except sobbing

  • <p> <b>Uraraka:</b> Bakugou grabs you by the collar of your shirt and what do you do?<p/><b>Izuku:</b> I go in for the kiss<p/></p>
Every Fandom Ever
  • first off, screaming. why do we scream so much? no one will truly know
  • headcanon where everything’s the same except everyone’s gay
  • crying and sobbing to an intense level (we have no chill, i swear)
  • oh the references… so many references. and MEMES. WHY ARE THERE SO MANY MEMES
  • fanfiction… we’ve all been there
  • having a tumblr obviously
  • your husband/wife not being real (why are fictional people so hot??) also i’ve adopted multiple sons?? *sees a smol bean* “I’m adopting it”
  • super protective about your fandom
  • i want merch. but it’s so damn expensive??
  • “lolol im trash”
  • knowing all of the words
  • wanting to go to conventions and concerts but CAN’T
  • scaring our non-fandom friends…
  • being broke.
  • desperately wanting to be with them (as in fictional characters, celebs,and etc.)
  • having pride. just being really proud of this weird ass community
  • giving yourself weird titles (Examples: a Trekkie, phan)
  • having this huge loving family on the internet. honestly, i think it’s the sweetest thing, that we’re able to bond over this thing that we find meaningful. 

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Note: i’m not trying to be rude, just poking at my own fandoms. i also understand different fandoms have their own quirks. Hope you found this amusing~ admin daria


There must be a book about this ?? what to do when your friend turns into a big pinkish cat ?

Thank you ! It was a good excuse for me to draw Peregrïn’s cat form. She has a reflex of turning into it when she’s startled. Even when not in battle. Like… don’t wake her up with big noises and stuff.

The suggestion was Peregrïn protecting Khadgar, which is something she would 100% do so I agree with this idea >v<
I still want to point out that at this age they’re pretty much equals, as far as I know, she’s not stronger.
And they do stand up for one another. Even when they were young friends, just two kids, different yet somehow similar.

Never Mess with the Cul-De-Sac Kids (Dream Daddy One-Shot)

               AN: I made a post about this idea and decided to write it. Also I just used my Dadsona’s name.

Pairing: None except a little DamienXDadsona
Words: 2705

               It was a normal, boring day in Trig for Lucien. He was staring out the window at the trees while his teacher droned on about cosines. Riveting. When suddenly a conversation behind him caught his attention.
               “Did you hear what Emma R. did to Amanda Ross?” Someone asked another person, Lucien shifted to listen, hearing all about how Amanda’s friend group completely betrayed her.

               “So that’s why she’s been hanging around…” Nothing was said but he knew they pointed to him. Ever since his dad started seeing Michael, Amanda’s dad, she had been trying to spend more time with him. He assumed it was because of the possibility of them becoming step siblings but know it made a lot more sense. She had been spending more time with all of the kids in the cul-de-sac, actually. He didn’t really see her with anyone that didn’t live there. Lucien felt the blood in his veins boiling. Amanda had become like an older sister to everyone but especially him. His dad loved her, in part due to her helping him channel his teen angst into better things than Cask of Amontillado-ing his classmates. The bell rang and Lucien headed straight for Ernest’s locker.

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Report Card

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Summary: After an explosive fight with your parents, you turn to your friends, but they’re too involved with another mystery to notice your pain. You leave the school, never to be seen again.

A/N: yay, angst. This wasn’t requested but feel free to request one :)

Pairing: reader x no friends, parents, core four (+ Cheryl and Kevin)

Warnings: Fighting, swearing, mention of suicide

The moon peaked through the curtains in the kitchen and streams of light made rays, reflecting off of the marble floors and countertop. Dirty dishes were scattered lightly across the counter and the sink was empty, with soap bubble residue near the drain. Droplets of water were falling from the faucet, hitting the sink at the same time the clock ticked in the living room. But you couldn’t hear that, or notice the beauty in an ordinary setting, because screaming took place in your eardrums instead. You sat on the old couch in your living room, with both your mom and dad standing in front of the television. The TV was muted, but a movie you’d vaguely remembered seeing was playing. It was more intriguing than the scene playing before you. Your dad was visibly red, the veins in his forehead popping out. Your mom was fuming and she had streams of tears pouring down her cheeks. A piece of paper was in your trembling hands and it was a pale blue and gold color. Your name lined the top corner and underneath had REPORT CARD printed crisply, bolded and underlined.

