation.
  • Crispy: Picks fruit off the hat and eats it.

New dress and I don’t have to wear tights/leggings. After years of refusing to associate with anything “girly”, my legs feel free! Thank you feminism. This is definitely what I’m wearing when I play the 50s housewives vs zombies game