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What’s the Deal with Neal? Or, Why NealFire Gets No Love

Oh, Neal– you’ve suffered a truly craptastic childhood and spent most of your time on-screen racing through THREE realms to help the son you’ve known for a week … only to be met by widespread indifference at best by the OUAT fandom, as far as I can tell. I know there’s a small but vocal minority who ship Neal with Emma, but even they spent a lot of time defending Neal from various and sundry charges leveled at our favorite portal-jumper from other parts of the OUAT fandom.

It’s lit by the magical properties of Characterius No-Carius!

In which Regina is the fandom

But why is this? Is Neal really that bad a person, or is there something else going on here? Please note this essay isn’t a defense of Neal, in shipping terms or otherwise (the Neal essay is here!)– it’s merely a rundown of reasons I think he’s not more popular. Namely:

  1. Poisoning the Well
  2. Neal’s Flashback Problem
  3. Baelfire is Neal?!
  4. Guilt by Association
  5. There’s No Time!

Ready to fall down a psychological portal to a realm of rampant speculation? Then let’s go!

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sarashouldbestudying  asked:

Prompt for your celebration: Belle and Rumple are extreme nerds about the same thing.

Love this prompt! Okay, I rolled a 4 on this which means…no dialogue. 

She had posted again.

Hurrying to open the page, Gold nearly knocked over his bowl of ramen but just managed to catch it in time. Shaking his head, he positioned his dinner in a slightly less dangerous spot on his desk as he returned his attention to the screen.

PrettyBookish112 was still online according to the small green dot beside her username, and Gold scrolled down the thread until he saw her icon, a small chipped teacup. With a nervous thrill, he read through her thoughts on tonight’s episode.

It was rather silly, a grown man obsessing over a television show, but in his defense, it was his son’s show. That’s what had started all this in the first place. Neal had his pilot episode picked up by a major network, and now, three years later, it had been renewed for a fourth season. Gold was a proud papa, having watched every episode of Tallahassee at least five times. Still, a dramatic romance series, no matter how high in ratings, was not the kind of thing a man of Mr. Gold’s reputation could be seen watching.

No one in the small town of Storybrooke knew his son was Neal Cassidy, a well known Hollywood showrunner and producer. No, few people even knew he had a son, and if they did, none of them connected Bailey Gold with Neal Cassidy.

Gold liked it that way. No one bothered him for his son’s autograph, or asked him if they could be an extra on Tallahassee. No, people left him alone for the most part, and he preferred it that way. Except on Sundays. After Tallahassee aired.

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