“We told you to study, we commanded you to stay away from your friends! They are a distraction to you and your work! Don’t you want to be the best? You are not a B student in this house, under this roof! Even an A is unacceptable! We think you need to leave your friend be, you’re much better without them. Maybe then you’re grades can get better.”

Your mom paced the room, her hands clenched into tight fists, shaking in the air. Your dad took a seat in the chair near the door, and it creaked as he sat. You looked back at the sheet. All A-’s and the one B in chemistry. Good grades and scholarships were all they cared about, and they expected the very best. But this was your best.

You looked back at your mom and she stomped to get in your face. She grabbed your cheeks in her hand, your face squished together and lips puckered painfully.

“You are a disgrace to us all.”

She said the words calmy and annunciated, putting emphasis on all the right words, which stabbed your heart in all the wrong ways. Her hands ripped the sheet from your palms, giving them paper cuts as it slipped between your fingers. Your dad stood from the chair, made harsh eye contact, shook his head and walked towards the staircase. Your mom followed in heat, crumpling the paper and throwing it on the tan carpet.

The words played like a scratched record in your mind, and the tears fled your eyes at the same speed the seconds passed from the clock.

You walked into school with red washed eyes and a hair thrown messily into a bun. A sweater Jughead gave you one night was a blanket for your torso and you felt comforted, the most you did all weekend. You called, texted, even tried to visit everyone, but you never got an answer. Betty, Archie, Jughead, and fuck, even Cheryl.

You turned the corner of the hallway, books clutched tightly to your chest like a lifevest and you saw the five standing around a table. Kevin walked into the room with another paper and threw it onto the table. They mumbled amongst each other, not acknowledging your presence.

“Hey guys…”

Your voice was quiet and broke halfway through. They turned around to wave but turned back forward. The backpack straining you fell to the floor and you set your books next to it. You shuffled quietly to where they were, and once again, it was a new mystery overtaking the town.

“What’s all this about?”

Jughead looked up at you and scoffed.

“If you’d read the paper, you’d know.”

You knew it was sarcasm, but it hurt your already damaged heart. It hurt more when everyone else let out a breathy laugh, Cheryl and Kevin’s carried farther and louder. They talked, making plans to meet up, without even turning to you. They slowly dispersed, Betty collected the papers and walked out of the room. It was only you, in a quiet room, left in your thoughts.

You are a disgrace to us all.

You heard the words again, but it played over and over, in everyone’s voice with an intensity, until your feet took you outside the school and dragged you down the snowy sidewalk.

Veronica was the first to notice your lack of presence. They all sat in Pop’s, talking about what happened that day and how they solved this week’s adventure. She looked up from her double chocolate shake and looked around the table.

“What’s going through your head, princess?”

Archie squeezed her shoulder and looked at her with confusion.

“When’s the last time we spoke to (Y/N)?”

Everyone stopped their own side conversations and looked down at the table, wracking their minds for an answer.

“I think Monday.”

Jughead looked up from his burger and met eyes with Cheryl, who was nodding. Betty slightly raised an eyebrow and looked at everyone sitting.

“I didn’t see her in the other classes we had. She typically was the first person to be in chemistry.”

As it sank into everyone’s mind, Mrs. Lodge came to the front of the booth. Her eyes were glossed over and she held the town newspaper in her hands.

“I’m so sorry everyone, I know it’s probably so hard for all of you with (Y/N).”

Jughead jerked up in his seat, and everyone gave her a look of shock.

“Mom, what happened?”

Mrs. Lodge let a tear slip from her eye and she placed the newspaper in the middle of the table. Archie slipped his arm from Veronica’s shoulder and read the title of the article aloud.

“Local Riverdale teen found dead in Drive-In, later revealed to be suicide by town’s star student (Y/N)-”

Archie couldn’t finish reading the article without choking up. He slammed the paper down and covered his face. Everyone in the booth slowly started letting out choked sobs, except for Jughead and Cheryl. They sat numbly, losing somebody else in their life they didn’t know they needed until now.

