except shrimp

kageyama and hinata are out shopping for groceries. they think they’re done and so begin to make their way to the check out. they cut through an aisle, and see kindaichi. as he stares at kageyama and hinata and they stare back, hinata snaps his fingers. kageyama turns to him. hinata looks up at kageyama and says: “we need to get turnips”


The Hodgetwins, Keith and Kevin Hodge, are YouTube ‘fitness personalities’ with a combined audience of 3 million across their YouTube channels. They recently watched a video exposing the reality of factory farms and were disgusted with what they witnessed. Even though they “love bacon and sausage”, the images of the cows and pigs screaming and trying to get away haunted them enough for them to say they never wanted to eat meat again.

Since watching the video they have cut out all meat and eggs from their diet and are currently vegetarian with the exception of shrimp (so actually they’re ‘pescatarian’ right now). Pescatarians are vegetarians who also eat fish. However they sound a lot like they may be in the process of transitioning to a fully cruelty-free plant-based diet (veganism). Let’s hope so!

They have also stated that they recognise plants can supply all the amino acids necessary and that animal protein is not necessary.

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