except that he is

I was friends with Finn Wolfhard, except his name was Mike. He wasn’t the character, I specifically remember him being a famous actor, but his name was Mike rather than Finn. Also, his dad was Pete Wentz and was a janitor at my mom’s school. He was still famous and still in Fall Out Boy, but he was also a janitor at an elementary school and wore a cliché “sexy maid” outfit. When I met him, he wouldn’t take a picture with me but he offered to make me a sandwich.

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Your blog is like my morning paper: I check it every day. I consider you a friend even though we've never really conversed. Everything that you create is like a comfort blanket. (Well, a very PAINFUL comfort blanket at times - one that threatens to squeeze the living breath out of me, but it always relaxes in the end so I can just bask in the warmth.) I keep coming back for updates even when RL prevents me from reading your stuff right now. IDK, I'm just so grateful to you, Pia. *hugs*

Huzzah comfort blankets! (And, er, huzzah…painful…comfort blankets?)

I hope RL gives you a break at some point, so you can just like lie down and look at the sky or something or have some tea or hot cocoa or iced tea or something. Sometimes irl makes it hard to read - I’ve not had much time for it myself for a few months now, and it’s like, it’s not just about time, sometimes it’s about headspace too? I need to be in the right headspace to read fic, or a lot of it, and so yeah, however long it takes man, is how long it takes.

In the meantime I’m glad you enjoy coming around here. *waves* :)

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Angs prompt idea :) : Kylo turn back to the light and become Ben Solo again and Hux expect to stay with him in sake of their love (maybe he want to redeem himself too ?) Except that Ben is now disgusted by him/ forgot totally about him and only see him as a fanatic terrorist (I'm sorry :D)


Hux can’t help but stand from the bench in his cell and leap towards the door when he sees Kylo suddenly standing on the other side, finally come to his lover’s rescue. Hux has been imprisoned by these barbaric bounty hunters for weeks now, spending every second of his time in captivity wishing to see his brave and beautiful knight on the other side of the door.

But as Hux stares at Kylo through the reinforced glass, he doesn’t feel the sense of elation he thought he would.

Kylo looks…different. Instead of his infamous black robes, he’s wearing a pair of navy slacks, a white shirt and a black vest. Even his hair; the luscious locks of dark hair that Hux hated to love is tied back into a messy bun at the nape of his neck, hidden as though forbidding Hux from running his fingers through it like he’s missed doing.

Kylo’s dark eyes are filled with light, a sparkle that looks like hope and no sign of any sort of darkness that Kylo’s soul is supposed to be filled with. Hux swallows hard but regardless, as soon as Kylo has opened the door to his cell, Hux’s arms are around his neck in the strongest hug he’s ever given. Having his lover come to his rescue is almost enough to send Hux into tears but he holds them back, burying his face in Kylo’s shoulder.

Only when Hux’s mind has quietened does he realise that Kylo has remained abnormally still.

“Ren?” Hux whispers, frowning. “Why won’t you hold me?”

As Hux’s wishes, Kylo’s hands find themselves on his waist and, for a moment, the galaxy is right.

But even the burn of a sun’s supernova wouldn’t be as painful as feeling Kylo’s hands push him away. Hux stumbles back with a startled gasp, eyes wide with fear.

“Ren?” Hux doesn’t understand. The man in front of him looks like his Kylo but everything about his movements and expressions is screaming at Hux to back away from him.

The imposter flexes his fingers, and Hux can’t help but glance to the lightsaber hanging from his belt and then to the blaster in the holster on his opposite hip.

Kylo despises blasters.

“That’s not my name,” Kylo says, and Hux feels his stomach drop. “My name is Ben. Solo.”

“No,” Hux gasps, shaking his head. “Your name is Kylo Ren. Master of the Knights of Ren and heir to the Dark Side. Ben Solo is dead. You told me so yourself!”

Hux recalls the countless times that Kylo has recited stories from his childhood to him, telling him tales of a young boy called Ben who felt unloved and lost, a boy who was sacrificed in order for Kylo Ren to be born.

Hux shivers, feeling as though he’s staring down a ghost.

“The Resistance has bartered with your captors for your release, General,” Ben says, pulling a pair of thick binders off his belt. “And I’m here to arrest you.”

Hux opens his mouth to speak but a broken heave for air comes out instead, and he wonders whether the sound is his soul shattering into a thousand shards, piercing his heart, threatening to render him to his knees and beg for someone to wake him from this nightmare.