Klaus M. – Long Time No See

Words count: 1960? maybe less maybe more 

Warning: None


Requested by @mikki-hear

Hello! I love your Klaus one shots and was wondering if you would take my request? The reader was once married to Klaus but she fakes her death and leaves the Mikaelson’s when she finds out that Dahlia is comming after her child. Centuries later she runs into them in New Orleans. She also only refers to him as “Nik”.

then I asked

Hey, I have a question. In your request. When the reader leaves does she take their daughter with her or no?

Then she/he said

She takes her daughter with her and makes sure that she has a normal human life (as normal as having an immortal non-aging mother could be) so when she returns centuries later the daughter has long since died.

And then I felt as i was stupid for some reason.

You’re a vampire, have been one for a long time. You’ve met Niklaus long before you turned, you met him when you were in high school. A few years of dating and being love, he proposed. You weren’t a vampire then and he didn’t want to turn you into one, unless he desperately needed to. And you never had to turn, even if you were surrounded by the supernatural. He was always there to protect you, not long after you got married, you got pregnant. Klaus having broken the curse was able to procreate and you being a human also meant that you could procreate. It came as surprise to both of you, but you were beyond happy. You were having a child with the man you love, what more could you need?

You gave birth to a beautiful daughter, after you gave birth Niklaus changed you. You became a vampire. A happy one. Your daughter was a beautiful mix of both Klaus and yourself. She was the jewel of the family. Everyone loved and adored her.

But as always being a Mikaelson meant not everything lasts forever. Happiness is included. A few months after you gave birth to your daughter, (y/d/n). Dahlia came into the equation threatening the lives of everyone and threatening to take your daughter from you. You knew that there was no way Klaus would be able to protect the both of you, so you did the only thing you knew you could do. That is to fake your death. You faked your and your daughter’s death and fled the city, leaving no trace of you or her being alive. Your daughter grew as a normal girl, well as normal as having an immortal mother that is. She understood what you were and as she had more wolf and human in her than a vampire, she grew and never stopped growing and eventually she dies. You mourned her for a long time, but never once did you return to your husband and his family.

A few centuries later, you found yourself wondering around New Orleans. You heard about a part in the French Quarter you and one of our friends were going to. It was close to seven when you arrived at a house called the Abattoir.

“This place is amazing.” You nodded your head in agreement. “Maybe you can find someone tonight.”

“(Y/F/N) you know I don’t want to be in a relationship.” You sighed, even though she knows about you and Klaus, she still insists that you should move on and fined another guy.

“(Y/n) you have to move on, I mean what are the chances of you two meeting again?” You just shook your head and mumbled ‘I’m going to the bar.’ Before you left her. You easily found the makeshift bar, and ordered a martini (A/N I’m almost 18 I’ve never drank alcohol before so I don’t know if it’s good.). You leaned on the bar as you waited for your drink.

“What is a lovely girl as yourself doing here all alone, love?” You heard a familiar voice say from behind you, it sent shivers down your spine, if he was here that means… you shook your head, and decided to just ignore him. “Oh playing hard to get are we?” you moved your hair so it was covering your face. But unintentionally you showed him your left hand, where your wedding ring still sits. “Where did you get that?” 

Kol said harshly as he took your hand and pulled you so you were facing him, his eyes went wide his mouth dropped. You looked at him scared and nervous. Kol looked around for a second, before he vamp speed you both into an abandoned room.

Kol stated pacing back and force, you fidget with your hands not knowing what to say.

“Kol.” You said with a shaky voice. Kol stopped pacing and looked at you, he looked betrayed. If he looked like that you couldn’t even begin to think what Klaus would look like.

“How? How are you alive?” He asked you frowning. “We all saw your body and-and (Y/D/N)’s as well.”

“I faked it.” You whispered knowing that he heard you clearly with his vampire hearing.

“You faked it?” He laughed dryly. “Why the hell would you do that?”

