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to the grave (post-canon Blondie, 843 wds)

Idk if you knew what you were in for when you sent this anon, but sorry, thank you, have a ficelet because I’m incorrigible.

For people reading this, tags here, and I’m assuming this is slightly canon with the hatefuck pwp I wrote when I got into this fandom ;) 

Sfw, but with mention of drinking, corpse looting, bones etc. etc. 

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this is apparently an unpopular opinion but u know when jimin has to act cute like someone tells him to do aegyo?? hes honestly really bad at it it just looks scary. like when hes just charming some random dude he manages to be the cutest but we as a fandom need to accept that sometimes he just looks like a demon

“as a fandom need to accept that sometimes he just looks like a demon” P L E A S E I’VE BEEN SAYING THIS FOR YRS (no jimin hate i love my son) SOMETIMES……………….WHEN HE ACTS CUTE IT

but either way when he’s being normal jimin he’s so [incoherent yelling] it hurts me????becausehe’s so cute????????????????????????????????????like you know that time in hawaii where he was so sweet 2 the guy who dove into the ocean to pick up his towel that the guy was all flustered at the end L M F A O and THEN jimin had to go ogle him and comment on his body or the time where tony and jimin got “married” and tony looked like he was actually in love w jimin the entire ahl series w heart eyes and all that. and whenever he goes on variety or gets interviewed by MCs/other idols everyone falls 4 his ~charms~ and the incident w chanyeol during sbs yr end stages in 2016 and isac 2017 ekfekkfkhfekheeheh


I was bored and needed to contribute to the “just a friend” squad ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Hunk: Lance, why are you posing?
  • Lance: Google Earth. Always taking pictures.
  • Keith: We're not on Earth.
  • Lance:
  • Pidge: If he cries, it's your fault.

man in black


The first time I hear Candy Cadet speak I thought it sounds like how a Wilf+Google fusion would so here he is.

He likes sweets and homicide.


EXO handwritten stickers:

suho heaven // baekhyun love, love, love // xiumin twenty four // chanyeol heaven // chen cloud 9 // kai XOXO // d.o. for life // sehun falling for you

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yugyeom & bambam discuss the 97line gc

  • info from a recent radio broadcast, trans credit to shmesm
  • Yugyeom and BamBam said that Mingyu talks the most in the 97 chat group while Jaehyun talks the least…he has trouble keeping up lol 
  • Yugyeom & Jungkook were first friends. JK met 17 during MAMA. YG & JK added BamBam & 17 to the group. DK added Jaehyun (they went to school together)
  • YugBam said when 97 line meets, they eat meat, go bowling, noraebang, Jungkook is best at bowling (of course), DK & JK sing most at noraebang
  • introducing SEVENTEEN’s song for the 97-idols, BamBam: “…very loud Mingyu, The8, and Dokyeom” omg if even loud BamBam says Mingyu is loud.. 

Dennis calls Mac ‘baby’ 13 times, literally twice as much as anyone else combined (6 times, each to a different person)

❤️🎄malfoy’s the worst🎄❤️

Draco: Happy Christmas, Potter. 

Harry: You too, Malfoy.

Draco: I hope you get lots of fan mail and presents.

Harry: Well I hope you have a nice time with your parents and that you get tons of that chocolate you love.

Draco: Oh, I will.

Harry: Good.

Draco: Good. See you around, Potter.

Harry: Sure, Malfoy.


Ron: Mate… did you and Malfoy just…?

Harry: Ugh, I know, right? He’s the worst, I hate him.

Ron: That didn’t sound like hate to m—

Harry: Oh, remind me later to owl him the new quill I got him, would you? He’s been wanting it for ages and he’s going to be so mad I bought it for him. It’ll be hilarious.


Ron: *sighs* Hilarious.


Class 1-B boys worry about their friend’s love life.

This was meant to be a crack ship, but after making this I might actually ship it?Oh well what’s one more?