“It’d be best if you remained calm, Starkiller,” Ben sneers, spitting out the nickname that he’d whispered to Hux whilst kissing over his freckles, comparing them to stardust. “The Resistance are going to make you answer for your crimes against the galaxy. And snakes like you don’t deserve mercy.”

Ren, for stars sake! Snap out of it!” Hux cries, backhanding Ben across the face, whipping some hairs out of his bun. He hangs his head, hair obscuring his eyes. “They’ve done something to you! Manipulated you! It’s me, it’s your ‘Tidge, don’t do this. Please.”

Ben brings his communicator up to his lips, face still hidden to Hux’s eyes.

“This is Captain Solo. The prisoner is refusing to cooperate. I’m in need of back-up. Bring extra binders,” he says, and Hux flinches.

Yes, Captain. We’re on our way,” comes the static-y reply before Ben drops the comlink to the ground and stands up.

Hux’s breath is suddenly ripped away from him, an invisible hand curling around his throat as he’s pushed back to the wall, back hitting it with force to the point where he feels winded. Gasping, eyes wide, Hux clutches at his throat, terror swelling in every nerve when he looks up and sees the man he would give his final breath for attempting to steal it from him. Ben’s hand is outstretched, lip curled in a scowl, and Hux believes that his once-beautiful knight is going to kill him.

“K-Kylo…” Hux whispers, voice breaking, eyes slowly closing. “M-my moon and my s-stars.”

Ben falters for a moment, gasping as though in pain as he drops Hux from his Force-hold, and Hux can’t find the strength in his legs to hold himself up so collapses to the ground in a weakened heap, breathing ragged and broken. Tears stream down his cheeks, from the lack of air or from being completely heartbroken, Hux isn’t sure.

Either way, he doesn’t expect to look up and see Ben on his knees in front of him, eyes wide, dark and lost.

Ben cocks his head to the side as though a confused animal, eyebrows drawn together in a saddened frown, and Hux loses the remainder of his strength.

He lurches forwards, taking Ben’s plush lips up in a fervent and longing kiss, fill with desperation, a silent and absolute plea for Hux’s Ren to come back home.

“It’s me,” Hux whispers. “Ren. Wake up. This isn’t you.

Ben blinks hard, shaking his head, mouth falling open as though to finally say something

“Captain Solo!”

Hux flinches back when Ben stands up so abruptly, turning to face the gaggle of Resistance fighters who stand in the doorway, blasters trained on Hux.

“Cuff him,” one of the men says. “Get him back on the ship and lock him in the brig. Scum.”

Hux stares up at Ben, wanting to whisper his name but finds that it won’t come; he doesn’t believe Ben is the name of the man in front of him. They’d kissed—and Ben had kissed him back.

He doesn’t take note of the binders being snapped around his wrists, he doesn’t growl when he’s hauled to his feet, but he whimpers when he’s dragged past Ben and out of his cell, looking back over his shoulder at the lost boy standing alone.

Ben Solo is dead,’ Hux thinks, closing his eyes in some sort of relief. ‘Kylo Ren is alive. He’s alive.’

As he watches the Starkiller be dragged away, Ben reaches up and touches his lips, feeling as though a spark is nestled upon them, sending shivers down his spine, recalling how the General’s kiss had made him feel.

It felt familiar, it felt warm.

And it felt like home, like rushing in to your lover’s arms after a long time away, like falling into bed and sleeping next to each other, like existing with someone inside a bubble and not caring what the rest of the galaxy is doing because this is home.

But Ben pushes his hand against his throbbing temple. This couldn’t be: this is the first time he’s even met General Armitage Hux. That’s what his mother and uncle have told him.

And his family wouldn’t lie….would they?

Allah - there is no deity except Him, the Ever-Living, the Sustainer of [all] existence. Neither drowsiness overtakes Him nor sleep. To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth. Who is it that can intercede with Him except by His permission? He knows what is [presently] before them and what will be after them, and they encompass not a thing of His knowledge except for what He wills. His Kursi extends over the heavens and the earth, and their preservation tires Him not. And He is the Most High, the Most Great.
—  Holy Qur'an, al-Baqarah 255

@thehipsterbubble suggested Marvel AU?

