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Hello! For the flower asks, please for Kaidan and Shepard, if you would be so kind: ulmus, oats and lily. Thank you and have a nice evening. Love, String.

Thanks so much for the prompt! This was lovely to write. The best thing was listening to some wonderful piano music while writing  to give inspiration :) 

Lily: Majesty
Oats: The Witching Sound of Music
Ulmus: Royalty, Strength, Age

Rating: Fluffy
Words: 956
Kaidan Alenko x FemShep

Takes place between ME1 and ME2.

She’s locked in a world of her own, hiding in her safe place far from reality. The aged ivory keys are cool under her slender fingers, music flowing from their tips as a haunting melody whispers across the room. The notes are as ethereal as Shepard herself, skin pale and almost translucent in the light of the moon behind her. 

She doesn’t notice Kaidan’s silent arrival in the room, her mind captured in the moment, lost to everything around her. He doesn’t mind, resting his hands behind his back as he leans against the doorframe. It’s a rare moment for him to catch Shepard with her guard down, swaying rhythmically in her seat in time to the ebb and flow of the song. She’s wearing nothing but his shirt, a red-checked ancient thing that swallows up her slender frame. 

He’d fallen fast asleep after a night of passionate lovemaking, sated and content with the warmth of Shepard’s lithe body safely tucked next to him. It seemed sleep had eluded her, however, given she’d snuck downstairs to lose herself to the music. Here in this haven they’d created for themselves, she was able to do so, to be the woman behind the Commander with no fear of reprisal or judgement. 

Deep in the countryside, the cottage had been in his family for generations. The battered upright piano with its yellowed keys is often used to plonk out merry tunes by drunken guests with little finesse. Kaidan had never thought to experience a concert-level performance from its rickety frame. 

Shepard, of course, proved to be the exception. 

Oh, he knows she plays the piano. She’d casually mentioned it one late night when they’d stood watch together, swapping stories of their youth to pass the time. Naively he’d assumed it was the usual childhood stuff, not the exceptional talent currently coaxing the most extraordinary noises from the ancient piano. He’s also well aware of her love of classical music, always playing when she’s enjoying some downtime in her cabin. 

Shepard leans back, her eyes closed as she continues focus exclusively on the piano. Her hands rise and fall to the tempo, notes rising to a crescendo. Her face contorts with emotion, her breathing rapid, eyes firmly closed. White-blond strands of hair escape the unruly knot on top of her head from the vigour of her performance. 

Kaidan is transfixed by the majesty of Shepard’s performance, a captivating mix of strength and vulnerability. The music has weaved its own spell around them both, Kaidan given a unique glimpse into the very essence of the woman he’s fallen so hard for. She’s alive but broken, fighting but hurting, brave but terrified. He’d not realised it possible for simple notes to convey so much, but watching her bare her soul the only way she knew how, he understands. 

The notes are down to a whisper, Shepard’s face so close to the keys she could kiss them. Kaidan’s almost sorry for it all to come to an end. He could watch this woman forever and learn something new about her every time. If music puts her on the path to healing, then he’ll give her as much time as she needs. 

With a final sigh, the music ends, Shepard’s hands lightly resting in her lap as she takes a steadying breath. Kaidan doesn’t move a muscle, not wanting to startle her. He doesn’t need to announce his presence - she already knows he’s there. A slight smile pulls at her lips as her eyes open, her features soft and relaxed in the dark of the night. It’s hard to imagine this beautiful, winsome creature as the hard, ruthless Commander Shepard. What Kaidan’s seeing is the true person underneath the uniform and the legends, the person she could have been if the ravages of war and duty had never been. His heart breaks a little to know that, all too soon, her peace will be shattered. 

But that’s for another night, he vows, as he walks towards her. 

‘Let me guess. Beethoven?’ 

‘Actually, no. Debussy’s Clair de Lune if you must know,’ Shepard replies laughingly, Kaidan capturing her hands in his as he helps her stand. ‘I’ll play you Beethoven next time.’ 

‘I look forward to it. I had no idea just how talented you were.’ Kaidan savours the press of her lips against his, before Shepard quietly rests her head on his shoulder. ‘It’s two in the morning. Did the piano help?’