“Because it was the only way to give (y/d/n) her best chance.” You said tearing up. “Dahlia was planning on taking her and killing everyone to do so, I couldn’t make my daughter live a life where she is enslaved.”

“We could’ve stopped her.” Kol said calmly.

“And then what? This family has more enemies than anyone else on this planet.”

“Klaus will be mad when he finds out.”

“Is-is he here?” You said stuttering a bit and once again playing with your hands.

“Yes, he is.” Kol said kindly once he saw how scared you were. “He’ll be mad for a while but he’ll get over it, he loves you too much to be mad at you for long.”

“Kol, what are you-“ You both turned to the door way to see Rebekah who was just as shocked to see you as Kol. “Oh god (y/n)?”

You gave her a small smile and a nod, in a second she was hugging you tightly.

“I- we thought you were dead.” She said still hugging you.

“I-I faked it.” And you told her what you told Kol.

“I have an idea.” She said and disappeared from the room. A few minutes later the music outside died down and you hear Rebekah say. “I’m so sorry everyone, but I’m going to have to ask you to leave, we have a family emergency that need our attention immediately. So if you could all kindly leave, that would be great.”

You closed your eyes, knowing what was coming, in under fifteen minutes the place was empty, only the Mikaelson and yourself still in the house, you quickly texted your friend and told her to leave, and that you were fine.

“Rebekah, mind tell me what the ‘family emergency’ is?” Your heart beat became frantic when you heard his voice. Kol laid a hand on your shoulder in comfort.

“Just stay calm no matter what.” Rebekah said her voice near the door you and Kol stood behind.

“Just tell us Rebekah.” Klaus said meaning himself and an equally confused Elijah, Freya and Finn. Rebekah hesitated before she opened the door. Kol was standing in front of you he was hiding you, only the side of your dress was showing. “Who is this?” Klaus demanded.

Kol stepped aside, and you were met with Niklaus in a tux looked at you with his wide blue eyes.

“Hello Nik.” You said softly. In a second you were harshly pressed to the wall, with his hands on your neck.

“Who are you? And how can you possess her body?” Nik asked you through his teeth, you choked as you tried to push him off you, but you didn’t need to as Elijah pushed him off you.

“Calm down, Niklaus.” Elijah said as he helped you up. “We wouldn’t find anything out by you choking her.”

“HOW DARE YOU COME HERE AND LOOK LIKE HER?” Nik shouted hurt and pissed at you.

“It is really me.” You said tears gathering in your eyes.

“NO! She dies, she died and so did our child.” Nik said walking towards you before being stopped by Kol.

“Nik just listen to her.” Rebekah said as she stood by your way.

“Sorry, who are you all talking about?” Freya asked confused.

“My wife (y/n).” Klaus said his voice broken and full of sadness.

“Nik you have to listen, please.” You said practically begging. “It really is me, I swear to you.” When he didn’t say anything you took that as your cue to continue. “When Dahlia threatened us and threatened (Y/D/N) I knew that she wasn’t safe, especially not after she killed all of those people and vampires and even witches. She wasn’t safe. Dahlia wasn’t baking down so I faked our death and ran as far as I could.”

“You took her from me, you took MY DAUGHTER FROM ME!” He shouted making you flinch as for the tears to run wild.

“I had to, it was the only way she would’ve been safe.” You said trying not so sob.

“We could’ve defeated her, we’ve always killed anyone who stood in our way.” He said moving his hand around gesturing to his sibling that were standing around us ready to stop any physical fight from breaking.

“And happens after that? We live a happy ever after?” You asked him getting mad at him for not understanding. “Nik, you and everyone here have a long, long list of enemies that isn’t getting shorter by time, I couldn’t live with myself knowing that I condemned an innocent child to this life. I could take it, but she couldn’t.”

“Where is she?” Nik asked the question that you were waiting for yet dreading. You didn’t know what to say, everyone here wanted the answer to that question yet you didn’t know what to say.