1 - Cisco is Iron Man. He doesn’t mean to be, it’s just - well - Dante found out about him working with the Flash and all that during their kidnapping and he basically freaked out and no matter how many times Cisco insists that he’s just back-room tech support, Dante insists he needs to defend himself better. So Cisco makes himself a suit, except it has a lot of tech built into it. He makes it something he can summon quickly. This enables him to save Dante from the car crash, flying him from the scene to the hospital. After that, though, the “Iron Man” is publically known and Barry wants to team up and everything and, well, it’s pretty cool, actually. AND he means he’s nothing like Reverb, even though they both shoot vibrations out of their hands because Reverb never built himself a super-suit.

2 - Laurel Lance joins them as the Black Canary again, because after her resurrection she gets to see the mess that Star City is in and just…she needs a break. Someone else has her name in that city, someone else has her place, and she just - she’s done. for now. Central extends her an offer and she’s happy to go. She’s more of a legal-minded Black Widow, but people start making “Avengers” jokes. She brings Thea with her as her Hawkeye, because wow, if anyone ever needed a break from Star City.

3 - The Avengers jokes get so much worse when Mick accidentally snaps at Sara in the middle of an event that takes place in the middle of Central in front of a bunch of cameras. References are made to “being stuck under the Atlantic since World War II” and “broke through brainwashing” and even “saved George Washington by myself” and “remember how I helped fight back the alien invasion?!”. Mick quits the Legends and returns to Central, only to find out that his reputation has changed from “crazy arsonist thief” to “Captain America”. When they finally manage to resurrect Len, some newspaper person gets the brilliant idea of putting the headline “Captain Cold - Winter Soldier - Returns!” and suddenly LEN’s a hero too, which, Mick!!!!

4 - Kara visits. She doesn’t know why everyone is gleefully greeting her as Thor, the God of Thunder, but she kinda likes it because they’re not, like, acting like she’s a must-be-worshiped sort of god? More of a “god that’s everybody’s buddy” sort of god, which, hey, COOL. Everyone’s super impressed with the heat-eyes and the frost-breath and they even give her a really cool hammer made of something that they call “dwarf star alloy” and it’s really funny because it’s way too heavy for everyone else to lift! She loves Earth-1. They’re all so sweet.

5 - Barry is now in charge of the Avengers. He’s totally cool with being Quicksilver except he’s obviously so much faster. Life is good. He wonders if he should, like, try to give Gideon a body to create Vision except that worked so badly in “Age of Ultron” he’s thinking maybe he shouldn’t. (Iris is the Scarlet Witch. She has no powers, but that doesn’t stop her from being an epic superhero. Also, like Barry, red is totally her color.)

6 -  Barry totally does insist on bringing in Ray to help out at one point so he can be Ant-Man. The newspapers go wild. Jax immediately claims the role of the Flaming Falcon because he loves Falcon. Falcon is awesome.

7 - Caitlin is the Hulk, except icier. She’s getting help for her rage issues! She swears!

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Jack is the kid in high school who got picked on all the time because he was rlly scrawny and wore glasses but then ten years later he comes to high school reunion and he's a beefcake with multiple military medals and a beautiful trophy husband and suddenly everyone wants to be his friend

and its the reverse at gabriel’s too. except he was a grumpy emo rebel kid and now he’s a hot as shit, highly decorated military commander with equally attractive husband with as many medals to his name. they both think it’s hilarious, how nerdy they were in high school, and tease each other about it. 

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Hello! Could I request some headcanons with Chuuya and Dazai where their s/o is a very talented pianist, but is too shy to play in front of anyone except them?


  • He loves that you’re musical, he thinks it’s very classy.
  • When you play, he likes to lounge in a velvet chair behind you, sipping on a glass of wine. 
  • He’ll try to get you to play at a laid-back bar that has a piano. If you’re too nervous, he’ll try to coax you into it. He’ll even sit next to you and whisper encouraging words into your ear.
  • A huge smile appears on his face as soon as you get into it and start pouring your soul into the peace, like he’s so proud of you, he just wants to break down and cry.
  • He’ll continue encouraging you so that you’ll be able to play in front of others on your own.


