except not really i mean

There ought to be a word
akin to ‘thank you,’
except reserved
for the really important people
that means
'hey, I’ll remember you
for the rest of my life,
and spend the rest of my days
trying my best to
live up to
your good opinion,
because it changed my life,
and it
really matters to me.’

There ought to be a word for that,
for even that long winded version isn’t enough to convey
that 'hey,
I’m truly indebted to you
and I don’t think
you know
how much your actions mean to me.’

I always find myself
reaching for that word
that hasn’t quite been invented,
so I only find air,
come up empty
when I should say
but first impressions
are important,
so my throat closes up and
can never find
a way
to tell you
'thank you,’
for lately I’ve found that 'thank you’
is a word
that is
hastily said
by people when they’re angry,
because they’re late to a meeting
and the person walking in front of them
is moving too slowly;
'thank you’
is said in
situations like that,
and that’s not
what I want to say at all.

I want to
create a new word,
because 'thank you,’
as it exists in its current state
can’t possibly convey
what I want to say to you.

I want to
create a new word,
because right now,
I don’t have the right words,
in fact,
I don’t have any words,
because language is limited and
my integrity is stubborn,
and until I have the right words,
I can’t bring myself to say

I hope that you can
forgive me for that,
for I promise that one day
I will create a word,
a new definition
in the American lexicon,
just for
the really important people,
like you,
who have changed my life.

At that time,
I will have
made my mark,
lived up to your
good opinion,
and I will know
that you will know
that I
couldn’t have done it
without you,
and that with every step I took,
every poem I wrote,
every interview I passed,
I thought of you,
and thanked you.

At that time,
I will
have the privilege
and the right words
to finally say
'thank you,’
and you will know
that it was true,
for I will have proven it
with my actions,
rather than
with empty, overused

I promise that
this is a promise
I intend
to keep,
for you are someone
important to me.

—  V.I.P.P.

[ 170726 ] show champion / exo performing ‘kokobop’   #1stWin

reblog and write in the tags how you got into mass effect 🌌

i did this in my old fandom and i read some amazing stories - i’d love to read about your stories as well !!

The Indigo League has the highest turnover of Champions. As it is a conjoined League between Kanto and Johto, it faces a higher number of challengers than singular ones, as well as attracting trainers from both the rest of the Japanese regions and overseas. Because the Indigo League was the first of its kind and remains the best in the world, triumphing over it offers unrivalled prestige. Likewise, Kanto and Johto are thought of as ‘the binary centre of battle innovation’, so many serious trainers would rather train in those regions over their own. 

you know what always gets me?

that not only was ed helping oswald get ready for the founder’s dinner

but when oswald said “it’s a shame i don’t have a plus one” ed replies with “i can’t go anyway i have a date”

what, was it just a given that ed would accompany oswald? that ed would be the mayor’s plus one to a prestigious dinner?

Not even trying to argue ships here, just presenting some undeniable facts:

After Jonathan gets in a fight with Steve in the alley after the graffiti incident in season one, the woman at the police station talks to Nancy, saying that he got in a fight bc Jonathan is so obviously in love with Nancy. BUT Jonathan was walking away at first, and didn’t turn around to hit Steve until he started talking about Joyce and Will.

Similarly, Mike let himself be pushed around by the bullies and didn’t really stand up to them UNTIL they start bad mouthing Will after the assembly, and Mike finally retaliates and fights back (until El freezes the one kid and makes him pee himself.)

Sooo what’s the takeaway here? Jancy is fake? Mike loves Will? Everyone is just willing to throw hands for Will cause he’s the best?? Definitely the latter, possibly all of the above… You decide.