“She live a long happy life, she got married but had no kids, she became an alpha of her own pack and-and she died at the age of-of hundred and twenty seven (A/N she lived this long because she still had vampire blood in her system).” You sobbed, Rebekah gasped and covered her mouth, and the room was silent except your sobs. Rebekah made a move to hug you, but Nik grabbed you and vamp speed out of the room, out of the house and out of the city. You were all alone in a clearing in the woods. You didn’t know why he got you here, maybe to kill you, you didn’t know. But you really didn’t care. “If you want to kill me, then kill me. I no longer wish to live. It has been hard for me since the moment I left you and after (Y/D/N)’s death I only wished for death.”

“I’m not going to kill you.” Nik said shakily, moved your head so you were looking at him, you saw tears running down his face. He was heartbroken and you felt as if everything was your fault.

“I’m sorry, I’m so, so sorry.” You sobbed and Nik pulled you into his arms and hugged you tightly.

“Was she happy?” Nik asked you and you nodded.

“She was.” Nik moved his head on top of yours, you were pressed against him. “That’s all I ever wanted.”

“Nik, I really am sorry, I never meant to hurt you.” You said as silent tears ran down your face. “She love you, you know?”

“She did?” Nik asked his hands tightening around you.

“Yeah, I told her all about you, showed her a few of your paintings and she really did love you.” You said and wiped your tears away. You looked up at Nik who was still crying silently. You moved your hands to his face, swiping the tears off his cheek as his blue eyes stared at you. His eyes were like home, they were familiar something you can always look at and feel loved. “I love you so much Niklaus.”

“And I love you too.” Nik said and he pulled you back into a hug, and vamp speed back to the Abattoir, where everyone was waiting, when they saw you alive and well they all relaxed. Everyone decided to call it a night and talk about everything the day after. When emotions are calm and mind clear and ready. And after that everyone went to their room including you. You were obviously sharing with Nik. You wouldn’t let him out of your sight after spending so many years apart.

Blue and Blood

So, I hear some of you Voltron peeps like to beat up Lance …

Inspired by http://kaxpha.tumblr.com/post/157124314218/heres-a-lotance-klance-video-ive-been-working but NOT based on it. I decided not to do Klance this time around, even though I do ship it. No ships in this fic. May write some more. Post season 2, except Shiro didn’t actually go anywhere, lol.

Hurt/comfort, Lance!whump

It had taken far too many months to track down Lance. Shiro had lost count of the days since his teammate had willingly surrendered himself to Galran Prince Lotor in order to save the others. The Blade of Marmora had been reluctant to offer help until Allura helpfully pointed out that they couldn’t form Voltron with a Paladin missing.

It made Shiro a little sick to think about it. The look on Lotor’s face as he had wrapped his arms possessively around the Blue Paladin and petted his hair – Shiro couldn’t get the image of that predatory smile out of his head. It awakened from his fitful sleep and drove him harder when it seemed like their leads were about to dry up.

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Too Forgiving

I’m in the mood for something a little angsty and a little fluffy. Who better to be in a angsty/ fluffy fic than Draco Malfoy. Hope you guys like it! 

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Muggle Born! Reader 

Requested: Nope

Warnings: Swearing 

You bounded up to Draco after dinner, ginning like a little kid at the thought of spending time with your boyfriend. As you reached him, you hugged his arm, which wasn’t an uncommon occurrence; this time something was off. You knew something had been bothering him for weeks now, but you just couldn’t put your finger on what and he wouldn’t tell you. He jerked his arm out of your grip. Pouting, you tipped your head to the side. 

“What?” You asked. 

“Get your filthy hands off me, (L/N),” He growled. You flinched, not expecting that response. Your (E/C) eyes widened as you looked at him. God, he didn’t look right. The shadows under his eyes said that he hadn’t gotten anywhere near enough sleep. 

“Dray, are you alright?” You asked, stepping closer to him. He pulled away from you again. 

“Are you deaf? Get the hell away from me,” He snapped. You let your outstretched hands drop to your sides. You stared at him, wishing you knew what he was so worked up about. You began to rack your brain for anything you’d done that could have upset him like this. Nothing came up. 

“Woah, calm down, love. Tell me what’s wrong,” You said, trying to stay patient with him. 

“You. Now sod off, (L/N).” You blinked at him, confused. What exactly had you done? He turned and began to sweep away. For lack of a better idea, you grabbed his hand. Turning back to you, he barely paid any attention to you, instead focusing on his hand with a look of mild disgust. 