  • Of course, he freaks out when he finds out about your talent. He immediately makes you play for him.
  • Sometimes you’ll come home and he’ll be posing on top of the piano in some ridiculous position while he “seductively” tells you to play for him.
  • When you tell him that you’re too shy to play in front of others, he’s astonished because someone as talented as you has absolutely no reason to be insecure.
  • He’ll actually run around the ADA boasting about your “secret talent” so much that everyone gets so annoyed that you have to reveal it. After that, everyone immediately wants to hear you play at the next social gathering.
  • You’re way too shy at first, but after hearing everyone encouraging you, you play for them and then Dazai smiles down at you as he gives you a gentle kiss as he tells you that he knew that you were going to be great. Of course, he planned it all.

Eight words accompanied by a handshake and a smile was all it took for Jared Padalecki to be a goner.  

He had been a nervous mess right before, arriving an hour early with jittery hands and bouncing legs, his script scrunched and wrinkled from his fingers gripping it too tightly, and he talked a million miles a minute to the receptionist, a young girl with an amused smile.  There wasn’t a single thing Jared would later recall about the room she told him he could wait in except for the fluorescent light fixtures that hummed in his ears.  Nothing else was memorable, not when he was hunched over in a too-small chair and nearly giving himself a black eye with his jumping knee.  In fact, he didn’t even look up from the fray at the end of his shoelace until the door handle twitched to life, breaking the drowning hum of the lights and the repetition of Sam Winchester’s first monolog in his head.  And when he did finally look up, it was as though his feet had a mind of their own and he stood, colt-legs knocking and words sputtering off of his tongue, immediately telling too much and nothing of importance all at once.  

Jensen Ackles looked sure.  He closed the door behind him with the same soft click it had opened with and made eye-contact with Jared.  Texas fields.  It was then Jared began to analyze, during that first breath-catching moment; he analyzed the way Jensen’s gaze darted just over Jared’s shoulder, giving the appearance of eye-contact but not keeping it, the way his chest was held high and tight, the way his skin itself was trembling, all betraying who he was trying to be.  

It wasn’t uncommon for Jared to fall quickly.  He had always been that way, ask his momma.  Whether it be friends, love, life itself, he was quick to fall and, in this instant, there wasn’t a soul who could or would blame him, hold him at fault, for wanting to know everything about Jensen Ackles.  In those first ten seconds of looking at him, Jared knew nothing would make him happier than knowing what Jensen’s laugh sounded like and knowing how he could make him laugh again.  Nothing would make him happier than knowing if the freckles on Jensen’s nose matched the ones disappearing under his shirt, at his fingertips, at everywhere else.  Nothing would make him happier than knowing if Jensen watched football and if he wanted to grab a beer sometime.  Jared was twenty-one now.  

Between all the staring and the heart-racing, Jared must have introduced himself or said something of some relation because Jensen smiled – Jared noted his teeth were perfect and his eyes crinkled at the corners.  Just perfect – and reached out with a piano-hand to grasp Jared’s outstretched one.  He was sure Jensen could feel the palpitations of his pulse at the jut of his wrist.  

And then Jensen spoke.  Eight words accompanied by a handshake, smile still in place.  

“Hi, I’m Jensen.  Nice to meet you, Jared.”

A complete goner.

[On AO3]

Drew this to cheer me up, because despite what life can throw his way, Waffle can always still find a way to smile. ^_^

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Hip hop dancer and ballet star au, pairing of your choice.

1 - Len is the ballet dancer because ice skating is great for the winter but he needs to get her out of the house year-round. She wasn’t as into ballet as she was into ice skating, so Len had to sign up alongside her. Except he was actually pretty good at it. That ridiculous flexibility of his joined with his increasing strength makes him surprisingly perfect, so he keeps it up. It’s good exercise. He’s still mostly a thief, though. Which is why the out-of-the-blue offer of a scholarship to university, specializing in dance, is so surprising. They’re even willing to overlook the fact that he doesn’t have his GED yet.

2 - Mick is Len’s partner through thick and thin, to hell and back. He admits he did not think the road to hell involved dance school but okay, whatever. Not like Len stops stealing shit just because he’s dancing all day. It takes a while for Mick to get bored (Len dancing in veeeery tight tights is a revelation for Mick’s sexuality, let’s put it that way) but eventually he wanders around and makes friends with some of the other people who look about his age and super awkward to be there.

3 - this is because hip hop is barely accepted as a ~legit~ dance style and they feel out of place. Mick is 100% for all things not accepted by the man and is happy to hang out with them. Eventually they coax him into trying their style of dancing. He’d feel awkward doing Len’s twirls and stuff, but this sort of gliding movements feel much more natural, like a really good fight set to music.

