except sobbing

  • <p> <b>Uraraka:</b> Bakugou grabs you by the collar of your shirt and what do you do?<p/><b>Izuku:</b> I go in for the kiss<p/></p>
The process of reading:

Me: *settles in* *opens book* this will be amazing I’m so excited
Me: oh look, a sarcastic little shit *falls in love*
Me: my babies are having issues whyyyyyy
Book: *throws drama, death and heartbreak*
Me: *rocking back and forth in a corner* this isn’t happening this isn’t happening
Me: *cries*
Me: *cries some more*
Me: I trusted you, book. Why you do dis
Me: *cries again*
Book: *throws plot twists in the last 30 pages*
Book: *ends in a cliffhanger*
Me: noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I neeed more
Me: well. I’m fucked
Me to a friend: you should really read this book it’s so good

We’re all crying about Enjolras and Grantaire dying together, but imagine if it had only been Enjolras.

Imagine if neither the “silence” nor the gunshots had been able to wake R up in the first place, and he had gone unnoticed by the guards from his spot behind a table. Imagine R waking up dazed and hungover only to find the love of his life crumpled against the window, terrifyingly still, his shirt and vest soaked through with red. R would stagger over to the window, kicking aside any table or chair that stood in his way, before frantically pulling Enjolras into his arms as he checked for a pulse, a heartbeat, breathing, anything. But Enjolras’s skin is already cold and there’s nothing R can do except sob into his bloodstained vest because it was his fault he couldn’t be there beside him, it was his fault that he was too useless and drunk to fight on the barricade, and it was his fault that the beautiful god in his arms was cold and silent and dead.


“Logan is dead. You’re the only family… sort-of family… I have left. I’m here if you need me… no matter where this takes us.”

Wolverines #2

How the Signs Cry

Aries: lots of sobs and random bursts of loud crying.

Taurus: loudly when alone, quietly and pretending to laugh to cheer themselves up.

Gemini: barely cry but when they do it’s a messy angry cry.

Cancer: Loud and very messy cry with a lot of sobbing and tries to muffle it with pillows.

Leo: very dramatic crying when around others, when alone it’s an honest and very heartbreaking cry.

Virgo: you probably will never see them cry in public, alone they’re cry is worrying, when they’re very sad it’s really loud, there might be screaming.

Libra: short sobs and quiet high pitched crying.

Scorpio: either very quiet but they’re face gets super red or very loud, lots of voice cracks and probably one of the saddest cries of the 12 signs.

Sagittarius: a cry that seems to break their little mask. Very honest cry.

Capricorn: angry but also broken crying. Barely any sobs except for when they’re about to talk while crying.

Aquarius: very very quiet crying, don’t get very red and you won’t know if they were crying 2 mins ago.

Pisces: this sign does the most happy crying, when sad crying they won’t let you see their face but you’ll just hear lots of sobbing.


Lady of the City & Queen of Helena

“I’m sorry”

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