Twin Peaks dialogue templates, because I love dialogue
  • Albert Rosenfield: Subordinate clause addressing whatever asinine thing was just said by the other character, followed by a long, stylish rapid-fire stream designed to prep the other character for their inevitable annihilation: Three word insult. A rule-of-threes list of things he does not like, do, or care about, preferably alliterative, and always decimating. Dismissal.
  • Windom Earle: A quaintly ironic, perhaps even polite black humor observation about the other character's (likely unfortunate) situation, followed by some charming purple prose that would truly be the essence of good manners if he wasn't--shall we say--homicidal. Oh, but Windom loves to ask baiting questions, doesn't he? My, he loves to monologue--preferably about all of the terrible things he's going to do to the other character, but never seems to get around to actually doing! Well, no matter. If he gets too carried away, you can always cut him off with an initially innocent sentence that SUDDENLY BREAKS INTO A HOMICIDAL OUTBURST!!!!
  • Dale Cooper: Character name, followed by an excited, bright-eyed announcement of a new discovery or idea. [Brief pause to consume food object.] An immediate transition into a precise, almost Spock-like dump of obscure information that is unnecessarily detailed and almost totally incomprehensible to the other character. This description can go on for several sentences. In fact, the longer and more technical it is, the better, as the intended effect is for the other character to be in a totally obfuscated daze by the time Cooper is finished. In short: Concise summary. [More consumption of food.] A resolute, serious suggestion for action gleaned from his findings. But first: a non-sequitur framed as an observational question?
  • Diane: Fuck you, Gordon.
Oh Sehun//Love Thy Neighbor - Part 2

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Summary: You move into a new apartment after your boyfriend leaves to go abroad, making your relationship long distance. You’re tired, stressed and missing him - and your next door neighbor isn’t making life any easier. (Part 1/Part 2)
Scenario: neighbor!AU, slightly angsty
Word Count: 4,724

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I’ve been acting since I was five, but I never really took it that seriously. I think it’s healthy to see it that way at a young age. I mean, you’re not really doing anything except smiling as big as you can. Then when I was thirteen, I got into LaGuardia, which is a performing arts high school in New York, and there I saw how seriously it should be taken—not for the sake of being serious, but it is a craft. It’s something to be respected and, most importantly, it’s something that can be worked on.

Happy 22nd Birthday Timothée Chalamet

↳ December 27th, 1995

  • *221B*
  • John: *enters* Morning...
  • Sherlock: *staring into space* I can't do it. I can't stop. It's an addiction.
  • John: *making coffee; frowns* What are you talking about?
  • Sherlock: *frantic* Molly! I can't stop shagging her. We've been at it all morning. It would be a serious problem if I didn't enjoy it so much, let me tell you.
  • John: ...
  • Molly: *from the bedroom* Sherlock...
  • Sherlock: *excited* Duty calls *hurries to the bedroom*
  • John: ...
  • John: *blinking into his empty coffee cup* Maybe it's time to give Ella a call.
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sequel to i

Long John Silver is not a man. Long John Silver is a cracked jaw, opening before an endless, cavernous pit. Long John Silver is a monster’s right hand – black with viscera, white with bone. Long John Silver is a rabid dog, held on a short leash by dead tyrant’s skeletal fist. Long John Silver is not a man. Long John Silver is a man.

georgetheblob  asked:

*slides in* every day I remember how proud I am of you and how far you're getting with your phenomenal skills. I'd say this in chat, but it's much more fun to drop word piles in your ask box than to say these corny things in chat. I reserve chat for our funny conversations, hehe. Anyway, just wanted to let you know I'm proud of you and I'm happy that we're friends!!✨

Let me stop screaming, please TvT

anyway i think part of the issue is that we’re using a binary model of attraction for an increasingly non-binary world

like i don’t know a succinct way to say “i’m sort of attracted to all genders except that i mostly like masculine-orientated people, except i don’t even really know what i mean by ‘masculine’ in this context because i don’t believe that masculinity has anything to do with outward expression or your genitalia so i’m very confused but as a general rule i prefer men but also non-binary people, especially more masculine-orientated non-binary people but i’m not ruling any gender out’

there is no word that encompasses that except maybe ‘queer’ (which is homophobic apparently) and i’m not allowed to use ‘gay’ apparently so

everything is horrible and confusing

new sexuality: confused screaming

i lowkey (read: highkey) want to have at least one clip with the balloon-squad’s pov.
any one of them really.
mikael? mutta? yousef? anyone?