4 - Len gets a job straight out of college with the Central City Ballet. He starts as a background dancer, but his hair starts going silver early and the ballet director takes one look at him and goes “YOU ARE THE VILLAIN OF MY DREAMS” and Len is like “uh, okay?” and suddenly he’s maybe not the lead, but he’s second place to the lead and holy crap he gets paid HOW MUCH for dancing?

5 - Mick meanwhile has used the money from his heists to fund the group of people he liked so much in college to become a dance troupe of their own, doing all new choreography and everything. They start getting hired to back up hip hop stars. Increasingly famous hip hop stars. Very famous hip hop stars.

6 - Mick and Len spend a lot of time going “wtf happened we were just bopping around to the music!” at each other. They invite their mutual dance troupes to their wedding, which they film and put on the web because good lord you’ve never seen so much graceful clumsiness in a single room as you do when you get an entire ballet company and a high-end hip hop dance troupe drunk and trying out each other’s styles.

7 - their wedding video ends up starting an entirely new style of hip hop/ballet fusion that becomes insanely popular.

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AU where The Sage of Six Paths forces Tobirama back to Konoha except he's a snow leopard/ cheetah. People are convinced that the mysterious cranky big cat is a gift from the Second Hokage. Bonus- Kids love to play with the cat. Especially younger Team 7.


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Can you do the scene when Daryl comes back to the prison with Merle and Carol goes to his cell?

Your making it impossible for me to stay away or is that your plan? ;)

But anyways you managed to pick one of my favorite scenes ever. I mean its still in my top 5 and considering i’m in a good mood today and this scene makes me happy I figure i’d do a write-up before I went out :)

So we have Carol being adorable, running her fingers along the cell bars before peeking her head around the corner, checking with our grumpy boy to see if it’s ok to come in. No barging or just walking in but sort of checking with him first. Daryl is fixing his arrows, which to me looks like something he does when he’s stewing and needs a distraction. Everyones been give him shit today and he just needs his quiet time.

But he’s always got time for Carol it seems. She is the one exception. The one person he actually wants to see right now.

“Didn’t get a chance to tell you earlier.. but i’m glad your back..”

Daryl takes a look around. “What to all this?”  There is just this big old raincloud sitting over his head today it seems.

She walks over, with Daryl watching her as she comes closer and sits down in her fashion with him. Never too quick just easy peasy. She’s wearing this pretty yellow shirt and the sunshine just seems to be following her in.

“This our home..”

“Its a tomb.” Way to be cheerful Daryl :)

Carol isn’t put out by this and just keeps talking in her easy way with him. “That’s what T-Dog said..” And when she says that you can see Daryl’s head look up from what he’s doing to concentrate on her. “And I thought he was right.. until you found me..”

She smiles at him softly, and we see him give her this adorable little half smile as remember that, yeah he did. And she was sitting in front of him, all pretty and liking him. And they have this prolonged eye-contact that is….well… gaaaah  (serious scientific level chemistry for you know… research) and its a pause before she speaks again. Finally getting to her point.

“Hey’s your brother.. but he’s not good for you.. don’t let him bring you down..”

And anyone else talking to him about Merle these days would’ve gotten lashed out at but not Carol. Because there is nothing in her voice but concern for him. She’s not judging, making him choose or telling him what to feel, she’s just telling him she understands and that she cares about HIM. She knows the dysfunctional relationship he has with Merle, how destructive it can be sometimes. And that that its not easy to walk away from that. Its complicate. She’s just telling just him she cares about him and has his back. And Daryl knows this. He’s completely at ease now.

And she adds a little something at the end. “After all look how far you’ve come..” And Daryl takes a look around and realizes just how funny that was and that she made a funny and  well…

Cutest thing ever…. that little shy head dip giggle. My heart…

I love it cause it really shows how much she gets him and how she’s just different from everyone else. She can take him from being grumpy, to chuckling like this very quickly because she gets him. Can put him at ease. And vice-versa.

One of my favorties ever Nomy thanks for the ask :)

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Cheerleader/jock au tho

1 - Mick was not meant to be a jock. He’s barely staying in school, now that he’s transferred to his newest foster home in Central City. He’s been in juvie. That usually means he’s unpopular. Except for the fact that he had a growth spurt over the summer and he’s now 6’ and built like a battering ram and the football team doesn’t care if he killed Mother Teresa, they want him.