“First of all, don’t talk to me like that. Second, what did I do?” His grey eyes found your (E/C) ones, turning to steel the second they met. You winced at the sight. 

“I do as I please,” He said, throwing on a mask of cool indifference. God, that riled you up a bit. Your temper flared. 

“Draco Malfoy, I am your girlfriend. I demand to know what’s got you acting like such a prick,” You snarled, crossing your arms over your chest. 

“No, (L/N), you’re not,” He sighed, throwing you a pitying look. You raised an eyebrow. This was coming from the man who, just this morning, told you that he loved you no matter what. 

“Since when?” You asked. That took the wind out of your sails. 

“I would never disgrace the Malfoy family name by dating a talentless, classless, simple, grotesque, little mudblood. Much less loving one,” He purred. A sick smirk graced his face, the face you fell in love with. Tears sprung in your eyes and your hands began to shake. 

There was that word. That nasty, ugly, terrible word. Mudblood. That wasn’t a name he’d ever called you, no matter how bad the fight got (and you fought regularly enough). Other’s had called you that awful name, but you didn’t care about them. Draco was the only person it killed you to hear such a thing drop from his lips. The lips you’d kissed so many times. The lips that claimed they loved you so many times. You worked your jaw and clenched your shaking fists fishing for something, anything, to say. Nothing except for a ragged sob came out. 

Turning on your heal, you tore towards the Gryffindor dorms as quickly as you could. As you ran, you shot past the Golden Trio. They yelled for you to stop, but you didn’t, you couldn’t, your legs wouldn’t let you. Faintly, you heard them running after you. You didn’t want them to run after you; you wanted him. Finally, when you reach the dorm, you slammed the door, locked it, and then allowed your legs to give out under you. Sliding down against the door, you let yourself sob pathetically. 

“Let me in, (Y/N),” Hermione begged. It had been over an hour since you locked yourself in the dorms with no explanation, though you were sure they knew it had something to do with Draco. You made no move to open the door. You really weren’t up to an ‘I told you so’ speech from her. Part of your brain scolded you for thinking she would do that, another part offering to allow yourself to sink into the pain of what had happened.  

“Go away, ‘Mione,” You sobbed, miserably. 

“Whatever that git did to make you cry, I’ll kill him for it,” Harry said with fire in his voice. You were sure that it was meant to make you feel better. It didn’t. 

“Maybe she shouldn’t have dated Malfoy in the first place.” Thump. “I’m just sayin’.” Ron with as impeccable timing as ever. Despite the fact that he was just trying to help, you wanted to smack him in the mouth. 

“Come on, (Y/N). You’ll have to open the door at some point, the rest of the girls have to sleep in there, you know,” Hermione said, softly. 

“Please just leave me alone,” You cried, burying your head in your arms. Soft muttering came from just outside the door for a moment. 

“Alohomora,” She whispered. The door unlocked with a soft click and the trio stepped inside. Finding you on the floor, they shared a look then picked up, moving you to a bed. Hermione’s bed because it was closest. 

“Come on, (Y/N), don’t cry over, Malfoy. He’s not worth it,” Harry said, putting his arm around you. You sucked in a deep breath and sobbed again. Ron leaned over, offering you a pumpkin pasty. Leave it to a Weasley to go straight to food in order to comfort someone, not that you turned it down. 

“You said that to Hermione once; she at least got to punch him in the face,” You said, rubbing your eyes. 

“What the bloody hell happened anyway?” Ron asked as you ate the treat. You sniffled, Hermione offering you a tissue. 

“He broke up with me,” You said, shakily. The boys threw each other a slightly confused look. Hermione waited, knowing there would be more. You couldn’t seem to get the rest of the words out. 

“And?” She prodded softly, lest you start crying again. 

“He told me that he’d never disgrace the Malfoy’s by dating a talentless, classless, stupid, ugly, little mudblood,” You whispered, not wanting to believe that the blond boy you loved so much would actually say that. 

“He said what!! Oh, I’ll hex him into the next dimension!” Hermione fumed, grabbing her wand. You touched her arm, shaking your head. 

