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Harry Hook might be high key in love with Uma, but I’m pretty sure he was just flirting with literally everyone he pointed his hook at.

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so ive been thinking and i feel like there is difference in guan shan's and he tian's anger if we take a closer look?? its so interesting bc they both seem quite agressive, guan shan is burning fury, blind and uncontrollable, and he hurts himself as well in the process bc his skin is too small for his emotions and he always felt too much anyway, while he tian is ice cold wrath, his rage is always pointed at the right person and he makes it hurt where it pains the most be it with words or fists

mmmmm i’m all about this, thank you very much.

i think it’s an embarrassingly common feature/metaphor in my fics to write about guan shan’s rage, and he tian’s chilling wrath. guan shan is achillean: sing, muses, of the rage of achilles, and all that epic, greek tragedian fury. the kind of thing that determines fates and lives because it’s the kind of emotion that doesn’t know how to stop? it’s almost like it’s something he carries inside himself but actually that carries him – it controls him, not the other way around. which means it could ruin him too, if he doesn’t ruin it first.

and you’re right: he tian’s calculative and cold, and guan shan isn’t used to seeing someone being able to wield that anger; he doesn’t know what it is to control it and so that scares him – he tian scares him. how could someone have so much power over something that’s so destructive? what would it be like to be angry with everything around you, and know that you could ruin it because you wanted to, and it wouldn’t have to ruin yourself in the process.

tbh, he tian’s in a hazmat suit with a flamethrower and guan shan’s running through the flames laughing.

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What if Heimerdinger(A Yordle who invents things with Hextech) invented a more powerful halberd/axe that could triple the amount of power you can siphon? Would you accept it or no?

“… Hextech is a powerful thing indeed, but it’s a waste to create something like that for my use. It would have to be continually reinforced due to my strength. Conventional weaponry just cannot withstand it. And I would not go out of my way to use it. Violence is almost never the most optimal route to take.”

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A spread of the new Yuuri related images from the Yuri on Museum merchandise (twitter source

Supposedly there is one more; a GPF podium image of Yurio, Yuuri, and JJ. I haven’t come across any pics of yet. 

The Eros and Yuri on Ice images are also available as clearfiles like the Duetto one!