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an undiluted dump of all the adventure zone sketches i’ve done over the past couple weeks, luv these fools

i’m about halfway thru petals to the metal right now; i usually listen to one ep every day at work and tbh it’s vastly improved my outlook on my workday

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I think the worst thing I've seen was people saying Magnus isn't petty enough to be angry at Alec for torturing him(lmfao..how is it petty for Magnus to be traumatized?). And the people who defend Alec's asking for Magnus' dna and saying he has to follow orders or he'll be punished. Sorry to say, but whatever "punishment" he received would be far less than what downworlders endure. What Magnus endured.

Also, I’m actually pretty certain that while people were irritated by Alec not listening to his gut more or what Magnus!Valentine was saying, even when what he was saying was shit there was no way Valentine would know. What set people off and made them upset is that after what Magnus has been through, he’s now going to be asked for his hair. By his boyfriend. Because the clave is planning on treating downworlders like animals. And there are still Alec stans defending that.

Honestly, all of this.

Here’s the thing. If, in the long run, all of this is what really helps Alec to separate himself from the Clave? Awesome. But in the meantime do not act like Alec should be continually praised for the small ways he’s grown or given patience in regards to the way he fucks up. Right now Alec still views Magnus, whether he realizes it or not, as an exception to the downworlder rule. It’s a category that both Luke and Simon also fall into but from which Meliorn and Raphael, for example, are exempt. 

The fact that now the Clave plans to push the downworlders further and Alec seems to be going along with it- going so far as to go to his boyfriend who was just tortured and nearly executed by the Clave while stuck in the body of a genocidal shadowhunter who wants to exterminate all downworlders- is fucking problematic.

Which. Is fine. Alec can be problematic. He is problematic. He’s still influenced by his upbringing regardless of how much he may respect Luke and love and respect Magnus. He’s learning. 

The problem is that his stans seem unable to realize this. And instead, the moment you dare to care more about Magnus or to point out that what Alec is doing/has done is not okay, they feel the need to write 5000 word essays on the glory that is Alexander Lightwood. 

Fuck that.

I love Alec so much, I do. I love that he’s (hopefully) learning and growing and will be someone who actually understands how wrong the Clave is. But I’m never going to not be critical of him, even in this growth process. 

What happened in 2x12, bad writing or not (it was), is still canon. Yes, I’m sorry he’s going to feel guilty. But to be honest? He should. In killing Jocelyn there was not really anything for him to feel guilty about. None of that was under his control, though I understand he still feels that guilt and acts under the weight of it. But in this? In not doing the absolute most to make sure his boyfriend really wasn’t trapped in Valentine’s body? Sorry, he deserves that guilt. Magnus deserved better. 

I hope he learns from it, I hope he and Magnus become stronger because of it. But in the meantime, I care more about Magnus Bane and the fucking torture and trauma he’s just endured than I do about Alec’s guilt. 


Magnus Bane and Isabelle Lightwood are Hollywood’s most popular couple on screen. Rumor has it that they are more than just colleagues—when in fact they are only friends.

But then Isabelle finds out that she is pregnant from Simon whom she hid from the press so far. To not let the tabloids start new speculations and more importantly to not let them ruin Magnus’ restored reputation, Isabelle comes up with a plan: Magnus needs to fake-date somebody.

A perfect plan. Except… Magnus doesn’t really want to fake-date. And he most definitely won’t start dating Isabelle’s older brother Alec, Mister Tall, Dark And Brooding…

or: another Malec fake dating AU nobody asked for—where Magnus is not a fan of the whole fake dating thing in general… and Alec is oblivious as always.

Chapter 1 is now up!

Read it on Ao3 here.

Just stopping by to announce that Magnus Bane’s happiness means the world to me and he is an actual ray of sunshine



“You said, once, that I was a traditional guy.”

“Mmm,” hummed Magnus. He was curled up in bed, Alec holding him from behind, and the weight of the day had slowly, finally, left his bones. Alec’s fingers were splayed across his stomach, the occasional shift sending sparks of warmth through Magnus’s body, breath and light stubble grazing the back of his neck.

“You were kinda right, about that.”

Magnus rolled over to look at Alec, eyebrow raised in confusion. Magnus remembered that conversation, remembered the hurt he felt during and after it, and he couldn’t fathom why Alec would bring it up now, in bed, happily together for several years now and especially after the incredible, exceptionally sensual blowjob he’d received not half an hour prior.

Alec was looking down, but as Magnus turned, their eyes met. Magnus could see, or sense, the trepidation and determination behind them, and his instant reaction of slight hurt and confusion was replaced entirely by curiosity as hazel eyes burned into his.

“I know- I know we’ve never talked about it before, but I – the one thing I knew for certain about myself, was that I wanted a family of my own. Marriage, kids. One of the reasons I resented being gay when I was younger is because I thought it was punishment for something. That I wouldn’t get to have the family I’d always wanted.”

Alec swallowed, and Magnus held his breath. He knew this about Alec already, knew family was important to him, but why was he bringing it up now? As if anything had changed? Unless it had changed, unless Alec had decided he wanted a family more than Magnus. He couldn’t blame him, he couldn’t, he can’t he can’t he can’t-

“I want to get married. I want to have children. But not just for the sake of having it. Someday, I- I want that with you, Magnus.”


Magnus’s eyes were wide, and he was rendered speechless by the sound of everything he’d ever wanted. Only one person had ever wanted to stay before, and she had never wanted marriage or children in the first place, regardless of Magnus’s inability to have them with her anyway. He sent silent thanks to several deities, in several languages, that circumstances had been made so, that he could meet, exist at the same time as this beautiful man who held his heart.