“Don’t. Please don’t.” They all stared at you as if you’d grown a second head. 

“What do you mean ‘don’t’? (Y/N), he called you…” Ron seethed, standing next to Hermione.  

“I know what he called me!” You yelled. Ron dropped back down to where he was sitting as Harry and Hermione watched you cautiously. You looked down at your hands which resided in your lap. “Sorry. I suppose I don’t feel quite myself.” 

“Don’t worry about it,” Ron said, patting your knee. 

“You should get some sleep,” Harry said, rubbing your shoulder. You nodded, numbly. You felt all cried out, all yelled out, as if your insides had been scooped out with a spoon. 

“We’ll be in the Common Room if you need us,” Hermione said. You nodded, slipping into bed. 

“Goodnight,” You muttered. A chorus of goodnights rang back.

It was nearly two in the morning and you still couldn’t sleep. You were still hurting over what had happened and still concerned about Draco. The way he looked just didn’t seem right to you. You pictured his face. Angular, too angular, like he’d lost weight and you could fit your entire wardrobe into the bags under his eyes. His eyes. They were dull, yet oddly frantic. The usual cool silver of them had been replaced by a hollow grey. There was no way you could sleep with all of this bouncing around in your mind. 

Sighing, you got out of bed and made your way to the astronomy tower. You always went there to think. Funnily enough, this is where you met Draco. Back in first year the two of you startled each other when you saw him coming up the stairs and he saw you sitting in the window. Now that you thought about it, Draco might be there. Part of you highly doubted it. As you made your way up the stairs, you saw a shadow of someone sitting in the window. Draco. 

“I thought you might be here,” He said, not turning to look at you. You blinked, wondering briefly if you were dreaming. 

“What do you care?” You asked, no venom in your words. You joined him in the window, sitting an arm’s length away. He glanced at you. 

“For what it’s worth, I’m sorry.” His voice was so broken, like he’d spent hours crying as well. You looked out over the school grounds, the moon illuminating everything in a different way than the sun. It put you at ease. 

“Are you?” You asked. It wasn’t meant to come out so nasty, but you were hurt. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw him flinch. 


“I believe you,” You sighed, kicking your bare feet in the wind. 

“You do?” He asked, disbelief laced his words. You nodded, pushing a loose strand of (H/C) hair behind your ear. 

“Yeah, but one thing is still bothering me,” You said. Still, you didn’t look at him. 

“What’s that?” The way he said that made you think he knew exactly what was going to come out of your mouth. 

“What’s going on? With you, I mean,” You asked, finally turning to look at him. The moon cast a shadow on his face, outlining his profile. Sharp nose, sloping forehead, soft cheek bones, and a strong chin: the same profile you’d seen many times in the same place. This time, it was more pained and sad. You could tell by the way his head tilted down. 

“You don’t want to know,” He whispered. Reaching over, you took a cold hand in yours. 

“I do.” So he told you. Everything. How much he regretted saying those things to you.The dark mark. Voldemort. The impending war. Suddenly, you felt very small, like you and Draco sitting in the tower were just specks floating in space. You could only imagine how he felt being stuck in the middle of all of this. By the time he’d finished, you could see that he was holding back tears. You hand was still in his with a death grip, like he thought if he let go you would disappear. 

“I’m scared, (Y/N), I’m so scared,” He wept, quietly. He didn’t look at you, but there was no hiding the tears. 

“I forgive you,” You hummed, scooting closer to him. You picked up his hand, gripping it more fiercely in your own. “And I love you, Draco Malfoy.” 

Draco brought his forehead to yours, tears still streaming down his pale cheeks. You waited, looking into his liquid silver eyes. He wanted to say something, but his words were smothered by your lips. He held you close, hands tightening on the back of your night shirt, keeping you there. Your fingers slipped into his platinum blond locks. His tongue swiped your bottom lip and you opened your mouth obligingly. Tongues danced together, saying without words that you loved one another. It wasn’t until you parted that you realized you had started crying to. 

“You’re too forgiving, darling. I love you, (Y/N) (L/N),” He whispered against your lips. You smiled, swallowing his words by bringing his lips back you your own. 