‘As a child….well, I have to be good at everything I turn my hand to. Success is the only option, including this. But playing - when I’m at the keyboard it’s freedom in a sense, you know?’ 

He knew, all too well. Being bad at something doesn’t compute with Commander Shepard. 

‘It was bliss, truth be told,’ she continues, resting comfortably in his embrace. ‘Thank you for bringing me here. Not just for the piano - all of it. It reminds me of the sanctity of life, of living. Of everything that matters.’ 

Another crack appears in his heart, hearing Shepard so exposed.

‘I’m glad it’s helped you. That I can help you in some way.’ 

‘More than you ever can know. I love you Kaidan.’ 

The world outside fades to nothing as Shepard lifts her face to his for a kiss, this time not breaking away. They stand, bathed in moonlight, the witching soul of music which Shepard created reverberating in the air, cocooning them in a world of joy and pleasure. Both of them forget the terror of the universe outside, a needed respite against the deadly battle they were locked in on a daily basis. For just one night, at least, they are just a man and woman, deeply in love.

To Borrow #7

Here is our sweet sweet muffin V. This man needs more love and protection than almost anyone in MM (I think if pressured enough Yoosung would cut a bittccch but V would still take all the abuse >_<) 

This will close the Borrow series and I thank anyone who has taken the time to read, reblog or just like the stuff I wrote. Really appreciate and love you all <3 

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My boy is on the A-list track!

Amy has been a big shot exec in this industry for AGES! She knows an EXCEPTIONAL talent when she sees one. And she is all about Tom in this past year! She knows he has the talent, charisma, skill set to make any role amazing.

Seeing that some actors hardy catch a break or have a role in a big budget movie, him hooking these roles at such a young age is amazing. Really really proud of this marvelous guy!

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Umm Leonardo? Or Kate?

idk, I think I saw them in a movie once??? ;)

But for real, one of my favorite people in the entire world is named Kate. I’ve known who she is for most of my life, and we’ve done four or five shows together now (I’m realizing that every single one of my answers for this meme is going to be theatre-related, lol). She’s probably the most talented woman I know, and she’s one of those people who compliments me in such a honest, intelligent way that always manages to specifically praise the things that I personally value most about myself. 

Also, she says ‘bagina’ instead of ‘vagina’, and it’s gotten to the point where I will genuinely say ‘bagina’ without thinking.

-send me a name, and I’ll tell you an experience I’ve had with someone with that name!-

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I don't get why you love Samantha Barks so much i get that she's talented though

Let me tell you a thing. So about 6 years ago, when she was just 17 years old, she was a contestant on a television series called ‘I’d Do Anything’. It was a competition to cast Nancy in a production of Oliver. At the time that she auditioned she didn’t own shorts or skirts because she never showed off her legs. The first show she came out in this and rocked it:

She performed ‘I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll’ complete with some pretty sexual movements and everyone was completely blown away. This 17 year old girl rocking this song in a sexy, yet modest way and belting it out with the most beautiful voice. Throughout the weeks she was on the show, she received the criticism that there was nothing showing in her eyes and that she was lacking emotion. Sam then works her ass off and goes from the most breathtaking singer, to also a breathtaking actress. Watching her perform all of her songs, she was absolutely phenomenal, and not just for a 17 year old, but for anyone. Now, when I mentioned before that she went from not ever showing off her legs to wearing tight black shorts, I don’t mean she got sleazy or did something she was completely uncomfortable with. What I mean by this is that she went a little bit outside of her comfort zone and owned it. It seems as if Sam has always been very mature, but on the show she appeared to have grown up so much. Now, unfortunately she didn’t win this competition, though she did get extremely close. She was, however, granted the part of Nancy in the end.

Can we talk about the emotion she’s showing? Look how far she had come as an actress. No one was more deserving of this part than Sam. She was young and she was willing to work so hard and put everything she had into the role. Sam showed real dedication, which in this business is something we really need in a role model. Throughout the duration of ‘I’d Do Anything’, Sam really helped me to believe in myself more and made me feel so much self confidence and I cannot begin to tell you how much she means to me just because of that small thing.