2 - Len wants to keep an eye on Mick because that’s his job. They’re best friends, have been since juvie, and Mick got transferred to Central - to Len’s school! - with his newest move. Len’s good at keep Mick’s pyromania in line, knowing when his anxiety is acting up, knows when to intervene in a situation to keep it from getting violent. But he sucks at football. Or soccer. Or track. or…basically any other sport, honestly. He’s very strong, but not yet fast. He’s also starting to inch up there in height, but he’s still pretty shrimpy. How the hell does he justify sticking around the football team all the time without getting beaten up, thereby making Mick fight them on his behalf and losing all the social progress he’s made? Len’s going to make SURE Mick succeeds, no matter what. 

3 - the cheerleading squad is surprised but very pleased to find a male applicant.

4 - Len gets a bit of shit for doing the cheerleader thing at first, mostly from the jocks, but then he explains his dilemma to the other cheerleaders and they close ranks around him. Any jock that wants to even THINK about dating a cheerleader had damn well better be nice to Len.

5 - Len is amazed this never occurred to him before. Sure, his dad still beats him up for it, but Len shows him pictures of the cheerleaders and swears he’s only doing it to get laid, and that gets his dad to lay off on that subject, and now he doesn’t have as much trouble with the other kids at school.

6 - Len also enjoys tossing people. And being tossed, at one point. Also, all of these things are remarkably good practice for stealing. Mick doesn’t care about any of that; he just wants to see Len in the cheerleader outfit.

Happy Mistakes

It’s not like Julian had a crush on Barry.

Not at all.

It’s just simply the fact that Julian could hear his heart thumping in his chest whenever the taller man entered the room. His palms would start to sweat and he’d trip on his words. It didn’t help that Julian was naturally an outspoken person, but, whenever Barry was around, his filter was practically nonexistent as he spewed out whatever thought came to mind.

It wasn’t like Julian was harboring a crush for Barry.

Not at all.

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Oh my goshhhhh this is the best !!! Thankyou so much for gracing us with your talent !! Please could you do 23, 24 and 25 for elucien ?? Tysm

23. Who asks who out on the first date?

Lucien does it (rather reluctantly with a lot of blushing and fumbling because he is captain smooth….except when he’s talking to his incredibly beautiful, incredibly wonderful, better than everyone mate and then it matters and so the words get all tangled) He also needs a bit of a shove from Feyre. ‘You should talk to her.’ ‘No, not yet’ ‘Lucien I’m not asking you to propose, I’m asking you to have a conversation.’ ‘No, no I’m fine with things as they are, thank you very much.’ ‘Go and talk to her. Now.’ ‘Don’t you get all high lady on me, I-’ *Feyre shoves him towards Elain while he’s distracted snarking.

 Lucien starts internally cursing Feyre while Elain blinks bemusedly at him. Eventually he manages to ask if she’d like to take a turn around the garden with him and obviously she says yes. They are not seen for several long hours after that and when they do come back Elain is flushed with pleasure and happier than anyone has seen her in so long. Lucien pauses just long enough from escorting Elain to dinner to pick Feyre up and hug her and kiss her cheek while she huffs at him and shoos him away to spend more time with Elain. But she can’t quite hide her smile as she watches him hurry off. They both deserve this. 

24. Who is the talker/ Who is the listener? 

I actually want to say it’s fairly 50/50? It honestly depends? But they’re quite good at adapting around the other’s moods. Sometimes everything is just quiet and they don’t say a word to each other for hours. Sometimes Lucien is prattling away about nothing in particular while Elain gardens. Sometimes Elain starts gushing about her favourite plant of the day or the upcoming treaty signing they’re attending at the weekend, they find a nice balance with one another. 

25. Who wears the other ones clothes?

Please picture: Elain crawling into one of Lucien’s huge, billowy shirts and falling asleep in it when he isn’t there and Lucien coming home from dealing with a little border skirmish to find her curled up, fast asleep and drowning in fabric and his scent. That is all. 

a thing that confuses me about the Warhammer 40k setting is how Konrad Curze’s name is obviously based on Joseph Conrad and the character Kurtz so youd think his backstory would be like Heart of Darkness inspired except its not hes Super-Edgy Batman/Punisher hybrid (without Bruce Wayne) and his homeworld is Super-Ultra-Edgy Gotham