Fight Night || Jughead Jones

91-72-65-88 with Jughead!????🙏🏻😗🙃

72.) “Just smile, I really need to see you smile right now.”
91.) “Tell me you need me.”

A/N: I didn’t use number 65 in here because as of a few days ago, I’ve been limiting requests to 3 or less prompts for each fic, and since I’ve used number 65 a couple times now for previous prompts, I figured I’d just stick with 72, 88, and 91. Hope you enjoy! Warning: angst ahead!

Gif by @ravemreyes


“STOP INTERRUPTING ME!” you yelled as Jughead cut you off for the fourth time that night.

To be fair though, you had cut him off as well.

Forget movie night. This was fight night. What started off as a regular date night in the projection room at the drive-in theater between you and Jughead had turned into full-out arguing. Playful bickering and throwing popcorn playfully was traded for yelling at each other from across the room.

“No, Y/N, you’re going to let me speak, because—”

“You’ve been interrupting me all night!”

“You just interrupted me!”

You groaned frustratedly and the argument continued.

It didn’t matter what the fight was about anymore. That mattered was that true feelings were now being brought up. And those feelings hurt.

“God, you’re so needy!” Jughead suddenly yelled.

You froze at his words. That was your biggest insecurity. It wasn’t that you were clingy, you just liked social interaction. You may not like big social events like parties, but you liked to hang out with your small group of friends as much as you could. Since Jughead was your boyfriend and the two of you loved each other, you tried to spend as much time as you could with him. Despite this, you always wondered if you were too needy. Jughead and your friends always reassured you that you weren’t, but it still lingered in the back of your mind. You thought that was the worst thing Jughead could say to you. You were wrong.

“You might as well just say, “Oh Jughead, tell me you need me,”” Jughead said, mimicking a high-pitched voice. “Isn’t that what your mom used to say to your dad?”

Jughead knew he had gone too far as soon as he said that. Your parents were a touchy subject. They had gotten a bitter divorce when you were very young. Your dad had fallen out of love with your mom and in love with his coworker. Your mom was desperate to keep her marriage from falling apart, not wanting to get rid of that happy family dream she had worked so hard for. It didn’t matter. Your father left within three months and never saw either of you again. Your mom was heartbroken.

You gasped at Jughead’s words and your heart felt like it had been ripped apart. You had told him about your parents all those years ago because you thought that he would never bring it up against you. You trusted him. And now that trust was broken.

Jughead’s eyes widened as the reality of what he said hit him. You turned away from him and began to cry, unable to help it. He had broken your heart.

“Y/N? he asked softly.

He began to make his way over to you. You didn’t answer.

“Y/N, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry,” he said. “I didn’t mean—”

He cut himself off with a sigh.

“Christ, Y/N, I’m so— I just… Just smile, I really need to see you smile right now,” the teenager said lamely. He knew he was losing you. “I need to know you’re okay.”

You remained silent, except for the heaving sobs leaving your body. Jughead gently put a hand on your shoulder and you yanked your arm away like you had been burned. Hurt flashed across Jughead’s face and he lowered his hand. You wiped your tears and took a few shaky breaths before walked over to the chair that had your jacket resting on it near the front of the door. You grabbed it and put it on, ignoring Jughead’s gaze the entire time. You had just reached for the doorknob when Jughead spoke again.

“Y/N,” he said softly, gently grabbing your wrist.

This time you didn’t pull away like you had been burned, but you didn’t turn to look at Jughead either.

“Please don’t go.” he begged.

You didn’t miss the way his voice was now broken and watery. It hurt you to do so, but you pulled your wrist away from Jughead’s grip anyway and pulled your jacket closer to you.

“Goodbye, Jughead.” you said quietly, opening the front door, stepping outside.

As you closed the door behind you, Jughead sat down on the floor, and took a couple of shaky breaths before finally letting himself cry.


A/N: Okay, so… This was the most difficult prompt I’ve ever done. I think it had something to do with #72. For some reason, it was really hard to incorporate that prompt into a situation with Jughead and the reader. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoyed!! Send me feedback!


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