Now, I’m assuming you are familiar with her journey on Les Miserables, but I’m going to explain it to you anyway. Here we have Sam when she found out that she was going to be Eponine in the 25th Anniversary Concert (notice the lovely Nancy dress because it’s pretty):

Just look at how thankful she is. She debuted as Eponine in the West End in 2010 and the role meant so much to her. Looking at that photo (and watching the video, which is on YouTube) I begin to feel so immensely proud of her. Hard work and dedication, friends. In case you’re unaware of how big of a deal Les Miserables at the O2 is, let me explain you a thing. The 10th Anniversary Concert featured stars like Colm Wilkinson, Michael Ball, Lea Salonga (as Eponine) and many more big theatre stars, many of which belonged to the original Broadway (or London) cast, or were replacements. I believe the 25th Anniversary to be an even bigger deal in many ways. It also featured huge theatre stars whom I’m sure you all know about, and also Nick Jonas who is very famous, though we don’t really talk about him for reasons. Samantha’s performance in Les Miserables was just wonderful. She captured Eponine in such a unique way and represented the character from the book in the best way possible given the fact that Eponine is so romanticized in the musical. She was so raw and she brings me to tears every time. I realize some people may argue that that is not what Eponine is about because she is just a manipulative fighter of the streets. Well, I have to give it to Sam because I believe she portrayed that without flaw. The way she first walks out during ‘Look Down/Paris’ you can tell Eponine is a strong character who doesn’t take any shit from anybody. You’re quick to realize this just by the way she walks out. Remember back to when she was told she had no emotion when she performed? In ‘Eponine’s Errand’ we first see the manipulative side of Eponine and Sam delivers this astonishingly well.  ‘Attack on Rue Plumet’ is when Eponine attempts to fight off her father to basically save Cosette, which shows that she does not hate her. Sam gives this scene so much it’s almost unbelievable. The way she performs it makes Eponine exceptionally fierce and it is just wonderful in every way. She is so strong in the character. I won’t go into any more detail about her incredible portrayal of Eponine, though I will say that she balances the sensitive and fierceness of Eponine better than most performers probably could.

Of course, then Samantha gets cast in the Les Miserables film. She explained her audition for the film as the most important audition of her life, claiming that she worked the hardest for it. She wanted the part more than anything. This journey is honestly one of the most inspirational for many reasons. There are so many that I won’t list them all now, but I just know that Sam makes me want to be the best that I can be. Because of Sam I’m always pushing myself to try my hardest because I know that the hard work will pay off in the end. 

There she is looking absolutely stunning, as always, in the film. Okay, now you try and sing such a difficult piece of music such as On My Own in the rain, while crying, and while wearing that corset that makes your waist the size of a lifesaver. I am constantly being blown away by her talent.

She’s also appeared in other films such as ‘The Christmas Candle’ and continues to grow as an actress. But let’s talk about Chicago for a moment.

Just look at how hot she is. She is totally rocking that dress and plays the character up so well. Not to mention her stellar American accent. I never get tired of watching her as Velma Kelly. Not just because she is incredibly attractive and nice to look at, but because of her exceptional talent. Went from not ever showing off her legs to playing one of the sexiest characters in musical theatre history. I am thoroughly impressed. How does this not give you self confidence? She was just another teenager and she could do it, and one day I hope you can rock the bare leg look confidentially too because I know for a fact you have stellar legs.

I’d just like to end with the fact that not only is she an exceptional talent and is amazing to look up to as a performer, but she is also amazing to look up to just as a person. Sam is the most caring, kind, accepting, humorous, and driven girls possibly ever. I look up to her more than almost anybody else in this world. I aspire to have many of her qualities one day, though she’s also taught me to always be myself and I think that that is a very important lesson. Sam is an absolutely wonderful person who I am happy to consider my role model.

I could go on and get into more depth, but I think I’ll just leave you with this for tonight. Also, thank you for asking because I feel like everyone needs to be reminded of how beautiful this girl is, inside and out. And I only teared up once while writing this which is something to be proud of.