Magnus realised he had been quiet for too long as he felt Alec begin to retreat, to put walls up and backpedal, and he cursed his own anxieties for setting off Alec’s in that moment.

“I mean, it’s cool if you don’t- if I misread, or, or-“ Magnus put a finger to Alec’s lips, cutting off his anxious babble.

“Alexander,” he whispered reverently. “I’ve always wanted the same, thought that I could never have it because of who and what I am. So I took what I could, looked after those who would allow me to as if they were my children. I pushed all those hopes and dreams aside, for so long. But you… I could dare to dream, with you, Alexander. There is nothing I could want more, than a family with you. Someday.”

“Really?” Alec smiled, eyes brimming with emotion.

“Really. Well, except for…” Magnus smirked.


“I would very much like a kiss, right now.”

Alec closed his eyes in relief, smile crinkling their corners. “That I absolutely can do, right now,” he said, leaning in.

  • Alec: "After everything I've done for you?!"
  • Magnus: *looks away* *physically trying to control his anger*
  • Me,screaming at the top of my lungs, slamming fists on table: 'after everything I've don-' exCUSE ME?!?!
Shadowhunters theory time

Luke and Jocelyn staged her death.

I’m really convinced that she’s not actually dead, and that they just decided that the best/only way to be able to finally be together, safe and at peace as a family, is to take care of the Valentine problem themselves and for good this time. But they also need to get rid of the Clave to do so.

So make the Clave think Jocelyn is dead, disappear and hunt Val their way, even if it means to hurt Clary in such a terrible way (so mean and such a baaad idea, they should have learned).

I’m also pretty sure that tptb told Isaiah to fake a super upset reaction just to make the fans believe too in her death (and the rest of the cast knows it, but the brocken glass was an accident hence their reaction at the end completely loosing it with laughter).

The whole cast also kept saying during interviews that the one who has the coolest storyline this season is Luke, Isaiah himself said several times that we need to look at the details (and they all said that again in that reaction vid).

Could they have used an other adama stone but this time with an other type of rune on it (rather than the one for parabatai) to maybe shapeshift Luke as a posessed Alec (if Jocelyne can do that with an adama on a downworlder) and then use the body that was in the institute’s morgue as Jocelyne’s body’s substitute ?

Was Jocelyne really looking for the demon when Clary found her in her room at first ? Or was she looking (also ?) for the surveillance camera to fuck with it before calling in Luke and play the scene ?

Jocelyn is too good to get killed like this, she’s scarily efficient when she really wants to do something. And it takes several guys to stop her, when it comes to one on one combat she wouldn’t loose or at least not this easily.

They are both intelligent and resourceful.

I also think that sister Cleophas will probably give some hint to Clary when she meets her, maybe about the adama, or that she knows something about Luke (that he is alive, about where he could be etc).

Lucelyn is endgame and I’m not going to believe any quick death about any of them that easily ;)

  • maureen x lydia
  • mundane x clave envoy, should be interesting

first meeting

  • maureen getting sucked into the shadow world because of clary and simon obviously
  • maureen being taken or hurt by a downworlder and having to be healed and kept safe in the institute
  • lydia - still not completely back in shape - taking care of her while the others are out training
  • maureen explaining that she’s a friend of clary and simon… or at least she used to be
  • “simon and i… we hooked up once. the morning after he called me clary and then he ran out and disappeared” “alec literally left me at the altar” “men…” “men…”

you’ve heard of shadowhunter/downwolder, now get ready for… mundane/clave envoy

  • the clave not being happy after finding out a mundane knows about the shadow world (it wouldn’t even have been that bad, but they’re still salty because of The Wedding Incident™) and demanding for magnus to erase it
  • of course he does it… except not really 
  • “magnus, please. i would never break the rules, especially not now, but… i really trust her and i don’t want her to forget about me” “you had me at ‘break the rules’. plus… i owe you, remember?”
  • magnus knowing
  • him pulling it all off believably by only erasing some irrelevant details + a whole lot of acting from everybody
  • maureen isn’t the clave’s biggest problem anyway with valentine running around
  • low key sneaking around. the squad knows, but obviously the others in the institute don’t
  • lydia teaching maureen about the shadow world
  • maureen teaching lydia about the mundane world
  • lydia staying the night at maureen’s place before dangerous missions so they can cuddle the whole night
  • big spoon!maureen holding lydia and not letting her go in the morning
  • lydia pretending not to be strong enough to get out of her gf’s grip, even though she’s a shadowhunter, just so they can cuddle longer
  • “shadowhunters don’t say goodbye, it’s bad luck” “well, what about a kiss then?”
  • “we’re getting a drink to celebrate that the mission went well, you coming?” “eh…” “maureen can come too” “we’ll be there in half an hour”
  • lydia being a little nervous because simon will be there too and maureen and him haven’t talked it out yet
  • it surprisingly not being awkward at all. simon has raphael, maureen has lydia and everyone is happy
  • maureen, simon and clary talking about mundane stuff while lydia and raphael are just listening, lydia making hearteyes at maureen, raphael at simon
  • magnus, alec, luke and alaric talking to each other about Grown Up’s Stuff on the other side of the table
  • except not really. luke and alaric are telling Werewolf and Police Stories, alec is listening and enjoying himself a little for the first time since jace left and magnus is making hearteyes at alec
  • hand holding while everyone is looking at them fondly because they’re really cute together

feel free to add stuff, i’m gonna cry now. don’t you guys just love dying and being dead? :)